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Wild Night of Sexual Pleasures
Written by: Dan

My gorgeous wife and I have explored every possible when it comes to hot sex and wild times. We've done every kinky thing that you can and would never imagine along with swinging with couples that we know and some we don't. We've enjoyed and shared the pleasures with horny lesbians hot bisexual guys who don't mind a little bit of pussy and cock and of course our toys.
How could I forget our toys? We almost have a box full of toys because sex toys add a little spice to wild parties or sensual gatherings. Everything has to be the spur of the moment with us; we like things to just happen rather than plan up a wild night of hot sex for it to flop on us.

There have been times when we have visited friends, a game of strip poker is announce and Julie my wife would come up with the craziest rules and idea on how the game should go. Threesomes and foursomes were never objected to at all at these nights so when one of Julie's friends came to stay we thought we should head out and have a night of fun.

Amber was staying for five nights and we weren't really sure how she was handling our lifestyle and us. We were very open with what we did and one night after dinner we sat talking about the past when out of the blue she told us how little she knew about sex and would love to experiment various things sexually.

Well my jaw nearly hit the floor but Julie grabbed my knee before I had the chance to say anything that might have embarrassed Amber and turned her off completely.

Instead Amber went onto say that she was very nervous so if something were to happen it would have to take place when she least expected it… a spur of the moment kind of experience. It was then that I realised how shy and very beautiful Amber was and so did Julie. She wasn't very sexual and from what she told us she had only ever experienced sex with a guy that was all one way.

No orgasm??

Amber had never orgasmed in her entire life. I looked at Julie and she smiled and I knew then that before Amber left our home she would experience orgasms that would shock the pants of her and she'd want to come back for more.
Later that night Julie and I lay in bed talking about Amber, we made love to each other knowing that we'd be sharing a horny babe who wants us to teach her well. But of course first we wanted Amber to experience pleasures beyond her wild imaginations and it was then that we decided a night on the town would be good.

The gay bar in Oxford Street was a good place to start. We knew if we wanted hot action then that was the place to start.

Julie and Amber found a quiet table at the back of the bar while I ordered the drinks. It felt kind of odd standing so close to gorgeous looking guys but I didn't let it worry me. I thought perhaps one of them might have been interested in helping us out on our wild night of sexual desires… that was until I looked up and saw a gorgeous brunette with long hair heading towards the ladies.

At first it amazed me that there were other women beside my lady and her friend in a gay bar but then it hit me that she had to be a transsexual and man she was beautiful looking chick with a dick.
By the time I managed to make my way to where the girls were I was as horny as anything and eager to tell Julie of my find. There was only one person who could convince the transsexual to join us and that was Julie. As I slid in beside Julie I leant over as pretty to kiss her cheek and instead I whispered in her ear, telling her to go check out the ladies.

She knew what I meant immediately. Excusing herself she told Amber she wouldn't be long and off she went, almost trotting to the ladies to make sure she didn't miss this opportunity. A few minutes went by when I looked up and saw Julie had accomplished something that would have been almost impossible for most.

Walking beside her was a tall slender good looking woman. Amber caught a glimpse of her and even I was a little shocked at her reaction…

"Oh, my!" she whispered. "She's beautiful!"

Her large breasts firm and full were magnificent, her smile delicious and it was so very hard to tell whether she was a transsexual at all. That was until she opened her mouth to introduce herself. Her deep husky voice told us that her name was Monica.

Julie rushed up to the bar and ordered a drink for the lovely brunette and while she was away, I watched the exchange of smiles between Amber and Monica and knew that tonight was the night. When Julie slid beside me on the seat, Monica suggested that if we were game she would come back to our place to play or we could slip upstairs and have fun on her king size bed.

My word she was up front and I'm not sure but I think it was Amber that agreed upstairs would be fine before gulping down her drink.
Before I knew it Julie, Monica and I skulled down our drinks and Monica was leading us up the back stairs to her room.

We walked into a room of sexual desires. Deep red curtains hung over the windows while framed drawings of semi naked females covered the walls and her king size bed was the centre piece. Breathtakingly horny…

Monica put on some sensual music to get us in the mood and although I felt it wasn't necessary it seemed to relax Amber just a little more.

It didn't take long for the action to start. Between the four of us we managed to undress each other and with so many hands and mouths, stroking kissing and touching Monica and I were both sporting massive erections. Sometimes a session like this is good to sit back and watch but they encouraged me to join in.

Monica suggested we move onto the bed. She lay on her back and Julie was quick to straddle her head lowering her pussy down onto Monica's mouth. I knew from the moans coming from Julie that Monica had slipped her tongue between her velvety pussy lips tasting her sweet honey nectar.

Amber couldn't resist the temptation. Taking Monica's hard cock in her hand she began slowly stroking it before lowering her mouth down over the head, teasing it with her tongue before sucking it deep into her mouth and down her throat.
Her sucking only lasted a few moments and by that time I noticed the head on Monica's cock was a purple mass of throbbing pleasure. Amber looked over at me and within seconds she was sliding her pussy down over Monica's pleasure pole. The look on her face was awesome and I knew she came to endure the pleasures that only we could share with her…

I decided to do the next best thing.

I convinced Amber to turn around so she was facing Julie. I knew Julie would cope with what I was about to do. Julie pulled her close to her so that Amber was suckling on her breast. For a moment I decided the best way to do this…

Kneeling behind her, I slipped my finger between her ass cheeks until I found her tight puckered hole.

With our transsexual pleasure pole working her cock in and out of Amber's pussy she knew what I was about to do. I ran my fingers down Amber's ass and gently squeezed Monica's balls, a sign that I was moving in for a double banger with her.

For a moment Monica stopped thrusting her hips up, instead she remained steady whilst Julie kept Amber occupied. I held her cheeks apart before pushing the head of my cock against her puckered hole. With my hand resting gently in the small of her back, I pushed forward. The resistance was incredible.

Her tight hole was resisting me, not letting me in when suddenly I felt Amber relax for a moment allowing the thick head of my cock to penetrate her ass. Her cries were of pleasure and pain, her moans horny as she whimpered…

In silence we waited…

Waited for her to become accustom to two cocks filling both holes. A foursome pleasure trove of pure delight…

Monica began to move slowly, her hands touching Amber softly, running up and down her legs letting her know she was ok, to enjoy, to feel the pleasures that 2 horny bisexuals and a transsexual can deliver to one sexy babe.

The four of us moved together.

Monica the transsexual, Julie a bisexual babe, Amber an inexperienced horny individual and me… a guy eager to please…

Our fucking became urgent, Julie rode Monica's tongue as she delivered firm blow after blow against her hardened clit. Amber, her two holes filled to overflowing fucked until she couldn't stand it any lover. Amber gave in to her darkest desires; her pussy throbbed, her clit screamed as Monica and I pounded into her.

Her screams rang out around the room as she climaxed, the pulsations squeezed our cocks until we couldn't hold on any longer. In the process Monica latched onto Julie's clit with her teeth until Julie's juices squirted into Monica's waiting mouth…

As we collapsed into a heap on the bed, Amber smiled at all of us. The look said it all and her choice of words rang out around the room…

"More, please!"

Monica took Amber in her arms and led her into a room where Julie and I later found Amber riding Monica in the hot tub…

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Wow, that was quite a juicy one! Thanks! :D

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