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[Husband gets promotion by letting the Boss fuck his teenage bride. GangBang, Creampie, Cuckold story ]


I was recently married for the first time even though I am 30 years old. My bride Lynn, is a beautiful petite girl of 17 and I consider myself very lucky. I have never been interested in advancement at work, just happy to plod along and get my pay cheque but now that I have a wife and responsibilities, I need to earn more.
Old Mr Quigley, the head of our department, is due to retire soon. The idea of his job now seemed appealing. I knew that at least 4 other guys where after the job. They are ruthless ‘go getters’ and I didn’t hold much chance of getting the job with such steep competition.

Mr Dean the General Manager called me into his office.
“I understand that you have recently been married.” he said.

“Yes Sir, 3 weeks ago.”

“That’s nice. I’m told that your wife is very beautiful.”

“Oh yes Sir, she certainly is.” I said proudly.

“You know that I am to receive an award next Saturday?”

“Yes Sir! We’re all very proud of you Sir.” It was all I could think of to say.

“Well, I have a problem and maybe you could help me out.”

“Yes Sir! Of course, whatever I can do.”

“My mother in law has been taken ill and my wife has gone to stay at her bedside. This leaves me without a partner for Saturday nights dinner dance.”

“Oh! That is unfortunate Sir.” I said.

“I was wondering if you could come to my rescue.”

“I’m afraid I’m not much of a dancer......”

“Not you, you fool. Your wife! I would like to borrow your wife to be my dinner companion on Saturday night.”

“Oh! er... I see. Well I.... I don’t know that.....”

“You know that Old Quigley’s job will be open soon. I want someone I can depend on in a crises.”

“Oh of course Sir, I understand perfectly. I.... I will of course have to ask my wife...”

“Of course you will. Well get off home and ask her, take the rest of the day off.”

“Yes Sir!” I said as I opened the door.

“Give my secretary your wife’s measurements and I’ll have an outfit sent around for her for Saturday.”

I explained everything to Lynn, about the possibility of getting a job that was 50% more pay, a company car and the use of apartments and houses in almost every capital city in the Western world. She thought that going out to a posh dinner dance was a lovely idea and would have gone without any enticements. When the evening gown arrived, she was over the moon. A strapless, red, long evening dress, with matching panties & suspenders and a gold necklace to set it off. She was like a little girl on Christmas morning. Mind you, she acts like a little girl about lots of things. She is not very mature, even for a 17 year old.

Mr Dean picked her up at 7pm on Saturday night and assured me that he would have her home by midnight. At half past 12 he phoned to say that they would be a bit late as he was arranging a business deal with some men at the dance and it could mean a big order for the firm. And my wife was helping with the deal and if it comes off, she will get a very large bonus. My wife can hardly make the grocery bill add up, never mind a big deal.... what could she be doing?????

I eventually fell asleep and was awakened by Lynn coming in at 8am. Her hair was a mess, her lipstick was smeared and with the dress being such a low neckline, I could see that her tits where covered with lovebites.

“What the hell has happened to you...?” I asked, completely gobsmacked. She started to cry so I took her in my arms and kissed her. Her mouth tasted of spunk. My cock jumped to attention. I pulled her zip down on the back of her dress, it fell around her ankles. She stood there in high heels, stockings and suspenders. No panties. I could see that not only her tits but her thighs and bottom where also covered in lovebites.

I laid her down on the couch (where I had fallen asleep) opened her legs and watched the spunk seep out of her red raw cunt. I buried my face into her loveliness, slurping and sucking. Her sobbing subsided as she started to climax. I sucked and sucked. I then climbed on top of her lovely, obviously well fucked body, inserted my dick between her cunt lips, it slid right up inside her, just glided up on all the spunk that was still in my sweet young wife’s cunt. I fucked her for only a couple of minutes as I was that ‘turned on’, I couldn’t hold back. I shot my spunk into her cunt to mix with all the rest that had been fucked into her.

After I regained my breath, I held her naked loveliness in my arms and kissed her tenderly and told her how much I loved her. I asked what had happened at the dance. This is what she told me.

“Harry, Mr Dean, was being taunted by some other businessmen about his ‘sexy date’ me. He asked me if I would play along at being his girlfriend and not just his escort. As we where dancing, all the men where watching, he asked if I would mind if he felt my bottom so that it would really look like I was his girlfriend. I didn’t mind and when he started, he could sense that I liked it and he got bolder and fondled my breasts. We both could see that he was having an effect on his friends and it was having an effect on me too, it was turning me on. What with being touched up and what made it even more exciting, it was happening in front of an audience of randy men.

I don’t know if it was by accident or if Harry somehow did it on purpose, but my breast popped out of my low neckline, I knew all the men could see my nipple and the excitement of it made me have an orgasm right there on the dance floor.

Harry realising what was happening to me, escorted me into a side room. We were followed by all his friends, about 10 I think, he stripped me naked and lay me on the floor and pulling off his pants, got between my legs and fucked me hard and fast. He didn’t last long and soon ‘came’ into me. I could feel his hot spunk shoot up my pussy and this caused me to climax again. I looked up and all the men where standing around us in a circle, watching us as they played with their cocks.

“Can we have a go Harry?” I heard one guy say.

“About that contract.” Harry replied.

“You’ve got the contract Harry, just let me fuck that sweet child.”

“In that case Fuck away, she’s all yours.”

As this strange man was fucking me, I could see Harry going around all the other men, he was writing things down. He told me later that every man gave him a contract just to be allowed to have sex with me and he had enough orders to keep the plant busy for 2 years. They all fucked me and what’s more, I loved it. I could have taken on another 10. It was just wonderful!
I hope that you aren’t too annoyed with me for letting all those men fuck me?”

“Of course I’m not annoyed, in fact I’m that turned on and I’m going to fuck you again and I hope that you have lots more gang bangs.”

“I probably will, Harry has put me on the payroll as “Director in charge of getting contracts”. So I’ll probably get rich and fucked rotten at the same time. ....but.”

“What is it Darling?” I asked.

“Well.....” She said a bit nervously. “I was just thinking that it might be a while before Harry needs me to fuck for more contracts. Do you think that we could have some Gang Bangs just for the fun of it?”

“You bet we can.” I replied

What a wonderful, sweet little wife I have.

;drool ;drool ;drool

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