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05-13-2008, 02:52 PM
For the full story, you may wish to read Part 1... Of course, you may choose not to. Either way, I hope you enjoy the work that follows.

In the weeks following Madison's seduction of the girl he slowly and patiently groomed her for the sordid work he had planned. Surprisingly, Selena was proving to be quite amenable to the situation so far. Madison had broached the subject of three-way sex with Selena during one of their frequent, and as usual, intense meetings. Selena had been turned on by the idea of a third party, of either gender, joining them even after the heat of her climax had cooled.

Madison set up a meeting with a fit, handsome young male escort as an introductory liaison. He wanted a professional in order to avoid any complications. Selena had no idea that the man was, in essence, a prostitute, and enjoyed herself hugely as her sexual horizons broadened.

Next there was the reciprocal MFF three-way. Supposedly for Madison's benefit, but he was more intent on introducing Selena to bi sexual love than sticking his long, thick cock into the mature, immaculately groomed and physically astounding woman he'd hired for the night. His reservations were entirely groundless however, and after a tentative start, Selena squirted syrup onto the woman's face as she came noisily. Then, the girl slurped and fingered the hooker eagerly while Madison smiled like the proverbial Cheshire Cat.

Damn, the girl was just full of surprises.

During this period of sordid introductions, Madison moved Selena into a small, but expensive flat. Selena was thrilled with her new home and the independence it gave her. She told her family that she'd found a good job and that she was on the up. They had no reason to doubt their daughter's word, and Selena's parents carried on with their lives completely ignorant of the sleazy waters into which their gorgeous girl was slowly sinking.

Madison gave Selena a modest allowance each week; this meant that she could afford to buy more upmarket clothes, which had been Madison's reason for his generosity. The transformation of Selena was breathtaking; whereas she'd been pretty before, she was now striking. The new clothes and style change, coupled with the subtle adjustments to her hair, completed the metamorphosis from sassy, street wise girl to a woman of style and sophistication. It had only taken a few weeks, but the result was remarkable.

The next phase in Madison's plan was to actually use Selena's sexual favours to earn some cash. He'd lavished money on the girl and was ready for a return on his 'investment'. He was confident that when, and it had to be when, not if… When Selena sold herself for sex, he was sure that she would be able to charge a handsome fee for her services, especially when she began to cater to the 'spe******t' demand.

'Do you know what I was asked tonight?' Madison said when he and Selena had just arrived at her modest little place.

'Not a clue,' Selena responded, only half listening as she poured the drinks.

'I probably shouldn't say,' Madison pulled a face and shook his head. 'You might be offended.'

'You've got to tell me now!' Selena handed a glass to Madison and stretched out on the sofa.

'Well…' Madison began.

'Come on,' Selena laughed. 'Just tell me.'

'Tonight, a man, quite a wealthy looking guy too,' Madison added, 'asked me if you were…' He paused and pretended to be reluctant about continuing. 'He asked if I'd… Well, if I'd paid for you.'

'What do you mean?' Selena asked, not understanding the meaning at first. Then, as the penny dropped, her mouth opened in surprise. 'A prostitute?' She blurted, as her face turned into a picture of astounded indignation.

'Well, more an escort I should think,' Madison suggested. 'I don't think he'd be interested in any fifty quid whore… He looked far too well heeled for that. No, I think he meant an escort.'

Selena didn't stay indignant for long. Madison suggested a little game of role play based on the 'hooker' idea. He pretended to be a 'client' and actually went to the lengths of leaving Selena's flat and calling her on the phone as though he was really making an appointment. Then, when he arrived, he played the part so well that Selena, as was usual with Madison's kinky games, grew so turned on that she was oily and receptive when Madison slid his lovely cock into her body.

'Fuck me, fuck me,' she screamed when she was knelt on all fours and Madison fucked her vigorously. 'Use my whore's cunt,' she swore as the perversion of the scene she was acting fuelled her desire.

Madison knew he was close to his goal when he held Selena's head steady with his fingers tightly clasped in her long hair. 'I paid for this,' he grunted, 'I paid to come on your face you dirty, cocksucking slut.'

Selena opened her mouth and offered her tongue to receive the gobs of Madison's semen when he came. She could act the part all right. If Madison wanted her to be his whore, then she could certainly entertain him, but little did she realise that Madison intended to sell her favours very soon, and that in a few days time she would be sucking a stranger's cock for money.


'This is just not right,' Selena said as Madison drove her to her first client.

'It'll be great,' Madison replied and steered the car through the busy city streets.

Night had fallen and the tarmac was oily black and shining with the rain that had swept in that afternoon, and now seemed set for an extended visit.

'Great?' Selena retorted. 'Great for who?' She looked out of the passenger side window and was grateful for the car's efficient heater. It was a pig of a night.

'Well,' Madison said in the voice that he used when influencing Selena's outlook on all matters sex. 'I'll be thinking of you… when you're in there with him. I'll be thinking about how desirable you are, and how you're going to look when you strip for him; when he sees your body…'

'You're such a dirty bastard,' Selena looked at her lover. She was already juicing; aroused by Madison's easy description. He knew just how to get her going.

Madison laughed at what he took to be a compliment. 'Then,' he continued, 'when you get back you can tell me all about it.' He ran his hand along Selena's long thigh. 'And as you describe what he did to you, in minute detail…' Madison's cock shifted as he too became aroused. 'I can lick your dirty, whore's cunt and finger you 'til you piss cum on me again.'

Selena reddened at the lewd suggestion and the reference to her recently discovered ability to squirt occasionally as she climaxed.

'Think of the money and my cock waiting for you. Oh, and you've got your phone?' Madison waited until Selena had entered the building before he drove away.

He was delighted with the situation. She was doing fine. It had been just too easy to set Selena up with a paying customer. Madison had simply used the idea of Selena actually receiving money for sex as part of their kinky games repertoire – and, she'd gone for it. There'd been a hint of reluctance at first, but it hadn't taken long for Madison to bring her round. A few sessions with paying customers and then he would introduce her to the big money men and the attendant kinky shit they got up to.


'Five hundred,' Selena held the notes in her hand. 'He gave me five hundred pounds!'

Madison grinned. 'Easy money, babe,' he shrugged.

Madison took the cash and casually threw it onto the coffee table. He kissed Selena and was immediately surprised by her ardent return of his kiss. She wriggled her lithe body against his as she jabbed her tongue into Madison's mouth.

'I want you to fuck me,' Selena said urgently. 'He didn't get me off… I didn't come and I need to… please.'

'Sure, baby,' Madison crooned. 'Let me get these clothes off and I'll soon have you coming.'

'Oh, God, please hurry.' Selena was positively squirming with pent up frustration as Madison coolly and deliberately stripped.

'Just the dress,' Madison said when Selena began to hurriedly remove her clothes. 'Leave the stockings on …and the shoes. I want to see you as you were for him.' Madison lifted his already stiff penis for Selena to see. 'See how excited I am,' he growled. 'Just from imagining your gorgeous body as another man stuck you with his cock…I've been hard for ages and waiting for you to come home.'

'Oh fuck,' whispered Selena, lost in the mists of lust. Her sex throbbed with the need for Madison's superb cock.

If Madison had realised, he could have suggested any perversion and Selena would have complied willingly, enthusiastically even. She was so desperate for her climax that she would have willingly allowed herself to be gang banged or used as a cumslut, anything; anything at all that would allow her to be swept up on the crest of the big O.

There was no foreplay, for none was required or desired. The thrill Selena experienced by fucking the stranger for money ensured that she was receptive and eager for Madison's thick cock. He too was aroused to a level that left his balls aching and he urgently lusted after the young slut who was now so provocatively semi-dressed in front of him.

'What did he do to you? Tell me, did you suck his cock?' Madison held Selena's narrow waist in his hands as she lowered her sex onto his stiff, upright cock.

'I sucked it, sure I did,' Selena whispered, her eyes screwed tight as she savoured the sensation of Madison filling the void.

'Tell me more, tell me everything…'

'I sucked his cock and he loved it.' Selena's voice was hoarse as she spoke. 'His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me undressed,' she continued. 'He sucked my cunt and then I took him in my mouth…' She was riding Madison frantically now. Her tight, high breasts bounced as she rode and Madison held the girl's hips in his hands and forced her onto his cock harder at each thrust upwards.

'How did you fuck him? Was he good?' Madison fought his impending climax fiercely. Despite his intent to use the girl as a money spinner, Madison was a kinky sod himself and actually saw the whole, sordid situation as a bonus. He stood to make some cash from Selena's earning potential, but also, he really enjoyed the corrupting of her. She was certainly no blushing virgin when he seduced her, but she was just an innocent at heart. Her slide into the depths, and the sheer enjoyment of fucking her were an aphrodisiac to the man – and was the icing on the cake.

'He took me from behind,' Selena went on. 'He tried hard, but he just wasn't as good as you.' Selena leaned forward and fed her tits to Madison. 'He told me to call him "Daddy". That was so bad…'

Madison suckled at her tight, puckered teats greedily and slid his hand around to Selena's sex. He felt his own stiffness, soaked with Selena's juices, as it pistoned into her.

'He wanted my arse as well,' Selena divulged. 'He wanted to stick his cock into my dirty arse, but I didn't let him.' Then she dropped the bombshell. 'Next time,' she panted as she sailed close. 'Next time I want it in there. I want a client to fuck my arse…'

Madison lifted Selena as he struggled to stand. Then, with his cock still buried inside the girl, he lowered her to the floor and gave several hard, savage thrusts. Selena gasped when she felt the pulse of Madison's ejaculation like a heartbeat. The jetting against her sensitive places sent Selena over the top, and she climaxed loud and long while her lover groaned on top of her in the midst of his own little death.


'These people are paying big'.

Selena looked at Madison levelly as he delivered this news.

'How big?' She asked directly.

'Five thousand… for two or three hours… Five thousand.'

Selena stared at him. She couldn't believe the sum of money he'd just quoted. 'What do they expect for that?'

Madison winced slightly at the girl's perception. She knew how much she was worth these days.

'It's a little… spe******ed,' he said quietly. 'Something new for you. Oh, and he is an ambassador after all and he expects discretion, hence the payout.'

'Fuck the discretion,' Selena snapped. 'I'll be fucking discreet… I want to know what this "spe******ation" is going to be.'

'Piss,' Madison said simply.

'What?' She was incredulous. 'What do you mean, piss?'

'Piss... you know? You squat over the bowl and you let go… Jesus, woman, piss, piss, piss.'

'I know what piss, is you tosser.' She was shouting now, angered by Madison's petulance. 'What I want to know is - does he want to piss on me? Just what am I getting into?'

'It'll be him and his wife… She's actually the kinky bitch, not him, but he indulges her.' Madison held Selena's arms and looked into her eyes. 'Anyway, she'll want you to do it over her, and probably she'll want to do it on you. Okay?'

For a moment Madison thought he'd gone too far and that Selena was going to balk at the final fence. Her eyes flicked from left to right as she studied his face. Then, she sighed and her head drooped forward.

'Okay, I'll do it… Five thousand isn't to be sniffed at after all. …And if it's her that's doing it… Well…'

'Well done, baby, well done.' Madison hugged the girl and even felt a rush of affection for her. She'd proven to be willing and capable, and now that the eve of her initiation was upon her, she was going to pass. He was certain.

'I'm going to piss on you when I get back,' Selena joked, but the thought of her squatting over him and letting loose with a stream of hot urine didn't bother Madison in the slightest. On the contrary, he would be positively delighted to taste Selena's offering as it gushed from her tiny pee hole. He wished he'd set up the deal so that he could accompany the girl on her soirée with the Ambassador and his kinky wife.


'Good evening, both of you… welcome.' The woman greeted Selena and Madison with heavily accented English.

They were in a modest sized bedroom, expensively furnished as you'd expect it to be in such a plush residence. Madison and Selena were still fully dressed, whereas the mature woman was already clad in attire that entirely suited the sordid events that she anticipated.

Her dark hair was set immaculately, and her make-up could only be described as perfect, just as if she'd prepared for an evening entertaining political dignitaries. Then, from her throat downwards, things were a little more… bizarre. A studded dog collar decorated her slender neck. Her breasts spilled over the top of a tight, black PVC corset that was laced tightly along the back and cinched at her narrow waist. Her boot heels were almost ridiculously platformed and the rubber uppers reached to mid thigh. The entire ensemble was devastatingly slutty and was perfectly appropriate for the depraved look the mature, superbly well-maintained woman was aiming for. Her smooth pubic mound looked mouth wateringly succulent to Madison's excited eye, plump and juicy and he almost slavered at the thought of tasting her. Her vulva in particular aroused Madison. He could clearly see the long, loose lips of her labia as they peeped from the cleft of her sex.

'How big are those flaps?' he thought. 'What an evening this is going to be… the exquisite, fair Selena and this tanned slut… And she wants piss as well…'

'Come, come,' the woman insisted. 'Get comfortable; off with those clothes!' She strode across to Selena and brushed the girl's face with her fingertips. 'Mmm …so pretty,' she murmured and lasciviously ran her tongue over her red painted lips. 'You and I will have some fun, darling…' Then she turned to Madison. 'You too? I wasn't expecting you.' She placed her open palm against Madison's flies and pressed his cock lightly. 'Two for the price of one! I am a lucky girl…' She leant so close to Madison that he could smell the sweet scent of her perfume. 'I hope you can fuck with that cock of yours… I want to be fucked very soon.' The woman kissed Madison on the mouth and then laughed as she turned away.

Shortly afterwards the trio were sat on a sofa with Madison in the centre and the two attentive females on either side. The mature woman and had taken several long, wet sounding slurps at Madison's hard cock and had passed it to Selena for her to taste.

'What an exquisite specimen you are,' the woman said huskily as Selena sucked at Madison's cock. 'I want you to fuck me in my nasty cunt soon. I'm so hot.'

Before Madison could make any comment a man entered the room. He was naked and carrying two bottles of Champagne.

'Ah,' the man said and smiled when he saw Selena look up at him, her fist still tightly clasped around Madison's erection. 'What a beautiful girl,' he said directly to his wife, who stood up and took one of the bottles from him. 'We're spoiled tonight Francesca,' he continued and stroked his own not inconsiderable cock in anticipation.

'Yes, darling,' Francesca sighed. 'Isn't she adorable; and him…' She nodded towards Madison. 'I didn't expect a man as well, but I would love a cock tonight …I'm just in the mood.' Francesca sat in a leather chair and opened her thighs wide. 'Come here,' she crooked a finger at Selena. 'Come and lick me.'

Selena positioned herself so she could push her tongue into Francesca's sex. She split the oversized labia with her fingertips and held them apart. Selena dabbed her tongue at Francesca's hot centre and heard the woman give a prolonged sigh of pleasure. Then she felt the fizz of bubbles on her tongue and realised that Francesca had poured some of the sparkling wine over her pussy mound.

As Selena sucked at Francesca's equally oversized clitoris, and slurped the mix of syrupy goo and champagne, the Ambassador moved behind her and parted her buttocks. Selena looked around briefly when she felt the man's hands on her body, and then pushed her buttocks high in the air to allow the mature man easier access. She found it difficult to concentrate on Francesca when the Ambassador tickled her anus with the tip of his tongue, and she squirmed even more as he probed deep into her rectum and slid his finger into her opening.

'You like my cunt and champagne my little darling?' asked Francesca. 'I love to taste a woman and wine at the same time,' she continued, 'and I love the fizz of the bubbles on my clit when the wine dribbles over me.'

Selena thought that this was the height of decadence, slurping expensive effervescence from another woman's vulva, God, was it was turning her on! She was beginning to feel that familiar churn in her belly as her nipples tightened and her pussy clenched hungrily.

'I'm being paid for this,' she thought. 'I'm being paid for this, and I love it. That guy's tongue squirming in my arse…'

Madison watched the scene unfold in front of him and was surprised to feel the coil of jealousy squirm in his guts. He looked at Selena as the Ambassador reamed her anus and she slurped at Francesca's sex so enthusiastically.

'I wanted this,' he thought. 'I wanted her to be my whore, but damn… I want her all for myself now.'

His jealousy was forced down below the surface as the tide of his own lust rose when Francesca looked at him. He could see that the woman was enjoying Selena's tonguing immensely as her eyelids hung heavy and her mouth gaped slackly.

The woman recovered her composure and beckoned to him, smiling wickedly. 'Come here you beautiful man,' she murmured. 'Come here and fuck my mouth.'

Francesca held Madison's cock almost daintily between her forefinger and thumb as she sucked at the big dome of it. She licked the shaft and felt his hanging balls with her free hand as her husband moved close behind Selena and pushed his cock-head against her body.

Francesca used her hand to stroke Madison's long thick cock and watched her husband's face as he slid his erect penis into Selena's sex.

'Fuck the little bitch, darling,' she hissed when the Ambassador groaned loudly. 'Fill her with your cock and fuck her… Tell me when you're going to come.'

'It won't be long,' the man grunted and dug his fingers into Selena's hips. 'She's tight around me,' he gasped and fucked the girl with long strokes.

Soon there was the slapping of the Ambassador's skin against Selena's round buttocks as he pounded at the girl. He was hugely aroused by the sight of such a beauty licking his wife's sex, and he was further excited by what he knew would happen when he came.

For her part, Selena was getting close to her own climax. The situation had turned her on and then her lust had been inflamed further by the Ambassador's oral attention. Also, she was diddling at her clit with one hand while she was being vigorously fucked and she struggled to maintain the pressure that Francesca demanded against her sex.

Suddenly and slightly prematurely Selena thought, the Ambassador groaned and called out, unable to hold back - 'I'm going to do it; I'm going to come…'

'Yes! Yes, do it,' shouted his wife in response. 'Bathe her cunt… Spill your seed into her.'

The pair encouraged each other, urging each other on until, eventually, the Ambassador sighed heavily, grunted several times and then pushed into Selena as though forcing himself as deep as he could physically go.

'I'm… I'm…' was all he could say as his semen spurted into Selena.

It was sufficient however, it was the signal his wife had been waiting for, and as her husband groaned with the release of his climax, Francesca relaxed her bladder and sent a hot stream of piss against Selena's face.

The sudden gush of urine caught Selena completely off guard and she lifted her face from between Francesca's thighs. The girl looked up startled, and saw Francesca smiling down at her as the torrent of liquid poured from the tiny hole of her urethra.

'Take my piss you slut,' Francesca sighed pleasurably as the pressure in her bladder subsided. 'Take my piss and my husband's cum.'

For a moment longer, Selena watched the stream of pee as it gushed out of Francesca and washed over her breasts before pitter-pattering onto the wooden floorboards. Then, with her eyes locked on Francesca's heavy-lidded, orgasmic gaze, Selena opened her mouth and allowed the hot, brackish piss to pour onto her tongue.

Selena let the liquid fill her mouth and then spill out over her chin as it overflowed. She blew a spray of the stuff back over Francesca's heavy lipped sex and was then overcome by the force of her own explosive climax.

The combination of Francesca's urine spattering against her skin and the Ambassador's cum spitting against her cervix was too much for Selena. She groaned with ecstasy as she came, but part of her mind registered clearly that she had sunk into the dark soup of depravity. A few short months ago she'd been an entirely normal girl of twenty. Now, she was a well-used whore who was drinking champagne and piss from a woman's sex whilst that woman's husband poured his seed into her. It was madness, completely unprotected sex. Fucking strangers… Drinking piss… Utter madness, but oh-so-fucking-sexy and dirty.

Even in the throes of her orgasm with pee flowing out of her mouth and the Ambassador's cum already trickling out of her, Selena knew she would never go back; that she'd never be able to have a 'normal' life with a husband and children. It would just be too dull… just too fucking boring.

Selena's climax subsided and she thought that the party was over; Francesca had more in store for her.

'Quickly,' the woman called urgently. 'Come here, I want his cum.' Francesca lay on her back on a thick rug and indicated that Selena should squat over her. 'You,' she called to Madison. 'Come here and fuck me, please hurry.'

So, with Selena squatting over her, Francesca took Madison's thick cock. She pushed herself against him as she strived for her release. Madison used his considerable skill and expertise and soon had Francesca writhing on his cock as he speared her hot, inflamed core.

Selena squeezed her muscles as she gave the ambassador's wife her cream pie. The thick cum dribbled from her body and slid onto the woman's tongue. Francesca swallowed the gloop hungrily and used her finger on her big clit while Madison pounded at her. Francesca held her legs wide apart and angled herself so that Madison could really hammer at her. It was the way she wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be sore and bruised the next day as a reminder of her debauched session with the beautiful pair.

She got an enormous thrill from hobnobbing with powerful and influential people, knowing that they would be shocked to know that her refined, cultured façade was just that, a disguise that cloaked her bizarre sexual tastes.

When Selena had squeezed as much of the Ambassador's semen from her body she stood shakily and surveyed her handiwork. Francesca's face was smeared with viscous rivulets of semen. Her immaculate make-up was now a ruin, and her lipstick was smeared around her mouth like a child's after a toffee apple.

'Fuck me, fuck me hard!' Francesca called, urging Madison on to greater efforts. 'Do it to me roughly… Use me… Damage me,' she shouted and squeezed her breasts hard.

Francesca's head was rolling from side to side as she fought towards her climax. Her face was a rictus of agonised concentration and she looked to be more in pain than a woman who was being thoroughly serviced by her young stud.

'Piss on me, please piss on me,' Francesca called urgently and her husband immediately moved close to comply with his wife's demand.

'You too,' he said to Selena who had relegated herself to observer rather than participant. 'Come on,' the Ambassador urged and Selena found herself moving automatically.

The Ambassador was the first to spray his wife's face from very close range. The woman cried out ecstatically as the stream spattered against her face. She opened her mouth wide and took the full force of the jet against her tongue. Piss splashed over her PVC basque and ran over and around her breasts as Selena's flow added to the volume. Francesca was forced to swallow some of the stuff as her mouth was filled and she blew a spray from between her lips like a whale through its blowhole.

'Yes!' she cried as she finally climaxed. 'I'm coming… I'm coming…'

Madison grunted and pulled his cock from the thick lipped, sticky embrace of Francesca's body. He wanked his cock and added his thick goo to the mess that already stained the front of Francesca's corset.

Piss and cum ran in a sticky river down Francesca's front. Her nipples were thick and long and her breasts shone wetly with urine when Madison rolled away from the spattered woman and she lifted herself to a half sitting position.

'Darlings, that was such a delight,' Francesca sighed and surveyed the ruined lingerie. 'Shall we take a short interval and then fuck some more?'

Her husband laughed and looked at Selena's shocked face. 'Would you like to continue, sweet thing?' he asked.

Selena glanced towards Madison, who merely shrugged, 'I'm okay to do it again.'

'Sure,' Selena replied to the Ambassador's question. She was resigned to the fact that she was just a kinky bitch, and it was all Madison's fault, but she was already looking forward to more piss fun with the Ambassador's wife.


Three days later Selena met Francesca in a smart café and the two picked over a light lunch together.

'I want to show you something,' Francesca smiled slyly over the rim of her coffee cup.

'I bet it's something wicked,' the girl replied, and then wriggled with the delicious anticipation that made her kitty flush with heat.

They left the café and Francesca immediately flagged a passing black cab. She gave the driver an address and he turned in his little compartment and looked at her incredulously.

'You sure, love?' he asked. 'There's nothing down there.'

'I'm sure… Now drive, it'll be worth your while.'

The driver shrugged and turned back to his wheel and fifteen minutes later pulled up outside a row of derelict houses.

'Kiss me,' Francesca ran her hand along Selena's long, bare thigh. 'Kiss me, let's put on a show for him.'

'You're wicked,' Selena giggled, but kissed the older woman on the mouth all the same.

'Fuckin' hell,' the driver said quietly when he saw the two women embracing beyond his clear partition.

'Watch,' Francesca said to the driver and pulled her blouse open to expose her bra to the man's shocked stare. 'Watch for a few minutes and then I'll suck your cock. But…' Francesca paused.

The driver goggled at her for a few seconds as the words sunk in. One moment he was driving his cab and earning a living, and the next, he was watching two lezzas getting it on in the back… and one was offering to suck his cock! They were both lookers though, especially the young one, but the elder of the two… she was a tidy piece as well…

'But, what?' the cabbie asked when he'd rediscovered the power of speech.

'I need to piss,' the woman said directly. 'I want to do it here, right here.'

'In my cab?' the man asked taken completely by surprise.

'Yes, in the cab. I want to piss in the cab, but you'll be paid and you can come on my breasts… How does that sound.'

'I… I…' The cabbie was torn. The cab would take an age to clean… but…

Francesca lifted her breasts out of her bra and fingered her nipples. Her teats thickened and grew stiff as she teased the sensitive flesh and then she delivered the coup de grace. She hiked her skirt up around her hips and showed the man her smooth mound and thick, dangling labia.

'Oh my fucking God,' he whispered. 'Do what you want… That's so sexy.'

'Lick me, baby,' Francesca turned to Selena. 'Lick my cunt right here, right here in broad daylight. Lick my slippery cunt.'

The accented obscenities that poured from Francesca's mouth caused Selena's sex to oil and pulse and she slid down to the floor of the taxi to taste Francesca's musky scented core.

The driver fumbled at his flies and pulled his rigid cock out into daylight. He tugged at his shaft urgently as his eyes bulged at the sight of the superb blonde lapping at the swollen sex of her friend in the back of his cab.

Francesca climaxed quickly and noisily. She grunted and swore as Selena's tongue teased her big clitoris and drove her over the edge.

'Here, quickly,' Francesca ordered the cabbie. 'Get in here with us.'

The man opened his door, and with his cock waggling in front of him as it protruded from his flies, he opened the back door and clambered in with the two females.

Francesca was on him instantly and slurped at his cock with lascivious licks of her quick, pink tongue.

'If my husband knew about this…' Francesca said and rolled her eyes to emphasise the depth of the Ambassador's wrath. 'If he saw what a slut I was…' She turned back to the cabby's cock and slavered over it some more.

The man's cock was liberally smeared with saliva when Francesca lifted her face from it again. Selena wondered what the woman was going to do next, but maintained her own swirling manipulation on her own gooey cunt with one hand as she watched.

'That's good,' the cabby groaned and held Francesca's head in his hands as he fucked up into her mouth. 'Oh fuck… so good…'

Francesca let the man's cock spring back along his front and she sat upright again. 'Lie down,' she insisted. 'Lie down; I want to sit on it.'

With the realisation suddenly dawning, the cabby lay on the large expanse of floor in the compartment. He couldn't lie out fully, but did his best in his eagerness to have Francesca on his hard penis.

'Piss on us girl,' Francesca urged Selena as she squatted over the man's penis. 'Piss all over us… Be a dirty slut and cover us in it.' Francesca groaned loudly and sank down heavily. 'Oh God,' Francesca wailed when the cock pushed into her. She was still tender from Madison's vigorous fucking, but was too horny to care much. She was filled with the need to fuel her carnal bonfire.

The cabby grunted when Francesca took his length in one, easy, liquid slide. Then he moaned some more as she began to ease herself up and down on his cock. He'd heard Francesca's lewd instructions to the blonde, but couldn't care less. His lust was burning fiercely and he was desperate to feel the woman's tight cunt gripping his shaft.

Growing used to Francesca's kinky demands, Selena was soon prepared to send a hot stream of her piss gushing over the couple as they fucked on the floor of the cab. She quickly removed her underwear and then pushed her hips forwards. Her pussy mound jutted in front of her and she held her labia wide apart. She bent her knees slightly and relaxed. Her stream trickled slowly at first, but then the flow increased dramatically as she reached full flow.

The cab was soon filled with the spattering noise of her piss streaming over Francesca as she rode the man's cock harder and harder. Francesca's clothes were soon sodden and her exposed breasts shone wetly.

Piss trickled over Francesca's face and stained her gaping blouse opaque which caused the garment to cling to her skin like a contestant in a wet tee shirt contest.

'Yes baby, yes,' Francesca moaned, and Selena wasn't sure if the woman was talking to her or to the cabbie who was squeezing her clenching buttocks.

The pungent odour of her own piss was strong in Selena's nostrils as her stream of urine slowly trickled to a stop. Francesca grunted like an animal and slammed her body down against the cabby's as her climax broke.

The man too, grunted and groaned as he orgasmed in time with Francesca, and his semen squirted, hot and sticky, into her body.

Francesca lifted her semen dribbling cunt from the cabby's cock and she squeezed her internal muscles quickly. Her piss arced from her urethra as she held her thick labia apart. Her pee spattered against the man's clothes and his spunk dribbled from Francesca's body as she cried out with delight at the obscene sight.

'I'm such a bad girl… Look, I'm pissing and my cunt is dripping cum… I'm such a slut.' Francesca's tone was strident with her excitement, but finally her hot gushing slowed to a dribble and then ceased.

The cabby, with sodden clothes but happy nonetheless, drove the two women to an address that Francesca supplied. He drove away with a generous tip and Francesca hurriedly led Selena into an anonymous flat.

'Jesus,' Selena giggled when they were safely off the street and out of sight. 'You're a surprising bitch.'

Francesca laughed and kissed the girl on the mouth hungrily. 'This is my "little place",' she told the girl. 'I think you and I can have some fun here… 'Don't you think?'

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