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The Pornographer
05-24-2008, 01:21 PM
What Happens in Vegas... with Jennifer Hawkins
Featuring Jennifer Hawkins
By The Pornographer
(MF, BJ, anal, feet, voy)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!
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My work as a segment producer on “The Great Outdoors” had always rewarded me richly with beautiful women and various exotic destinations from around the globe, but with that said nothing could compare to my last assignment to the States. As it turned out, it would be one of the greatest highlights of my entire life and a night I’ll never forget.

It all started one fateful February morning when I was delighted to learn that I would be traveling to Las Vegas with the newest member of the crew, 2004 Miss Universe winner, Jennifer Hawkins. It seemed someone higher up in the office, in all their wisdom, decided to give Jennifer a shot at living out her lifelong ambition of co-hosting on a successfully travel show.

On the day we were set to leave, I was introduced to the ravishing beauty before our producer then drove us both to the airport to catch our flight. It was then that as we were saying our goodbyes that he pulled me aside and reminded me about the rough few weeks Jennifer had had in the media, having recently broken up with her long term boyfriend Jake Wall. Grabbing my arm he insisted that I go out of my way to make her feel comfortable and ensure that we both have a really good time. Who was I to argue?

Not only was I being asked to travel abroad with one of the world’s most captivating women, but I was also being paid to “entertain” her as well. I could do that! Truthfully like most men, I could never understand why Jennifer's ex decided to publically screw around and humiliate her like that, but that was an entirely different discussion for another time. Regardless, Jennifer seemed proud to single and looked to be in good spirits.

Strangely I think a lot of men just found her extremely intimidating, and who could blame them. In a word Jennifer was simply breathtaking. In my humble opinion, she was without doubt the single hottest blonde in the southern hemisphere, much less Australia, and standing at just over 6-feet tall, she had long slender legs, a tight ass, a stunning angelic face, and solid B-cup breasts that I noticed she wasn’t shy about showing off via an assortment of low cut dresses.

To the public, Jennifer Hawkins seemed to come across as a very shy yet confident and conservative young woman, but in reality I soon found her to be anything but. And while I wouldn’t go so far as to describe her as a party animal, she was far from the sweet little innocent angel everyone had made her out to be. So when we finally arrived at the Bellagio lobby from the airport to check-in, I quickly realize the first error.

It seemed the producers had inadvertently booked a single room with just a single king sized bed. When I asked the front desk to make a change, the woman simply apologized and said they had no rooms with multiple beds available. I reluctantly pleaded and tried explaining the situation, if only for Jennifer’s sake, but the only response she gave was a wink.

With that I turned and discussed the situation with Jennifer and to my surprise she didn’t seem too concerned with the sleeping arrangements. Seeing no alternative, we then accepted the room under protest, while secretly I jumped for joy as I realized I would now be sharing the same bed with the onetime Miss Universe winner. Still, as we made our way over to the lift I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, seeing as she could always simply request I sleep on the floor or sofa.

Chatting by the elevator, Jen and I decided that we were both adults and that everything would be fine. Besides we agreed, we were there to do a job, and only after shooting our segments for the show would we concern ourselves with the trivial details. I mean we were in Sin City for God’s sake! And it seemed Jennifer was just as excited about the trip as I was.

It was then that I quickly ducked into the gift shop nearby and purchased a six pack of Coors Light beers to help celebrate. A few minutes later when we arrived to our room we were both a little taken aback by the lavishness of the suite. It was extravagant to say the least, and it seemed the office had spared no expense and wanted to treat Jennifer to a first class experience.

Enjoying the view, we then toasted to our new found success and seeing our surroundings both laughed as it seemed we were both thinking the exact same thing. It was then we decided that the scheduled work we had planned for that evening could wait another day and we could enjoy ourselves instead. Cleaning up for dinner, I quickly picked up the phone and made reservations at a steak place at the famed MGM and it was then a we were informed by the front desk about some tickets that the office had arranged for us to a racy theatre show called “La Femme”.

Jumping with joy, Jennifer then rushed to take a well deserved shower while I needed to change clothes. And after about ten minutes in the bathroom Jen finally cracked open the door and asked me if I could make her a mixed drink from the mini-bar. I was initially shocked that she had finished her beers so quickly, a total of three by my count, and surprised that she was hitting the hard stuff right away.

But despite my reservations I remembered what my producer had said just a few hours earlier back in Sydney, and so I followed her request and mixed Jen a rum and coke. I was getting the feeling Jennifer was in a very jovial mood and ready to party, and I better be ready to keep up. A minute later I knocked on the bathroom door and announced that her drink was ready.

I barely finished my sentence when the door creaked opened slightly and her hand came out for the glass. While she was being discrete and hiding herself behind the door, what she failed to realize was that I could see her nude reflection in the mirror behind her. There, I was dumbstruck as I was treated to the sight of her bare backside and breast. With that she snatched the drink from my hand and thanked me, before telling me she would be out shortly – still not realizing the peep show she had granted me.

Meanwhile that brief sneak peak of her naked form got my juices flowing and I was instantly erect. Fearing that I would still be excited when she came out, I quickly finished getting ready for our big night out and downed some more alcohol, numbing my nerves and my hard on. Taking in the panoramic view of the strip, I waited a few extra minutes before I finally knocked on the door again and told her I would meet her downstairs in the lobby – hoping that that might offer some distractions to clear my head.

“Okay, great!” she replied from behind the door, “I’ll meet you down there in 10 minutes.”

About 20 minutes later I was sitting by a slot machine near the entrance of the casino so Jennifer could find me. Thankfully, I was quickly set in a better frame of mind having won a substantial amount of cash and was ready to get the evening started. Just then, Jennifer came up from behind me and placed her hands over my eyes. Almost immedaitely I could smell her perfume and freshly washed hair, and the scent was alluring, stimulating.

“Guess who?” she joked.

“Um, I wonder.” I chuckled.

Just then as I turned around to greet her properly I nearly fell off my stool. She looked absolutely magnificent, breathtaking. Jennifer was clad a tight black top which featured a scooping neckline which showed off a lot of cleavage. There, her lacey black bra was very visible from beneath and the top stopped short of her skirt, generously flashing everyone her flawless midriff, slender hips, and lower back.

Her skirt was also black and tight and extremely short in nature – barely concealing her long lean thighs. Her legs were bare except for the knee-length black boots, which were menacingly pointed at one end and featured 3 inch heels.

“How do I look?” she grinned, tilting her head to the side and striking a pose for me.

Before I could get a single word out we both then laughed as we suddenly heard a single loud woof whistle which came from the lobby. It was then without warning that Jennifer startled me as she bent down and kissed me sweetly on the cheek, apologizing for keeping me waiting. So much for clearing my head, I thought. I then cashed out my slot winnings and we prepared to leave for the other casino and restaurant. Then as I got up I noticed that Jennifer had already ordered herself another rum and coke from the bar before greeting me and seemed to be getting right into the swing of things.

No doubt about it, I reflected, she was definitely looking at getting over her ex and moving on with her life. Quickly finishing the glass, we then set off in the direction of the other casino and as we walked she playfully put her free hand in mine as though we were just another honeymooning couple in Vegas. It was like a dream come true as I noticed almost everyone we passed with looked back or did a very obvious double take at her – clearly impressed by her striking beauty.

By the time we arrived to the MGM, Jennifer was clearly tipsy as she was giggling excessively and acting a little peculiar. Clearly relishing the attention, we then stepped into the ritzy restauarnt and quickly moved towards the bar while waiting a few minutes for our reservations. Ordered another round of hard liquor, Jennifer then sat on a stool at the bar while I stood beside her and there we shared some lively conversation, although I couldn’t really tell you what the topic of conversations was as I spent the best part of that time trying to sneak a peek down at her glorious cleavage.

It seemed every time she moved or leaned forward with laughter her top would fall open just a tad teasing me into believing that I was about to witness a nip slip. Finally after a few minutes the hostess approached and showed us to our table, and it was then I noticed Jennifer seemed a little unsteady on her feet. At first I wasn’t quite sure if it was the alcohol or the heels, or maybe a combination of the two, but in any case it was evident.

Furthermore, it was then Jennifer stumbled as we turned a corner and with that her hand inadvertently struck my hip. Startled, I quickly put my arm around her tiny waist to steady her and helped her to our seats, all the while the hostess flashed us a peculiar look. I had to laugh as I could only imagine what she was thinking, probably telling herself, “Great, here's another two typically drunk aussies.”

As we settled into our seats and looked over the menu, Jennifer then suggested we get a bottle of red wine to compliment our steaks. I openly laughed at her suggestion and jokingly asked if she thought she could handle more booze considering she had already made a little scene and had almost tripped over on the way to our table. Furrowing her brow, Jen simply replied that she was in no mood to play it safe while in America’s playground and instead was determined to get smashed and have a memorable, once in a lifetime experience – adding that she was also counting on me to watch out for her. So with that settled, we ordered the wine and enjoyed ourselves.

As expected the dinner was fantastic and we soon polishing off another two more bottles of wine. By this stage Jennifer was clearly intoxicated, and talking and giggling loudly she started to slur her words and lose track of her thoughts mid-conversation. I have to admit she was an adorable drunk, but it was then that I realized that we had taken so long with dinner and conversation that we were in danger of missing the beginning of the “La Femme” show, which was downstairs.

I quickly paid the bill and helped get Jennifer to the theater. Thankfully, we were late enough so that the line had died down considerably and there we were able to sneak in another round of drinks before heading to our seats. Jesus, I laughed, what a sight we were. We really were two alcoholics aussies. To say we were both buzzed would be the understatement of the century. Jennifer had already downed a number of beers, rum, wine, and now cocktails, while I had quenched my thrust with a number of beers and some wine. To tell you the truth I was actually impressed by her constitution. She could clearly hold her liquor and drink with the best of them.

Meanwhile inside, the show featured many topless dancers and was particularly erotica and sensual. There, Jennifer excitedly held my hand tight for the most part but every now and then let it fall to my thigh where then she would dig her nails and squeeze me. Try as I might I couldn't help but grow significantly. Caught up in the performance, I could see that she was shifting and squirming in her seat quite a lot, and I wondered if like me the excessive nudity and simulated sex scenes were having a similar affect on her.

When the show finally ended, we were both mentally exhausted from the exhilarating performance and the very last couple to move or get up. Finally leaving the theater together, she again grabbed my hand and insisted we walk as a couple. A few minutes later I then found myself seated at a blackjack table with little to no success, and watched in the corner of my eye as Jennifer leaned back against the bar and continued to chug down another series of cocktails.

By this stage it was abundantly clear that she was very drunk as she could barely keep her eyes open much less tell the bar tender what she wanted next. So with that, I decided to cut my loses at the table and opted to call it a night, and take her back to our room. But Jennifer wouldn’t hear of it, and instead wanted to check out the busy night club downstairs in the hotel before we left.

Dashing off to the restroom one final time, I then waited for her near the club entrance while she did her thing, and when she finally returned I found her clutching two shot glasses which caused me to burst out laughing.

“You’re unbelievable!” I laughed, “I can’t leave you anywhere without you finding alcohol.”

Jennifer simply giggled and passed me a shot, commenting that they were called “Mind Erasers” which were exactly what we would need if the night continued the way she hoped.

“Well, are you going to drink it or what?” she said aggressively while swaying slightly, “Or you gonna leave me hanging here?”

Against my better judgment, I joined her in another drink and we slammed the shots down before heading off into the packed club. Inside, the loud booming music seemed to really set Jennifer off and give her a second wind, as she immediately dragged me through the dense crowd and onto the packed dance floor – finding a dimply lit and out of the way spot beside the DJ.

There we danced like teenagers for the next 30 minutes and watched in wonder as she seductively moved and ran her hands all over her incredibly athletic, sweat gleaming body. Watching her, I couldn’t help but soon start to get all worked up again when then to my surprise I spied a very attractive young couple who were dancing behind her and soon proceeded to rub up against her. Quickly encircling her, they then began to playfully grab at her, steering her between each other and bumping and grinding against her.

Caught up in the moment, Jennifer clearly enjoyed the extra attention from the sexy couple, and to my surprise impulsively draped her hands back around the guy behind her as he directed his girlfriend to move directly in front of Jen and sandwich her – bringing their faces extremely close to one another and to the point where their lips were mere inches away.

It was without doubt the single hottest thing I had ever seen up until that point, and while Jennifer initially giggled at they're seductive behavior, I couldn’t help but notice her quickly swap expressions as she then felt the boyfriend happily rub his hard member into Jennifer’s ass from behind. Holding her in place by clutching her hips, this action caused Jen to arch her back and thrust out her chest – almost offering her new girl friend her luscious pert breasts.

Pumping her body from behind, Jennifer simply moaned and responded by keenly grinding herself harder against him and encouraging him to go further which he did, groping her breasts though her top. By this point I had just about had enough of this and I quickly joined the fun. Grabbing the anonymous brunette by the wrist, I then pulled her in close to me and proceeded to dirty dance with her, griping her luscious ass and grinding her crotch over my thigh while the four of us soon started to move in unison and kind of attempt to outdo one another on the floor.

It was then a few songs in that the sexy nameless couple proceeded to leave the dance floor, but not before my sultry new dance partner whispered something into Jennifer’s ear. Judging by Jen’s face, I could only imagine what the two beauties were discussing but it was quickly followed with a friendly smile and tender caress of the face, before a quick peck on the lips which clearly took Jennifer by surprised and startled her.

Blushing brightly, we then watched as our new friends reluctantly left the dance floor and Jennifer then mentioned she wanted to head to the bar and get another drink. Drunk, it was then she kind of tripped on her own heels as she spoke and fell into my arms. Giggling hysterically, this action and her recent risque behavior on the dance floor convinced me that she was really way gone and I suggested we head back to the Bellagio before she did something we might both regret. Initially arguing, Jennifer sulked and pouted briefly before she finally seemed to come to her senses and thanked me for my vigilance by wrapping her arms firmly around my head and kissing me repeatedly on the cheek.

Outside on the street I was practically holding her up and it was clear she was unable to make the trek back to our hotel a few streets away. So I then hailed a cab and once inside I couldn’t help but observe the way she ran her fingers up and down my thigh while holding me close. When she finally stopped her actions I looked over and realized she had passed out, so I put my arm behind her head so she would be comfortable and let her rest until we arrived home.

By the time we reached the hotel just a few blocks away, she mumbled incoherently and grinned dazedly as she expressed how much of a great time she was having. Inside the elevator, Jennifer then mentioned how the racy show earlier in the evening had apparently riled her up quite a bit, and how she had been sexually frustrated ever since – even confessing that she had even considered quickly getting off on her own while in one of the casino bathrooms.

Realizing she was just talking nonsense, I let the comments go without responding and when we finally arrived back to our suite Jennifer proclaimed that she had to pee or she was going to explode. With that she staggered into the bathroom while I sluggishly fell to the sofa and grabbed the TV remote. It was then I caught something in the corner of my eye, and looking over discovered that in her haste to pee Jennifer had failed to shut the door properly causing it to slowly creep open.

There I was granted vision to a mirror in the entry way and realized I had a perfect reflection of the bathroom, including the 22-year-old blonde beauty. I then watched in stunned silence as Jennifer Hawkins lethargically hiked up her very short skirt over her hips and swiftly pealed her sexy silk black panties past her hips and over her leather boots. As she sat down on the toilet, she then slipped the very small thong over her heels and to the floor before kicked them away as she finally released her bladder and proceeded to urinate.

Groaning in relief, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t just imagining it. Meanwhile Jennifer seemed to pee strongly and steadily for the longest time, before she finally finished up and proceeded to wipe herself. Trying my best not to stare, I then glanced back half exxpecting to see her standing but it seemed she did not get up right away. Instead, I watched in absolute astonishment as she let her right hand drop between her parted legs and linger there an extra moment.

My heart almost sang as I watched her quietly sit there, gingerly touching herself. With that, her eyes then shut and I could just make out her minute hand movements between her legs, desperately searching out and stroking her tingling clit. Dropping her head back, her blonde tresses completly concealed her face as she then let out a soft whimper. At this point I wasn’t sure if she realized I was watching or she was just too drunk to care.

After a few seconds of playing, she then removed her curious digits from between her legs and slowly stood up, and I couldn’t help but notice that her busy fingers glistened with her arousal. Flushing the toilet, she then washed her hands and stumbled back into the living room, smiling widely at me as she asked if there was anything good on TV. Still dumbfounded by the performance I had just witnessed, I could only stare back at her speechless.

Jennifer then helped herself to another bottle of alcohol from the mini bar and giggled, “I wonder if this place has any porn.”

Hearing this I flashed Jen a strange look, as I was suddenly unsure about who I had returned home with. I guess her true nature was finally coming to the surface due to the amount of alcohol she had downed. Shaking my head I laughed and then returned my attention back to the plasma and this seemed to annoy her even further. Wanting all my attention on her, Jennifer then joined me on the sofa and before I knew what was going on she playfully swung her long legs up onto the seat, and more importantly her leather boots, directly across my lap.

“Whoa!” I groaned, noting how dangerous her boots seemed.

“Can you take these off?” she said in more of a command than question.

Leaning back I then proceeded to unzip her heavy leather boots as she suddenly started to rattle on about something she had heard back in Sydney. It seemed Jennifer had apparently ease-dropped on one of the girl’s conversations in the office and had heard about how I had previously boasted about my famous massages, in particular my foot massages.

“Well is it true, or just bullshit?” she chuckled, “Hey! Jesus, what does a girl have to do to get some attention around here?” she said while turning my face to look at her.

Not wanting to disappoint her, I then agreed to show her my famed technique, and as I peeled off her bulky boots she giggled excitedly and proceeded to get more comfortable on the large sofa, lying right back and resting both her pretty little feet under my face. We chatted back and forth as I casually rubbed her feet, paying special attention to her toes and soles which caused her to let out the occasional moan.

“Oh wow...” she let out.

Carefully massaging her feet, I soon discovered that whenever I slid my fingers in between her delicate toes, especially the hallux and second toe, she would squirm and moan audibly. This seemed to really press her buttons, and shutting her eyes Jennifer soon began to coo more loudly and even proceeded to grind her hips into the sofa. After a few minutes of this I decided to get a little braver and moved my experienced hands over the heel of her foot and up to her ankles, finally caressing her Achilles tendon and riling a long enticing groan from her.

Getting nothing but moans, I continued to toy with the ball of her foot with one hand while my other gently roamed even higher up her calve, watching as Jennifer's pretty eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Ohhh fuck... that feels so good.” she gasped softly, while gripping the pillows on the lounge.

Her this obscene comment from her genuinely surprised me, as I had never heard her curse up until that point. In truth it turned me on immensely to hear that side of her. She was clearly worked up. It seemed the higher I traveled up her leg, the more she squirmed and whimpered about – parting her thighs slightly as I finally reached her left knee, where then I ever so gently applied some pressure and deftly pushed them apart and open.

This action caused me to gain a clear view under her already short skirt and catch sight of her delicious pussy. I gasped almost immediately as it was without doubt the single most beautiful and enthralling pussy I had ever seen. At this stage my cock was straining so hard against my pants that my head was spinning and I had to use all of my will power not to just reach up and pet her.

Lightly sliding my other hand up the inside of her calve muscle and under her other knee, I then continued to gently massage her long smooth legs and slowly slipped both hands under the hem of her skirt, brushing my fingertips across her soft, subtle thighs. Jennifer simply lay there cooing softly, her eyes clised while her arms rested over her head and played with her hair as I fondled her. Breathing deeply, for a moment I thought she was on the verge of falling asleep.

Watching her intently, I then skillfully inched my way further inside her short skirt, tenderly stroking her exquisite inner thighs with my fingertips and gingerly danced mere inches away from her pussy. At this point I was so damn close to her center I could actually feel the heat emanating from her crotch, and it seemed as though my entire being was screaming out for me to just throw caution to the wind and simply go for it.

It was now or never!

Still, the other half of my brain convinced me otherwise and I dare not ruin the incredible situation we found ourselves in, with the fireworks that grew between us at that exact moment. Holding my breath, I daintily massaged my way further inside her parted legs, lightly rubbing the tiny space between her thigh and vagina – where there I found her to be especially soft and tender. Gently easing her knees further apart with my elbows, I then drew tiny feathery circles right alongside her glistening mound while allowing my knuckles to briefly graze against her quivering quim, causing her to inhale sharply and spontaneously twitch and coo in response.

Rousing her deepest desires, Jennifer’s knees now seemed to fall open on their own volition, leaving her laying there on the sofa completely exposed and vulnerable, with her long beautiful limps spread obscenely wide to the room and leaving no doubt what we were both doing there. I was mere moments away from fingering one of the sexiest women alive! It was one of the most erotic experiences of my entire life.

Just then, as I was about to go all the way in and openly pet her gleaming kitty, she suddenly realized the lewd state she was in, and blushing slightly closed her legs - entrapping my hand. Breathing deeply I stopped dead in my tracks, fearing I had embarrassed or offended her, but instead she exhaled deeply and asked if I was capable of treating her to a full all body message. While I happily concurred, it was then she suggested that we get up and move to the bedroom where there she could get more comfortable.

I gulped nervously at the prospect of seeing her on the bed, and getting up off the sofa it was then Jennifer glanced down and caught sight of the obvious tenting that was taking place. I was clearly aroused and hunched over, trying desperately in vain to hide my condition. Thankfully, neither of us commented on it and Jennifer simply smirked to herself as we stepped into the bedroom on very wobbly legs.

Trying to change the subject I then said to no one in particular, “You know what we really need here is some lotion.”

“Oh? Look in my bag over there,” she pointed, “I’m sure I have some cocoa nut oil left inside.”

Leaving her by the bed, I then moved towards our bags and just as she had suggested there was a half used bottle of suntan lotion. Picking it up, it was still all greasy from constant usage and smelt absolutely divine. I was so nervous and excited with anticipation my hands were visibly shaking. I mean it wasn’t everyday you were offered to run your hands all over the most beautiful women in the world.

Just then, I turned back to look at Jennifer by the bed and I watched in wonder as she tied her long hair up in a neat pony tail and casually slipped her tight top over her head and let it fall to the floor. Once off, Jennifer Hawkins was left to stand there in just her black lace bra and short skirt. It was a sight to see, like something in my wildest dreams or fantasies. Her natural round breasts looked incredible pert and suckable, and I found myself standing there staring intently, mentally trying to figure out how I could see her totaly naked.

Meanwhile, Jennifer then lazily fell to the bed and groaned loudly in exhaustion as she lay down face first, the room spinning in her head as she spread her legs to the maximum her short skirt afforded her. Moving over to the bed I then dimed the lights down, to help create a more intimate atmosphere, and asked her where she wanted me to start.

“Argh I dunno, my back. No wait!” she corrected tiredly, “My shoulders. My shoulders are really, really sore.”

Taking a deep breath I then squeezed out some gummy lotion into the palm of my hand and gently placed my slippery paws at the base of her neck – making her immediately coo with delight.

“Mmmmm...” I heard her coo, “That feels soooo good.”

Kneeling beside her on the mattress I then proceeded to lightly massage and knead her delicate neck and shoulders before I finally worked my way down her slender spine, continually bumping into her thin bra straps. Without asking, I then waited a few minutes before I boldly unclipped the strap away and moved her arms through the shoulder straps – rendering her topless on the bed.

Jennifer’s moaning continued and she seemed to be getting particularly worked up, breathing short and whimpering consistently as I let my able hands freely roam and frequently brush the side of her ribs and breasts. Her skin was so fucking soft it was mind-blowing. It was then between moans we proceeded to exchange a few words about the nights events and out of nowhere Jennifer mentioned how excited she still was from the racy show we had seen earlier.

“You really liked that show didn’t you?” I asked her.

“Definitely.” She replied breathlessly – wriggling beneath me.

“Yep, it was very interesting show.”

“Hell yeah,” she whispered, “I wish I had a body like those girls. A body I could show off.”

I had to roll my eyes in annoyance. What was it with every beautiful woman I knew? They all seemed to belittle or underestimate their own beauty. Ignoring her comments, I continued to knead her delicate back, massaging her spine.

Falling silent for a moment she then added, “That show was really hot. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about anything else all night. Mmm that’s nice… right there.”

Thinking back to the action packed evening, I then remembered the night club incident and decided to bring it up, and get her side of the story.

“By the way, what did that sexy little brunette say to you before she left?”

With her face resting to the side I could see Jennifer grin slyly.

“Well, she just asked me if I wanted to go off to the bathroom with her.”


“Well actually the exact way she put it was, ‘I want to take you back to the girls room and eat your pussy’ to be exact.”

“Wow. She was smoking hot too.”

“Yeah very… very pretty,” Jennifer whispered.

Getting incredibly riled up, I then gulped as I boldly asked her to roll over onto her back as it was time to give her front side some much needed attention. To my delight, Jennifer didn’t hesitate and simply did as she was told, and I was soon staring down at two of the lovelies, prettiest breasts I had ever seen. For lack of a better word, her breasts were simply spectacular.

“Jesus.” I whispered to myself. This was woman really was flawless.

Rather than going straight for them, I opted on lightly running my fingers down the side of her ribs and across her tummy when without warning I fearlessly reached the zipper of her skirt – insisting that she might as well take it off as well as I wanted to do her legs again, only this time unhindered. Thinking for a moment, Jennifer then lifted her ass up into the air, allowing me to unzip and slide her short skirt down her legs.

For a moment I had completely forgotten that she had discarded her underwear a few minutes earlier in the bathroom, and as her crotch came into view I caught my own breath in my throat as her neatly trimmed pussy filled my peripheral vision. She quickly kicked them away and instinctively covered her bare sex with her hands. Thinking quickly, I then straddled her hips and proceeded to caress her soft shoulders.

Pressing my hard on against the back of her hands, it was then our eyes met and we stared at each other for the longest time as I lovingly caressed her lovely skin. Jennifer then proceeded to moan and drift in and out of slumber as I leisurely carressed her body.

“It’s been so long since anyone touched me like this,” she suddnely breathed.

Pausing for a moment, I then reached over and generously squeezed another significant amount of cocoa nut oil right down the middle of her chest and neck, making her squirm and shiver with delight. Rubbing it in, she then began to relax and coo once again, while her perfect little pink nipples stood at full attention. It was then I noted that she finally felt comfortable enough to move her hands away, but realizing the back of her hand was rubbing against my hard-on, she returned them to back to their original position over her naked crotch.

While I continued to enjoy the vision before me, my heart almost skipped a beat as I realized her hand and fingers were now moving against my crotch, lightly brushing me as she apparently proceeded to rub her clit. The incredible revelation almost caused me to shoot in my pants, and grinding my hips a little harder against her, I inadvertently proceeded to hump my hard penis against her – causing her eyes to open and take notice.

Amazingly, Jennifer didn’t protest or pull away and in fact pushed her hand ever so harder so as to give me something to hump against, which I did. Just then, Jennifer finally mumbled with her half closed eyes.

“Wait... stop,” She said, causing me to panic.

“This isn’t right,” she said, her voice shaky, “Why am I the only one who is naked here?”

I grinned as she then reached up to the front of my pants and proceeded to unzip me. I meanwhile stripped my shirt over my head as she slowly fumbled with my belt. Working my slippery hands down her shoulders once again, I then got caught up in the moment and without thinking proceeded to lightly caress her pert breasts and tweak her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

Inhaling sharply, Jennifer seemed a little taken aback by my sudden move, and when I finally realized what I was doing it was too late for me to stop. Thankfully, it seemed my distraction paid off as she simply lay there silently, busying herself with trying to unzip my pants. Finally tugging the zipper down, she then reach in and without warning fished out my throbbing member.

Without saying a single word Jennifer then curled her well manicured fingers around my pulsating cock and proceeded to stoke me slowly while staring up at me in the eyes. All pretence of a straight forward massage now flew right out the window as I then detected the sheer look of lust in her eyes. Caressing each other tenderly for a few minutes she then finally spoke.

“Take them off.”

With that I then reluctantly climbed off her naked body and stood at the side of the bed – my member pointing straight up towards the ceiling. Quickly stripping out of my pants and boxers she simply lay there withering about, exposed, naked, and vulnerable.

“Oh god…” I gasped to myself as I took in the full vision of her lying there totally bare and glistening with oil in the middle of the bed.

Admiring my ragging member, I then watched as Jennifer's hands snaled down her body and she sighed.


Following her eye line, without thinking I then gripped my cock and gave it a few appreciative strokes, watching her face light up. Slowly raising her free hand, Jennifer then softly brushed her fingertips up and down the center of her body while her other toys with her pubic hair.

“That looks so good.” She whispered.

“You have no idea the view I have here.” I replied.

“Is this what you want to see?” she said as she circled her nipples with her fingers – her entire body constantly wriggling.

“Yes,” I breathed as I stroked my cock.

Reaching over I then placed my hand on her ankle and heard words come out impulsively.

“Open your legs, Jen.” I directed, “Pet that pretty pussy for me. Show me how you like to play.”

Jennifer seemed to blush a little and grinned shyly but followed my instructions, and leisurely spread her long smooth legs before dropping both her hands between them. I then stood watching dumbfounded as she almost instinctively brought her fingers up to her mouth, licked her digits and placed them over her clit. Arching her back she then spoke.

“Mmm, stroke your cock.” She breathed back at me, and I happily obliged.

Hearing her moan, I was unable to control myself any longer and I had to taste her. With that I kneeled up between her spread legs and gently placed my hands on her trembling knees, positioning my head between her parted thighs. Her breathing was shallow with anticipation as I studied the pristine snatch before me. It was magnificent. A moment later I dove right in – getting rewarded with a long, deep, moan. Here entire body trembled to my touch and broke out in tiny goose-pimples.

My tongue quickly probed in an out of her immaculate cunt and over her delicious clitoris with increasing pressure. She was thrashing around on the bed beneath me and her hand was on the back of my head drawing me in tighter. She was moaning audibly and on several occasions I almost stopped to get up to fuck her but was always told not to stop. A few moments later, Jennifer finally tensed up and came, and I have to say I had never seen another woman cum as hard as she did.

Her entire body shook violently and her grip tightened firmly on the back of my head. Her moans were turning to screams and her head and chest lifted off the bed, her back arching stiffly. Finally, her muscles relaxed but her arms and legs still thrashed about as though they had a mind of their own. All the while I kept my tongue deeply buried inside her delectable cunt, and then eagerly moved to gnaw on her clit as my hands reached up and eagerly pinching and tugged on her throbbing nipples.

The screams were turning back to grunts and she started to get her arms and legs under control. I moved to lick her smooth delicate inner thighs, and rubbing her sweat soaked chest, she told me she couldn’t breath or move. With that, I moved up onto the bed and lay beside her, letting her catch her breath and noting the way her naked body glistened in the dim light with perspiration.

With one hand I stroked her beautiful blonde mane and with the other raked my fingers over her breasts, tummy, and ass. My rock hard cock was now pressed firmly against her hip as her hand lightly stroked it. After a few moments the stroking suddenly stopped and she seemed to be very calm. I then bent my head over to kiss her forehead and lips but did not get a response.

Fearing that she was having regrets, I asked Jennifer if everything was okay and she didn’t respond. I repeated my questions and this time was answered by the sound of a soft snore. It was then I realized that just like in the cab earlier she had in fact passed out once again. I shook her a little and got no response. I shook her a little harder but still nothing. She was out cold.

I then moved my hand between her still spread legs and tentatively played with her moist pussy – fiddling with her sweet lips a little but I still couldn’t wake her. With that, I sat up on the bed in frustration and took in the sight before me. Jennifer Hawkins was laying beside me naked, spread, and completely defenseless on the king sized bed. One hand was resting at her side while the other was bent and near her head. She looked so serene and angelic.

Her left leg was straight while the right was bent at the knee leaving a perfect view of her immaculate pussy. I ran my hands all over her glistening body, a thin sheen of lotion and sweat coating her body, and relished the freedom to do whatever I wished. It was then I noticed her lips had parted slightly as she continued her lightly snore and this suddenly gave me an idea.

I lifted Jennifer back off the bed and slid a couple pillows under her head. I then turned her pretty face to the side so she was facing me and I moved to stand beside her so that my aching member pointed right towards her pretty mouth. I then took my hands and parted her lips a little further and carefully eased the head of my cock into her waiting mouth. As I released her chin her lips then formed a perfect seal around my shaft, causing me to groan with delight.

With that I then proceeded to work my prick in and out of her warm mouth while my other hand was busy squeezing her breasts and then exploring her pussy. When I got bored with this position, I finally pulled out and carefully rolled Jennifer onto her side and lay down directly behind her. My cock was well lubricated from her mouth and her pussy was still wet from her earlier orgasm.

I then slowly pushed into her tight cunt from behind, and was immediately reminded that nothing had been in there for quite some time. Jesus she was tight, and felt velvety smooth as I gradually pistoned in and out of her, surprised to hear some small moans escape her lips. Her young flawless body was definitely reacting to the probing. Moving her body along with mine, Jennifer was still chiefly sleeping but her hips seemed to understand what was happening and moved instinctively.

Aroused, I withdrew my cock a few times from her hot honey pot and delved back in, relishing the sensation of her tight, moist hole. Filling her completely, I proceeded to do this for the next several minutes before I finally decided I was going to do something that would really make this night memorable. I was going to fuck one of the most beautiful women in Australia, and onetime Miss Universe, in the ass!

WIth that I moved her leg forward a bit to gain greater access to her puckered asshole and noting how tight and pristine it seemed I quickly ducked down to give it a one over with my tongue. Just like everything about her, Jennifer's tight little asshole was perfect. Generously lubricating her back door with my spit I then moved in behind her once again and carefully proceeded to stuff my pulsating sword into her anus.

It was so tight that I truly believed that she has never been ass fucked before in her entire young life. Groaning with pain, I then gripped her slender hips firmly and as I moved in and out of her. Her ass then soon proceeded to make lewd and incredible obscene suction noises, making me chuckle. What the fuck was I doing, I thought, here I was attempting to fuck an unconscious Jennifer Hawkins in the ass?

Moving her limps aorund I then brought Jennifer’s top leg back over mine and began stroking her sensitive clit with my fingers again. And again, her body immediately began to respond. The moaning soon started again and her nipples became incredibly erect. Meanwhile her clitoris also became quite hard under my touch and I could feel her pussy grow wetter and well lubricated with each and every passing moment – allowing the tips of my fingers to briefly probe her hole.

After a few more strokes in her butt, I sensed myself approaching my orgasm and I opted to hold off, wanting to prolong the incredible position I suddenly found myself in - cock deep in Jennifer Hawkins tight ass! Meanwhile Jennifer’s breathing was rapid and her body seemed tense. Realizing there was no way she was going to really get off during anal sex, I reluctantly withdrew my cock from her searing butthole and without wasting a moment buried the greater part of my manhood effortlessly into her dripping cunt.

God damn did her pussy feel good, extremely wet yet velvety tight and smooth. That sensation combined with the rubbing of her clit seemed to really rouse her back to consciousness, and with that she suddenly came to with an earth shattering orgasm. Moaning gutturally, Jennifer squeeled loudly as her eyes opened slightly and she stared up at me dumbfounded, her face the expression of utter confusion, and bliss.

Inhaling sharply as the orgasm abruptly and unexpectedly washed through her, her pretty blue eyes fluttering involuntarily as her mouth made a perfect “O”, her beaufiful face grimacing with rapture as she pushed me right over the edge and caused me to join her in ecstasy. A moment later I then experienced one of the strongest and most powerful orgasms of my entire life – shooting load after load of hot sticky cum deep inside her cunt before pulling out and spraying her my load all over her glistening body, spurting all over her thighs, tummy, and breasts and coating her in goo.

When I was finally done, I was beat and I fell beside her on the large mattress. Catching my breath, I then lay torn between staying up all night and fucking her senseless, over and over again, or joining her in slumber. Despite knowing full well that I might never get the opportunity again, I couldn’t help but slowly drift off into dreamland with a very satisfied grin on my face – knowing full well I had just lived out every red blooded male’s fantasy.

Lying there I then chuckled to myself thinking, I guess its true what they say. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

- The end -

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Nice to see you back again

Thanks for the addition

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wow, just wow. I must say I would like to see another chapter, especially the next morning when she wakes up. Please do not end it there.