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06-19-2008, 04:36 PM
Since the forums inception, some three years ago now, we have
never asked for payment in a monetary form to enjoy full and unlimited
access to any areas within the forum.

We have no intention of asking for that now but we do expect
your participation here as a means of giving you that key which unlocks
all the areas of the forum itself.

Our long-term goal in speaking with the owner about participation
levels is to build a thriving community of members who interact and
contribute to the site as a whole.

The site cannot continue to grow and thrive if you, as a member, are
not an active part in helping to promote that.

Although the site has grown in overall member numbers, our level of activity
through member participation has not grown accordingly.

At present we have approximately less than 33 members who are active contributors through either post contributions or the use of our new addition of the "thanks button".
Although it's greatly appreciated we can't sustain growth and make requests
for additions or improvements from the site owner to the forums without an
increase in member activity levels.

What we hope is that all will enjoy the many features that we offer
and all those will work towards continuing to add; but in doing so we
ask for your support of this community by contributing and participation
with all those here who are already doing so.

We don't feel this is too much to ask of anyone for what we offer
in return and as the old saying goes you do "give as good as you get".
We will always continue to give as far as adding new and enjoyable
features to the forums but in return we now ask of you to give a little
something back.

So effective in 30 days, the Following changes will be made, to the Members with a 0-50 post count, and appear on the Forum in the color of "Green"

1. No Avatars ( custom or Forum Generic ones)
2. No Private messages
3. No Profile Albums
4. No signature use
5. Beasty Stories
6. Incest Stories

In order to get these features activated, you will need to make 50 posts of content: This means posting in more then just the games area. Participating in discussions, adding images, movie clips, Stories...Etc.
Once you reach the 50 posts, you can contact me through my message page or email me at admin.sspf07@gmail.com ( put Bluestories in the subject) and I will check the post count and change the access.

But be advised that after you reach the 50 posts, if you become inactive again I will change the status back to limited, and members that were active and have become inactive will also find themselves in this limited access until they become active again.

We need everybody posting to have a fun and active Forum.

08-25-2008, 12:22 AM
I made 1 change to this an reopened the images Forum...all other stuff is the same.

11-20-2008, 02:45 AM
Im making a further update because I believe I missed it.....

Inactive Members these are Members that fall into several different categories as how they wound up in this Group:

1. Members that have not logged into the Forum in 365 days
2. Members that have not logged into the Forum in 180 days
3. Members that have never posted since 2005-2007 but log in.
4. Members that have less than 50 posts since join dates of 2005-2007

and so on....all you have to do is become an active member on the Forum to get this status changed, its up to each Member....but if you do choose to continue to not post, do not be surprised to find yourself in this inactive status.