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The morning sun filled the room with the light of a new day while the alarm screamed its insistent call. Half asleep and indignant at its interruption of a lovely dream, Rose reached to the nightstand to let the clock know she was back to the reality of the world. It was such a lovely dream too. Her body still tingled from its naughty nature. For a moment she considered hitting snooze and going back to sleep. But the moment was lost and she would be left unsatisfied.

Slowly she forced herself out of bed and toward the kitchen. Half asleep and still left wanting from the dream, she filled the coffee pot and headed to the shower. Being called in on her day off still baffled her. If it was the tourist season she could understand the need but Elizabeth Castle had been closed for weeks now. This was supposed to be the time of year where the tour guides used their vacation time while the curator and historians set about planning new events and exhibits. Rose started the shower and slowly undressed while the events of the last week ran through her mind.

Two days before she was to leave to visit family in Dublin she was called into the curators office and offered a position through the off-season if she was interested. In her four years as a tour guide at the Castle she had heard of winter positions being offered to a few of the guides. How they were picked was never made clear so she never expected the offer when it came. She readily accepted, as the money would come in handy. That night she called home and made her apologizes to her family. Her mother and sister were disappointed but her father understood and agreed that it was worth the money.

She stepped into the shower and allowed the steaming water to run over her voluptuous figure before reaching for the soap. Slowly working up a lather along her arms and chest, she went over in her mind what she needed to do that day. Some minor work on exhibits in the Barracks in the morning and then a trip into town for a meeting with the chief from the Bohemia Restaurant to confirm the menu for a private party later that night.

It was soon made clear that this private party was the focus of the off-season work there. An unnamed group paid good money to rent the use of the Governor's House and the castle grounds for two weeks each year. A small staff was kept on to arrange dinner parties and events. But few of the staff ever came into contact with their mysterious guests. The Curator gave strict orders that the grounds would be off limits to staff and support personnel after teatime. Only a select few were asked to stay after the guests arrived. Not that Rose cared much. It meant a short day and nights to enjoy the flavor of St Helier.

Rose quickly washed first one leg and then the other while trying to ignore the urge that still persisted from her dream. Her fingers lightly caressed her clit as the thought of being late crossed her mind before her put the thought aside and got out to dress for work. She would have plenty of time after work to explore those thoughts at her leisure. Stepping from the shower she quickly ran the brush through her dark red locks. A quick check in the mirror brought a smile to her face. At 32 she would never be a size 3, which was popular with the heroin-addled models.

The woman looking back from the mirror was what a woman should be as far as she was concerned. Long firm legs and round hips tapering to a firm strong waist. The slight gentle curve of her belly and the firm full curve of her buttocks confirmed the she was a woman and not some drug addled stick figure on the verge of starvation. Her breasts tended to the large size but not so large as to distract from her figure. Still firm and fighting the loosing battle with gravity their alabaster luster contrasted well with her small copper colored nipples. As a teenager she envied the copper toned girls with their dark tans. Now she just smiled to herself at that thought. She had long since grown comfortable with her alabaster skin lightly peppered with freckles. It did well to highlight her Azure eyes and dark red hair.

Wrapped in a towel she headed back to the kitchen for her morning coffee. Then with cup in hand she went to pick out something to wear. Another advantage of the off-season was that she was not required to wear the hideous tour guide outfit. Standing at her bedroom window, she admired the view of the bay for a moment. She had been lucky to find the flat and she knew it. Just a few blocks from the beaches and a lovely view overlooking the bay and the island on which the castle had been built in the 17th century. The cool autumn Sun glistened on the water as if someone had dumped a load of diamonds into the bay.

She was just about to turn away and go to her closet when she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. On the rooftop of the neighboring flat stood her dark haired neighbor smoking a cigarette and watching her intently. She suddenly realized that she was still wearing nothing more then the towel. Her first instinct was to close the curtain but a teasing urge came over her. If he wanted to look then she was going to give him his money's worth.

Putting her coffee on the nightstand she turned to the closet and picked the pink flowered dress she bought a few months ago but rarely wore. She laid it on the bed by the window and then turned to the chest of drawers. She picked out a matching pink tong and bra and placed them by the dress. She reached for a pair of pantyhose but stopped and with a naughty grin grabbed the garter and thigh high stockings. With her back to the window and a thrill of excitement washing of her, she undid the towel and slowly let it drop to the floor. Her heart raced at the thought of her neighbor watching. Then a sudden shudder came over her.

"Was he still there?" She wondered. "Had he finished his smoke and gone?"

Slowly turning to the side as if looking for something she snuck a peek to the other rooftop. Yes, he was there and giving her his undivided attention. Mustering all the courage she could she turned facing the window. Never looking directly at him she brought her hands to her head and ran her fingers through her long red hair. The coolness of the day and the excitement of what she was doing caused her copper brown nipples to harden. Standing there staring out to the bay she slowly ran her hands over her breasts, down along her hips and through the newly trimmed patch of red hair between her legs. She put on the garter and stockings one leg at a time as she relished in the feeling of this stranger watching her. She never considered herself an exhibitionist or had ever considered doing something like this before. But the racing of her heart, the flush of her cheeks and the burning urge between her thighs had her reconsidering. After taking longer then was needed to smooth the stocks into place she picked up the panties. Almost giggling to herself she turned and bending more then she needed, she stepped into them and slowly pulled them into place. Next was the bra. Normally she would hook it just under her breasts and then spin it into position before putting her arms through and adjusting it into place but that just didn't fit the mood. She stood facing the window, trying hard not to look his way and put her arms through the straps. Then with some effort not to look silly she hooked it into place. Though unneeded she took the time to cup and caress each breast, excitement shooting through her as her fingers flicked across her nipples. The clock on the nightstand reminded her that she needed to hurry so she grabbed the dress and pulled it on as quickly as possible. After checking herself in the mirror she grabbed her purse and headed for the front door. Excitement flushed her face as she took a quick peek to the other roof. Yes, he was just turning to go.

"If he is there this evening I just might forget to close the curtains before grabbing my toy," She smiled to herself.

The thrill that washed over her body causing her clit to throb at the thought made it very likely to become fact.

Rose walked briskly through the few blocks to the docks. She barely noticed the sunny cool morning being flush with the sexual high from her show and still in need of satisfaction. The ferry was just about to depart as she rounded the corner forcing her to run to make it. As usual this time of year, it was empty except for the crew and two of her coworkers. Janice and Angelique stood by the bow railing chatting as she walked up. Both smiled and greeted her as she approached.

"Hi Rose!" Janice said. "We were wondering if you were going to make it. Another minute and you would have been late."

"I know," Rose replied. "I was running late. Something came up at the last minute."

The pun and the thought of her fan's possible enthusiasm for her little show did nothing to relieve the sexual tension that burned in her. But she could do nothing about it now and put it as out of her mind as she could. Smiling to herself she turned to Angelique.

"What are you two up to today?"

"We are working on the final arrangements for our guests." Angelique replied smiling at Janice. "We will be in the Governor's House most of the day. How about you Rose?"

"I have some work with the new exhibit in he barracks this morning and then a meeting with the Chief form the Bohemia this afternoon," Rose said. "After that I am done for the day. How about we meet at Aroma's for dinner?"

"We'll……be busy," Janice giggled, smiling to Angelique. "We both have plans for tonight."

Rose always suspected they were more then friends and could imagine the plans they had. With the mood she was in, she might be tempted to join them if they offered. She had never considered making love to a woman but today seemed to be a day of firsts. She wasn't really disappointed anyway. The possibility of continuing her little show with her neighbor still had her body burning with excitement. They finally agreed to meet for lunch and spent the rest of the trip chit chatting and life, love and work. Once on the island they both headed off to the House while she headed to the barracks.

The morning's work went by quickly and quietly. There were no more than six or seven people in the Castle and a few of those were the maintenance staff. After reviewing her work on the exhibit and being satisfied she looked at her watch.

"Damn," she said to herself. "I still have an hour before our lunch date. Now what?"

The part of her she had been ignoring since leaving this morning provided an idea. Even while telling herself that she couldn't her hand came up and cupped her breast caressing her nipple. At the touch her body burned with renewed wanting. Looking around the empty barracks she finally gave in to her desires.

She sat down on the soldier's cot next to her and allowed her hands to roam over her dress. Her breasts ached at her touch as the passion flooded her mind. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons of her dress. Once undone she slipped one hand under her bra caressing her breast as her other hand pulled the hem of her dress higher. A soft moan rolled off her lips as her fingers danced over her pink thong driving the silky fabric over her clit. The thought of one of the other staff members finding her drove her passion even higher. Pulling the fabric aside with one hand she allowed her fingers to caress and need her clit. Maybe the Raven-haired Angelique or the blond haired Janice would come looking for her. Rose shuddered with passion at the thought of them watching her. She imagined kissing Angelique's breasts as her fingers slowly stroked her clit. Her pussy hair was matted with her wetness as these new thoughts drove her passion higher and higher. After slipping her finger deep into her pussy she brought them to her lips imagining that the musky smell was Angelique's as her tongue danced over the raven-haired beauties clit. Her fingers caressed her clit more insistently as her passion grew. The wetness from her pussy trickling down her thighs wetting her dress. Plunging two fingers between her lips she climbed closer to climax while imagining that her two friends watched threw the window. Then it came, in wave after wave, one hand rubbing her clit while the other repeated slide deep into her pussy. Her thighs clinched as her orgasm washed over her body like the waves of an ocean.

Rose laid there for what seemed like eternity basking in the glow as her fingers traced lightly over her body. Then a bit embarrassed at the nature of her fantasy and still flush with the glow of her orgasm she adjusted her panties, stood and smoothed her dress into place as best she could. Looking at her watch she realized she would have to hurry to make the lunch.

Rose smiled a bit mischievously to herself all through lunch. In the back of her mind she kept wondering what making love two her two friends would be like. Another part of her was still surprised that she was thinking of it. Other then those few times as a teen exploring her sexuality with her best friend for the first time she never even considered it. Even then it was innocent mutual petting while thinking of one boy or another from school. Never was it the deep sexual wanting she thought of just an hour before. Nor did she think she was gay by any means. The morning's events with her neighbor proved that. Bringing that memory to mind flooded her with a new fantasy. The thought of taking one of these two home with her and making love while her voyeuristic neighbor watched set her heart racing and her body tingling again.

She giggled to herself at her new found sexual freedom before realizing that someone was talking to her.

Waking herself form her fantasy she said, "I am sorry Janice I wasn't paying attention."

"I noticed," Janice smiled looking over to Angelique. "I said that if you keep blushing like that the waiter might get the wrong idea."

"Am I blushing?" Rose asked shyly knowing full well that she was. "I was just thinking about something."

"Well if it's that good then you need to share it with us so we can enjoy it too." Angelique said. "Come on Rose, what was it?"

Rose at first considered making something up but finally decided to tell the truth. Well, at least part of it anyway. She told them about her voyeur and her reaction. Then continued to tell them about her reason for being late for lunch. She left out the part that involved both of them for fear of their reaction. They both giggled to each other before Angelique replied.

"Well haven't you been the naughty girl this morning." She smiled. "God, now you have me feeling a bit horny. So do you plan on continuing your little game with the neighbor?"

A bit embarrassed Rose told them of her plans that night with her battery operated friend.

"Ohh my," Janice smiled. "That's so hot that I'm tingly. Let's change the subject before I cum right here at the table. Angelique and I were talking and decided to take you up on the offer for dinner if you're still interested."

"Not to worry hun," Angelique smiled wickedly. "We'll have you home early enough to fulfill your little plan if you want."

Rose blushed at that before agreeing to dinner.

"Should we meet here?" She asked.

"How about if you come over to the Governor's House and get us after you're through with that Chief." Janice said. "We still have a little more to do before tonight and could use the help."

"Sure," Angelique agreed smiling to Janice. "Come get us around 6PM. We should almost be done by then."

"I thought we were supposed to off the island by 4PM?" Rose asked.

"Don't worry Rose. The group coming tonight already knows we will be there. One more wouldn't matter." Janice said.

"Now we need to get going." Angelique smiled as she stood. "See you at six."

Both women dropped their share of the check on the table, smiled a naughty smile to Rose and headed off.

Angelique turned to look back to Rose as she walked away and smiled, "Try to keep your panties in place."

Rose's meeting with the chief, whose name was Richard, went better then she had expected. His suggestions were in keeping with the theme given her for the affair. While they reviewed the agenda his people quickly brought in everything needed for the affair. Hot dishes would remain so well into the evening. Cold foods and drinks would remain refrigerated for the same length of time. Timers would cut power to both at midnight and everything would be cleaned up before noon the next day. His staff was efficient and matter of fact, which left little for her to do but watch. She and Richard spent the time conversing while sharing a bottle of wine from the bar. By the time they had finished and headed for the dock she was feeling quite warm and lightheaded. Richard said his goodbyes and hoped they could do business again. He also invited her to the Restaurant as his personal guest this Saturday night to which she happily agreed. He was fairly good looking and had a good humor about him. She had done worse for dates and looked forward to it. Then left alone with still 3 hours to kill before meeting Janice and Angelique she went to her desk to finish up some paperwork.

Sitting at her desk in the staff quarters, she tried to get something done. But her thoughts kept drifting to the morning's events and the stranger on the other roof. Fantasies of exhibitionism flooded her thoughts and sent tingles through her body. A part of her felt surprise at these new thoughts while the other could hardly wait till she got home. She ran through what she planned to do if he did show on the roof. Then sudden disappointment washed over her at the possibility that he wouldn't show. She put those thoughts out of her mind and concentrated on how the fantasy would play out. Finally giving up on the paperwork for today she went for a walk along the walls of the Castle.

Walking slowly, she kept looking at her watch in hopes that the time would pass quickly. She even considered leaving and heading home to prepare for what she hoped would be an interesting evening. But no, She couldn't just leave her friends wondering. She would wait until six and then go make her excuses before bowing out and heading home. As Rose rounded one corner she had a clear view of the Castles main Courtyard. The mysterious guests were arriving. She checked her watch again and found that it was just past 5:30.

"Good," she said to herself. "Another few minutes and I'll go look for Janice and Angelique."

She stood quietly by the wall watching as this mysterious group arrived in small parties of two to six. She wondered if they were just students of history with money to burn or some sort of cult intent in secrecy and clandestine meetings in gothic surroundings. The Castle surely fit those surroundings. First construction started here during the reign of Elizabeth the first. Who ever they were the event seemed to be a costume party. All of the guests were wearing elaborate masks and outfits fitting the 18th century from what she could see. One last look at her watch confirmed that it was time. She quickly headed for the back entrance to the house to avoid the guests. She wasn't supposed to be here after all and the party made it quite clear that they paid for and expected privacy.

Rose entered the house through the servant's quarters as quietly as possible and made her way toward the kitchen. The late autumn sun had long since set and most of the Castle was without electricity. Any work done to put it in would damage a valuable historical site. So she was forced to make her way by lamplight supplied by wall mountings that were either native to the site or replica's put in by the society during renovation work. She hoped that her two friends were in the kitchen as agreed. The farther into the house she went the higher the risk she ran of coming across the guests.

The echoes of music drifted to her through the halls. Just ahead was the kitchen. The glow from its fireplace lit up the room. She quietly entered and looked around. The room was empty to her dismay.

"Maybe Angelique and Janice are running late." She thought. "I'll wait a few more minutes and then go home."

She really hoped in a way that they didn't show up. That way she could go home and prepare for her little show. She already knew what she planned to wear and wanted to put some candles in the room to soften the light. The more she thought of her neighbor the more excited she became. She had seen him coming and going over the last few months but had never talked to him in person. Tall and athletic with dark brown hair, deep blue eyes and the beginnings of a beard. As she stood there thinking a woman's voice came to her over the music. It was coming from a room just off the main hall leading to the kitchen. She was almost positive that it sounded like Janice.

"Hmmm, maybe they are still finishing up," she said to herself. "I could just walk down there, say my goodbye's now and head home."

After looking around to be sure none of the guests were around she quietly walked to the room. She peeked around the door to be sure who was in the room before just walking into a room full of guests. The door opened into a large room that was the main ballroom at one time. Guests dressed in costume and masks stood here and there chatting together while watching something on the far side of the room near the fireplace. To many people were between her and what ever it was for her to see. Nor did she plan to stay long enough to find out. She was about to turn away and head back the way she entered the house when a small group moved to reveal what interested the party. Though her face was covered by the same style of mask as the guests, there was no mistaking the woman in front of the fireplace. It was Janice she had heard after all.

Standing naked with her back to a blond haired man, Janice leaned back to kiss him as his hands ran over her small breasts. Rose stood transfixed. She knew she should go but a part of her wanted to linger a little more. The man was shirtless and wearing a mask. Their lips met as his fingers traced a line over Janice's belly down between her thighs. As his fingers caressed her clit she moaned softly. Janice's one hand caressed the obvious bulge in his pants. It was then that Rose noticed the others in the room were doing more then just chatting. Hands and lips wondered here and there as they watched the couple. Rose soon found Angelique sitting on a sofa between a dark haired man and a small sandy haired woman. The sandy haired beauty and Angelique were locked in a kiss. Angelique's hand softly caressing the woman's darkly tanned breast. The man beside her was caressing Angelique's thigh pushing her dress higher and higher as he nibbled at her neck.

Turning back to the couple in front of the fireplace Rose found Janice on her knees facing the blond stranger. She had undone his pants and was lowering them to the floor. His penis was full and hard as Janice took it in her hand and slowly stroked its length. Roses heart was racing and on its own her hand drifted between her legs. Slowly caressing her clit through the dress and her thong as she watched Janice take the man's penis between her lips. A moan escaped Roses lips as she watched. Passion slowly building at the show being played out before her. She knew she should go before being discovered but her feet refused to move.

Some couples in the room started to drift off in groups of two, three and four. But many more remained to mimic the show playing out before them. By now Rose had pulled the hem of her dress up and slipped her hand beneath it. Her fingers softly stroking over her thong as she watched the couples before her. Angelique now had the woman' s panties on the ground as she moved her tongue over her clit. The man's lips tickling Angelique's nipples as his fingers probed between her thighs. Janice was now moaning hard and load as she bent at the waist while the blond entered her from behind. Rose's skin tingled and her nipples ached to be caressed. She kept telling herself to go but couldn't.

Then she felt hands caress her behind as soft lips danced along her neck. Her knees went weak at the touch of this strangers hands. It was a man, she was sure of that. She could feel his bulge against her thigh as his hands roamed across her stomach and found her wanting breasts. She reached back and caressed this stranger's bulge as his hand replaced hers between her thighs. Waves of passion washed over her as his fingers soon found her clit and stroked softly.

"You are even lovelier in candlelight then in the morning sunlight." He said softly in her ear as his one hand undid the buttons of her dress.

Dreamily Rose realized this stranger was her voyeur from the morning. She should have been shocked but the heat radiating through her body from his touch fogged her mind. She gave in to the moment and allowed the passion to rush through her. Her eyes never left the couple by the fire as her friend pulled her thong to the side and found her clit. She moved her legs a little farther apart as her fingers fumbled with his zipper. Before her the blond man was now on his back as Janice straddled his waist. Her orgasm was obviously building as she rode his hard member. Then suddenly she groaned a deep guttural moan and collapsed on his chest.

Rose's strangers hands moved from her body before she found satisfaction and she was about to complain when he appeared in front of her. Her hands now worked on his pants in anticipation but he had other plans. He took her face in his hands and kissed her deep and hard their tongues mingling. Then without a word he took her hand and walked toward the fireplace. Fear and passion rushed through Rose's body as they crossed the room. As they approached the fireplace Janice looked up at them through bliss fogged eyes before recognizing Rose. A broad smile spread over her face, as she stood, still glistening in the sweat of passion. The blond seemed to disappear but Janice lingered.

Standing there in front of the room Janice came to Rose and kissed her, Janice's tongue parting Roses lips as her hands caressed Roses hips. Rose's stranger kissed her neck as she allowed herself to relax and enjoy what was happening. Janice broke their kiss and looked deep into her eyes as her hands ever so slowly slipping Rose's dress from her shoulders. Once free it fell to her feet. Janice kissed her again and Rose responded with passion this time. Rose reached for her friend and caressed her hips as her stranger's hands found her breasts. Without a word Janice broke the kiss and dropped to her knees. Rose leaned back into the dark haired stranger as he caressed her breasts. Her bra seeming to fall away of its own accord. His lips dancing along her neck as she watched Janice before her. Janice togged Rose's thong free, dropped it to the floor and tossed it aside as Rose stepped free of it. Then after standing and taking each of Rose's nipples between her lips as the stranger lifted them to her lips she kissed Rose's lips again.

Fire burned from that kiss as the stranger's hands softly caressed Rose's buttocks. Then with a smile Janice broke the kiss, turned and walked toward Angelique who was now sitting alone on the couch. Her fingers danced over her clit while her eyes were fixed on Rose. Rose wanted to watch but soon lost interest when she felt her strangers erect penis pressed firmly against her. She turned toward him and took his penis in her hand as their lips met again. He dropped to his knees in front of her and lightly danced his tongue over her throbbing clit. The thrill of having an audience combined with the feel of his tongue drove her to new heights of passion she never knew possible. Her body ached for release as she pulled his mouth to her. She wanted him. No, needed him inside of her. Pushing him to the floor she followed. His penis stood before her engorged and ready. Taking it in her hand she could feel its heat. Without thinking she lowered her head and took it between her lips. A deep moan escaped his lips, which drove her passion higher still. The thrill of the power she now held over him pushed her closer to orgasm as her fingers found her clit and stroked softly until she could take no more. Sitting up she admired how his member glistened in the lamplight.

"Don't move," she said, her voice deep with the passion that surged through her.

She moved up and grabbed his member with one hand while steadying herself on his chest with the other. She slowly stroked her clit with its engorged head as he moaned again.

"Don't say a word or I'll stop right now," she said.

He nodded and bit his lip. Her clit throbbed at the feel of his penis. She then moved a little so it slid between her lips. Now it was her turn to moan. With a little push he entered her and waves washed over her causing her nipples to tingle. She sank down on him until all of him was inside of her. For a moment she sat there feeling his penis throb against her clit as she caressed her nipples. Then ever so slowly she rose and then came down taking him to her. Each stroke drove her higher as her fingers found her clit and stroked. Harder and faster she took him as her clit swelled and throbbed against her fingers. Her other hand pinched her nipple as wave after wave of passion coursed through her. With each stroke she came closer to release. Faster now, she rode him hard, her mind lost in the fog of passion. Wave after wave of orgasmic release washed through her with a strength she had never felt. Words were lost to her as guttural moans rolled from her lips. As soon as her pussy started to spasm on his hard cock he could hold back no longer and exploded into her. She continued to ride him slower and slower as she slowly came down from the heights she had attained until she collapsed on his chest in exhaustion.

"Well that was unexpected." She smiled to him. "If you only knew what I had planned for you tonight."

"There is always tomorrow," he smiled exhausted

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