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05-14-2008, 10:52 AM
A long one.

"Dammit." Leanne cursed perhaps a little loudly and, surprised at the expletive, the man seated next to her looked up. "Sorry," Leanne gave a wan smile and then lied. "I don't like flying too much."

"Hey, I understand," the man smiled, brightening considerably while obviously surveying Leanne's legs.

She noticed the flick of his eyes and sighed. 'You can piss off too, mate.' Although this remained unsaid, Leanne's glare gave the stranger no excuse for not getting the hint. This was one pissed off lady. 'I'm in no mood for chancers like you,' she thought, 'I've had enough of that lately.' She turned to the window and pretended to be enthralled by the work activities of Luton airport, ignoring the man completely. Leanne had cursed because she was angry, and the anger was directed at her former lover, or so she tried to convince herself.

The small plane pushed back and a few minutes later, climbed into the leaden skies above London. It was somewhere over the Pyrenees that Leanne accepted that she should be more angry at herself than James. James may have engineered the scene, but she was really to blame for going along with the scheme when she should have known better. At that point, high above the mountains, Leanne squirmed in the seat at the recollection of the sensations she had experienced and the itch between her legs tickled her consciousness. She felt a pulse of life as her clitoris woke and her insides clenched at the residual memory of events.

"Dammit," she cursed again, this time eliciting no response from her neighbour.


Leanne paused with her foot on the first step, her hand on the banister. She trembled with a cocktail mix of fear, anxiety, and a heavy shot of arousal. 'The bastard,' she thought, 'this has to be a dream,' it was too surreal to be true.

"My wife," he had said only an hour before, "well," he paused, his eyes everywhere but Leanne's. "It appears she wants to –- ah –- experience a woman."

"Your wife?" Leanne was taken completely off guard by the revelation. The implication had been that they meet for coffee as an act of conciliation, not to discuss his wife's sexual hankering.

"My wife," he confirmed still failing to look Leanne in the face.

Leanne was lost for words. She'd agreed to meet him to lay to rest the ghost of their affair. It had cost her dearly over the months. How many times had she come within an inch of calling him? How much time had she wasted thinking of him? How much love and emotion had she scattered to the winds of his indifference?

Too much.

She stared out across the pebbled beach. The dark water of the Channel in December appeared swollen; a solitary man gazed out towards France which lay beyond the horizon. Leanne wondered about his life for a few moments. What troubles did he have? Why was he standing and just staring out over the dark, tumultuous water? Perhaps he was untroubled; perhaps he'd been a mariner and was merely reminiscing of old times...

'Fuck', she cursed inwardly. 'I shouldn't have come back. This place... Him...'

"We had a chat." Leanne returned to the present at the sound of James's voice. "Well, it was more than a chat, but I'll spare detail." James fiddled with the condiments, obviously discomfited. "Go on." Leanne's curiosity cajoled her despite her better judgement.

She knew him well; she was suspicious of his motives. Was this a ruse to get her alone in some hotel so he could seduce her? Leanne knew how dangerous that was. She liked to think she was strong enough to resist him, but...

"Like I said, I'll spare detail, but the upshot is that she admitted to fantasising about another woman – about experiencing another woman. You and I have discussed your sexuality..." He spread his hands and grinned, "So?"

The question lay between them, a request on the table in front of her. It was her decision.

Or was it a test, some kind of game? He was entirely capable, the unpredictable bastard. Leanne sipped at the now tepid coffee; it had cooled, forgotten since his opening gambit. She considered her options. If it were a ruse to seduce her she hoped she had the strength to deny him, on the other hand, if it were true...

A woman, the taste of a woman, it had been such a long time. Lust burst like a hot flare and desire oozed from her sex. Her pulse quickened and she felt her nipples tighten ... Thank god he couldn't see the reaction, she wanted the upper hand, and for him to know she was aroused would be a failing.

Leanne's cup clinked into the saucer. "When?"

"She's at home now."

"Your home?"


His house put a whole new complexion on the situation. The risk for him, if this were a game, was incalculable. If it were a seduction ploy then where was the wife? There was no way he would dare risk being caught in flagrante delicto.

And what if it were true? The question again; a stealthy slide of doubt crept into Leanne's considerations. She imagined the woman waiting. Was the anticipation the same for her as it was for Leanne? Was she trembling with that volatile mix of fear, lust, and anticipation?

It was a pivotal moment. James remained silent, perhaps sensing that if he spoke, or even moved, then Leanne may just laugh in his face, tell him to stop being an arsehole, and leave.

The ooze between Leanne's legs became a trickle, she was sure she could smell her own arousal. "I'll do it."

Finally their eyes met and locked as though in battle. Leanne stared at him with a level gaze, desperate not to show any sign of emotion. She won, his eyes dropped first.

James became brusque and businesslike. "Give me fifteen minutes and then follow," he ordered. He signalled for the bill, paid, and left. In the vacuum of his departure Leanne idly watched the man on the windswept beach. Again she wondered why he stood there. What was he thinking? Was he in the eye of the storm, as she was herself? James had led her on such a merry emotional dance over the summer... Was the man on the beach enduring his own crisis, or was he just enjoying the solitude? Leanne sighed, she would never know, and she had her own destiny to fulfil. She slipped on her coat and left the warmth of the cafι. The cold of the day slapped into her like an accusation. Was she insane?

During the short drive, Leanne changed her mind a dozen times, but inwardly, deep inside herself, she knew she would make the date. There was the residue of her brief, but oh-so-intense affair with James. He had controlled her, played with her mind, leaving Leanne with the need to exorcise that ghost. He no longer held the power; she was going into this with her eyes open, it was her decision.

But her stomach churned and her sex oiled with barely controlled craving.

"You bastard," she whispered into the uncaring interior of the hire car.

He met her at the door.

"Where is she?" Leanne demanded.

"Upstairs," he replied and lunged. "Leanne," he groaned, "you're so sexy... I want you." James's hands were all over her body, probing between her legs, massaging her breasts. The desire flashed brighter at James's touch and Leanne heard herself groan.

Then a cold band of iron girded Leanne's resolve. "I'm not here for you, James," she scolded and pushed his hands away from her chest. "I'm here for her. I want to taste her." Hearing her own words opened the sluice and the slick oil of her arousal slid along Leanne's thighs. She ran her fingers through her short cropped blonde hair and snorted. "Get out of my way."

She pulled off the boots and quickly stripped down to just her thong. She saw the look of hunger in James's eyes. 'God,' she thought, 'he wants to fuck me right here.' Leanne turned, knowing the effect her derriere would have on the man, he'd always made such appreciative noises about her backside. In fact, the first time they'd been intimate James had buggered her – an act she had quite simply adored.

Leanne's hand touched the wooden banister while James looked on. Leanne climbed the stairs slowly, one by one, her heart thudding in her chest, her legs weak and trembling with anticipation. She rolled her hips as she climbed, teasing James with the sight of her backside. She sent a silent word of thanks to the cross-trainer god, conscious of the fact that James would be gaping up at her.

As Leanne ascended, as the door loomed ever closer, she forgot about the man. Her mind whirled, it was nine thirty in the morning, what was she doing here? Could she really be contemplating sex with another woman? A stranger. Her former lover's wife. It was insane. It wasn't real.

When she reached the first landing, where the stairs turned through ninety degrees, Leanne looked back at James. He was still immobile at the foot of the stairs. His expression gave nothing away.

'Who chose the carpet?' The ridiculous question flashed through Leanne's mind. She curtailed the unreal train of thought, not knowing that it was the need for reality that sent such an idea into her head. The situation was unreal and her mind needed something tangible to focus upon. 'Normal people don't behave this way,' she thought.

Leanne continued up the short flight – half a dozen steps. She was dizzy now and wished she'd had a glass of water with her coffee, her mouth was so dry. She felt weak, but the insistent beat between her legs urged her on. Her excitement rose, threatening to reach mercurial heights as her hand touched the door handle. Was the woman waiting for her beyond the door? A flash vision flickered across her mind's eye. She imagined the woman laying back, thighs wide, sex gaping and oozing; an invitation for Leanne's tongue...

She groaned as the lust prickled and itched between her now oily thighs. The slick lubrication slid from her body and soaked into the scrap of thong. She turned the handle and pushed the door.

The room was unoccupied. The bed sat, neatly made, mocking her.

"Bastard," Leanne muttered when the heavy fist of disappointment slammed into her abdomen. She slumped on the bed feeling suddenly ridiculous, her cheeks hot with shame and embarrassment.

"I'm sorry."

Leanne sat at his kitchen table and ignored the proffered cup. James placed the drink in front of her, he'd seen her expression when Leanne appeared at the top of the stairs, he realised that she wasn't seeing the whole thing as a joke and he'd remained silent while Leanne gathered up her clothes and dressed in a terrible silence.

"Sorry?" She croaked and looked at James with venom in her eyes. "Why would you do that to me? Why?"

James shrugged, unable to articulate his reasoning. "Uhm... " He made a clumsy attempt. "I just wanted to see how far you'd go..."

"How far I'd go?" Leanne's tone was incredulous.

"I knew you were bi, or so you'd said, but I wanted to see if you'd really do it." He shrugged again, knowing this defence was going nowhere. He tried attack, "You played games with me, and you enjoyed fucking with my mind – when we were – together."

"I fucked with your mind!" Leanne's voice rose to strident disbelief. "You were the one who yanked my chain the last time I was here." She pointed an accusing finger and James had a clear visualisation of the cup and its steaming contents being hurled at him. "You led me a merry dance," Leanne continued, "asking me to meet you and then dropping me last minute. I was more than half in love with you when I left the country originally." The hot tears slid along her cheeks. "And when I'd gone I heard nothing for weeks – that hurt me a lot – and then when I mention I'm coming back you bombard me with messages – and then drop me again."

"I'm sorry." There was nothing else he could think to say.

"This time, when I agreed to the coffee, I was finding closure. I wanted to see you one last time and know I had the strength to put you out of my mind, to forget you." Leanne picked up the cup causing James to flinch. She took a sip of the tea, apparently not of a mind to throw it.

"Oh God, I've blown it haven't I?"

Leanne sighed, the anger momentarily dissolved when she saw the contrition in James's expression.

"You blew it last time I was in town." She recovered slightly, suddenly knowing how to retrieve her dignity. She dropped her bombshell: "There's someone else now."

James's already sorrowful expression dropped lower. "Another man?"

"Yes." Her voice was level and controlled now. "I haven't met him in person yet, but he's on my list." Leanne brightened considerably at the verbalisation of what had recently been mere thoughts and impressions. "He's a filthy bastard –or at least that's the idea I get," Leanne examined James for a reaction. "He sends me messages and tells me how desirable I am, about how he'd love to fuck me..."

James gaped at Leanne as though seeing her, truly seeing her, for the first time.

"He says he wants to have me alone at first, but then he wants to..."

"What? What does he want?" James felt the stab of hot jealousy knife in his guts. He didn't want to hear about this usurper, but was caught in a web of paradox, growing aroused despite his feelings.

"He wants to share me with another man." Leanne's eyes slitted with feline scheming and she fired the final salvo. "And when I mean another man, James, I mean all three of us together, all three of us sharing each other."

Leanne drained the cup, placed it firmly on the table, and then, with a waggle of her fingers, she left James seated at his table, apparently too shocked to react.


The car was parked under the M25 and Leanne heard the six lanes of traffic thundering past overhead while she waited. The question was, would this one show? Finally, the day had come to meet him. She was apprehensive. Would he like her? Would she like him?

The phone ringing interrupted her thoughts. Her heart leapt, it was his caller ID. Was he going to show?

"Hello." She tried to sound cool, in control.

His voice: "Are you in a blue Focus?"

"Yes, yes I am," Leanne turned in her seat. There was a car parked behind her.

She heard his chuckle. "I'm behind you, follow me, I know a place to go."

Before Leanne could utter another word, the line went dead and the car behind manoeuvred past. There were two options, follow him or drive back onto the motorway and leave it all behind.

Of course, she followed.

He turned into a pub car park; she parked a few spaces away. She quickly checked her face in the rear-view mirror, not perfect, but she would have to do. Then, with a flutter of nervous anticipation, she stepped out of the car.

Following a slightly awkward greeting, Leanne thought 'He's shy,' as they entered the pub.

He was slightly put off by the relative silence inside. There were two patrons, spaced awkwardly as far as he was concerned, there would be no real opportunity to speak without being overheard.

'Shit,' he cursed inwardly, while out loud: "What can I get you?" He indicated the pumps with a nod.

"Just an alcohol free lager, I have a way to drive yet." Leanne took advantage of the moment, "I'll be back in a flash." He watched her lithe figure as she moved out of the bar.

He ordered the drinks and steeled himself for the next few minutes. They would prove crucial if things were to progress any further.

Leanne returned after a couple of minor, and unnecessary in his view, amendments. The conversation turned to the ordinary, pleasantries exchanged, enquiries made. During the conversation he made a conscious effort to touch her lightly from time to time, nothing overtly odd, just a brush of his fingers along her arm, a kind of punctuation at the end of an anecdote, an entirely friendly gesture.

She liked him, he was good company, witty, and okay to look at. He paid her compliments about the way she looked and her style of dress.

Then, his hand rested on her leg for longer than was polite, and Leanne allowed it to remain.

"I have to go soon," she murmured reluctantly. "Sorry, but I'm expected."

"Okay," he acquiesced, with a hint of disappointment. "I could get us a room?" The afterthought was almost blurted.

"I would love to," Leanne responded, "but they're waiting for me..." she shrugged; the situation was beyond her control.

Out in the car park the goodbyes were stilted. Until, to her surprise, he grinned and said, "I just have to check something." Then, without waiting for a response, he lifted a surprised Leanne off her feet. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist as he supported her, his hands under her buttocks. "I knew you'd be perfect," he growled in a low, sexy voice that made her insides clench. "I could fuck into you, as I hold you up like this."

"Kiss me." Leanne whispered the words and pressed her lips to his.

His mouth opened and they kissed gently, exploring each other for the first time, sharing that soft, intimate moment. The kiss lengthened and grew more urgent. Leanne felt his fingers dig into her buttocks and she groaned into his open mouth. Her sex flooded with warmth and her nipples grew taut under her sweater and brassiere.

"Damn, I want to fuck you." His words, so coarse, fuelled her lust. Leanne felt she could strip bare in that car park and let him push his tongue deep into her body. She ached to feel him inside her. She wanted to taste him; she wanted to taste her own musk on his tongue as he kissed her.

"Dear Lord," she groaned. "I... I... "

Thirty minutes later, Leanne was grabbing at his belt. She fumbled, frantic and trembling with desire. The phone call had been made calling off her meeting while he found the hotel. She was so damned horny; the meeting could go fuck itself. She wanted to feel him inside her body. She wanted to fuck him. The feelings were so intense. She imagined her pussy all hot and swollen as he pushed his length into her body.

"Take them off," Leanne growled, frustrated by the belt. "Take those trousers off, I want to see your prick."

Confident now, Luke grinned at her ardour. "You want to see my cock? I want you to do more than look at it." He unbuckled the belt and flicked the button open.

His long, thickened penis slipped into view and Leanne gasped. She knelt in front of him and lifted the heavy thing to her mouth. She kissed the head of it and slurped her tongue along the underside. It stiffened fully and Leanne growled as she curled her fingers around the shaft.

"Jesus," Luke sighed when Leanne's quick tongue slavered around and around his cock head.

Leanne let out unintelligible sounds as she slurped and drooled. She was lost in the moment. Her pussy clenched with desire and her clitoris pulsed with the ache of frustration. All through the intervening minutes, from kiss to hotel, she had been waiting for the moment when Luke split her labia with his prick, when he entered her for the first time, when he speared her with that angry looking penis.

"Lick me, lick me," she grunted with an urgency that sent waves of lust over Luke's senses. Leanne nearly ripped her clothes from her body such was her desire. Finally she lay on the bed before him, her nipples taut and huge. Her vulva was swollen and slick. "Lick it, please, babe, lick me."

Luke moved between her legs and lifted them wide, holding her behind the knees. Leanne felt her slit gape open. "Please," she gasped, ignoring the inelegance of her exposed position. "Please use your tongue on me... I'm going to explode... Please."

Luke dabbed his tongue at her distended clitoris. The heat from her sex was unbelievable. He couldn't recall ever having seen a woman so aroused. He lapped at her like a dog, tasting the slick honey that slid from her opening.

Luke took stock, part of his mind diverted from the wanton display in front of him. She was so sexy. Over forty years old, but what a body! He'd noticed how trim and fit she was as she hurriedly undressed. He'd seen pictures, but to experience her in the flesh, naked, that neatly shaven mound...

"You taste divine, darling," he growled in the brief moment his mouth was detached from her mons.

Leanne responded by grunting and gritting her teeth before pulling his face even closer. Her juice slid over his face as Luke tongued her desperately. He slid between her opening and her anus. He probed deep into her dirty-hole and then slid and slurped at her clitoris before plunging into the molten core of her.

His fingers worked into her while he tongued her clitoris. He rubbed at the rough spot inside her and caused her to grunt and groan with wild abandon.

"No, no," she squirmed. "Not there... I'll pee... No."

Luke wriggled first one, then two fingers relentlessly against that place inside her. Leanne groaned and wriggled. She thrust against his hand despite her protestations. He felt her squeezing over his fingers; her muscles clamped tight and nearly expelled his fingers. Leanne squealed and flushed red.

"You bastard, that's – so – fucking – good."

The first squirt splashed against his palm and he moved alongside Leanne's body quickly, keeping his fingers busy inside her, but positioning himself so he could kiss her. With their mouths locked and tongues working frantically around and around each other, they kissed throughout Leanne's boiling climax.

More viscous liquid spurted hot and thick against his hand and wrist as Luke continued to manipulate his fingers against Leanne's insides.

The sounds she made were beyond Luke's experience; he had never seen a woman climax so heavily before. His cock felt huge, so stiff – he imagined himself a Titan. He pulled his sodden hand from Leanne and moved so his cock-head butted her opening.

"I want you," he growled.

Leanne opened her eyes and blinked up at her lover.

"Do it, do it now," she urged and wrapped her legs around his waist. "Fuck me; I'm so horny for you."

Luke sank into her and Leanne let out a low, animal groan as his meat filled her. Despite her wetness he felt huge inside her.

"Jesus," she blasphemed, "fuck me with that thing. Go on. Pound me. I'm yours."

Luke manoeuvred the pair of them and then, angling his hands beneath her; he lifted Leanne off her feet. She found herself impaled on his prick now, a facsimile of their first physical contact in the car park, but now with the pair of them naked, and with him buried to the hilt inside her. Leanne groaned and sobbed as her head fell against his chest. Luke used his strength to lift Leanne up and down. The upper ridge of his cock bumped against her clitoris with every long, deep stroke.

Leanne felt her insides contract again, and rather than suppress the urge to pee, she let it go. Her ejaculate slid from her and slithered in a trickle over the base of Luke's cock and over his balls. Leanne grunted like a wounded animal as her climax ripped her senses. She bit into Luke's shoulder as he continued to hammer her relentlessly along his length.

As Leanne's orgasm tapered, Luke laid her on the bed. He then lifted her legs high and wide and pumped into her again.

"I'm going to do it," he groaned. "I'm going to come."

"All over me," Leanne squealed when she realised he was going to fill her with semen. "Come on my belly, on my tits, on my face, please."

She pushed the groaning man from her body, desperate that he shouldn't let his seed spurt into her body.

"Shit," Luke grunted. He tugged at his penis and aimed the eye at Leanne's body. "It's here... Oh fuck..."

The first spout spattered wetly against Leanne's belly, the second and third splashing further up her body, a long thick smear of it nestled in the valley between her tight breasts.

"Do it on me," she hissed. "Oh God, it feels so hot, I feel so fucking dirty, do it!"

Leanne's finger swirled in circles around her clitoris as more of the gloop spattered against her skin. She felt a second wave of her orgasm rush through her limbs and she gave up all conscious thought.


The following evening the lovers strolled hand in hand along the beach. It was the same stretch of beach that Leanne had surveyed from the cafι and she wondered if the man she'd watched was happy.

"Shall we go back and eat?" Luke asked. "Or shall I eat you under the pier?"

Leanne chuckled at the filthy familiarity. "Let's go back. I want to drink wine and suck your cock."

"And tomorrow you'll have two, perhaps?"

Leanne's stomach fluttered at the reminder of the coming rendezvous. Her, Luke, and James... The moment was twenty four hours away.

"Will you really do it?" She was nervous after her previous letdown.

"Of course I'll do it. I want you to put him behind you..." Luke chuckled, "I don't mean let him get behind you physically, not with that gorgeous rear of yours, we'd never get rid of him." He caressed Leanne's rump, savouring the delicious feel of her taut flesh under his fingers. "I want you again." His voice grew thick with arousal, a fact not unnoticed by Leanne.

"Let's go back, eat, and drink a bottle of red." She paused mid-stride and turned to her lover. They kissed, and all the romance of the cool April evening washed over them both. The everyday traffic rushed past unnoticed, the pedestrian commuters stepped aside, perhaps sensing that the couple were locked in one of life's special moments.

"You're a special lady," Luke declared when the kiss eventually broke. "I hope you get what you're looking for tomorrow."

"Closure and a good fuck," was her smutty retort. They linked hands and moved back to the hotel.


Leanne thought that she would never hear from James again... She was wrong. No sooner had she stepped off the plane and tuned on her phone, a text arrived. Once again he came in at an oblique, totally unexpected... Well, perhaps his text wasn't totally unexpected, but the content had the capacity to bring Leanne to a slack-jawed halt in the arrivals lounge.

I want to be there. I want to be part of it. I want to suck another man's cock.

James had never given her a hint that he would consider anything even slightly kinky, other than the buggery, so the wording of the message floored her.

"Jesus Christ," she blasphemed, "am I ever going to get him out of my head?"

Then, later that night, the nascent plan was conceived. Leanne felt the tickle of arousal in the pit of her stomach. The tickle blossomed to warmth that quickly moved south and suffused her sex with a prurience to make he gasp. Leanne couldn't resist the lure and her fingers soon found the already sodden centre. As she tickled her clitoris with the index finger of one hand she pushed first one, then a second, and finally a third finger into her opening. She frigged and probed, completely aware of the obscene squelching and sloshing, imagining the two men and herself.

The marshy sound as her fingers worked only heightened Leanne's ardour. "Oh my god," she moaned into the dark, "filth, such filth." She stiffened her three fingers and fucked herself vigorously, the other finger moving in tight circles. "Suck each other," she exhorted her fantasy lovers. "Suck each others' cocks and then stick them into me. I want one in front and one behind..."

The image of both men penetrating her simultaneously sent Leanne over the edge. The clenching around her fingers went unnoticed, as did the quick spurts of come, hot and viscous, which pissed from her opening. Leanne grunted and thrashed until the bed became a tangle of limbs and linen, stained with the residue of her climax.

Once she had recovered from the tumult of her orgasm, with neither thought nor prescience Leanne reached for her phone and sent two text messages.


The barman observed the blonde woman as she sat, cool and elegant, in the bar-cum-restaurant of the hotel. He couldn't figure her out. It was a game he played with himself, trying to guess who was who as the patrons and guests showed on his radar. He enjoyed trying to guess who were the swingers, the lonely men, and the prostitutes. Some were so blatant, so obvious, it spoiled his fun. The made up women and sweaty men, the women usually more undressed than dressed, mini-skirts and high heels, thigh boots and leather corsets – he'd seen it all, not to mention some of the finds by the chambermaids... This one though, he couldn't decide. She looked too – well, too nice.

The blonde lifted her wineglass and took a delicate sip, careful not to smear lipstick. Her eye caught the barman's inquisitive stare and, embarrassed at being caught out, he lowered his eyes instantly. His chagrin was relieved somewhat by the arrival of a group of lads, obviously of the white van variety, and his professional attention was demanded in the form of libation – three pints ordered in typically unruly fashion.

Leanne awaited the arrival of James with that now familiar delight of apprehension and lust. She idly wondered if the three rowdies had any inclination that she was bare beneath her coat. Stockings, shoes, and a broad smile, even her muff was trimmed and pampered to velvet softness. Her excitement was heightened by the knowledge that her lover was upstairs, naked and primed for what she hoped was to be a very fulfilling evening.

She took another sip of the wine, shifted in her seat and revelled in the luxuriant slide as one stockinged leg slid over the other. Her sex oiled, as unstoppable as the tide, and then her tummy flipped with the shock of James's arrival. She appraised him as he walked to her; 'he's really quite sexy,' she thought.

"Leanne," he nodded. James's tone was neutral, courteous – but giving nothing away. He looked dapper in the light coloured shirt and modish cargo pants.

"Drink?" she offered, "or do you want to . .?" The question hung before them.

"Is it real, Leanne?" He ignored the suggestion completely. "Is he real, or is this some kind of tit for tat thing, paying me back for last time?" Leanne remained silent, as Luke had suggested, informing her of the psychological advantage silence could bring in certain situations. "He isn't real, is he?" James broke as the silence lengthened uncomfortably.

Avoiding the direct question, Leanne smiled, leaned forward and whispered, "I'm bare under this coat." She had the satisfaction of seeing his Adam's apple bob up and down.

"Let's go then, let's see if you've got the balls."

Leanne chuckled, a deep sound like a dark drink laced with lust. "Balls?" she quipped. "I'll be playing with two sets in a short while."

James's penis immediately hardened at the words. Even if it were just a game, Leanne underneath that coat... He remembered how physically delicious she was, almost salivating at the thought.

During the walk along the corridor, with its anonymous doors standing sentinel, Leanne paused, turned to face him and allowed her coat to fall open. He had a glimpse of her body, the bare skin, the stockings, and the smooth promise of her mound. Leanne, in an obscene movement, slid a finger between her labia, offered it to him, and then, before he could react, slid the finger into her own mouth. Her eyes closed and she gave a low moan. "I taste divine," she purred, and then without bothering to fasten the coat, she continued along the corridor.

James was desperate for her now. The memory of how wet she became when aroused and of the time he had slid into the taboo of her anus... "Shit," he grunted and hurried after the woman. Leanne was waiting by one of the ubiquitous doors. She took the key-card from her pocket, slipped it into the slot and the tiny light flicked green.

"Ready?" she whispered, and then, without waiting for a response from James, pushed open the door.

"Hello, baby," James heard Leanne's greeting as he followed her into the room. "He's here."

A man's voice from deeper in the room: "So I see." James experienced a flash of shock. It wasn't made up. It wasn't a game. The man was real. And there he was, lying on the bed, late thirties or early forties, James guessed. Short hair, slim, and with his erect penis in his fist.

"I see you've been busy." Leanne's voice was a purr as she let the coat fall to the carpet. "Is that for me?" The apprehension she had previously felt was entirely displaced by the growing excitement at what was unfolding in front of her. Confident now, Leanne sat on the bed and took control of Luke's penis. She looked at James for a long moment and then, without breaking the stare, popped the dome into her mouth. She took several deliberately lascivious licks and said, "Come on James, you wanted to suck cock, now here you are," she waved the stalk, "come and get some."

"Perhaps he's shy," suggested Luke as he watched the woman slurping at his penis. "Why don't we help him undress?"

James balked slightly at the suggestion. "It's okay," he said with more than a hint of nervousness, "I can do it myself."

"What's the matter, James? You're not thinking of backing out on us are you?" Leanne's voice contained just a hint of mockery.

It was that tone that goaded James into action. He had fantasised about this evening for weeks, ever since Leanne had suggested she could arrange it all. Of course he was nervous, who wouldn't be, this situation was far from normal in his book. Sucking a man's cock – and in front of someone whose opinion he held in high regard, vis α vis Leanne – he was entitled to some nerves. "I'm not backing out," he replied in a somewhat petulant tone.

"Then take those clothes off and join us." It was Luke who spoke.

James began to strip. He removed his shoes and his socks, slid the stylish leg wear down over his hips and unbuttoned his shirt. Standing self consciously, and more than a little uncertain, he waited. He wasn't sure what he was waiting for, but he felt so out of his depth. Usually the confident one, he was used to being in control, but now, feeling at a disadvantage, he just stood.

"You have an hour, that's all, an hour." James turned his attention to Leanne. "You don't touch me," she gave a wry grin as though amused at something and then continued: "Not unless I ask you to." James remained silent, totally bemused by the shift in the power base. This was Leanne as he'd never experienced her before. "Do you understand me?" James flinched at the harsh tone, but nodded in dumb acquiescence. "Now, just watch." Leanne spread her legs and exposed her scarlet slit. As though rehearsed Luke moved quickly and began to lap at the folds of Leanne's labia. He slid his tongue through the lips, which parted with sticky reluctance at the pressure. Leanne hissed and stretched her arms when Luke's tongue dabbed at her clitoris. "Shit, darling," she purred, her lust making her coarse. "Lick it, lick me and make me come with that talented tongue of yours."

Despite the corrosive jealousy that curdled in his guts, James touched his now thickly erect penis. He curled his fingers around the girth and slid his fist down and then up along its length. The feeling was indescribable... Leanne, his Leanne making those sounds, using such language, and to see another man slurping between her legs...

He groaned and Leanne turned to look at him, her eyes heavy-lidded with the ecstasy centred on her sex. "Do you like it? Do you like seeing my lover licking me?" The use of the word stabbed through James's billowing lust – he had been her lover, but now another was in his place. "He's so good at it," Leanne sighed, "so good at eating my cunt."

The expletive sent a fresh wave of yearning surging through James's limbs. She had never used language like that with him. They were almost formal in their trysts, polite even. Who was this slut on the bed?

Luke continued to dab at Leanne. Then, at her behest he slid an exploratory finger into her opening. He tickled her pee-hole for a few moments and then slid the length of the digit into her body. He knew the place to go for; he knew just where to massage for the greatest effect.

And of course, just for show, he manipulated that rough little patch inside her.

Leanne gasped and her eyes widened in shock. "Oh god," she groaned, "you're going to make me do it. Oh fuck yes!"

"Do it then," Luke urged quietly. "Piss it for me; go on show him how you love it." He continued to diddle inside Leanne's body and moved to kiss her on the mouth.

Leanne returned the kiss with frantic passion. She panted and licked at Luke's extended tongue. Her fingers clawed into the bed, ruining the top sheet, and her back arched as she forced herself harder against Luke's hand.

James was stroking his cock more vigorously now. He was enthralled by the spectacle of Leanne's impending climax. He had more than a suspicion she was going to ejaculate and was aroused to a fever pitch at the thought.

"Yes," cried the woman on the devastated bed. "I'm... I'm... It's coming..."

Luke pulled his hand away sharply, leaving Leanne's sex exposed. James was startled to see the woman's sex gape and clench in an obscene parody of a mouth. It was as though Leanne was trying to bodily eject some invader – and then the gunk spurted from her in quick, violent spurts like a severed artery.

"Jesus Christ," James muttered when he witnessed Leanne crashing and thrashing in a seemingly agonised rictus. He continued to look on as Luke knelt between Leanne's legs and rubbed the tip if his cock against her slit.

Leaning back from the waist, Luke slid the length of his engorged penis against Leanne's sex, lubricating himself with the stuff that oozed from her body. Then, making sure James could see, he pushed into the heat of Leanne's opening.

After moving into Leanne as deep as he could manage, Luke pulled out of her so that just the glans remained inside her, trapped in a sticky labial embrace. "Look at how wet my cock is," Luke said to a still stunned James. "Look at the come on it." Luke pushed into Leanne again, this time leaning over her. The couple kissed, long, open-mouthed, and very noisily. "Now?" Luke asked the supine woman beneath him.

"Yes," panted Leanne, a post orgasmic blush painted her from face to the upper slopes of her breasts. "Do it now, I want to see him."

Luke pulled out of Leanne. "Time to suck cock," he said in a matter of fact fashion, "it's time to lick my prick clean."

Time stretched for James. He was so horny... He was filled with yearning to fuck Leanne. He desired her like never before, but there were her conditions, even in this heightened state James was aware of the terms of his presence.

"Please," he murmured, "please, just let me fuck you."

Leanne smiled at the plea. "I might do," she teased, "I might let you put that thing into my cunt..." The seldom used obscenity sounded utterly depraved to Leanne, its use thrilled her when she felt it slide over her tongue like a dark lozenge. "But you have to suck Luke's cock. That's why you're here, you begged me to let you join in. Well, now it's time for you to put up."

Luke remained silent. This was Leanne's moment. He sat on the edge of the bed and awaited the outcome. It was his turn to feel the sharp, emerald stab of jealousy. Would she allow James to use her body? Would her ardour prove too strong? Luke hoped that she would hold out, but he was prepared for the eventuality, besides he had prepared a final surprise for the woman, and he fervently hoped James would be here to see it.

James looked from Leanne to Luke's penis and back again. He saw the challenge in Leanne's expression as time stretched and stretched. He knew he would have to act soon. Leanne lolled on the bed, her face near her lover's lap. She idly fondled the lips of her sex, her fingers sliding easily along the slick folds.

"Leanne," James whispered, "Leanne..." He stepped towards the bed. Slowly, one step at a time, he moved until he was close enough to touch Luke if he had the desire to, if he had the nerve.

"Come on James," Leanne purred, relishing the power she held. "Take a little lick with me."

Luke surrendered control of his cock to Leanne when the woman took a firm hold of it down at the root. He sighed as Leanne took a gentle dab at the purple dome with the tip of her tongue. Then, without breaking her gaze with James's, Leanne took a single lascivious lick from balls to tip.

James knelt and Leanne immediately stopped her oral attention upon Luke's shaft. She pointed the blunt cock-head at James in invitation.

"I... I don't know if I can." James murmured.

"If you don't," Leanne's voice was barely perceptible," then you have no chance of ever fucking me again. Ever."

James swallowed, struggling to overcome years of conditioning. He wasn't gay, dammit. He adored women, but the thought, the fantasy of sucking cock – It was just so bad. Then, despite his prejudices, James's head slowly moved towards the offered cock.

"I don't believe I'm going to do this." One last protestation, and then he touched the glans with his tongue. He took an exploratory dab, and then a second. Then James applied real pressure and licked at the dome of Luke's cock. It was a very strange sensation; the texture on his tongue was unexpected, not hard, but firm, very firm, and spongy at the same time. James was repelled at the thought of Luke's pre-come at first, but quickly overcame his distaste when he remembered that the goo smeared on the dick was Leanne's.

"Suck it, baby," Leanne whispered, her eyes wide and staring, her voice filled with awe. "That's so, so naughty," she giggled.

"You suck me too," grunted Luke. "You suck me and then come kiss me while he carries on."

Leanne complied and was soon rolling her tongue around Luke's in a serpentine dance, while James grew bolder in his oral technique.

"Is it good?" Leanne enquired when finally the kiss broke.

"With you here, darling, it's perfect." He kissed Leanne again, smearing the cocktail of her lipstick and his own pre-come further around her mouth.

"I want to suck you as well," Leanne pleaded. "I want to share you with him."

"This is your night, Leanne," Luke growled. "You do as you please."

Leanne took control of Luke's dick once more. She sucked and licked at it before passing it back to James, who copied her actions. Back and forth the couple played pass the penis, leaving Luke groaning and sighing above them.

"I want to feel you inside me," Leanne blurted suddenly. For a moment James's hopes soared only to come crashing down again when Leanne took an inelegant wipe at her sex with a convenient towel, pushed Luke onto his back and straddled him.

He suddenly found himself relegated to the role of onlooker as Leanne rode her lover with vigour and vocals. Now blooded, James was no longer inhibited and he tugged on his cock in time with the relentless sliding of Leanne on Luke's length.

Without breaking the rhythm Leanne beckoned James to her. "Stick it in my mouth; let me suck while I'm fucking."

James reacted quickly, balancing on the rolling bed and holding his stalk down for Leanne's convenience.

The scene continued for a few minutes. Leanne rode Luke hard, her breasts swaying, with the nipples tight and engorged in the puckered coins of their aerola. Luke held her as tight as he dared, the fingers of one hand digging into the muscle of her buttock, spreading the cheeks wide and exposing her sphincter.

He smeared one finger with their combined goo that slid from Leanne and over his balls and, sufficiently lubricated, probed into the resistance of Leanne's anus.

"Yes!" Leanne cried with enthusiasm when she felt the digit probe the opening. "Finger my arse. Oh, you filthy bastard," she groaned. "Finger that dirty-hole."

Leanne flopped forward onto Luke's chest, James's cock forgotten. Her breasts squashed against Luke as Leanne kissed him. She was hot breathed, smeared with gloop, and frantic as another climax rolled on its inevitable course. Luke struggled to hold himself inside her as the violence erupted around him. He jabbed his finger into Leanne's anus relentlessly, while holding her as tight as possible around her body.

Leanne wriggled and struggled, desperate to find the friction between that special place inside her and Luke's erection. She pressed her mons hard down against Luke's pubis, while at the same time jerking her hips quickly back and forth. She then pushed up from Luke's body and leaned back, her hands between Luke's knees. With her nipples now pointing almost at the ceiling, Leanne slid up along Luke's shaft until all that remained in her grip was the tip of his penis. Then she slammed back down onto him before rising again. Each time she slid down the pole, Leanne squealed, punctuating each cry with an obscenity.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she shouted, and then, eyes screwed tight and with the cords in her neck taut and clearly visible, Leanne went into the abyss. She gave a single huge grunt, as though wounded, which transformed into several short, guttural groans, before she eventually fell slack in Luke's arms and rolled from his body.

"Water?" Luke held the glass to Leanne, who took it with a shaking hand. She gulped several deep draughts.

"Thank you," she panted, still short of breath. She passed the glass back to Luke who placed it down on a coffee table. Leanne looked at James, "Now come here." She crooked a finger at the man. "Suck his cock again. Clean it all up good and I might suck you until you come."

"Might?" James questioned. "Only might?"

"There are no guarantees, James," Leanne admonished. "I might just as easily ask you to fuck me," her eyes gleamed slyly. "It depends on how naughty you boys make me feel." Besides," she added, "you only had an hour remember? After that you're out."

James couldn't decide whether the woman was playing him or not, but one thing was certain, if he didn't do as she asked he had no chance at all – and time was running out.

So once again James found himself confronted with the spectacle of Luke's come-smeared dick. "Suck it, bitch," Luke commanded, and James finally capitulated – Leanne had won.

"Oh my... It's so filthy seeing this. I never imagined..." Leanne experienced a stab of pity for James. He had been an attentive lover during the physical moments they'd shared. And he had fulfilled his side of tonight's bargain.

James paused and looked down when he felt a touch between his legs. He saw Leanne manoeuvring into a position where she could both observe James sucking and licking, and suck at James in turn. He opened his legs to allow the woman easier access, and then groaned when her mouth closed over him.

Luke watched intently as his lover slurped and slobbered over his rival's meat. The sight of Leanne's lip's stretched around James's girth was paradoxically arousing and gut-wrenchingly invidious. He bucked his hips forward and fucked James's mouth to compensate, the flames of his jealousy fanned bright by the sounds of pleasure that gurgled deep in Leanne's throat. Her moans of appreciation were muffled by the obstruction of James's size as Leanne swallowed more and more of the man's length, and Luke noticed her hand busy between her open thighs.

"You're turning into a filthy slut," Luke growled. "Look at you, sucking his dick and fingering your hole. I never thought you'd be so brazen."

Leanne allowed James's cock to slip from her mouth. She looked at her jealous lover and grinned. "Thank you," she enthused. "I've never been so horny. I've never been so turned on by anything. If I hadn't met you..."

"I want you again," Luke demanded, exercising his perceived territorial rights. 'Your're mine,' he was saying. 'You're mine and I want to assert my rights.'

"How?" Leanne said in an enthusiastic tone. How do you want me?"

"All fours," was Luke's urgent reply. "Suck him while I get behind you."

After some shuffling and repositioning, Luke looked down at the peach of Leanne's backside as he held her hips and eased his erection between the woman's puffy labia. He began to fuck into her vigorously. This had to end soon. His surprise was imminent.

Once again Leanne grunted and groaned around the mouthful of man-meat as she slobbered at the cock noisily.

"Oh yes, baby," James urged. "That's so good. You sound so bad. Suck me... Yes, suck me."

Leanne's groans grew louder, interspersed with squeals and sighs as yet another climax bubbled.

Those noises in turn fired James's orgasm. He was close to coming; the situation had at first appalled and then thrilled him. Tasting another man had been an epiphany; his only regret was that he hadn't been inside Leanne fully. He was desperate to have her vaginally, but realised through the heat and fire of his looming climax that at least she had shown him some attention. Then he lost all sense of where he was as the gouts of semen spurted from him.

"Lenny," he grunted once, using his pet name for Leanne.

As the first hot rush gushed into her mouth the dam broke for Leanne. As her own climax boiled she groaned and shrieked, allowing James's spitting cock to slide from her lips. Splashes of James's seed spattered, thick and wet against her face and neck. Leanne remained oblivious, mindless to the ruin of her finely applied make-up and the spunk snailing through her hair.

Luke witnessed the sudden carnage and felt his own semen boiling over like a pan of milk on a stove. He held himself in check long enough to pull out of Leanne, shuffle along the bed on his knees, and aim the eye of his penis at James's face. He then let fly.

James felt the goo hit his cheek; he realised what it was in an instant. "On your face, take me on your face," he heard Luke say, the voice distant and far away as though from a tunnel. He let Luke's semen spatter onto his skin as his own come erupted, sending hot gouts of goo arcing upwards, only to spatter down onto his belly.

"Oh my god," whispered Leanne a few moments later. She surveyed the scene. James with come sliding down his face and pooled in thick lakes on his belly, her own face spattered and debauched, and with the bed a ruin.

"Time's up." Leanne turned at the sound of Luke's voice. "That's the hour," he emphasised.

"I need to shower, man." James protested.

Just then there came a knock at the door.

"No," Luke rejected, "get dressed and leave." The timing was incredible. He couldn't have planned it better.

Leanne was confused. What was going on? 'Who was at the bloody door?' She thought. "What?" she began but didn't complete the sentence.

"Wipe your face," Luke threw a spare towel at James, "and then get dressed and get out."

James was far from pleased, but he had no desire to cause a scene. Besides he didn't know who was knocking on the door either. It could be anyone. It was time for him to leave.

"I'll be right there," Luke called to the mystery guest. James was dressing hurriedly.

A few moments later Luke opened the door and allowed a young, dark-haired woman into the room. She was exceptionally beautiful with slanting, well-defined cheeks and dark Slavic eyes. Those eyes took on a quizzical aspect as the woman took in the scene – the rumpled bed, the obviously well used woman, and the two men – one naked and one half-dressed.

"Who? Asked Leanne, completely bemused.

"Alexandra." Luke supplied the name. "She's the second act. Bye, James," Luke grinned and indicated the exit. "Have a good evening. We will."

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