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06-14-2008, 04:56 AM
Okay, I gave the poetry thing a go, so how about a short story trial? Love some feedback for this! Thanks!


The sun has begun its lazy descent. The wind ripples the water of the small pond, as she waits. Her eyes caress the reeds swaying in the breeze. Frogs call to each other in a low croaking sound that reverberates across the pond.

A gentle touch, a hand rests upon her back. The woman closes her eyes, breathes deeply as the fire within begins to build.

Two hands slowly work their way up the sides, beneath her oversized sweatshirt. Large hands wrap around her bra cups and squeeze gently. Thumbs skim the bare flesh above the rim of the lacy cups. A shiver races up her spine and she arches against the solid warmth at her back.

Her hands reach slowly down and behind. Unfastening a button and unzipping gives access to bare flesh. She slides her fingers down past the elastic band and gently squeezes the tip of his hardness.

A small groan whispers into her ear, as he leans closer.

She gently rubs and strokes his manhood, eliciting more groans, each one deeper than the first.

His hands react by invading the lacy cups and beginning a slow, intense massage of the swelling breasts. Her breath catches and she gasps in ecstasy.

The sun is a mere sliver on the horizon. The sound of the frogs has intensified. Little bits of light cast by fireflies, dance across the surface of the pond.

The pair, hand in hand, enters the path that runs along and around the little pond. Silently, they move toward a wooded haven. In total seclusion, they face each other. No words are spoken.

With deft movements, his hands fly the zipper down the front of her sweatshirt. The front clasps of her bra are released and he meets the first nipple with a warm, moist tongue. She allows his mouth to play over her breasts only a short while, but her hands have other ideas.

Pushing him gently away, she reaches down and makes short work of the pants and briefs restraining her goal. Firmly, she grasps his manhood, pulling insistently, until a soft moan escapes his lips.

His mouth once more moves to cover her breasts, but she pushes him to his knees. He looks up at her, questioning, desiring, his erection very evident. She straddles his thighs, gently pushing him down to the ground.

Quickly, he discovers the lack of undergarments beneath her long flowing skirt. The flesh of her womanhood settles upon his shaft. With a slow movement, she rubs her flower up and down along the shaft, stimulating the bud, relishing the electricity racing up and down her spine. He moans anew and fastens with hungry lips upon a swaying breast.

Riding his hardness, feeling the impending orgasm, she fights the urge to push him to penetration. His sucking persists as his hands find a hold on her bottom, beneath the skirt.

Faster, slipping up and back, she brings him to the breaking point. His hands take over for his mouth and knead her breasts as he expels his all.

Sated, the two silently straighten clothing, nod and part company. Both leave feeling fulfilled, yet with great anticipation of the next time they meet.

06-17-2008, 07:28 PM
wow. wow. wow. well written

06-18-2008, 02:22 AM
Thanks for the addition