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My Doctor Humiliation.

My Master Ray, A 52 year old divorced man who has been training me for over six months, ordered me to meet him to attend for a medical examination at his own personal doctor’s surgery. My name is Charlady, I am a 21 year old submissive single slut, five foot ten inches tall and I consider myself a little overweight but my master tells me different.

I followed my instructions to the letter, by wearing the required short black skirt and white blouse with no underwear beneath them. I was allowed to wear a sports jacket type coat but not allowed to button it closed, not that I could with my 36DD breasts causing hindrance to achieving that. At 6.30 pm I was out side the building indicated in my email and nervously scanning the horizon for my master’s friendly face. Suddenly my mobile phone rang and Master Ray informed me he was waiting inside on the second floor, I hurried inside and took the steps three at a time in my haste to meet my master.

As I approached him, I noticed he was speaking to a tall blonde lady in a nurse’s uniform and at that moment turned towards me and smiled. He then introduced me to Tina the nurse who would be assisting Doctor Walter’s. Tina looked me over from head to toe before whispering something to my beloved master, who nodded and bade Tina farewell.

I instantly thought my master was going to leave me with these stranger’s until he reassured me that he would be there beside me at every stage of my examination. As we turned into the empty waiting room, He slipped his hand up the back of my skirt and ordered me to open my legs. His fingers lightly brushed over my tingling anal ring and along the soaking slit of my cunt. He immediately turned to me and said “You absolute slut, your fucking cunt is soaking wet and you have only made your way here to meet me!”

I looked down at the floor and murmured, “Yes Master, I can not help it knowing I am meeting you the owner of my body and I will be soon displaying my charms to who ever you tell me to!”

He smiled as he ordered me to raise my skirt and show him my cunt. Just as I had my legs wide open and my cunt in full view, Tina entered my line of sight from behind my master and she glared at my shaved cunt as she told my master, “The examination room is now ready and the Doctor will be with you in five minutes, if you would like to come with me. I started to lower my skirt but froze when my Master snapped, “Leave it; I gave no permission for you to lower it!”

I felt my cheeks blush as the Nurse stared at me as I meekly raised my skirt back up fully, I began to follow my master who then stopped and told me to walk in front. Following the nurse’s instructions I exited the waiting room and turned left along the corridor, as I followed this round to the right, I almost froze in embarrassment for around that same corner walked a young male cleaner around 18 years of age and his eyes immediately focussed on my exposed cunt. He stopped dead in his tracks and Nurse Tina started to tell him not to stare when master told her to be silent, he then invited this young cleaner to not only look at my cunt but also to feel it if he wished. The man tentatively reach forward with his right hand making contact with the upper part of my thigh, quickly almost afraid his luck would run out, he found my soaking wet cunt and dipped two fingers inside. He thrust them firmly deep inside me to the second knuckle and I almost allowed a moan of pleasure to escape my lips. Master Ray allowed him to play thus for a few minutes before excusing us and instructing the man to now stop and allow us to pass.

With in seconds we entered the examination room and Master Ray turned to me saying, “Well my little horny cunt, you always loved displaying your charms to who ever wanted to look so you won’t need a gown will you!” I realised this was not a question but a statement of intent. “Strip, you cock loving fuck pot!” Master Ray commanded before adding “Remember that for the duration of this examination the doctor and nurse have my power of punishment!”

With that he turned and sat on a strategically placed chair at the foot of the examination table, I quickly began to remove my blouse and skirt, all the time conscious of the eyes of Nurse Tina fixed upon me. It unnerved me a little to see her lick her lips as my already erect nipples were first displayed. She then told me to sit on the examination table whilst she adjusted the stirrups to suit my long legs. I felt very vulnerable with all my charms so openly on view to all and the cold metal of the stirrups sent a sexual chill all the way up my legs to the heart of my cunt.

I raised my head and looked down between my legs, it seemed so different now, although I had frequently seen my master’s head between my legs as he was about to lick my clit or cunt, but today it seemed surreal knowing that Nurse Tina was present and soon a strange doctor I had never met would be taking charge of my body and soul. It was a strange feeling of humiliation and excitement as I waited and waited for things to begin. My train of thought was suddenly interrupted as the nurse picked up a telephone on the desk and dialled a number. She simply said “doctor, your patient is now ready and prepped.” She placed the receiver back on its rest and turned to Master Ray, ignoring me, she said “Doctor Walter will be here shortly and he has asked me to ensure that you’re comfortable and ask you to let us know of your required limits.”

Master Ray shrugged his shoulders before saying that the sky was the limit as he was sure I, charlady would like to experience all there was to experience. A few minutes later the examination room door opened and in walked a grey haired gentleman of about 65 years of age. The only things which hinted he was a doctor were his white coat and the stethoscope hung loosely around his neck. Ignoring me he walked over to Master Ray and introduced himself as Doctor Daniel Walter. After shaking hands Nurse Tina turned and announced, “This doctor, is Charlady, according to her Master Ray, she is a horny cock crazy 21 year old submissive cum slut.”

Almost out of contempt, he ignored both the nurses comments and me, choosing instead to chat to Master Ray, “Well old friend it has been absolutely ages since we have met, I trust life has been good to you as it seems to have with this young slut in your care. My nurse here is also a cock slut and is eager to prove her ability as a cum bucket!” It was now nearly ten minutes since Doctor Walter entered the room although it seemed much longer and of course my discomfort at being the only one undressed kept my cunt at boiling point. He finally turned and looked me over staring hard at my tits and I felt his eyes burning a track down to my freshly shaved swollen and dripping cunt. I almost hoped he would not spot my clit ring until later as I knew he would make a big thing of it. No such luck for me as he finally spoke, “Hello my little horny whore, I am Doctor Walter or Sir to you, this wanton slut here in the white nurses uniform is bitch Tina, she will be on hand to do the menial tasks for me like licking your cunt and clit ring.” I looked at Nurse Tina and noticed a definite blush caused I suspect from being referred to as a wanton slut.

He Turned to Tina and said “Well Bitch, what is the first thing you should have done?”

Tina blushed as she shuffled her feet and replied, took a brief history Master Doc. To which she was immediately rebuked with a firm no. The first thing you should have done after securing the patient to the table was undress and shown our honoured guest your worthless trashy tits, cunt and arse! Turning to Master Ray he added, you just can’t get decent staff and sluts any more.

Nurse Tina, immediately undressed down to her push up half cup bra and self supporting stockings, without another word being spoken she then stood in front of my master and opened her legs showing him her open cunt lips. Quickly she turned and bent over whilst pulling her cheeks wide open displaying her anal ring. Nurse Tina’s nipples were larger than mine when fully erect sticking out as they did almost an inch. Master Ray commented on them and I heard Nurse Tina reply that it was because Master Doc insisted on applying nipple stretchers almost every night for at least an hour at a time. Inwardly I hoped Master Ray would not suggest they use them on me although I suppose I was curious as to how they worked and how they would feel; also I was feeling decidedly jealous as this slut who was a nurse was posing sexually in front of MY Master.

My attention was then drawn rather quickly back to Doctor Walter, as I felt a sharp pain in my left nipple. I looked down to see he had the stiff nipple firmly pinched between his finger and thumb. He continued “I will ask just once more and then I will begin punishing you; cunt!” he then went on, “when did you begin to enjoy sexuality?”

I instantly mumbled “At the age of twelve, sir!”

“Explain!” he demanded.

“When I was twelve I had trouble sleeping one night, I happened to enter a darkened room whose window overlooked a neighbour’s bedroom. I happened to see the guy and his girlfriend begin kissing and fondling each other. Transfixed I watched as they slowly undressed to the point where he had his stiff cock on display. I was mesmerized and could not take my eyes off his lovely thick cock. It haunted my dreams from then on and there were several more displays for me to witness. I could not help but fantasise how it would feel in my mouth, my cunt and even my arse, I wanted so much to taste his load deposited eventually into my eager mouth!”

“Around this time I began to feel damp and lovely between my legs and always felt so much better when I rubbed my cunt, but soon that was not enough so I started to push the hairbrush handle into my cunt, always careful not to bust my hymen that preserved my virginity for I wanted a real cock to break that, but alas I got carried away one night and slipped the handle too hard into my cunt, I felt an instant shooting pain and noticed blood on the handle and I figured I was not a virgin any more!”

“For four years I believed the couple were not aware of my watching them, until the week after my 16th birthday, when in the middle of having his cock sucked he turned to face me, waved and beckoned me to come over to their house. Shocked I actually went only to find out that they were aware of me watching since the second or third time!”

“His girlfriend asked if I was ready now to taste my first cock and I almost swooned with passion as I gently began to feel his hot cock in my hand. Soon I was on my knees sucking my first real cock and begging to taste his spunk, and I also experienced my first lesbian embrace with his cock in my mouth as I felt his girlfriend begin to suck my stiff nipples. Sir!”

Just then Nurse Tina wheeled a trolley over towards the examination table; I could not see what was on the trolley as it was covered with a white sheet. I cranked my neck to try to sneak a peek, but to no avail. Master Ray then stood up and moved beside the nurse, sliding his hand over her arse cheeks and in between her legs. Nurse Tina suddenly moaned, “Oh yes Master Ray, I just love things shoved up my arse and your fingers feel so wonderful!” I immediately cringed with jealousy but hoped no one noticed. Tina then pulled back the cover to reveal a wide array of medical gadgets and an impressive range of vibrators and butt plugs. The butt plugs started with one around 2 inches in length and about an inch in diameter, the largest was almost 6 inches in length and a good four inches in diameter. The vibrators ranged from 3 inch long and half inch wide to 15 inches long and two and a half wide.

There were several items on the tray which I could never even hint at their uses. But the thing which worried me, were the sets of speculums which again went from small to extra large. My mind whirled at the thought of having those items used on me and having to grin and bear it so to speak. Doctor Walter then spoke to me, saying, “So how come you end up with Master Ray here?”

“Well for a few years, I went out with people my own age but soon discovered they were more interested in their own fumbling and very little about my needs!” I began. “Them I took to reading stories on the website called Bluestories.com you know the type all about a young girl and an older man!” “but they always referred to the female being a virgin and the mature male taking her cherry so it was not relevant to me, by chance I entered the BDSM section and discovered a whole new world!” I continued. “Suddenly I felt I had found my spiritual home and found the stories actually catered for the feelings I were then feeling. That’s when I began reading some of Master Ray’s stories, well I just had to tell him how his stories hit the mark in my own feelings and by leaving him feed back he replied and I had this real nasty sexy thought of what it would be to talk about my needs to him and the rest is history!”

The doctor then applied his fingers to my cunt lips and opened me wider, I wanted to die but was in seventh heaven being so wicked, I knew my clit ring was open to everyone’s view and I also knew it made my clit stick out further as well as making it much more sensitive, I could not help a little gasp escaping my lips as the doctor lightly stroked my clit. Soon I had his thick fingers probing deep inside my cunt, whilst his slutty nurse watched every thrust. His slick fingers then dipped lower to my anal ring and I felt the strong pressure building as the anal ring opened slowly allowing his finger to enter.

I dreamily gazed over at Master Ray and faintly heard him saying, “Look at the wanton slut, her cunt is on fire and she desperately wants a good fucking. She is a whore of a cum bucket, I bet she would love to be fucked by both our cocks whilst licking out your slutty nurse!”

Doctor Walter then lifted a large butt plug from the trolley and seemed to be sizing it up as to fitting it up my bubbling arse. I wanted so much to feel something thick and stiff up my arse but I was seriously frightened that the size of this butt plug would be too much, I even contemplated using my safe word but thankfully the doctor put the largest butt plug back down and picked up a mid sized one. The slutty nurse actually bent forward and began sucking on the butt plug, or maybe it would be more accurate to say she was slobbering over the butt plug for it was soon covered in her saliva. The doctor then rubbed the plug over my clit and started to push the butt plug up my cunt.

Suddenly he stopped and with a wicked smile he ordered his slut nurse to clean the butt plug before she was to ease the wet butt plug up my arse. The nurse stepped in and began licking my cunt sending wave after wave of little electric shocks from my clit all the way to the very tips of my fingers and toes. My hips gave an involuntary thrust indicating my high level of arousal. The nurse then placed her open mouth over the back end of the butt plug resting half in and half out of my cunt and using her tongue to prevent it moving, she applied suction as she literally sucked my juices from my cunt around the plug. My mind was in another world and although my eyes were wide open I was seeing starbursts and fireworks in my mind.

Suddenly my gasping cunt was empty and the pressure began as the nurse slowly eased the butt plug up past my anal ring. In my mind the was a loud popping noise as the butt plug seated itself fully home, my arse felt stuffed full but I was happy to be so, although I would really have preferred a real live hard cock.

My eyes began to focus again and I saw the Doctor and Master Ray both standing there naked, when they removed their clothes I could not say but one minute they were respectfully dressed and now they were as naked as a jaybird.

Nurse Tina, the slut also realised the changes and smiled as she stood between the two males, admiring her handy work. The base of the butt plug was all they could see but they both new their willing submissive slut had the full value inside her arse. I again felt the pangs of jealousy as I noticed the slut nurse was stroking a cock in each hand. Master Ray leaned forward and whispered something that only the doctor and nurse could hear. I held my breath as I waited to see what was about to happen, I hoped it would be my master’s cock in my mouth whilst the doctor fucked my cunt, but I was wrong as the nurse picked up a largish speculum and slowly inserted it into my cunt. I felt doubly full as it slid all the way into my gushing cunt.

Then the bitch of a nurse began to turn the adjusting screws and my cunt lips began to be forcefully spread. It started off reasonably comfortable but now it was a great strain as the thing really opened my cunt up and showed the inner walls of my cunt. Master Ray even managed to make me blush further when he said, “Oh my god, I can actually see this sluts womb entrance!” “Bet she would love that to be fucked full of spunk making this bitch pregnant with an unknown fathers kid!”

The nurse said “Master’s you think that is great watch this!” She then left the room and quickly returned with a small plastic tube. This was fed down the opening and once it was against the opening of the womb, the nurse said “Just watch the tube, whilst I lick her clit!” My heart was pounding already but I was not prepared for what came next!

The nurse leaned over my legs and tickled with her tongue a slippery path towards my clit. She licked lightly over my clit and found my pee hole. Flicking this with the tip of her tongue I was soon in the throes of a massive climax, my hips thrusting to meet an imaginary cock when she timed the move for the height of a hip thrust as she pushed the tip of the tube into my womb. Instantly it was in she stopped her licking and moved over to the sink, taking a large 5 litre jug she filled it with water. When she returned she handed the jug to the doctor and took hold of the other end of the tube, it was then spotted the funnel attached. She held the funnel level as the doctor poured the jug slowly into it. I imagined the water working its way down the tube and I imagined the warm water filling my womb. Boy was I in for a shock.

Suddenly the ice cold water began flooding into my womb I was almost screaming but my screams turned rapidly into groans of lust as my womb became flooded with the cold water. I unexpectedly climaxed so hard that the womb entrance expanded and sprayed the cold water back into my cunt but because of the speculum it also sprayed straight out drenching the nurse. The nurse surprised me as she seemed to be deliberately getting her tits in the line of fire and she even ducked her head into the flow trying to catch some in her mouth.

All too soon the treatment ended and as I recovered a little I heard the two masters discussing what was still to come. The doctor declared he wanted to fuck me and make me swallow his load. Master Ray said he wanted to see the nurse cum all over me and then he wanted to fuck her shooting his load over my tits and have the slut nurse lick them clean. The Doctor release half of the Speculum before withdrawing it, my cunt lips expanded even more as it left my cunt gaping wide open. The doctor wasted no time in placing his cock at the entrance to my cunt and called me a slag and a whore as he plunged his nine inches of manhood into my cunt in one thrust. He then fucked me hard for about twenty minutes all the time telling me what a cock loving whore I was.

I knew he was about to cum as he suddenly pulled his cock from my cunt and ordered me to be his cock sucking bitch of a cum bucket. He shot his load into my mouth, the first spurt hitting me on the bridge of my nose and dropping into my eye, the next hit its mark in the back of my mouth. As his spurts died away I was left with a mouth overflowing with spunk, As I had been trained, I coated my tongue in the white viscous liquid and opened my mouth for all to see the good little cock sucker had done her duty. Master Ray then ordered me to swallow the load; much to the disappointment of the slut nurse.

Then slut nurse leaned over and began to lick the spunk form my closed eye before being directed to sucking my left nipple. From the thrusting she was doing I knew Master Ray was fucking her from behind. I eagerly awaited receiving his load over my tits, knowing that slut nurse would then have to lick them clean.

Sure enough, Master Ray deposited his load over my tits, spraying from his eight inch cock. The spunk felt red hot as it landed on my cool flesh and felt wonderful as it cooled and slimed its way over my skin, then slut nurse traced the streaks of cum with her tongue as she sucked it all up from my tits. Doctor Walter managed yet another erection as he watched and was soon pounding the arse of his screaming bitch of a nurse. It was a good job that it was now around 8 pm and the building was empty because I think anyone else in the building would be calling the police believing someone was being murdered.

The nurse was begging for her master to fill her worthless arse with his life giving seed, she begged to be used and abused as she climaxed from his pounding cock. I tried to make eye contact with my master Ray but he was busy or chose not to acknowledge the contact. I felt something cold being pushed into my red hot cunt and soon realised Master Ray was using the largest speculum and was now opening it up. When he thought my cunt could not stretch any further he picked up a medium sized vibrator and turning it to full power he began fucking my cunt through the centre of the speculum.

Every time the buzzing tip of the vibrator mad contact with the speculum, I was treated to a massive tingle that resonated all around my cunt, I felt the pressure building as the items filled my cunt and pressed against the butt plug in my arse. I suddenly felt weak as I squirted my cum clear across the room and was moaning unintelligently.

At some stage I must have climaxed so hard that I squirt my juices some seven feet across the room. I was still recovering when I heard my master talking with the doctor about next time. I was enthralled at the prospect of what was being discussed, it sounded like I would need to prove my stamina by sucking nine cocks to climax but they would not be allowed to cum in or on me but into a large bowl instead. Then the doctor hinted that he could arrange a large hypodermic syringe to fit over the tube end and allow them to inject the semen directly into my womb thus denying me any knowledge of whose baby seed could be making me pregnant. The thought of being mated in this way was unbelievable but a little worrying about being pregnant and trying to explain it to my parents.

The nurse then added that it would also be great to have her breasts injected with the lactation formula so by the time I returned my tits would be enlarged and leaking loads of milk for everyone to drink.

I was suddenly told to dress and to wait outside whilst final arrangements were made, what I did not know was that the idea of making me pregnant by an unknown donor was an empty threat but the idea had taken root to have my breasts milk laden was growing.

I left the room and waited but curiosity got the better of me and I listened at the door, which I regret now for I was instantly jealous as the sounds were evident that the nurse was being fucked. And from her screams and sighs it was clear she was being double fucked by my master and the doctor at the same time for I heard, “Oh God, Master Ray your cock feels like a giant dildo up my arse and doctor, sir yours feels just as big up my cunt. Ooooh ooooh I’m cumming!”

Some ten minutes later a very curt Master Ray came out of the room and ordered me to follow him. We left the building and rode in silence until we got to my master’s home where he asked me to explain my feelings about everything which happened tonight. He even told me he knew I was listening at the door at the end and I should talk about that too.

I confessed the idea of being made pregnant scared me but as fort he rest I was ok with it except I admitted my jealousy when Master enjoyed the nurse’s charms.

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