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06-23-2008, 12:22 AM
This story is one based in truth and fantasy, in submission and love.
Pain and ecstasy.

The Platform Pt.1

Watching TV, I could feel the tension rolling off of him. The same old thing, work. Talking about it wasn't helping, he still held onto the anger. Making the decision, I knelt in the floor.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he whispered.

"I want to make you happy again. I love you so much." I stared up at him, tears in my eyes.

He scooted his hips closer to the edge of the couch, assuming, I suppose, that I was going to blow him. I instead crossed my ankles, leaned down and began kissing his feet.

"What the hell?" he asked, incredulous.

"Use me. Please." I whispered it, my voice cracking as I wondered if he would take what I offered.

He reached out to stroke my hair, but midair he swung and slapped my face. The welt felt so good, I could feel the blood rush to etch his handprint into my skin. Just where I wanted it, needed it.

With the wide edge of his wide, roughened palm he wiped at my tears, smearing my mascara up and into my hairline. His fingers twisted into the burnt copper of my tresses, not pulling- not yet. Turning my head I began licking the inside of his wrist, tasting that salty sweet essence of him. Feeling the life's essence flowing through his veins. Wanting him still more than anything in the universe.

Without a word, we were on our feet, his hand still twined in my hair and holding my head high. He strode through the house, his feet making the thump thump that I had grown so accustomed to. My own footsteps were high, on my toes, just like I used to, just as He wanted them to be. Down the stairs, to the closed door.

He turned " You're sure?"

"God, yes." I all but moaned the answer, but before I could finish his lips descended onto mine. Mating our lips and tongues and teeth together into a writhing echo of what was to come.

The door had a latch but no lock. It could have been a stone barrier for all the ease that we entered through it. It was if memory stood there, staring at us. Waiting to see if we would overcome her to enter our own haven.

The platform stood just where I remembered it, the leather empty, waiting, teasing me. I stepped onto the rough hewn wood surface, feeling the sandpaper feel of it on the soles of my feet. He knelt and began fastening my ankles, his breathing rapid, his pupils huge in the chocolate brown of his eyes.

"Orchid" he whispered, turning his head to the side, wiping his face on the sleeve of his shirt. One silent sob shook him and he was turned away from me, facing the wall.

"Oh, it's ok really." I reached down, undoing the ankle clasps still holding me. Wrapping my arms around his heaving chest I held him, feeling the sobs shake his body. When he stilled I came around to face him, my own face wet with tears.

His hands touched my face and traveled down to rub at the soft mound of my lower stomach.

"There will be others. I promise, it was not your fault." I whispered the words softly to him, offering reassurance to the one who had always supported me.

"I just wonder- if I wasn't the way I am if you would still be pregnant." He spoke, hoarse from his grief.

"I wouldn't change a thing about either of us, and it is BOTH of us who enjoy this- not just you. You did nothing that could have caused the miscarriage, the doctors even told you that. We must trust that when it's right it will happen. "

Kneeling he pressed his face to my stomach, rubbing his long eyelashes and the side of his beard against my skin.

Long moments stretched into near oblivion for me, waiting waiting.

"Get on the platform." The command was satin and steel.


06-23-2008, 12:24 AM
Time stands still when you can't see, when you can only listen to the very loud sound of your own breathing. When no matter how much you might wriggle your sweat soaked body, there is nothing but confinement.

The hard wood bracing my lower back, forcing me to stand tall, I could just feel the ridges in the wood pressing against my white skin.

The leather at my wrists and ankles, not so tight that I can't feel but just enough that no matter my struggle I cannot move.

The small gold bar that slides through the hole in the leather, at first it was so cool but now it is a hot brand, searing my flesh.

The smooth satin on the blindfold, the tight elastic band at the back, ruffling my hair.

God how I want to push it down, to stop it from tugging ever so slightly at my scalp.

My nipples, now those, they are completely numb. The clamps restricting the blood to such a point that at first I could feel my heartbeat in them. Now they feel just like cold, dry ice.

I tried counting the seconds, but I lost count.

I tried counting my heartbeats, but I couldn't keep up
And still, I wait. I think he is here, with me in the room.

But he's so silent I cannot tell.

Perhaps he left?

Left me to suffer here?

How long?


My mind screams, and it echoes again and again. But I won't say a word, not out loud. Not so much as a groan. My stubborn will, that he must always first break in order to reach the real me.

Finally, when I cannot stand the silence, the fear, the sweat trickling down the crack of my ass.

"Please?" I whisper, but my voice is so loud in the quiet that I shudder at it's sound.

Long moments stretch. Maybe he is gone, maybe he left

"Please, what?" His voice is far away, the next room maybe.

"Please, set me free."

"Free? Now, that is a relative term. How free do you want to be?" he chuckles at his game, making me say it. I hear the faucet come on, hear the water hitting the pail.

"Please, Master. Please let me be free to cum." With the breaking of my will, tears begin to roll down my cheeks, a soft gasp escaping me at the release of pressure.

"You may cum. Can you do that? Like you once did, just listening to my voice?" he whispers so close to my ear I jump. A rat under the eye of the snake, capture.

I nod.

Something hot and wet slaps my chest.

"Oohhhh god" I moan, pushing my hips forward, bucking.

This time I hear the swing before it hits me, but it strikes me between my outstretched thighs, scalding my cunt lips, making them tingle.

"Let me tell you a story. A story about a girl who was afraid of everything and nothing. Do you want to hear my story?" He speaks in his bard's voice now, regaling a captive audience with a tale.

I nod again.

The hot, wet rag slaps my mouth. Burning, tingling, hurting, feeling wonderful all at once.

"Yes, Master." My voice is strong, my head tilted back.

"The girl was young and sweet, naive to the ways of the world."

Slap My tits.

"She left home to be with a man, a man much older than her. He offered her freedom and she took it. She loved him so, and when she submitted herself to him. She gave him her very soul. He, in return could give her no less back."

Slap My stomach

I tilted my pelvis, begging him for release without words but we both knew I would beg. Eventually, he would break me and I would beg for all that I was worth.

"The girl is now a whore. She belongs only to one man." I moan as he says whore, I love it, I hate it, the truth.

His footsteps echo behind me, I can envision his big black boots with the silver star on the side.

Slap My back burns with the first contact, just above my left shoulder blade.

"The girl is a perfect whore. She could milk any man dry between those lovely thighs, but he won't share her with his friends in the beginning. He's selfish. But maybe now Her Master has decided that he isn't so selfish any more. That he would get as much pleasure watching her make other men cum in her as he does cumming in her himself. "

Slap Slap Slap I can feel the blood rise to the surface on my ass cheeks.

"Come in Sir." He shouts suddenly over my shoulder, his breath making my hair tickle my ear.

The sound of boots echo through the room, I cannot tell where they are coming from or from whom.

"No, Jeff. Please." I whisper it, not wanting this stranger to hear me.

"Come now, darling, you don't want to be inhospitable do you?" He chuckles in my ear.

Suddenly, pressed against my front, I can feel rough denim.

"Fuck her well, she deserves it." He chuckles and I hear the footsteps moving away again.

The sound of a zipper echoes through the room, I can feel the hair on the back of the stranger's arm as it brushes against my stomach.

I feel a heavy cock bounce against my stomach, then slide lower as he kneels to unfasten first one and then the other of my ankle clamps.

I struggle, twisting my leg away, beginning to whimper but the stranger grasps my ankle and raises it to his waist. Clasping both of my thighs he forces me to grip him or face falling with nothing to hold my weight but my wrists.

"Oh, she's dripping wet. I can see how much my little whore wants a strange man's cock in her." Jeff's voice tickles behind me again, my left ear seared by the heat of his breath.

"Unggh" the stranger rams himself into my wet cunt, his fingers digging deep at my hips. I scream bucking, my body a writhing mass of nerves as my orgasm breaks through and over me.

"Aaaahhh" My keening wail echoes through the quiet room.

"Yes, that's right. Fuck my whore good. I want to watch her take all the cum she can get." He sounds slightly breathless.

A few hard, punishing thrusts and the stranger groans. I feel a hot flood of semen coating my inner walls.

My body is tingling, betraying me, and everything I think it right. God, how could I enjoy it? How could I?

" Did you like that? All that hot cum inside your quim?" His voice is accented, sounding odd to my ears.

I nod.

"That's all then Sir. Thank you for your help tonight." I hear my Master chuckle and the echo of footsteps fade away.

My nipple clamps are removed slowly, lovingly. Each painful tip laved with My Master's warm wet tongue. My wrists are unbound and he catches my body as my jelly legs begin to fold.

The blindfold slips off, and is dropped onto the chair a few feet away.

My Master grins, a naughty boy in a man's body. His pants on the chair, his cock still wet from our mingled juices. He chuckles at his trick as we begin the ascent into reality. Upstairs, the TV is on, the air conditioning making me shiver.

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very interesting. Is there more? Thanks for adding it.

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There might be more, it depends on my level of umm....arousal? attention? Not sure yet. But thank you! :D

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well if you need arousal, just come and visit. I can help with that. :-)

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Yes, Yes, Yes!