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Her Secret Is Out
By WifWat 2005

My wife Beth gets tremendously turned on, to the point of actually
having orgasms, when having her nipples squeezed or twisted or pulled.
Now on the face of it you wouldn't think that this was much of a
secret. But if that information fell into the wrong hands... Well I am
sure you can imagine what would happen and did happen to us at a party.

Beth has a friend at work, Joan, in whom she confided her secret in a
girly chat they were having. I had never met Joan or her husband Phil
as we had never socialized with them. So it was surprising to receive
an invite from them to join them at a party they were going to. As it
turned out, we had no plans so readily accepted the invitation.

Joan & Phil seemed a very nice couple but I did get the feeling that
Phil was eying Beth up. Mind you, I couldn't blame him as Beth was
looking particularly delicious in a cute little black number. Short
skirt showing off plenty of leg but low enough not to show her stocking
tops. Well, not when she was standing anyway. And the top was
strapless, sort of elasticated. This didn't allow for any cleavage to
be on display but it certainly did show of the shape of her small but
firm breasts and without a bra her nipples were clearly visible.

We were made very welcome at the party. It seemed to be mostly men, just
a few couples. It seems it was at the home of Phils boss, so it was
mostly people from his office. We enjoyed the food at the buffet and
the drinks were plentiful. We seemed to be getting more drinks offered
to us well before we had finished the ones we had.

We were having a good time, dancing and chatting with people. They
seemed a friendly crowd. At one point, late in the evening, Phil cut in
when I was dancing with Beth. A couple of other men came and engaged me
in conversation. When during our chat I mentioned a keen interest in
computers, they said I should go and have a look at the hosts set up in
the library. I protested that he wouldn't want anyone messing with his
PC when one of the men, Ted, shouted over to an older, very
distinguished looking man. ‘Hey Bob! Can we go look at your computer?'

‘Certainly! If you want to have a play on it, the password is written
under the mouse mat.'

‘There you go!' Said Ted. ‘Told you it would be ok!'

So the three of us traipsed off to the library. Now I don't know about
you, but once I get on a computer, especially with internet access,
time goes nowhere. I was so involved in it that I hadn't even notice
when the Ted and the other guy left me alone.

I must have been there at least an hour when the thought struck me that
I was neglecting Beth. So I made my way back to the lounge where the
dancing was. The lights had been dimmed and it was soft slow music
playing. There were only a few couples dancing but I couldn't see Beth.
Then I noticed over in a dark corner, a lot of men were standing with
there backs to the dance floor. I made my way over to them and as I got
nearer, I could hear Beth moaning in orgasm.

Phil had her top pulled down and was pulling and twisting her nipples in
what, to any other woman I'm sure would be agony but to Beth it was
ecstasy, as her moans of pleasure too well proved.

It appeared his wife had betrayed Beths secret so Phil knew he could do
anything to my wife just so long as he abused her nipples.

Just then he stopped. Beth opened her eyes, with an almost pleading look
she was about to say something when Phil said. ‘Let him feel your

‘Nnn No! I can't! I'm a married woman.'

He then squeezed her nipples again and pulled on them unmercifully. Then
to the man standing behind Beth he said. ‘Just help yourself.
Finger-fuck the bitch all you want. She aint gonna complain.'

Two other men raised her dress. Whistles went up as her stocking tops,
suspenders and thong were revealed. I must say that my first reaction
to seeing Beth taken advantage off had been anger but seeing how
wonderfully sexy she looked with her underwear on show got me aroused
as well as all these men.

Her thong was pulled down to reveal that she had shaven her pussy, more
whistles and calls went up. I could see the fingers of the man behind
Beth coming between her legs, seeking her pussy. One then two fingers
disappeared up inside her delicious pussy.

Phil let go of her nipples to see if the finger fucking was having any
effect on her. She still had her eyes closed but was now just murmuring
as she was enjoying the fingers up her cunt but it wasn't the loud,
wild moans that are only brought on by having her nipples and tits

‘Can we fuck her?' One of the men asked.

‘Sure!' Said Phil. ‘But Bob gets to go first, it is his party, and he is
the boss.' They all laughed at that.

‘Yes but you found us this cute little fuck toy.' Bob replied. ‘So I
think you should have that honour, besides, I prefer a sloppy used cunt
so several of you can fuck the little honey pot before me.'

‘What about her hubby?' one of the men asked.

‘That dumb fuck is out of the way playing on Bobs computer whilst we all
get to shag his pretty little wife.'

That got a big laugh from the group. But the strange thing was, seeing
Beth being abused and the humiliation of what they were saying and the
laughter; was turning me on like never before.

They took Beth into another room and were so intent on getting Beth
stripped and laid on a couch ready to be fucked by one and all that
they never even noticed that I had become one of the group.

As Beths naked body touched the cold leather of the couch, it sort of
brought her back to reality. She was about to complain when Phil yanked
on her nipples to send he off into more orgasms. He pulled that hard
that she actually came to a sitting position.

‘Lay the cunt back down!' Said Bob. ‘I wanna see plenty of cock using
this little bitch.'

I stood there playing with my rock hard cock as one after another of the
men fucked my sweet Beth and filled her pussy with their cum. Bob was
the last one to fuck her. It was only then that Phil noticed that I was
there and obviously enjoying it.

‘Well! Look what we got her! A voyeur, hubby likes to watch.'

‘Maybe he would like a closer look.' Said Bob as he pushed me down on my
knees. I just knelt there gazing at Beths delicious bald pussy, now all
red and swollen and covered with the cum of all these men. Cum was
oozing from between those wonderful pussy lips. I felt a hand on the
back of my head as I was pushed closer and closer. Soon my face was
buried in her lovely used pussy. Without even thinking about it, I just
started to lap up all the mess, licking and slurping away. All the men
started to laugh at what I was doing. The laughter just increased my
humiliation and my cock started to spurt my cum without it even being


Bob took Phil to one side. ‘That was one hell of a lovely little fuck
bitch you got for us Phil!'

‘Actually Bob, it was my wife Joan who
found her for us. She knew you would like her from what I have told her
about you.'

‘Come see me in my office tomorrow to discuss that promotion Phil. And
bring Joan; I would love to fuck her too, after you have fucked her
first of course.' ;drool ;drool ;drool

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