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05-27-2008, 07:06 AM
It was our eighth anniversary and we decided to go on a camping trip without the kids. We left early so that we could find a good secluded spot and as we were looking we found a dirt road that looked like it went on forever so we turned up it and after about 12 miles or so we found a nice place by a stream to set up camp.
After I gathered up some wood for a fire we made our bed in the tent and while unpacking I noticed my wife had brought along some of her dildos so I knew we were in for an amazing time. we decided to go for a hike by the stream before dinner and headed out the whole time we were hiking I was distracted by what we were going to do that night so I hadn't relized that we had stoped at a spot with a large sitting rock by a small pond.
I sat down and my wife, to my excitement, stood infront of me and began kissing my neck and slowly worked her way down to my pants. She unzipped them and pulled them down by this time I was raging hard and she started licking the pre-cum off the top and just as I began to moan she had swallowed more than half of my cock. this was even more intense because she hardly ever went down on me so I was loosing my mind, just then she started to rub my balls around in her hand and then I felt a finger (must have been moistend from her pussy) sliding up my asshole and this was all it took. she normaly hates the taste so I told her I was cumming and she started moaning. I couldn't take it anymore and I unloaded a months worth of cum in her mouth. Still rubbing on my cock she slowly made her way up and pasionatly kissed me and I ended up sharing my cum with her, this was the first time I had tasted cum and it got me even more excited. I began pulling up my pants and I heard a sound and when I looked up I saw two men on a road up the hill a ways standing in front of thier jeep staring at us and this
gave me a weird feeling so we headed back to camp.

After we got back to camp we got the fire going and set up some camp chairs I sat down in front of the fire and she sat on my lap, still excited from earlier and seeing our tent (and knowing what was in it) I imediatly got hard, not to mention she started grinding my cock with her ass. I reached around and slid my hand under her pants and started rubbing her bald
pussy untill it was nice and wet. I lifted her up so she could slide her pants down and I slid my pants down and I slowly slid her down onto my hard cock wich had already begun to lube itself with precum. as she wraped her hot pussy lips around my shaft she began to rock back and forth rubbing her pussy against my cock with my hand stroking her clit it didn't take long for her to cum, her body went stiff and she started twiching I knew this was one of the more intense orgasms she has had in a long time. as soon as she regained herself I started to buck back and forth as violently as I could, she brought my cum soaked hand up to her mouth and began licking and sucking her own juices off of it and then shoving her fingers in my mouth so I could
have a taste. I finaly unloaded deep into her pussy, my legs started to shake and I swear i started to see stars, it was one of my best orgasms as well.

05-27-2008, 03:32 PM
Good start. I would recommend if you are keeping this story going, include some dialog as well as more details. Draw the story out.

05-27-2008, 04:14 PM
Welcome to the Forum

Thanks for the addition...of course people will want more...;)

05-29-2008, 02:09 AM
I kinda wish I hadn't split part one and two, I think part two is way better
Ill have to do better next time

11-28-2008, 10:41 AM
It started out alright,just needs to be a little more graphet.

11-28-2008, 10:45 AM
needs more details.

12-03-2008, 04:53 AM
Good story, but I also would also welcome some dialogue. Something else that would aid readability would be to separate each paragraph with a blank line. And try to break up those long rambling sentences. Overall, well done - just needs a little fine-tuning.