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05-27-2008, 07:22 AM
well we finaly got dinner cooked and were sitting down to eat when we saw the same jeep from earlier driving up the road to our camp they pulled up and got out of the jeep and we relized it was some friends we meet on line. Matt and Ken are both bi and apperantly had left thier girlfriends at home. we had never "hooked up " with them before but we had talked about it for a long time. we all sat around the fire eating and drinking some wine coolers
that they had pulled out of a cooler they'd brought and the conversation turned as always to sex. They told us that they had wached our entire pondside adventure and ended up sucking eachother off afterwards because we had made them so horny.
My wife had invited them to stay the night with us so after dinner was done we all retired to our tent, inside we had our queen sized air mattress blown up and I noticed that she had layed out several toys on the bed, Matt imediatly began hooting with excitement.
we all striped and Matt and my wife got down on thier knees and Ken and I stood infront of them and my wife grabed my cock and Matt grabed Kens and my wife looked to Matt and said "Lets swich and see who can make thier man cum first" I was shocked so I told Ken "the first to cum gets to take it in the ass first" so they swiched and Matt grabed my cock and wrapped his lips arround it slowly lowering his face untill my whole cock had dissapered, he was able to swallow way more than my wife due to tons more practice. I thought for sure I was going to loose, with his head moving up and down he knew just the right speed and pressure and I was getting close, I looked over to Ken and noticed he was sucking my wifes fingers like there was honey on them and I then relized her pussy was dripping, she must have fingered herself and cum all over her hand and was now feeding her sweet necter to Ken and with the other hand she was stroking him like she was in a marathon.
After seeing that I figured I may have a chance, untill just then I felt Matts finger slide up my ass and again he knew just where and what to do and I couldn't hold it any longer and I shot my load into the back of his mouth, he just keep sucking taking my whole load in his mouth and begun rubbing my balls milking them for all my cum, I looked over just in time to see Ken shoot his load all over her face and seeing that got me even hornier so I grabbed my wifes hand and begun to lick his cum off her face stealing a peak over to the other two guys and saw that they were sharing my cum in thier mouths.

After we all finished cleaning eachother up we laid my wife down on the sleeping bag and with a bit of twine we found outside we bound her hands and feet to the corners of the tent and used a shirt to blindfold her. I got on my hands and knees and began to kiss her feet and slowly up to her ankles, when she asked who was kissing her we all (as if on que) said "someone" and I think her not knowing just made her more excited because by the time I got past her knees her thighs were burning up. I slowly made my way to her pussy and I licked all around it trying to tease her, and succeeding too, she started to buck her hips up and down and moving around as much as she could to get me to lick her clit. I finaly let up and dove my tongue deep into her folds lapping up and down as violently as I could, flicking her clitty and rubbing it while I sink my face between her legs. After a few min. I noticed ken was sinking his tongue in my wifes mouth rubbing her tits. I had only just begun to wonder where Matt had gone when I felt oil dripping on my asshole and he started rubbing it in. Sliding his finger in my hole I thought I could feel his nuckle pushing on my rim then he slid it back out and then inserted another.
In and out he kept pumping his fingers up my hole then just when I thought I
was going to cum he stopped, I didn't want to stop what I was doing (my wife was moaning like crazy though muffled with Kens cock in her mouth) l felt pressure against my ass and and Matt slid his cock slowly in my ass. This was the first time I had a real dick, my wife had fucked me with her strapon before but this was way better he slid his dick in and out, slowly at first and
then speeding up, with me rocking back and forth I was able to pump my tongue in and out of my wifes pussy along with my ass pumping back against Matts hard cock.
We continued this process for a few min untill I herd Ken moan and shoot his load into my wifes mouth and seconds later Matt shot his load in my ass I could feel his hot cum pulsing into my hole as if being injected with warm hunny. I was so turned on I knew I wouldnt be able to last much longer so I climbed up and drove my cock into my wifes pussy and shot my load into the back of her cunt. After I had finished I climbed off of her and Matt droped down and started to lap up my cum that was excaping her opening. I went up and gave my wife a deep kiss sinking my tongue into her mouth and I could still taste Kens cum, I swirled my tongue trying to taste as much as I could and she began to shake rapidly, I could tell she was cumming and Matt was licking up the cocktail of juices that we had made.
Still blindfolded she kept asking who was doing what and none of us would answer her.

05-27-2008, 04:15 PM
Thanks for the next addition....:)