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I'm Vicky.

*****My mom came home drunk again last night. The car door slamming shut was what woke me up. I crawled out of bed and went to the window and was just in time to see the yellow SUV pulling away from the curb. That was my mom's best friend, Gloria. She must have been drunk too, because she didn't bother to see my mom to the front door; she just left her at the curb before speeding off down the wrong side of the street. Mom--wearing heels, a thin blouse and a short skirt in the summer heat--took two steps on wobbly legs then fell to the sidewalk on her hands and knees, with her beautiful ass high in the air and with her long bare legs spread wide. I turned from the window and ran downstairs to help her, nevermind that I only had on a pair of underpants.

*****Gloria and my mom went out every Saturday night to eat and drink and dance and party. Whatever she did during the few hours she was gone, my mom always came home alone--and always drunk. It had been like this ever since dad died in a boating accident two years ago, leaving behind his thirty-year-old wife and thirteen-year-old daughter.

*****Actually, mom spent the first year and a half, moping around the house, watching tv and reading books--and drinking. It was Gloria from work that got her out of the house, on Saturday nights anyways, to "have some fun" and "start living again". But I suspect that Gloria just wanted a drinking partner, and my mom fit the bill. If Gloria really had my mom's best interest at heart, my mom wouldn't be out there on the sidewalk at 2 in the morning, drunk as shit.

*****I reached the front door and looked out the small round window and saw that my mom was okay. She was safely in the hands of our next door neighbor, who was helping her up onto the front porch. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to go outside in just my underpants.

**** I watched them coming this way, old Sam and my mom. Something my mother once said made me suddenly chuckle. She said that seeing Sam and I together reminded her of Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson from the old tv show. She said that we were the spitting images of those two characters. I told her she was crazy, that I was a girl not a boy. But she said that that didn't matter, that we still looked like those two comic people. (Though I'm thirteen now, I suppose that I could be described as a tomboy, with my short blonde hair and small perky breasts and slim build.) Now there was good ole Mr Wilson (Sam), with one arm around mom's waist, helping her up onto the porch.

*****I wished I could have put the light on for them, but the bulb had burned out long ago, and no one had replaced it. And I didn't want Mr. Wil--Sam to see me in my underpants, so I left the front door closed and waited for my mom to open it with her key.

*****From the darkened house, through the small round window in the door, I watched them cross the porch towards me. I watched my mom suddenly lose her balance and fall again to her hands and knees, this time dragging poor old Sam down with her, so that he found himself on his knees directly behind her. I watched my mom try to stand up. Watched Sam press the palm of his hand between her shoulder blades and force her back down, kept pressing until her face was resting on the floor and her ass was up in the air, wedged against his crotch. I watched, unseen and slackjawed, as good ole Mr. Wilson fumbled for the hem of my mom's skirt with his other hand and hastily lifted her skirt above her slim waist, revealing to him and to me her shapely white thighs and her skimpy red panties.

*****Too shocked and too aroused to say or do anything just yet, I watched silently as old Sam looked around to see if anyone was watching before fixing his eyes on my mom's vulnerable ass. I heard him say: "You bitch! You fuckin' bitch! What a gorgeous ass you have. And drunk as usual. I knew you'd come home like this. And I was waiting for you. And the best part is, you're so drunk you won't even remember anything tomorrow. You're going to wake up with old Sam's spunk all over your face and your hot pussy, and you won't even know how it got there." Sam laughed to himself, then said: "I guess even an old fart like me can catch a lucky break once in a while." He slapped that ass two or three times and made it jiggle. He chuckled again.

*****Sam then yanked my mom's panties halfway down her thighs, and I could see a thick patch of coal-black cunt hair--black like the hair on her head. (I take after my dad, who was blond.) My mom's cunt hair was like a fuckin' forest. Her pussy was like a sweet pie, clearly seen pouting out from between her spread thighs. Grunting impatiently, Sam worked his trousers and undershorts down to his knees and soon showed my young eyes what a cock looked like.

*****That old man must have been really turned on by my mom's naked ass and cunt because his prick was sticking out like a baseball bat. Long and fat and with a purple head that was swollen yummily. He grabbed that monster with one hand, grabbed my mom's hip with his other, and thrust forward with surprising strength. With a mouth-watering sucking sound his big dick disappeared inside my mom's cunt, and her body was shoved forward so hard her head banged into one of the chairs. My mom groaned drunkenly, and Sam grunted and gasped. Then he began fucking her hard and fast, wetly and sloppily, fucking and fucking and fucking; until his dick and balls became a blur, one poking and stabbing her hairy cunt repeatedly, the other hammering the backs of her thighs. And the whole while, his big belly battering her ass cheeks and driving her again and again into the porch chair.

*****I watched my mom getting fucked. I listened to my mom getting fucked. I did nothing to stop it. I didn't know how to stop it. A thirteen-year-old girl in her underpants wasn't going to stop that old man from getting a piece of ass that he had probably been dreaming of getting ever since our family moved next door to him. So all I did was watch, with one hand down inside my underpants, rubbing my little cunny; and the other squeezing my little breasts, first one and then the other.

*****Sam fucked on, fucking and fucking. The chair got knocked halfway across the porch. My mom's large tits got knocked loose from her bra, popped a button on her blouse, and were now hanging heavily beneath her, swinging back and forth back and forth. I could tell by the drunken look on her face that she didn't know what the fuck was happening. Her neighbor was riding her, taking her around the world, and she didn't know shit.

**** After what seemed like hours but which was probably no more than a minute or two, Sam threw back his head, let out a sudden desperate gasp, and dumped his load of spunk into my mom's pussy. He then spasmed hard and dumped another load inside her drunken cunt hole before collapsing on top of her clueless body. When I saw his long limp dick pop out of her pussy and hang down against her ass crack and drip a stream of cum down the backs of her thighs, I lost control and came inside my underpants then fell to my knees, shaking all over. By the time I recovered, Sam was gone.

*****With some difficulty I got mom inside and up to her room. I put her to bed, after taking a few moments to gaze upon the thick ribbons of spunk that were oozing from her hairy cunt. She was still out of this world, totally clueless to what had befallen her. I wasn't sure what I was going to say to her in the morning--maybe nothing at all.

*****Now the sun was up, and so was I. A new day was about to begin. Mom would be up soon too, fixing breakfast for she and her daughter. She would be the same mom, because she had been too drunk to remember anything about last night. But I would not be the same daughter. I had witnessed too much. Seen my first cock. Seen sex for the first time. Didn't even mind that it was rape, or that it was my own mom being raped. Even had my first orgasm. I wanted more. More orgasms. More cocks. More sex. My young pussy had been awakened and was hungry. And if I needed to use my drunk slut mom to get me those things then I would.

*****Besides, she never looked better than when she was getting fucked last night by good ole Mr. Wilson!

*********** ******End of*Chapter One

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