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05-20-2008, 05:17 PM
This happened approximately 2 years after our marriage, Joy and I have always fantasized about different things on the occasion while having sex. Yes we have sex and than there are those special times when we make love and that is our private memories. Joy always had one favorite fantasy and that was to be shared by several men at once. The number would very, sometimes she would tell me while I was eating her or fucking her that there was 5 men other times 12 men and several occasions their was 20-30 men fucking her. Well after about 2 yrs of hearing these fantasy's I ask her if she ever really considered about taking on 5-10 men at once ? Her answer surprised me, I always thought it was an imaginary unfullfillable fantasy, but my lovely 5' 4" 110lb reddish brown haired 35C-26-34, 21 year old wife replied "Yes I would like to try it, but never considered doing it". Well I ask "why"? Joy said "Because she never had the opportunity to do it and be anonymous". This sparked my curiosity, so I said "If you ever had the chance to do it, where no one knows you, would you"? She said '"Yes it might be fun, but since I'm married now, I won't get the chance, I have you to please me". Little did she know what was going
through my mind.
I never mentioned it again she kept repeating her fantasy and I kept my mouth shut. After about 6 months of arranging I mentioned that we should go on weekend vacation. She said "That would be great". Joy ask me where, I told her it was a surprise. We live Louisiana and I arranged a long weekend at a cabin on a beach on the Gulf Of Mexico. The cabin was a 2 bed room a-frame, it had a deck and a view of the Gulf. It was on a large area of the beach owned and kept posted so there wouldn't be a problem with privacy. I had also arranged over the internet and interviewed and accepted 18 men for a gangbang. A doctor visit was required, paid by me and a copy of the exam sent to me. They all had varying size cocks from, 5.5 inches to one that was a monster at 9.75 inches and 2.75 inches round ( yes I envied him ), I measure in at the average 6.5 inches long and 1.5 inches round.

The instructions where simple NO PAIN, if my wife said STOP or NO that's what it meant. We arrived thursday night and unpacked, we made love and enjoyed each other all night. We played all morning Friday on the beach, then came in and took a nap, then we went out to dinner.

We came back and we both took a shower to refresh our selves, it was about 7 pm, I fixed us both a drink and I made Joy's a little stronger than usual. We sat on the deck and enjoyed the view and Joy noticed a group of men walking up to the cabin, I told her to sit tight, I'd see what they wanted. I answered the door and showed them into the living room they quickly moved the furniture out of the way and brought the mattress out of the bed room, while I went back out to my wife, who I fixed another drink for, oh we where drinking screw drivers..which I thought fit the occasion. She ask what they wanted? I told her they where just out hiking and seeing what was around the beach. I than faked having to use the bath room and came back in and showed them to the bar and told them to get undressed and wait quietly.

After about 30 min. I ask my Joy to accompany me into the living room, Joy asked why ? I said I have a surprise for you, oh I want to blindfold you so you can't see the surprise, so no peeking. I walked her into the living room and sat her down on the chair and instructed her to keep the blindfold on. I said remember the fantasy about being used by many men? She said yes, I said well imagine there are 20 men in this room and show me what you would do with them. She proceeded to undress me, than she gently licked my dick, man that felt good. She began to suck my cock and I positioned her on all fours, I in turn grabbed a dildo and reached behind her and started to insert it into her wet pussy, it slid right in, so I pumped it in and out and took it completely out and reinserted it several times. Then I had one of the guys slip in back of her and I took the dildo out and he gently push his cock in her just enough to penetrate and pump her pussy slowly.

He was pumping and all of a sudden Joy stopped sucking reached up and took the blind fold off . She looked around and saw all the hard cocks just quivering waiting for a chance at her and the men staring at her. I quickly said surprise honey, you know how you said you always wanted to be gangbanged well here is your chance. Joy said, "I want to fuck every one of these guy's at least once and more if they are up to it and you can watch".

So I sat back in the chair and watched the festivity's as they unfolded. My lovely wife immediately took over, she put 3 guys in front of her and started sucking each cock in turn. After about two minutes she instructed the rest to get in line at the rear and said "start fucking my pussy until you cum in me". The first guy must of been real excited because he slid his cock in and about 15 pumps later shot a load of cum and as he slid out dripped on Joy's backside, the next guy had better control he pumped slowly after about 5 minutes he spurted his load in her pussy, the third guy rubbed some stay hard on and passed it around the room, now it was going to get interesting.

He pumped Joy so hard you could here his ball slapping, Joy started moaning, the guy she had in her mouth exploded in her mouth and on her face. She immediately grabbed the 2nd hard cock and started sucking he until exploded in her mouth, now she went down on her elbows and grabbed cock three and was sucking and moaning loudly. Meanwhile more guys lined up in front of my wife pushing their cocks at her, she was sucking and rubbing each in turn. The one that was pumping her pussy so hard was going at it, I heard her moaning "Oh yes...harder...faster....yes...don't stop"....than he came and filled her up with hot creamy cum which started to drip out of her as he pulled out and she was begging for another to fuck her. One of the guys got a towel and wiped the excess off and stuck his cock in her and started pumping, Joy moaned and sucked, all of a sudden a loud moan came out of her and she collapsed on her elbows and yelled..."Oh..yes..fuck...me..please..fuck...me..don't..stop ..fuck...me..hard..harder please".

That's all that guy could take he came in her and it dripped out of her pussy big time, he quickly pulled out and cum was oozing out of her pussy. Joy said "someone..else..fuck..me..hurry..please". Guys mounted and fucked the hell out of my wife's pussy and she moaned and came several more times. Cum was flowing out of her pussy freely now, she was well lubricated. Now the monster cock came to the rear fully erect, Joy looked and all she said "was fuck..me..hard with that big dick please".

He turned her over on her back and got in between her legs and in one push shoved the whole thing in her pussy. Joy moaned and bucked. He pounded her for about 10 minutes, her cunt was red and cum was everywhere. She must of had 7 to 15 orgasm they all blurred together, all she did was moan and shake as this guy used her. While he pounded my wife's pussy the rest of the guys took turns fucking her mouth and cumming in her mouth and on her face and tits. Then one guy whispers to monster cock, I didn't hear what he said. But he stopped pounding her and turned her over doggy style again, meanwhile I glance at the time its been almost 1 1/2 hrs since this all started, Joy's got to be getting tired, but she didn't seem to want it to stop.

They had one guy get on the bottom under Joy and stick his cock in her pussy another guy stuck his cock in her mouth, now i saw where they where going monster cock started pushing that huge thing in her pussy with another cock already there. Joy moaned and started bucking wanting all the cock she could get. She moaned and said "Oh please push it in I want both of you in me at once, yes". The big dick finally slid in with the other dick in her pussy. They both started pumping her pussy she moaned and came again as both these guys came in her pussy, the last three guys came in her mouth and on her face at the same time.

They all agreed that my wife had probably had enough and they were all well satisfied. They said that if I ever decided Joy needed some more dicks and wanted to be full of cum and covered in cum to just give them a call. They all dressed and left Joy and I alone.

I got up picked up my cum soaked wife, she looked at me and said I get to fuck her ass for the finale, she was lubed well already, all I did was push and in her tight ass I went, I pumped her for about 5 minutes and came in her ass. I laid next to her and I asked if she had fun she said oh yes, I then asked if it was what she expected, she said not really, I didn't think I would have been so tired, I imagined me fucking these guys all night long. I told my lovely cum soaked wife, you've been fucking and sucking for about 3 hrs now I think you had enough fun for one night. She smiled and agreed.

I ran some bath water put her in it and washed my wife's lovely body, dried her off and put her to bed. I was up early around 7 am, Joy rolled out of bed around noon. I asked her how she felt about last night she replied I had a great time and asked "did you like watching your wife being fucked by all those men". I replied "Yes but the only regret is, I didn't think about taping it". Joy said "I will do it again", I said "when"? With a gleam in my eye, she said "Not for at least 6 months". I asked why? She said "Well my pussy is sore and my leg muscles feel like I ran a marathon and my jaw is sore from sucking all those cocks". So I replied 6 months huh........ We sat down and lazed around discussing what happened and started planning the next gangbang maybe more guys. Joy said "More would be fine and I will be having a lot more gangbangs, you can plan on that".

05-20-2008, 06:45 PM
Thanks for the addition

10-30-2009, 03:18 AM
Dont have a bike yet Tim, otherwise I would definitely be there
But hey, Ill be there in spirit, so, Go, Do, See, Have a great B-day
Everyone have a safe ride, and I want to see pics, and lots of em........