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05-18-2008, 05:11 PM
When I woke up this morning, the first thing on my mind was you. We had a nice chat last night. You described how you were dressed to go out and I formed a picture in my mind of how beautiful you looked. It turned into a sexual fantasy this morning and gave me a really intense couple of orgasms.

Here is my fantasy:

It was early evening and you were getting dressed to go out. I watched you through an open door as you put on your sexy silk teddy and then your beautiful gown. It made me wet to see how beautiful you looked. Seeing you started a blazing fire inside me and I wanted you right then and there.

I guess my desire and lust made me a little unruly and you knew that I needed to be dealt with. But you had only an hour and a half to be where you needed to be. You handcuffed and gagged me and then you took me to the dungeon.

I was laid on my back on a special table. The top, or head of the table had three adjustable steel straps. One large one for a neck and two smaller ones for arms or wrists.

There was a long slotted cutout in the lower half of the table. It was about 4 inches wide and 3 feet long and it went from almost the bottom of the table, up between my legs, and to almost the middle of my back. The slot was designed to accommodate anyone no matter what their height.

The slot contained a very special restraint designed by you. It looked like a large dildo but it it had many special features for the punishment of slaves. The dildo was hollow, about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. The inserted end was rubber and could be inflated to adjust it's size. It also had inflatable sections every 2 inches down it's length and each section could be inflated separately depending on the need.

The dildo was attached to a motorized and adjustable mounting. The motor could be used to vibrate or thrust the dildo back and forth with an infinite range of speed. It also had a hose connection to allow fluid to be passed through the hollow dildo. The dildo sat down in the slot parallel to the table top and the insertable tip pointed toward the head of the table

You proceeded to restrain me. The adjustable steel neck strap was placed over my throat and tightened down so that it just barely started to choke me. It effectively held me immobile because movement of any part of my upper body would cause me to choke.

Next, my handcuffs were removed and my wrists were strapped onto the table with the adjustable wrist straps. The straps were tightened down so that my wrists were clamped tight to the table.

Now for my lower body. You grabbed my legs, pulled them wide apart. You pulled a lever that unlocked the dildo so you could freely adjust it to roughly where it needed to be. You slid it up out of the slot and lubricated the end of it. Then you roughly aligned it with my ass and locked the lever again.

The remaining adjustment and penetration would be done with the three adjusting wheels. One controlled front and back, another controlled up and down, and the third controlled the tilt angle. You turned the wheels and I felt the dildo mechanically penetrate my ass. It was a slow but steady penetration and you turned the wheels till I had almost the whole 12 inches up my ass. I tried to scream out but the gag muffled my cries.

You turned both the angle adjusting wheel of the dildo and the height adjusting wheel and watched as my ass was pulled tight against the table. My neck was locked down to the table, and now this dildo had my ass locked down to the table as well. My body was clamped between the neck strap and the dildo up my ass. I couldn't move. Even trying to move my leg would cause me to be pinched by the dildo. I could only lie still.

Still not satisfied that I would be punished enough, you filled a five gallon bucket up with water. This was an ordinary plastic five gallon bucket but it had a spigot on the side at the bottom and a hose could be connected there. With the bucket full, you raised the bucket up and set it on a small adjustable table so that the bottom of it was about 3 feet above my body.

You hooked a tube from the hose connection on the dildo, to the spigot on the bottom of the bucket. Then I heard a small motor come on and I felt the end of the dildo expanding inside me. As you inflated it you watched my face to tell how much it had expanded inside me. When my eyes were wide open and tears started coming out, you stopped.

Then you opened the valve on the bucket and watched as the water flowed into me. Because the bucket was only 3 feet above my body, it would not have enough pressure to damage me but enough to keep me completely filled. You watched as I tried to scream out from the cramps as the water filled me. You watched as my belly swelled up and made me look like I was pregnant. Almost 2 gallons of water filled my intestines.

It was time for you to go to your engagement. You will leave me here until you get back. The water will keep me filled and the pain of the dildo and the water will subside and turn into pleasure. My lust will build to an extreme and my pussy will be soaked and ready for you when you get back.

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Thanks for the addition

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Good stuff, thanks for sharing! :D

Veronica Dreams
05-27-2008, 01:30 AM
I liked that thank you

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well done. Thanks.