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It has been a while, but here you go.


Chapter 1

A week had gone by since Tim took Tatiana’s virginity and she had not heard one word from him since then. All of the bruises on her body were healed and the tenderness had left her pussy and nipples. She spent the week watching television and working out and had not left her apartment except to get a gallon of milk—she didn’t go to work or school. Currently she was jogging on her treadmill while watching another episode of Ricky Lake. She couldn’t stand the content on the show, but for some reason she could never change the channel the few times she caught it.

She stepped off the treadmill and muted the TV, and headed to the kitchen. She was hungry and needed a snack. She bit hungrily at the apple she left on the kitchen counter, savoring its juicy innards. When there was nothing but the apple’s core left, she tossed it into the trash and wiped her fingers on one of the clean towels hanging on her oven’s handle. Leaning back against the counter, she closed her eyes and tried to push all thoughts from her mind. No matter what she eats, she will not be able to satisfy all of her hunger. Her body was hungry.

She couldn’t call Tim because she didn’t know what he would say to her. She wasn’t sure she was ready to hear it just yet. The only person she could call was the reason why she couldn’t call Tim. She was NOT going to call Mark, no matter how much her body longed to be touched. Tatiana couldn’t understand why she couldn’t go one week without sex when she had gone without even so much as being fingered since she had met Tim. Her thirst was quenched by simple masturbation. With her eyes still closed, she slowly ran her right hand through her hair, massaging her scalp. Her left slowly crept its way up her torso and began fondling her firm breasts through the cotton of her t-shirt. She began pinching her nipples, alternating between the two of them, sending chills down her spine and straight to her pussy. She squeezed slightly harder with every pinch until her soft moans turned into loud groans of passion. Removing her hand from her head, she pushed her sweat pants down and stepped out of them. Pushing her panties aside, she dipped her middle finger into her wetness and lifted the finger up to her mouth to taste herself. The taste was refreshing. She wondered if other women tasted like her also.

With her finger still in her mouth, she headed back into the living room and picked up the remote. Putting her hand back into her white cotton bikinis she slowly fingered her slit, spreading her slick juices around and letting out small gasps (more like flutters of air) each time her finger passed over her clit. She tapped the “Guide” button on the remote searching for the channels she never watched. Finding a title that sounded interesting to her, she hit “Enter” and gave out a small moan when she saw two big men plunging their huge penises one at a time into a thin and petite woman’s frame. Her pussy stretched to ghastly contours each time one of them entered it and her moans were like music to Tatiana’s ears. “Lucky bitch,” she said out loud, surprising herself with her choice of language.

After two more plunges, one of the two men climbed on the bed beneath her. They put their massive dicks together and aimed them at her pussy looking like two nuclear missiles shooting into the hot depths of hell as they dug into her tight cavern, all three of them clenching their teeth in concentration. When the thick cylinders were buried to their hilt in her cunt with only two sets of balls marking their presence in her, the little slut squirmed on her back trying to get used to the unusual fullness of her pussy. The man on top slowly pulled his rock hard cock halfway out of her and plunged back into her with relentless force. The one below her lifted partway off of his member and dropped her back onto his lap with as much force as he could muster. She screamed in delight as the two juggernauts took turns pistoning their cocks into her pussy, widening it even more. Soon they were both ravishing her hole together and the “bitch” yelled in ecstasy, cumming multiple times before both men shot their seed into her at the same time.

Tatiana lay on her back on the couch in awe at the site as both men’s giant rocks bunched upwards towards their bodies and pumped spurt after spurt into the once-tiny hole. When they both pulled out an amazing amount of their cum was leaking out of the woman’s pussy. Tatiana knew there was more that had congealed deeper in there. The petite-framed woman lay on her back panting hard as the two men kneeled over her head and presented her with their softening dicks. She sucked and licked each one clean and both giants climbed off of the bed.

The inside of Tatiana’s panties was like a hurricane as her fingers rapidly danced over her clit and into her pussy. Her bra was pushed up and the fingers of her left hand pinched furiously at the nipples exposed to the cool air of the loft. Her nipples and clit burned, but on she went, punishing herself for the pleasure that she knew would come soon after. After a few more seconds, her abs contracted tightly as the rest of her body heaved as if she were going to throw up. A nuclear blast of an orgasm hit her and she screamed at the top of her lungs as the missile tore through her pussy. When it was over she was panting much like the woman in the porno. In between breaths, however, Tatiana still said aloud: “Not……..enough.”

Sitting up on the couch and turning the television off as she reached for her cell phone. She punched the buttons and even though she said she wouldn’t go through with it,,,”Hey Mark—can you come over?”

Chapter 2

As soon as he knocked on the door, she pulled him into the apartment and began kissing him. Mark kissed her back, kneading both of her supple buttocks in his large hands. He opened his eyes and looked down, surprised to see that she had nothing but a t-shirt, bra, and panties on. Bringing one hand to the front of her body, he felt the hot crotch of her panties, the whisper-thin material giving announcement to her soaked pussy. She groaned into his mouth as he rubbed her hard clit through the cotton. She pulled away from him and leaned her back against the wall next to the front door, pushing her breasts up to present them to him. He stared at her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her tee, noting that her bra had been pushed up. He took his hand away from her ass and pinched one nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She gritted her teeth, bracing herself for the pain (pleasure?) that was sure to follow, but was surprised at the gentleness of the pinch. Letting the nipple go, he pushed his hand underneath the shirt and resumed contact with it, toying with the small hard nub. He brought his ear to her mouth, relishing her soft, breathy moans. With the other hand, he assumed the same stimulation on her other breast while she, with both buttons sending electric currents to her pussy, rubbed against his crotch.

As he rolled and pinched her nipples, she began to unzip his fly, being careful not to catch anything in the zipper. She told him not to wear any underwear. He moaned softly as she fished out his semi-hard snake and ran her fingers along the ridge and over the head. She reached further into the opening of his slacks, seeking his jewels. When she reached his heavy, dangling balls, she cupped them, feeling their solid weight. “The taste of the cum he gives me from these babies makes them worth their weight in gold,” she thought to herself, and began tickling them.

Mark released his grasp on her nipples and reaching down, began to push down on her panties. When they got past her waist, they fell the rest of the way down themselves and she stepped out of them. He picked her up with one thick arm and with his free hand began to tickle her moist folds as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She slapped his hand out of the way and grabbed his ever-hardening shaft, placing it against her pussy lips and rubbing them and her clit with it. Moaning, she rolled her hips forward and just like that, the tip of his fat cock was making its way in her (amazingly still tight) pussy. She grabbed his snake harder as she pushed it into her waiting vagina.

When it was all in, she cocked (hee hee) her head so that her mouth was at his ear and told him: “Fuck me as hard as you want. Hurt me. I want it.”
“No,” he whispered in her ear. He began to slowly push his cock in and out of her pussy, making sure the shaft rubbed her clit with every movement. She clutched her arms around his neck tight as he pressed his body against hers sandwiching her between him and the wall with each thrust. She squirmed in his arms, unused to the stimulation his cock provided her clit. She was accustomed only to pain when he fucked her pussy. She tried to thrust her hips into his harder and faster, but with his powerful arms and his thick arms around her waist, he controlled her movements, slowing them down to match his mellow thrusts.
Soon, the pleasure of making love overtook the instinct to fuck and she held on to him tighter, breathing her pleasure into his ear. They’re moans filled the hallways and echoed against the walls, bouncing back and forth in their ears. Tatiana tilted her head up looking at the ceiling as she felt an orgasm boiling in her nether-regions. Sensing this, Mark increased the urgency of his thrusts, rubbing her clit harder as her moans picked up a more guttural tone. He winced in pain as she dug her fingernails into his back as her pussy spasmed and creamed on his shaft. He continued pushing into her pussy until she calmed down and then lifted her off of his angry red member.
“What are you doing?” she asked with a confused look on her face.
“I don’t wanna cum yet,” he replied, his gleaming cock quivering in front of him. “Don’t touch,” he warned as she reached her hand out as if to grab it. Taking a step back, she just stood and watched, licking her lips as the color slowly faded from his cock head, waiting to be able to get another round with the snake. She silently hoped he wouldn’t wait until it got soft to continue and was elated when he stepped toward her and grabbed her hand, guiding it to the extra limb. She immediately began stroking it. Her slick juices coating it and lubricating her fist as she pumped it up and down his cock. She began leading him to the back of the loft, to her bedroom as she continued stroking. He followed with deliberate steps, and breathing hard as she quickly built him back up to a pleasure frenzy.
In the room, she climbed up on the bed on her knees with his shaft still in her hand, and still rapidly moving her first from base to tip. He quickly climbed the bed also to keep his dick from slipping from her grasp and his hips followed as she guided him to her waiting pussy. He let out a long, hard sigh as he entered her pussy again as she pushed herself back and forth on his dick. He sat back on his heals and watched as she fucked him, tilting his head to the side so he could get a good look at her swaying tits. He caught one nipple as it swung towards her neck and began rolling it as it moved along with her body and with the other he reached around to toy with her clit. This worked out perfectly with his long arms and soon there was yet another chorus of moans and hard breathing as they both gave and received pleasure.
He let out a grunt when he felt close and rocked himself back up onto his knees, pushing her forward in the process. Then, grabbing onto her waist, he gave her four hard thrusts before his cum came shooting out of his shaft and into her waiting pussy. When his cock stopped sputtering, he laid his full weight on her back, panting and kissing her neck. They both laid there, slick with sweat as Mark’s cock softened and slipped out of her pussy.
“Do you have anything to do today?”
“No, not really. I was just gonna chill at home and watch t.v. or something before you called. Which I’m glad you did, by the way since I was thinking about you.”
“You must have been. You got here pretty fast. Well…since you’re not doing anything, do you want to stay here with me all day?”
“Yeah, of course. Who could say no to spending a day having sex with you?!!”
They both laughed as he got off of her back and rolled off of the bed. Tatiana told him to wait there and she would be back as she went into the bathroom to clean up. 10 minutes later, she came out of the bathroom soaking wet and found her towel to begin drying herself.
“Mmm…let me do it,” Mark suggested and she stepped in between his legs with her towel held out, waiting to be caressed by its soft material. He began by drying her legs, paying special attention to her long, firm calves. Making his way up each leg, he skipped her pussy and went straight to her stomach. She groaned her protest as he skipped the center of her pleasure. He rubbed the soft towel up and down her belly and back, paying special attention to her ass; squeezing and lifting each butt cheek and watching them drop. After drying her arms, neck, and shoulders, he brought the towel to her breasts and began fondling her nipples through it. She leaned her body closer to him as he pinched and pulled the hard nubs. With her eyes closed she could feel him slowly sliding his hand down to the portion of the towel where her pussy was. He enveloped his middle finger with the material and placed it at the entrance to her cunt, rubbing her wetness there. When he felt that he had enough slime, he dragged his finger up her slit until he felt her clit and began to stimulate it.
Her knees almost buckled and gave way when she felt the soft material on her clit. She had to place her hand on his shoulder to keep herself upright. Pretty soon, she had one leg up on the bed beside him and he was alternating between using the towel and his tongue on her pussy.
“What a show…”
Both Tatiana and Mark froze when they heard the voice. Tatiana opened her eyes and looked towards the door to her bedroom and there stood Vanessa, her best friend.
“Where’s Tim?” she inquired.
“He’s…we’re having some problems right now,” was Tatiana’s reply.
“So who’s this?”
“Mark!” He turned around and shot her a guilty smile.
“Hey, Vanessa. Miss me?”
“Wow, Tati, it looks like you’ve been busy this week. I found the door open so I just came in. Don’t worry, I shut it behind me. Now I think I can see why you forgot to close it, though,” her eyes wide when she got a glimpse of Mark’s softening cock. It jumped as he followed her gaze to his crotch and caught her when she licked her lips. It jumped again when she looked at Tatiana’s dripping pussy (she was too surprised to put her leg down when Vanessa came in). She immediately let her leg drop to the floor, but Mark placed his hand in her slit and began rubbing her clit with her legs shut anyway.
“Mark!” she exclaimed as she tried to pull away from him, but he held her close to him with the other arm wrapped around her buttocks. “Mark, stop! I gotta put something on!”
“Enough!” he growled up at her and she immediately stopped struggling. “Come here Vanessa,” he commanded. She hesitated, looking at Tatiana first. Tatiana’s eyes told her all she needed to know: you’d better do as he says or the consequences can and will be very harsh. She walked toward the two figures as Mark lifted Tatiana’s leg back up onto the bed.
“Take your clothes off,” he told her. “Quickly,” he added in a warning tone. Vanessa’s pussy immediately got wet at the sound of his commanding tone. The thought of Mark touching her body was almost enough to make her cream. She had a crush on him the whole time him and Tatiana were together. She came and stood next to her best friend now and removed all of her clothing, including her underwear. Mark reached out and cupped one of her tiny breasts in his hand, then licked his fingers and began fingering the nipple. Tatiana closed her eyes, as a surprising twang of jealousy hit her when she heard Vanessa moan. She didn’t want her to be here, sharing Mark with her. And she was afraid that Mark would make her touch Vanessa.
He turned his head back towards Tatiana’s pussy and gave it a long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top, pausing to swirl his tongue around her softened clit. He lapped at it until it was hard again and her quick breaths became moans. “Why don’t you come kneel in between her legs, Vanessa.” The slender young woman went behind Tatiana and knelt down in between her legs facing Mark’s crotch and looked up at her pussy while Mark lapped at it occasionally. Tatiana looked down at her with fear in her eyes. She wasn’t sure if she would enjoy Vanessa licking her pussy. “Why don’t you suck my cock,” Mark “suggested” as he tapped her forehead with his massive stick. Tatiana sighed with relief as Vanessa’s attention was pulled from her cunt to his dick. With one hand he grabbed Vanessa’s nipple and with the other, he grabbed the back of her head as he pushed her open mouth onto his cock.
He continued lapping at Tatiana’s pussy as he pushed Vanessa’s head up and down his cock and pinched her nipples. He groaned as she moaned on his cock. Tatiana closed her eyes and tried to forget about Vanessa as the vibrations from his groans translated from his tongue to her clit, exciting her. She wasn’t paying attention when Mark took her hand and began guiding it toward Vanessa. She gasped when he placed it on Vanessa’s breast. Her first instinct was to pull it away, but she knew he would punish her if she didn’t do as he said. She wished Vanessa hadn’t shown up and pushed him into “Master-of-the-World” mode. She was actually enjoying his earlier behavior.
“Caress it,” he said into her pussy, and her hand automatically began rubbing and kneading her best friend’s tit and playing with the hard nipple. “And you, Vanessa, put your finger into her pussy.” Tatiana cringed when she heard the dreadful words. Once again, Vanessa hesitated to do as she was told and received a sharp pinch on the nipple as well as getting two more inches of cock shoved into her mouth and down her throat. His toes curled as she gagged on his cock and he let out a loud cry before pulling the two inches back out. Vanessa immediately entered a finger into Tatiana’s hot pussy. “More fingers, slut!” Without so much of a thought, she pushed her index finger into Tatiana’s pussy alongside her long, slender middle finger.
“Deeper!” She pushed her fingers slightly deeper into the dripping pussy. “Deeper!!!!!” he bellowed and he took her by the wrist and shoved her arm upwards until both fingers were buried to the knuckle in her best friend’s cunt. Vanessa gasped when she realized that there was no resistance and her fingers were past the point where there should have been a hymen. “Yeah, that’s right. Your slut of a best friend isn’t a virgin anymore. She fucked some guy who I have yet to meet. Just watch this.” He pulled her fingers out of the soaking wet hole and pushed her aside. Just as quickly, he grabbed Tatiana by the waist and sat her down on his waiting cock, impaling her in one movement. Tatiana hissed at the surprise and mild (compared to what he normally did to her) pain of being dropped on a dick that fast. He lifted her up and down his cock a few times until it was soaked in her juices then lifted her back off.
“Suck her juice off,” he told Vanessa. He thrust his cock at Vanessa’s shocked face and she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. She licked it tentatively at first, but was soon lapping up Tatiana’s salty cum. Tatiana stood back and watched, getting more and more angry by the minute as she watched her best friend behaving like a big slutty lesbian and apparently enjoying her juices. Finally, her anger got the best of her:
“Why don’t you fuck her, sweetheart?” she asked Mark, shooting him a mischievous sneer.
“Are you sure you’re okay with that? All I really wanted was for her to suck my cock and to touch you.”
“Yeah, I’m fine with it. You can fuck her if you want.” She shot a smirk at Vanessa. She planned for him to fuck Vanessa and forget about her while she slipped out of the room, or stayed in one corner, but her plan backfired on her. As Mark pulled Vanessa onto the bed with him and laid her on her back, he beckoned Tatiana to him.
“Come suck her nipples. You can’t get out of this. You’re gonna help me make this bitch scream.” Tatiana’s heart sank as Mark stood up, his 6’4” frame towering over the two girls. He took Vanessa roughly by the wrist and threw her onto the bed. “Spread your legs. Wider!!!” She cringed as his voice seemed to take on a supernatural quality when he screamed. She instantly knew better than to hesitate to comply to his orders ever again. “Now let us see you play with yourself. Give us a show. Start with your nipples.”
He pulled Tatiana in front of him, his hard cock digging into her crack. “Watch your best friend please herself. I think you want to help her.” She shook her head at the notion slowly, hoping that it wasn’t a mistake. Ignoring her, he continued, “You’ll help her soon enough. She’ll need to be really wet to take my dick, as you already know,” he snickered and pulled her ass tighter against his crotch. “Pinch them!” he ordered Vanessa. “Look at that,” he had Tatiana by the hair now, forcing her to watch the slim young woman abusing her own nipples. He demanded for her to pinch them harder as he slowly pushed Tatiana closer to the bed. He jabbed at her crack with his penis. “Remember when I ass fucked you? How much you liked it?” She began to squirm in his grasp as he pulled away to straighten his cock and aimed its little eye at her puckered hole. “You forgot?” He placed the tip of his dick against her rosebud. She squirmed harder and he had to pull on her hair to keep her in line. “Keep watching her! Don’t fuck with me!!! Play with your clit for her, Vanessa. She’s getting bored, I think she needs to hear you moan.” He turned his attention back to Tatiana. “I can’t believe you don’t remember this,” he said as he began to push the head into her tight ass. She groaned in protest as he tried to force the head to pop through her sphincter.
“Maybe it needs some lubrication, eh?” In two very fast movements, he pulled away from her ass and impaled her on his cock. It took her a second or two to realize that he was in her pussy and her feet were off the ground. She glanced at Vanessa who was still touching herself, but was wearing a look of amazement on her face. Then she was back on her feet again and Mark’s cock was knocking at the door to her ass again. This time he bent her over so that she was leaning on her arms, which were on the mattress, her face only inches from Vanessa’s tits. She shut her eyes tight and gritted her teeth as he pushed his bulbous head through her ring and continued pushing more of himself in. He wound his fist up in her hair, putting her neck at an odd angle. Through the corner of her eye, she could see his face: a perfect picture of concentration. She moaned loudly and tears streamed down her face when almost half of his cock was in and was stretching her ass wider and wider with every centimeter.
“Open your eyes and let Vanessa see what I’m doing to you inside. Have you ever told her how much I’ve humiliated you? Let her know now.” He began to slide in and out of her ass, widening it, taking pleasure in the immense amount of friction he felt. Tatiana put her head down in shame. “Tell her!!!” he commanded her as he pulled her hair sharply. She yelped in pain as her neck snapped up and her eyes met Vanessa’s. “Tell her what we did the last time I saw you.” With tears in her eyes, she told Vanessa the story in between sobs. She told her about the three other guys who touched her body with Mark and how their goal was to make her orgasm so that they could have their way with her later on. She told about what happened when Mark discovered that she wasn’t a virgin. How he had taken her virgin ass instead and caused her to bleed. Then she spoke of the others who fucked her mouth and pussy, even though she didn’t really feel anything and didn’t know how long it lasted. She left out the part about the bath Mark ran for her afterwards.

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