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My name is Joy and I am a cock lovin', sperm quzzlin' slut. I make no apologies to any person for my lifestyle. I live for the feelings I get from one, or more, thick, juicy pieces of male meat pushed, shoved or thrust deep up into my body, spewing, filling me, with that most precious of treats, hot, gooey, tasty male seed.

"Lot's of loads, any hole. The more the merrier!" That's my motto. I live it every chance I get. I can't think of a sex act that involves a male cock that I haven't tried. I've fucked men, dogs, donkeys and a horse, once. I've had cocks in my cunt, my ass and down my throat, individually and collectively. My favorite activity is a gangbang with about six to seven guys. More than that, crowd control gets to be a problem. If it is a fluid that comes out of a cock, I've tasted it and swallowed it. I love the smell, texture and taste of piss and cum.

I've decided to write down some of my experiences for your enjoyment. I sure enjoyed them at the time.

I am a "mature" woman of 42. So, if your thing is younger women, read no further. I have brown hair, weigh 110 pounds and stand 5' 4" tall in my stocking feet. Vital statistics are 34C-25-35.

Hubby, Frank, is not jealous in the least and this has made us closer than we would have ever been before. I worked as an operator in an electrical power plant. My job brings me into contact with lots of guys and Frank gives me lots of time to live my slut lifestyle.

I came to my slut lifestyle early in life. I was the ever dutiful and faithful wife for a couple of years. Then I had one of those life-changing events and learned just how much of a slut I really was. Frank doesn't know how many cocks have pleasured me even though I have told him about every experience when we fuck.

This is the story of that first, life changing, experience. It started out as a rape, became a gangbang with me as a willing receptacle for cock and sperm and ended with me hungry for more cock, more hard fucking and more sperm.

My husband had been out town for two weeks at a training seminar, he is a supervisor at the same power plant I work at. It was a Friday night. Sally, one of the girls I work with, asked me if I wanted to get together for drinks after work to celebrate the end of a long week after a unit tripped off line. Normally I'd refuse, choosing to spend a quiet evening at home. But tonight I was lonesome and didn't really want to be home alone. I was turning 43 on Saturday, alone, with Frank out on the road, and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, and, as I found out later, I was more than a little horny and in need of some serious sex.

Sonya offered to pick me up at my place around six. This gave us both a chance to go home, freshen up and get fancied up a bit.

Cleaned-up and refreshed, I stood in front of my closet wondering what to wear. One of the things I'd learned in working around guys at the plant all the time is that they liked seeing a gal in a short skirt showing a bit of thigh and a tight blouse showing a bit of cleavage. Guys just don't give a lady much hassle if she is dressed up. So most of my wardrobe tended toward short, tight skirts and tight sweaters or blouses with plunging necklines. And I'm proud to say I've got the figure to wear them effectively.

Out of habit, I had started with a lacy black bra and a matching set of black thong panties. I'm kind of old fashioned so I prefer stockings, either stay-ups or real stockings with a garter belt. I'd learned that guys really pay attention to the flash of lacy stocking tops and a bit of creamy skin. No pantyhose for this ol' gal.

I selected a short, flared, wrap-around skirt and a gray, knit sweater with a low V-neck and buttons down the front. I finished off with black high heels with gold, stiletto heels about 5-inches high. A black and gold choker necklace, dangling gold earrings, a couple of shiny gold bracelets for each wrist and gold rings for most of my fingers and each thumb finished my outfit. With a quick brushing of my hair and a final dab of lipstick, I was ready to go. Just in time, as I heard the beeping of my friend's car horn out in the driveway. I gave one last look in the mirror.

I thought, "Not bad for an broad about to hit 43."

The parking lot was crowded when we arrived but we lucked out with a parking spot close in being vacated by someone leaving from FAC. It's a bitch walking through a gravel parking lot in high heels!

The bar was crowded, noisy and full of people feeling no pain as we walked in. Sally and I surveyed the churning chaos looking for a free table or even a couple of bar stools. We spied a table full of guys towards the back waving at us. They were guys from a couple of sub-station crews that work out at the plant from time to time.

Sonya looked at me. "You up to that wild lookin' bunch after the week we've had?"

I shrugged. I'd come out tonight to be with people. The more the merrier I figured.

"Sure. At least they've got a couple of places for us to sit down."

Sonya smiled, "Good. I'm kinda partial to John there on the end."

Off we went; weaving through the swirling melee of bodies that mingled and mixed in the bar. The guys had made room for us in the booth. Sonya paired off with John immediately. That left me with as the center of attention for the other seven guys. I ended up sandwiched between Bill, one of the crew bosses, and Sam, a big, black electrician from the other crew.

The guys asked what we wanted to drink. I ordered a tequila sunrise. That started a round of teasing from the guys about the aphrodisiac effect of tequila on women. I enjoyed the attention and the teasing. But I assured them the effect of tequila on me was minimal and they were sure to be very disappointed.

I had two quick drinks to calm my nerves while we all made small chit chat about nothing in particular. Crammed in the booth like I was, I was very aware of the closeness of both Bill and Sam. Their body heat, the pressure of their muscular thighs against me, and their strong masculine scent overwhelmed my senses, making me light headed. That, the alcohol and all the male attention, made me a bit giddy. So, I flirted back, both verbally and with body position, making sure to expose plenty of my charms. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire. The comments became cruder and more sexually explicit. I was enjoying myself immensely.

The band started-up before things got totally out of hand with the guys. I was out on the dance floor with one guy or another for the next half-hour. Dancing in this case was a full contact sport! I had hands all over me and lots of stiff cocks pressed up against my body. I mostly enjoyed the mauling, relaxing against the strong bodies moving me around the dance floor. I enjoyed the way their hands explored and played with my body, sending a steady flow of electrical pleasure signals to my brain.

At each short break in the dancing, I'd manage a few sips of my third and fourth drinks before the music started and I was guided back out to the dance floor. I was vaguely aware that two of the four buttons on my sweater had been undone. My tits, framed in the frothy black lace of my bra, were mostly fully exposed. My sweater was basically covering me from about my belly button on down. After each dance I had to tug the hem of my short skirt down to cover my exposed ass.

The band stopped playing, taking a break. Sonya asked me if it was okay if she took off with John.

Bill put an arm around me, "Come on and stay, Joy. You can party with us some more. I'll give you a ride home."

The tequila answered for me as I smiled at Sonya and giggled, "Sure, honey. Enjoy yourself. I sure am!"

Well into my fourth tequila sunrise, I was way loosened up. I remember being squished in the booth between Bill and Sam. There was some kind of a bet about wet panties. I was slid out of the booth across the laps of the guys. Two of the "gentlemen" held my hands and a third lifted my skirt. It was obvious to everyone that my panties were sopping wet with the leakage from my overheated pussy. I was assisted back into the middle of the booth, sliding back across the guys' laps. My skirt stayed up around my waist as I was passed from lap to lap. Along the way my tits got quite a mauling and more than a few of the guys got their fingers on my very hard nipples. I could feel the hard bulges of each guy's cock as I slid across his lap. Most took the opportunity to grind their cock upward into my pussy mound and ass. I continued to enjoy it all.

I had no more reached my seat and the band started up. Bill stood and pointed at me.

"Come on, Joy. Let's dance, baby."

Well it took most of the first song for me to get passed back out of the booth. Same MO of lots of tit mauling and even more aggressive humping of my pussy and ass as I passed over each guy's crotch.

Bill grabbed me, sliding his hand up under my skirt to grope my ass as he guided me towards the dance floor. He pulled me up tight against him. His cock felt like a hard, throbbing piece of hot steel pressed up against me. I felt his hands move from my ass to my waist. Momentarily disappointed, I was pleased to feel a second man press up against my backside. Sam had joined us and was massaging my ass with his hard cock. I was totally lost in my lust. I felt Bill move his hands up under my skirt and begin to finger my slimy, squishy pussy.

"Joy, baby. You are so fucking wet and ready to fuck!"

I just sighed and snuggled closer to Bill while wiggling my ass against Sam's cock. Bill and Sam moved me back towards a partially open door in the far corner of the bar as we danced. Then, as the song ended, they quickly shoved me through the door and into a dimly lighted, dingy room. They followed, stopping only to close and lock the door. The room was furnished with a couch and a single bed with a dirty, stained mattress. I noticed some used condoms lying under the bed. They had made shinny wet spots as their juices soaked into the floor.

"Okay, you hot little slut, you've been teasing us all night. Now it's our turn to get a little relief!"

Strong hands ripped my sweater off of me, sending the two buttons flying across the room like bullets. Hands pushed up under my skirt to grab and tear my panties off. My bra fell to the same assault as my panties.

I tried to push them away but the advantage in this contest was all theirs. My weak protests were ignored and my flailing hands were a mere annoyance. Quickly my skirt joined the rest of my clothes on the floor to be trampled in their dance of lust.

They released me briefly while they undid their belts and pants, pulling their cocks free. I stood there, watching my attackers free their weapons. My breasts heaved and my pussy creamed in a combination of fear and lust. Each man was very well endowed. Both had large ball sacs dangling below their rigid cocks. A part of my brain sent a shudder of pleasure through my body as I anticipated receiving the contents of those balls.

Each man's cock was long and thick. Bill's was uncut and tapered to a point. Sam's cock was topped with a bulbous head nearly the size of my fist. Thick veins wrapped around each thick shaft. I could see them pulsing with each heartbeat. It made each cock look like a wicked snake, jerking and twitching about, searching for me. I remember thinking about the contrast in the colors between Sam's ebony rod and Bill's pale pick member.

Then the rape started in earnest. By some prearrangement, Sam grabbed me from behind, holding my arms, and pulled me down onto the couch. Bill walked towards me as I struggled.

"You know you want this, bitch. You've been begging for it all night. Just relax and enjoy it!"

"No! Please! I'm married. Please. No." I cried.

Bill walked towards me, his torpedo locked and loaded and pointed at my pussy. He grabbed my legs, splitting them apart, fully opening my pussy to his pending assault.

I sobbed as he placed his cock head between the lips of my pussy. He held his cock in two hands rubbing it up and down, wetting the tip with a mixture of my leaking pussy juice and his leaking precum. Then he started slowly pushing it forward until the leaking head was engulfed in the folds of my pussy lips.

The band began a loud blaring outpouring of sound.

"Nooooo!" I shrieked as Bill pushed forward with a single, savage thrust, spearing me fully on his cock.

I felt him deeper up in my body than any man had ever been. His cock head was pushed through my cervix, up into my very womb. I felt his cock deep in my guts, like a red-hot poker, pushing my guts aside to make room for his maleness.

"Arrrgh. No. No." I begged.

He fucked me with deep, plunging thrusts of his cock into to my squishy, wet pussy. He was a rutting animal and I was his bitch. I opened my eyes and looked up at my attacker. He smiled at me as he continued his assault on my womanhood.

While my mind continued to protest, my body began to betray me. As he stabbed and battered me with his cock, my body began to hump back against him. My prim, prissy pussy turned into a foaming, creaming cunt, squeezing, massaging and milking the thick male meat sliding back and forth, in and out. My protests turned to cries of pleasure.

"That's it, bitch. You like 'ol Bill's cock, don't you?"

"Oh fuck yes. It's so big, baby. Oh fuck me, Bill! Fuck my slut cunt with your big fucking cock you bastard. Harder, baby. Fuck me harder. Oh yes. Oh yes. So deep and so hard! Faster, you fucking bastard!"

My body rocked and shook with nearly continuous orgasms. I fucked back up on Bill's cock as hard as he fucked it down into my cunt.

Sam moved his thick sausage up to my lips. I opened my mouth wide and sucked him deeply into my throat. I tasted his salty precum as the cock head slid across my tongue on its way down my willing throat. I'd never deep throated a cock before, but in my lust it was easy. I just inhaled and swallowed his throbbing dick. Sam grabbed my head in his big hands and began to skull fuck me with deep, savage thrusts of his thick pole. I loved the feeling of his massive cock head sliding up and down my throat. His balls banged against my chin. All I could think about was eating his seed.

It didn't take long. Sam pushed his cock forward and held it deeply down my throat. I felt his balls tense up and then his cock began to jerk and spasm in my throat. I knew he was filling my belly with his seed. I wanted so badly to taste him. I tried pushing him out so I could get some of him in my mouth but he kept his cock buried deep in my throat while he pumped his balls empty of their male juice. Finally spent, he pulled his shaft out slowly. I managed to suck a few last drops out of his dick as he paused with his cock head just inside my mouth. It tasted so good!

He pulled his cock out of my mouth with a "pop". Like a good girl, I opened my mouth to show him the last puddle of pearly cum on my tongue and then I swallowed it with a smile at him.

"Fuck, Joy! You are one fine cock suckin' whore!"

I grinned at him and thought to myself, "I loved it, baby. I loved the taste of your cum, the smell and taste of your cock and balls. All so good. So good."

My mouth play with Sam's cum triggered Bill's own spermathon in my cunt. With a loud grunt he shoved his cock up deep inside me. I humped up against him and grabbed his ass with my hands to stuff the last inch of his cock deeper into my uterus. I felt his ass muscles contract and jerk as he unloaded his sperm directly into my willing body. It felt like cannon shots of hot molten steel were blasting against the walls of my womb. My mind and body exploded in a climax of complete release and carnal pleasure.

The rest of the night was a blur of constant activity and linked orgasms. I was kept in the room and teams of two or three guys would come in and fuck me. It was a night of firsts; first deep throat, first anal penetration, first double penetrations, in all combinations, first triple penetration, first tit fuck and first double hand job. I lost count of the number of cocks that dumped their loads of hot, gooey male sperm in my pussy, my ass or my mouth. I had hands full of spurting cocks. The valley between my tits was red and rashed raw from constant fucking and filled with sticky, crusty, drying cum. My hair, face, tits and belly were covered and gummy with cum.

I remember one guy laughed as he pulled his cock out of my cum thirsty mouth and shot his long, ropy stringers of white goo all over my sperm covered tits.

"Joy, you look like a fucking glazed donut you got so much cum on you!"

Time stood still. My mind was overwhelmed, flooded with the inflow of satisfying sensory data from all parts of my body as cock after cock exploded and spewed viscous, sticky male cream. My body and soul rocked serenely in the ranging storm of male lust. I was in a trance of complete blissful contentment and gratification induced by the steady streams of semen filling my cunt and asshole, filling my hungry belly and splashing against my skin. I simply drifted, sailing with the winds of the incredible feelings of being completely and repeatedly filled with male meat and the taste and texture of male sperm.

Finally the constant parade of cocks ended. I was alone. I felt incredibly empty, exhausted and greedy for more cock, more pleasure. I lifted myself off the gray, grimy mattress where I had spent the most of the night. I walked to the door and looked out.

The place was mostly empty. Bill was sitting at the bar, nursing a beer, his back towards me. The bar tender was wiping down glasses and putting them away. A couple of guys were sweeping and mopping, cleaning up the mess from the night. They looked at me as I stood before them in my nylons and garter belt, my body covered in drying sperm. The change in their work rhythm alerted the bartender and he looked first at me and then at Bill. He spoke to Bill who twisted around to look towards me. I stood proudly before them, a cum-covered slut, satisfied with my abilities to absorb the amount of male cock, balls and sperm that had assaulted and filled my body tonight. My ability to bring pleasure to multiple rutting male studs. I smiled at them; all facing towards me, transfixed by the complete depravity and perversion of the acts I had committed tonight.

Bill stood up and walked towards me.

"Damn, Joy, you are an incredible woman. A total slut! Just fucking incredible."

"Why, thank you, Bill. I aim to please!"

"You ready to go home now? I thought you'd never stop."

"Well," I grinned, "I didn't stop. I just ran out of cocks."

I took Bill's hand and pulled into the room. I groped the swelling bulge in his pants.

"And I need one more for the road."

Bill smiled and began to undo his belt, "Just fucking incredible, Joy. I've dumped three loads in your cunt, ass and mouth already tonight! And looking at you now, I'm ready to go again."

I knelt down in front of Bill and cooed, "Good, baby. I really do need it!"

Bill's hands quickly released his massive tube of male meat and it slapped against my face. I easily sucked his entire shaft down my throat and tickled his testicles with my tongue. Bill groaned as my throat muscles massaged his meat to its full girth and length.

"Fuck, baby! Fucking incredible!"

I slowly slide the 12 inches of cock meat out of my mouth, liberally applying a spit coating. I wanted to enjoy Bill's cock fucking my ass. To be able to focus on just the one cock filling my bowels.

"Fuck my ass, Bill. Fuck me hard and fast and deep, baby! Ram it in my slut ass."

I turned and knelt against the edge of the sofa, bracing myself with my arms on the sofa back. I turned and smiled back at Bill, paraphrasing his earlier words to me as he raped me.

"You know you want this, Bill. You've been begging for it all night. Just relax and enjoy it!"

Bill smirked, "Well you did enjoy it!"

"Oh my yes, Bill! And now I want you so badly now. Just shut the fuck up and fuck my ass you fucking bastard. Quit teasing me!"

Bill complied with my wish. He plunged forward with a single, savage thrust of his thick, throbbing, pulsing shaft up into my anus, ripping past my sphincter, driving himself deeper up into my bowels. I felt his cock slide past and straighten out the kink in my intestines where the sigmoid and descending colons connect at a right angle. His cock rearranged my guts to accommodate its massive length and girth. It felt incredibly good, so gratifying to have my lover's cock possess my body completely. My brain exploded with electric bolts of white lightening as my first orgasm began.

I could only grunt my pleasure to my lover, to encourage him on, to satisfy my lust.

At the animal level, Bill understood my need. He began a combination of a slow, sliding out stroke until the head popped out of my ass. Then he skewered me with a single, quick, penetrating plunge of his dick back into my bowels. I began a low mewling, grunting and squealing as he fucked my ass this way. I bucked back up against his body as he fucked my slut ass. I wanted the bleeding ring of my sphincter all the way up his cock shaft. I felt his ball sac swing and bang against my cunt each time he penetrated me. Bill held my ass in his hands, leveraging himself for his savage thrusts.

Repeatedly he plunged his cock into my bowels, shoving it deeply each time, rearranging my guts, poking the underside of my belly, driving me to ever higher levels of orgasmic gratification. The smell of our depravity filled the room. The sounds of our animal coupling brought a small audience of the clean-up crew. That just excited me all the more, knowing these guys were watching my complete surrender to, and enjoyment of the deep, brutal sodomy.

Bill lasted for the better part of an hour. I remained locked in a continuous orgasm the whole time. I felt him tighten up the grip of his hands on my ass. Then he made a final, urgent thrust and held himself hard up against the cushions of my butt. I felt his cock begin a dance of release, swelling and contracting, jerking about, filling me with his sperm.

I squirmed around in pleasure as he spewed his seed up in my bowels.

"Oh, god, baby. So good. It feels so fucking good. But, I need to taste you, too, Bill. Give me some cum in my mouth, baby!"

In a final, swift spasm of effort, Bill pulled his still squirting cock out of my ass. I twisted quickly and took him in my mouth to capture the last couple of spurts of his orgasm. I savored the final movements of his jerking; shuddering and shaking cock as it discharged the last of his seed. After the last spurt, I slid my mouth down his still hard cock, taking him completely down my throat. My lips were a squeegee, cleaning the slimy shit and cum off his shaft. I savored the taste and smell of the slick, greasy shit cream that coated his shaft and was soaked into his pubic hairs. I cleaned my lover like a cat grooms herself, licking, sucking, probing deeply in his cracks and crevices with my tongue, going after each chunk and speck of fecal matter. I honored my lover this way, willingly cleaning him and his magnificent cock. Cat-like satisfied that my clean-up job had completely cleansed him of my body fluids, I sat back. I licked my fingers and used them to scoop the last bits and drops of goo off of my face and into my mouth.

I lay back into the sofa and looked up at Bill. I reached up and gently stroked his turgid cock. Then I smiled at him.

"Thank you, Bill. Thank you so much. Now I'm ready to go home."

Well, that's my story. For a while, Bill was my steady lover. We were soul mates. Anything his depraved mind could imagine, I was willing and eager to do. We had a routine that involved weekly poker games with his buddies, several parties with his electrical crew and then there was the time I lost a bet with him. But those are stories for another time.

Kisses, Joy

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