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Gwen sipped her coffee as she lazily gazed out the window. The fall colors of the Normandy countryside flowed by as the train methodically rolled toward its destination. Sitting in the dining car, she allowed herself to finally unwind from the long taxing flight from the States. She had needed this vacation. Her body and her soul ached for it after the long weeks of deadlines, meetings, bad airport food and business trips that had drained her both physically and mentally. As the weeks passed she found herself counting the days with excited anticipation, as the societies fall meeting grew closer.

Watching the scenery roll by she thought back to ten years before. A chance meeting and subsequent dating of her guide into this new life she kept hidden from friends and coworkers. It was he who first allowed her to explore her sexuality. Together they had spent that summer pushing the boundaries of their sexual nature to the limits and beyond. They had met Doug and Sandy through the personals. Married for 7 years at the time, the dark haired, green-eyed Sandy was exploring her lesbian tendencies. To her husbands joy Sandy felt most comfortable doing so if she shared the experience with her husband. The four of them together took their first halting steps into the world of unbounded sexual exploration. It was through them that Gwen and her lover were introduced to the society.

The memories of those days brought a smile to Gwen's face and tingling warmth to her body. She remained a member even after her lover and she parted on good terms. What they had sexually couldn't make up for what they lacked intellectually and emotionally. They both knew it was time and parted friends. He married a few years back and resigned from the society. His wife was less understanding of such things and he was more then willing to bow to her wishes. Gwen met her and honestly approved. They fit well together and last Gwen heard were happy with a family of three.

She still saw Sandy and Doug from time to time and they, like her, had remained members of the society. She made a mental note to herself to seek out her old friends to renew long overlooked desires as soon as she got to the party. Doug's tall athletic build was a good fit for Gwen. Being just under 5'10" herself and toned from many hours on the bicycle and in the pool, his stamina and flexibility fit her style. Of course the fact that he had a real talent for knowing how to use his thick 8 inches didn't hurt any. That thought sent shivers through Gwen's body emanating from between her thighs and washing over her in waves of sexual passion. The memory of Sandy's exquisite use of her fingers and tongue was more then Gwen could take. She finished her coffee, paid the bill and went looking for an empty berth.

After searching in vain through three cars, Gwen finally found one that was unoccupied. Just as she was about to lock the door and explore her desires a couple in their mid twenties came walking up to the berth. For a moment she considered waving them off but then relented and sat down.

"Bonjour," they both said at once. "Merci, Madame."

"Your welcome," she replied halfheartedly.

"Ahh you are English then," the dark haired Frenchman replied in thickly accented English.

"I am American." Gwen smiled. "Nice to meet you both. You speak English? My French is not so good I am afraid."

"Dans un Petit." He smiled holding up his hand to show a small amount.

Turning to the woman he said, "My…..ummmm, how you say…….ami femme, Cerise."

Gwen got the meaning and smiled, "Bonjour Cerise." Then she pointed to herself and said, "Gwen."

"Bonjour Gwen." The ravine haired Cerise smiled warmly.

After a few minutes of broken French and Bad English the two lovers returned to their own language to chat while Gwen, now resigned that she would be unable to continue with her plan, watched as the countryside slid by. The long plane ride must have tired her more then she thought because she soon dozed off. Waking with her head leaning against the window, she noticed her companions were still with her. As from a dream, realization of the moment set in as her mind cleared. Cerise sat with her back to the cabin wall while her boyfriend, whose name Gwen never learned, faced her. Deep in an embrace they hadn't yet noticed she was awake. Gwen was about to say something when she noticed what Cerise's hand was doing.

Lips and tongues danced together as Cerise's hand slowly moved in his pants. His pants were undone and it was obvious that he was aroused. His hand had crept under Cerise's top and was caressing her breasts. Gwen sat dead still as the sensual nature of the moment aroused her. Watching the two lovers, her hand slowly crept to her aroused pussy. His hand had moved down over Cerise's waist and slipped between her legs. She parted her legs to allow him to go farther as a soft moan escaped her lips. From where Gwen sat she could easily see his fingers tracing circles over the girls panties. Cerise had now worked his hard member free from his pants and slowly stroked its shaft. The passion of the show caused Gwen's nipples to swell and ache. She imagined this strangers fingers dancing over her breasts as her hand found what it sought and slowly caressed her clit through her fitted skirt.

The Frenchman moved his lips to the petite Cerise's neck. His lips and tongue danced along its length as she leaned her head back and sighed softly. Her hand gently stroked his length as if she were caressing a fine piece of china. Cerise's breath came short and fast as his fingers found their way under her panties. Almost of its own accord, her back arched and her hips rolled to his touch. His lips had found their way down along her shoulder and were now searching out one of her nipples. Without thinking Gwen tugged her skirt up to reveal her now damp red panties. She choked back a moan as her fingers ran over her clit ever so softly. Her eyes were transfixed on his member as it twitched to Cerise's touch. As his hand uncovered Cerise's breast and his lips took her nipple between them Gwen sighed softly to herself as her one hand caressed her own nipples and her other found its way under her panties to softly draw circles over her now throbbing clit. The damp muskiness covered her fingers as she parted her lips and ran her fingers between them. Cerise raised her head and looked down to her hand as it softly continued its caresses of his engorged penis. It was then that she noticed Gwen.

Gwen's legs had slowly parted as her fingers found their mark and slowly caressed and stroked her pussy. Gwen's thought was to pull her hand from her pussy before she realized that Cerise hadn't reacted. Instead of pulling away from her lover as Gwen expected, Cerise put a hand on the back of his head to pull his lips tighter to her breast while her eyes found Gwen's. Cerise licked her lips while looking deep into Gwen's eyes. Emboldened by this Gwen slowly hooked her fingers under the band of her panties and as quietly as possible tugged them over her athletically toned thighs. A deep guttural moan escaped Cerise's lips as Gwen's fingers returned to her now throbbing pussy. Cerise, now flush with passion stroked her lover's member and whispered in his ear. He responded by removing Cerise's panties. His hand returned to her obviously damp pussy as first one and then two fingers parted her lips and slipped into her. Gwen shuddered at the sensual sight and followed suit by slipping two fingers deep into her pussy. Wave after wave of her building passion washed over her.

Cerise said something in French to her lover who pulled back to sit in the seat. It was then that he saw Gwen sitting against the window, her skirt pulled to her waist and her fingers wet with her passion.

"Aphrodisiaque," was all he said before Cerise slowly took his penis between her lips.

Gwen moaned hard as she imagined the feel of his penis sliding between her lips. The feel of its hot hard texture against her tongue as she lovingly caressed its length. Her fingers continued sliding repeatedly into her now wet and pulsing pussy as her thumb firmly rubbed her clit. The thought of this stranger watching her masturbate drove her closer to orgasm. His member glistened from the wetness of Cerise's mouth as she continued her loving oral pleasure. Then suddenly Cerise stood and straddled her lover's waist. Facing towards Gwen she reached for his penis and rubbed it over her pussy before taking its full thick length into her. Both of their eyes were fixed on Gwen as Cerise rode his throbbing member. Gwen watched transfixed as her own body exploded in wave after wave of exquisite passion. Her pussy contracted in spasms around her fingers as her orgasm soaked her hand. Shuddering from the strength of it she moaned loudly. Her two strangers seemed to be close behind Gwen as Cerise screamed something throaty in French and her lover arched to drive his member deep into her before obviously coming hard. Ever so slowly Gwen's fingers traced circles over her clit as the afterglow of her orgasm pulsed through her. Cerise and her lover watched intently as they too slowly came down from the heights they had reached.

Sliding off of her lover as if in a dream Cerise grabbed her panties from the floor and slipped them into her purse. Her lover fumbled with his pants as Cerise stepped toward Gwen still sitting with her skirt pulled up and her fingers gently stroking the now damp crop of sandy blond hair above her mound. Bending to Gwen, Cerise pressed her lips to Gwen's as her tongue searched longingly. They held the kiss for what seemed an eternity before Cerise stood, grabbed her lover's hand and left the berth without another word. Still awash in her own orgasm, Gwen soon found her panties at her feet. She was about to put them back on before a wicked thought came to her and she placed them in her bag instead. She straightened her clothes, ran her fingers through her sandy hair and smiled.

"A very good start to what should be a very interesting weekend," she smiled to herself.

An hour later the train pulled into her stop. Gwen grabbed her bag and headed out to find a cab. If he was lucky she just might give him a memory on the way to the docks.

A short boat ride from the Normandy coast found Gwen staring at the Isle of Jersey from the railing of the ferry. Dusk was coming soon. The last rays of the sun danced on the dark blue waters of the English Channel as she departed and hurried toward her hotel. After checking in to her room and ordering a light dinner from Room Service, Gwen relaxed in a hot bath remembering the afternoon's events on the train as her fingers played over her body. Once again she reached a crashing orgasm that left her weak and happy.

The morning found Gwen sipping coffee at a local café' while the morning sun reflected off the buildings and shops turning the street into hues of gold and orange. Looking out over the bay, she saw Elisabeth's Castle glistening in the morning light and smiled.

"A few more hours," she giggled to herself. "But first a little sight seeing."

She walked the streets of the town for hours. Stopping at this shop and that. Talking with the locals who found her American accent interesting. Around noon she came to a lovely restaurant and decided to stop for lunch. Finding and empty table, Gwen sat, ordered and relaxed with a glass of Burgundy while taking in the moment. She usually never evesdrops on conversations around her but the one taking place at the next table grabbed her interest. Three good-looking women in their early thirties had come in just after she had and took the table next to hers. Most of the conversation seemed to center on their work and didn't interest Gwen in the least. But then she overheard the voluptuous redhead relating an incident that took place earlier in the day. A sultry naughty tale of passion that had Gwen weak in the knees and once again tingly with excitement. Not much later two of the women got up and left. Gwen was tempted to go talk to the pretty redhead with the Gaelic accent but decided against it. She was unsure how she would be received by this stranger and still had to get ready for the party. Minutes later the redhead got up paid her bill and left. Gwen watched the redhead leave wondering if she had passed up an opportunity to know the Celtic Lass better.

Returning to her hotel, Gwen showered and picked out something to wear for the evening. Though still stimulated from the story she overheard, she refrained from giving in to her desires. She wanted to wait till that night knowing she would see Sandy and Doug soon enough. After going through her clothes she decided on an off white dress that was form fitting above the waist and loosing and flowing to the ankle. First the white stockings and matching garter and then matching bra and panty set the color of salmon. Lastly came the dress. After checking her makeup she grabbed the jewel encrusted mask and headed to the docks.

Once on the ferry she fastened the mask into place and chatted with a few members she remembered from past years. Neither Sandy nor Doug were among them to her dismay. When Sandy had called she said they intended to arrive early. Maybe they were already on the Island or just behind Gwen waiting for the next ferry.

"Oh well," she thought. "I'll make do until they arrive."

A horse drawn coach was waiting at the docks to take the party up to the house. She made a note to congratulate Rob on his fine arrangements. The carriage was a nice touch. Walking into the house she looked about for a moment. Off to the left was a room filled with a spread fit for kings. Foods of every kind and flavor were spread out in a horseshoe pattern. A few tables sat about for anyone wishing to dine. A few members had done just that as they renewed old friendships. To the right lay a large ballroom showcasing a floor to ceiling fireplace in the baroque style. The room was populated with about 30 members. Some Gwen knew and some she didn't. She grabbed a glass of white wine and walked into the ballroom to mingle.

A half hour passed before her friends showed and found Gwen near the back of the room chatting with a blond haired man who excused himself after being introduced. The three friends kissed and were thinking of moving to one of the private rooms when Rob walked to the center of the floor and called the members. After thanking everyone for coming he made a point to introduce two new members who happened to work at the Castle. Gwen was shocked to realize that it was two of the three women from the Restaurant. She wondered if the gorgeous redhead was with them.

"Lets wait a few minutes," she said to Sandy and Doug. "I know these women."

"I'm not enough for you?" Sandy joked as they kissed. 'The dark haired one is sexy….. OK we'll wait."

Guests came up and introduced themselves to the women now the center of the room's attention. The blond gentleman, Gwen thought his name was Michael, walked up to the Blond and whispered in her ear. What ever he had said cause the woman to turn to him and kiss him as her hands ran over his chest. Sandy, still staring at the ravine haired woman grabbed Doug's hand and started toward them.

Turning to Gwen she smiled, "Coming hun?"

"You two go. " Gwen said "I'll join you later."

Sandy smiled, turned and walked up to the raven-haired beauty. After chatting for a moment all three moved to a couch along the wall. Gwen looked back to the couple still standing near the fireplace to find the woman had worked Michael's shirt off and was now slowly swaying as she undid one piece of clothing at a time.

"Well it looks like the party has started." Gwen smiled.

She looked to her friends to find Sandy and the dark haired woman deep in embrace. Doug, sitting on the other side was slowly caressing the woman's breasts through her gown while he nibbled at her neck.

"Hmm, I guess I'll just have to find someone else." Gwen smiled as she warmed to the moment.

She looked about the room deciding where she might join in when she caught a glimpse of the redhead from the restaurant standing by a doorway. Gwen's face flushed with passion and her nipples swelled at the image of this woman now leaning against Rob as his hands slowly caressed her body. All at once Rob moved to lead her into the room and toward the blond couple now close to orgasm. Gwen moved as well. She knew what she wanted and walked to the three on the couch. Without a word she dropped to her knees and caressed Doug's hard member still trapped in his pants. The raven-haired woman was bringing Sandy close to orgasm with her tongue while Doug slowly ran his fingers over her clit. The feel of Gwen's hand caused him to moan deeply. Gwen's hands worked quickly as she undid his pants and reached in to lightly run her hands along the length of his penis. Doug shuddered at her touch and turned to smile down at her.

The control she felt over him at that moment sent waves of passion coursing through her body. She leaned and flicked her tongue over its tip. The salty taste of his precum washed over her tongue as it pulsed in her hand. Ever so slowly, while staring into his eyes, she gently wrapped her hand around its width and caressed its length. With each stroke he shuddered once more. Then leaning into him she ran her tongue along its length feeling its heat as stiffened even more. Smiling she took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue over it. Then slowly, inch-by-inch, she took his throbbing member into her mouth.

So enthralled with the passion she felt she didn't notice that Sandy and forgotten the dark haired woman and had moved beside her.

"Are you going to keep it all to yourself?" Sandy whispered in Gwen's ear.

Gwen sat up and turned to Sandy who took her face between her hands and leaned in to kiss her lips. Their tongues danced as Sandy's hand moved to find Gwen's wanting nipples. Gwen's hand had never left Doug as it still softly caressed its full length. She shuddered at Sandy's touch and pressed her breast into Sandy's hand. Parting the kiss Gwen looked Sandy in the eye and then to Doug's penis. Sandy smiled and took it into her mouth slowly sucking its length. Gwen moved quickly now as her passion boiled and her clit throbbed for attention. She stood and pulled her panties free. Tossing them, she knelt to kiss Sandy's exposed back as her hands searched and found her friends wanting breasts. A soft moan escaped Sand's lips as they slid along the length of Doug's member. His eyes never left the two women before him. Gwen's hand slipped over Sandy's stomach searching for and then finding the wetness between her legs. It was then that Doug moved to join them on the floor. Kissing one and then the other, he pushed Gwen to her back. Lifting her dress his lips soon found her clit and pulled it between them sucking hard. Gwen shuddered as the feeling shot through her. Sandy's tongue soon replaced Doug's, which drove Gwen near the brink.

"Fuck me." She moaned looking to Doug.

Sandy smiled and moved to the side as Doug moved between her legs. Reaching Gwen found his penis and pulled it into her. The feel of it sliding deep between her lips caused her to arch involuntarily to meet his thrust. Sandy lifted her leg and moved above Gwen's face. Staring up to Sandy's damp pussy Gwen moaned at each thrust. Her clit now throbbing with passion she grabbed Sandy's hips and pulled her down to her waiting tongue. Each thrust brought Gwen closer to release as her tongue played over Sandy's clit. The three of them lost in a dance of passion and lust. Sandy's fingers flicked over Gwen's clit as Doug drove into her and that was all Gwen could stand. Wave after wave surged through her body as she shuddered from the strength of her orgasm. Moments later she felt Doug explode into her as Sandy's sweet pussy drenched her cheeks. Slowly they caressed and stroked each other down from the crest before falling together on the floor.

Looking over to the Redhead still on the floor Gwen found her now on her knees as the Blond renewed for another round rhythmically slid into her as a man with long brown hair knelt before her. She was eagerly running her lips along his thick length as her hand caressed him.

"And to think," Gwen smiled lazily. "The night has just begun."

With that she dropped her dress now bunched at her waist and moved to join the redhead and her two friends.

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Wow, another great chapter. I liked the way you linked them through the cafe.

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Thanks for the addition

05-28-2008, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the addition

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Thanks! Although the people and events are purely fictional the settings are real enough. I couldn't just let the tale end at one chapter after investing so much time into researching the details surrounding the Island and the castle. If the responce is good I'll consider writing a third.


Wow! You paid attention to details! TY!! Glad you enjoyed it.

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