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WIFWAT (c) ;drool ;drool ;drool

When I was 18, I was pretty inexperienced. I'd lost my virginity at 13
but it had been so painful that I didn't try anything again until I was
16 and then it was only a one night stand.

It was a week after my 18th birthday that I met Paul. He was 20 years
old and at college. He had taken me out a few times and we had sex in
the back of his car, twice. He said that he would like to do it in
comfort and invited me back to his Frat house. I had really enjoyed sex
with Paul. He was considerate, kind and a good lover. I was completely
besotted with him and would do whatever he asked of me.

On the evening we where to go to his Frat house, Paul had asked me to
wear a very short mini skirt and a small top that would show my bare
midriff. We arrived at the Frat house and I really didn't know what to
expect. I was very embarrassed as we walked through the main lounge.
There where lots of guys there and they where all staring at me. Some
of them gave wolf whistles. Paul shouted hello to some of them as he
escorted me straight through them and up the stairs to his room.

We stripped off and made love. Whilst he was doing it to me, I couldn't
get the image of all those guys downstairs out of my mind. Did they
know what we where doing up here? They must have known, that's probably
why they where whistling at me. As Paul fucked his cock into me, I kept
imagining that all the guys where standing around the bed watching us.
The idea of it really turned me on and I came and came and my final
climax, as Paul shot his load of hot spunk into me, was so strong that
I screamed 'Aaaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!'

I either passed out or fell asleep as I didn't hear Paul get up. When I
aroused myself and found that he wasn't there, I got up and took a
shower and put on my skirt and top. I don't wear a bra but I couldn't
find my panties. I found out later that Paul had taken them. I made my
way downstairs and found Paul talking to his friends in the main
lounge. As I approached him, he stood and wrapped his arms around me
and gave me a kiss. This made me very embarrassed and I blushed
furiously. I pulled my lips away and buried my face into his chest. It
was then that I felt him lift my skirt so that everyone got a look at
my bare bottom. I felt him tuck it up under the waistband of my mini
skirt. He then turned me around and lifted up the front of my skirt and
tucked that under the waistband as well. I had my eyes closed and I was
blushing so much I thought that I would burst into flames.

I knew that everyone could see me naked from the waist down and as I
have sparse fair pubic hair, I knew that they could see my pussy lips
as well. I was never so excited and turned on as at that moment. My
heart was pounding, the adrenaline was flowing through my veins. I
could feel the juices seeping out of my pussy and running down my
thighs. I opened my eyes and saw all the guys staring at me. Most of
them had their cocks in their hands and where pulling on them as they
approached me. Just then Paul lifted my little top up and exposed my
breasts for all to see. That was just too much. I climaxed without my
pussy being touched.

'Oooooohhhh!!! Yesssssss!!!!' I moaned as I felt myself being lowered
onto the couch. I had again closed my eyes and felt Paul opening my
legs as he said 'Let the guys see your lovely cunt.'

I felt the couch move as 2 guys sat either side of me, their hands slid
up my thighs, across my belly and fondled my breasts. Then I could feel
their mouths as they started to suck on my nipples. I was in heaven,
laying back enjoying the sensations moving through my body. I then felt
someone between my legs. I opened my eyes and saw a naked young man
with his cock in his hand.

It was bigger than Paul's cock, much bigger and I felt a slight twinge
of fear but that only served to make me feel more sexy. He stroked his
big cock up and down my pussy lips, each time going further between
them. As I felt it stroke my clit I just couldn't hold back from
another climax. 'Aaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!'

He kept stroking it up and down as I came back to reality. Paul was
saying 'Let him put it inside you. You'd like that big cock in your
cunt, wouldn't you?'

I felt my legs being lifted by the guys that where either side of me.
'Let him put it in.' Paul was still saying. 'It's all right, you'll
like it. Just lay back and let him do it to you.' I was that turned on
I didn't care who or what they did to me but Paul was still saying 'Let
him do it to you.'

It was then that I realised that Paul was asking for my consent, for my
permission to let this stranger fuck me.

'Yes! Yes put it inside me. I want it in me. Do it!' I watched
mesmerised as the cock very slowly started to disappear between my
pussy lips. Then I almost screamed. My eyes flew wide open as I almost
sat up straight with the shock of it, as the guy shoved the rest of
that huge cock right up my pussy. It went deep and it spread my pussy
like nothing I had ever felt before. 'Aaaaaaagggghhhh!!!' I screamed as
another climax ripped through my body. He only took a couple of thrusts
and he came himself, shooting his hot spunk deep inside of pussy. This
caused me to climax again. 'Aaaaaggghhh!!!! Don't stop, don't stop!' I
was shouting as I felt him pull his cock out of my hot turned on pussy.

But I needn't have worried as I felt another guy immediately take his
place and another strange cock was working itself into my pussy. 'Yes!
That's it! Deeper! Deeper! Harder! Fuck me harder!'

I don't know what had come over me. I am really a very shy person. But
the sensations were sending me out of control. I was out of his world
as guy after guy fucked me. I found out later that there were 10 guys
but everyone 'had me' at least twice. I was floating along on the top
of the world as the orgasms kept coming and coming and so did the guys,
they kept coming and coming into me and on me. I had spunk in my mouth,
my hair, my breasts. My belly button was a constant reservoir of spunk.
That night I learned to love spunk, the feel of it, the taste of it. I
just couldn't get enough spunk or cock.

There was one moment when I felt a little sad when I heard Paul saying
to the guys 'I told you she'd be a hot gang bang slut.' I thought that
what Paul and I had was something special but it seemed that he thought
of me as just another slut to be used. But I was enjoying being used. I
loved it and I was hoping for more of the same.

When everyone had finished, Paul carried me up to his room and lay me
naked on the bed. He got between my legs and started to clean me with
his tongue. It felt so delightful and loving. I had enjoyed the
roughness of being used by 10 men and now it was nice to relax and
enjoy another type of sexual delight, tenderness. As he sucked and
licked at my pussy, gentle waves of pleasure washed over me. I thought
to myself 'This must be what love feels like.'

Paul kissed his way up my body, licking any pools of spunk up as he made
his way up to kiss me with a mouthful of spunk. We swapped tongues and
spunk from mouth to mouth as I felt his cock slide into my well used
pussy. 'This is the best.' said Paul as he gently fucked me and
tenderly kissed my spunked up lips.

'I thought we had something special.' I said between kisses.

'We have my Darling.' he replied.

'But I heard you telling the guys that I was a gang bang slut.'

'You are! That's why I love you so much. You're the kind of girl that I
have been looking for, for years. In fact I think we should get
engaged, what do you think?'

‘Oh yes my Darling.' I said as I thrust my pussy up to meet his
thrusting cock.

We had an engagement party the following Saturday and I was the only
girl there. You guessed it. I was gang banged by 20 guys. On my hen
night he took me to a pool hall in a shady part of town and I had every
colour and shade of cock that there is. I walked down the aisle the
next day, bow legged and still had spunk oozing from every orifice.
During the reception I was discretely taken into an anti room several
times and fucked by 6 of the guests and 3 waiters. On honeymoon I must
have been fucked by every waiter and bellhop at the hotel.

Paul graduated from college and got a job at a big industrial firm. I
fucked his way to the top by having sex with potential clients and
getting big orders and fucking top executives to get him promotion. We
have a wonderful lifestyle now with lots of holidays where no one knows
us and I can still be the centre of gang bangs. I love it. ;drool ;drool ;drool

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