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06-13-2008, 06:16 PM
Hey Guys,
This is my first attempt at writing in a long time. I was inspired to write again after talking with Veronicadreams. Hope you all enjoy.

Veronica awoke this morning feeling anxious and excited. “Today is the day”, she muttered to herself as she debated what to wear to meet a man she had met ******. She had been talking to this guy for months now and finally gave in to his many requests to meet. She finally decided on a skin tight red dress with stockings and a thong. She was sure nothing was going to happen but she wanted to look hot none the less. She cautiously watched as her husband pulled out of their driveway for work and made her way to her car.

As she drove to the meeting place, a bar just outside of the city limits, she thought how lucky she was that he had suggested such a public meeting place. She was always careful to be sure that she could leave whenever she wanted. After all she may not have gotten decently laid by her husband in sometime but that didn’t mean she would give it up to just anyone. However just the thought of this man wanting to meet her made her wet enough that she had to find some relief she slowly slid her hand under her dress and slid her fingers slowly over her thong. She was not surprised to feel how wet her thong was as she pushed her fingers firmly against her clit through the thin fabric.

As she was getting lost in the ministrations of her fingers she was brought back to reality by the sound of police sirens. She had not realized that as she was playing with her pussy her car was weaving from side to side. She was overcome with panic as the officer walked up to her car after pulling her over. “Good Afternoon Ma’am”, the officer said, “I pulled you over because I thought you were drunk with the way you were driving, I see now that wasn’t the case” Veronica blushed as she had just realized she had never removed her hand from her pussy lips. “Ma’am I am gonna have to take you in” the officer said. “Please officer don’t take me in. This would be so hard to explain to my husband.” The officer grinned as he knew he had her where he wanted. “The only way out of this is if you pull into that rest stop ahead and do whatever I say.” Knowing that her options were limited and that what she would have to do for the officer would in no doubt be easier than explaining to her husband what she was doing and where she was going she followed the officer into the rest area.

They went into the stop and pulled in behind the gas station. The dumpsters were piled high with trash and the smell of old oil permeated the air. “Please step out of the car Ma’am and step to the front of the vehicle” the officer stated. Veronica got out of the car and stood at the front. The officer roughly pushed her over the hood “Assume the position” he laughed as he kicked her legs apart. He stepped into her wrapped his arms around her and roughly started to play with her 36DD breasts as he ground his rock hard rod into her buttocks. “I need to be sure that you aren’t carrying any weapons or contraband. Such a naughty girl like you might have just about anything” He said as he started to twist and pull at her nipples forcing a moan of pleasure from her. His hands slid deftly down along her sides and came to rest on her ample buttocks. As he kneaded his fingers into her skin, He felt his cock in his pants straining to be free. Veronica was lost in her thoughts now she no longer cared what could possibly happen to her here she just needed a release she need to cum. “Please Fuck me” she whimpered as he started to slide his fingers into her pussy that by now was sopping with her juices. “you really are a naughty lil slut aren’t you?” he said as he slammed his fingers in and out of her pussy. He then leaned in and started to lick her ass. This was all veronica needed as she let out a scream as she came for the first time in a very long time. The cop let his finger slip from her pussy and then replaced them with his cock. Not having a chance to see it veronica was surprised to feel such a large cock in her. This guy was longer and more importantly thicker than she had ever experienced. She felt his hands as they grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her over and over. After just a few minutes Veroinica was losing herself to yet another orgasm. “More please more” she begged. The officer could not believe how lucky he was to have pulled her over and let his cock fall from her pussy and shoved it into her ass. Veronica screamed at the sudden intrusion but as the pain subsided she started to moan with pleasure. Her ass was stretching to accommodate the large member as it plunged into her over and over. Finally after yet another orgasm the officer stiffened and shot his load into her ass. He pulled out and spun her around, “now clean it up” Her eyes widened as she finally saw the cock that had just given her so much pleasure she couldn’t believe that this monster was just in her. “I didn’t say look at it bitch I said clean it” The Officer ordered and Veronica started to lick the cock in front of her. She licked it from the sticky head all the way down to the base and then gently began to suck on his balls. It didn’t take long for her to greedily take the whole cock into her mouth sucking and cleaning the cock of their juices. The officer grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth plunging deep into her throat gagging her. Finally after what seemed like forever he shot his second load deep into her throat ending any hope veronica had of spitting it out.

The Officer then pulled up his pant, turned and then left veronica kneeling there in the muck behind the gas station. “So much for not letting anything happen today” She thought as she started to clean herself up. She got back in the car and after only a seconds pause she continued on to her meeting.

06-13-2008, 08:02 PM
Not bad. Glad to see you are writing again.

Veronica Dreams
06-14-2008, 02:11 AM
I liked it very much, but you already knew that.

06-14-2008, 02:43 AM
Thanks Hawk, I used to write children's stories as a hobby this obviously was a big jump in genre

Veronica Dreams
06-14-2008, 08:28 PM
A big difference, I bet.

06-17-2008, 07:26 PM
let's see, writing about pony's and princesses to writing about a cop more or less raping the girl. Where is the difference? LOL.

06-20-2008, 03:57 AM
good story