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Drive In Discovery (mf, teen, inc)
By Anonymous Author

My dear sister introduced me to your website, for
which I'm thankful. She told me that she enjoys
reading all of the stories in your archives. Since
she enjoys reading about sex and things like that, I
thought I'd surprise her by adding our experiences to
your collection. I've changed her name in the story,
so as not to create a problem for her.

I had come back home from college for the summer
break and I would be staying with my mom and dad
until the start of the new school year. My car was
giving me problems and until I got a summer job, it
would have to remain parked, as I didn't want to
borrow money from my family to fix it.

The first weekend back, Dad and Mom invited me to go
along with them to the drive-in movie. Since I
really had nothing else to do and couldn't afford to
go out on my own, I accepted their invitation. About
five P.M. that evening my married, younger, Eighteen-
year-old sister, Kathy, showed up at the house
unexpectedly. It seems her husband wasn't coming
back from his business trip until Sunday morning.
Mom invited her to go along with us.

My sister, Kathy, is about five feet three inches
tall, and a very foxy looking woman. She was wearing
a long full skirt and sleeveless blouse, but her
shape was sexy under that dress, you could just tell.

We climbed into Dad's big four-door sedan and headed
for the movie. We got into our chosen slot and
hooked up the speaker. It was a warm night so we
kept the windows down. It finally got dark and the
usual pre-movie shorts came on the screen, but Kathy
and I were having problems looking over the front
seat headrests. We asked Dad to move the mirror up
as far as possible to get it out of our way. Since
Kathy being much shorter than I still couldn't see
well enough. That's when I came up with a brilliant
idea, I suggested that she sit on my lap so she could
see better.

Mom and Dad laughed. But Kathy crawled over my legs
and scooted her skirt up in the back, then settled
back on my lap. I could feel the warmth of her body
on mine because I was only wearing a T-shirt and
shorts due to the warm weather. She was quite light
and I was aroused. I mean fuck, even though Kathy was
my sister she was still a fox, right?

As the feature film started, Mom and Dad settled into
their seats and Kathy had centered her warm butt
squarely against my slowly hardening cock. I tried
to keep a little distance between her and my swelling
dick, but she seemed to enjoy my discomfort.

She pushed back and then started squeezing my cock
with the muscles of her tight little asscrack, all
the while concentrating at the movie screen.

I didn't dare say anything or move out from under
her. She kept squeezing going and soon I was so hard
I was in absolute pain. Then to my total amazement
she slowly reached down and grasped my cock. I felt
on the verge of coming, this was so strange to have
my beautiful sister doing something like this to me.

Then she moved it around and under her, her hand
slipped under the leg of my shorts and moved my cock
out into the open. I just knew that I was going to
come all over the back seat. Was she crazy, what the
hell was she trying to do anyway?

Then Kathy lifted up slightly and allowed my cock to
pop up into the void between her legs. When my cock
flexed, the shaft bounced against her bare pussy. I
couldn't believe it; she wasn't wearing any panties.

I gasped audibly as my sister leaned forward a bit
and pushed my cockhead firmly against her moist pussy
lips. She moved back slowly and my cock literally
sunk inside of her moist hot cunt. I was breathing
hard by now, but I was trying to stay quiet-the last
thing in the world I wanted was for our parents to
turn around and see what we were doing. The feeling
that Kathy was causing me to experience were
indescribable, and I didn't want this to stop.

Kathy cleared her throat and moved a bit more,
burying me deeper into her tight cunt. I could only
move my hips forward about two inches without making
the car rock and making it obvious to Mom and Dad
that something was going on.

I kept rocking my hips slowly and Kathy used her
pussy muscles to grasp my cockshaft, then released it
as I moved ever so slowly in and out of her. I could
feel the head of my cock bumping into something way
up inside her. I gasped involuntarily when she
reached her left hand down and place it under cheek
of my butt and pull me closer. The feeling of my
cock pumping in and out of Kathy's pussy was the most
pleasurable experience that I'd ever had up till then
in my life.

This went on for a couple of minutes when Kathy moved
her left hand around and slowly moved it forward.
She grabbed her clit and pulled it down and back
against my cock. I could look down and see my cock
appearing then disappearing as I fucked her, I felt
the muscles inside of her pussy go into spasms and
she squeezed my cock with those muscles in such
fashion that right after I felt her juices flowing, I
filled her up with my cum. Kathy moved back slightly
and I shot load after load deep into her.

After I was done she quietly grasped the bottom of
her cotton skirt and brought it up under my balls to
keep any leaks from reaching the seat or the carpet
of Dad's car. I stayed insider her, still semi-hard
as we pretended to watch the movie. We were both
breathing hard and trying to maintain the elusion
that nothing was going on. My face had to be red with
embarrassment. How could our folks not smell the sex
that we'd just had. I for one could smell my cum, I
knew that Kathy could too.

A few minutes later Kathy coaxed another load of cum
from me. She just started to squirm in my lap until
I couldn't take it any longer. The feel of her sloppy
pussy rubbing against my newly hard cock just sent me
into another silent orgasm. This time, I went soft
and slowly slipped out of her. She collected my cum
with the bottom of her skirt as if it was the most
normal thing she'd ever done. What a slut. I loved

During the intermission Kathy went to the bathroom
and when she returned I went. Then Mom and Dad went.
While they were gone Kathy told me that her husband
hadn't been taking care of her in the bedroom
department, and that this night was something she
really needed. She had enjoyed fucking me, and if I
could keep my mouth shut we could do it again

Mom and Dad brought back some popcorn and drinks and
the movie continues.

I quietly fondled Kathy's breasts until the movie was

Mom asked, "How did you like the movie?"

"It was the most enjoyable movie I've been to in a
long time." I said, really meaning it.

Kathy said, "Me, too."

We placed the speaker back on its stand and headed
for home. Kathy thanked Mom and Dad for the movie,
then climbed into her car and went home. I rushed
into the house, making an excuse that I had to got to
the bathroom really bad. I really had to wash the
dried cum off my legs and change my shorts.


Sunday came and went quickly. Monday morning, Kathy
called early and said she'd be over soon. Mom, Kathy
and I had a nice, leisurely breakfast. I told her
and Mom that I wanted to go look for a summer job and
Kathy quickly volunteered her driving services. So
off we went to job-hunting for me. By noon I had
turned in three applications. Kathy then suggested
that we should have lunch at her place. My heart
missed a beat. I could only hope that she meant more
than lunch. I'd been dreaming about her luscious body
ever since the drive-in. I could definitely use some
more of that.

Her home was a nice two-story, located on 3 acres at
the edge of town. We parked the car inside the
attached garage and went into the house through the
kitchen. Kathy turned around and gave me a hug and a
kiss. Still holding on to me, she asked, "What would
you like to eat?"

I smiled at her and said, "You!"

She didn't say anything, just pulled me to the stairs
and to her bedroom. We were undressed in a matter of
seconds. As we admired each other's bodies I reached
out both hands and fondled her breasts. Kathy moaned
and closed her eyes while I stood there feeling her
up. Finally she looked down and saw that I was ready,
(more that ready) and she led me over to her bed.
She pulled back the sheets and we tumbled into her
king size bed.

I climbed over her sucked a nipple into my mouth,
running my tongue around it. It was wonderful to have
the freedom to do whatever I wanted to her without
worrying about our folks catching us. She had the
best looking body that I think I've ever seen. What
was wrong with Charlie? He had to be crazy not to
want to fuck his wife 5 times a day. Kathy made me
want to cum just looking at her. What a fucking body!

We started kissing and sharing tongue. I ran my
right hand all over her back, then down her side to
her inner thigh. Then slowly worked my hand up her
thighs to her beautiful muff. She was covered with
brown hair down there and I loved the feeling of
fingering her. Soft moist lips waiting for my strong
hard cock to invade them. I let my fingers play
there momentarily, then started running my middle
finger up and down her crack to lubricate her. I
would kiss her mouth, then her tits. Soon she was
sopping wet.

Kathy told me, "Oh please, fuck me right now. I can
still feel your cock from Saturday night."

I climbed on top of her, she spread her legs, and I
placed the tip of my cock at her pussy lips. I moved
the head of my cock up and down her slit to spread
the juices, then I located the entrance to her hole
and slowly sank my cock into her depths.

Kathy began moaning in lust. She up on her elbows so
she could see me run my cock in and out of her hole.
She moaned, "Oh God, that feels good! You're bigger
than Charlie. I love it, love it, yes, God yes!"
She put her arms around me and pulled me hard against
her body. "Fuck me, Brother dear, any way you want

I didn't need any more encouragement, I started
pumping into her with long strokes and lifted my body
so we could watch my cock go in and out of her tight
little pussy. The flesh of her pussy grasped my cock
as I pumped in and out of her and her body started to
shiver in pleasure as I got a rhythm going. She
pulled me back onto her breasts and we kissed deeply.
I was thrusting into her so deeply that I bumped
could feel my cock hitting something deep inside of
her. Kathy was humping back at me each time I sank
into her. She was wetter than anyone I'd ever
screwed before, and when I entered her, then
withdrew, it sounded like someone walking in mud.
The feeling was magnificent. She was lubricated so
well that I didn't feel the urge to come just yet, so
I stopped and asked her if we could do it doggy-

Kathy eagerly got on her knees and, keeping her head
down, she watched me as I entered her up to my balls.
She took her clit and pussy lips in her hand and
squeezed them while I kept pumping into her.

My sister came with a long, "UUUUNNNN! Oh God,
Brother, turn me over," she begged. "I want you to
come inside me while I can look you in to the eyes."

That sounded interesting to me so I withdrew my
juice-soaked cock; Kathy rolled over on her back,
lifted her legs over my shoulders and guided my cock
back into her sloppy pussy. In that position, it
felt like I was felt like I was fucking her so deep
that I wouldn't have been surprised if my cock poked
out of her throat on a down-thrust!

Kathy croaked, "Fuck me harder. I want you to hurt
me, hurt me so good little brother." She it. She
started chanting to me, "Come, oh come, I need to
feel your hot cum deep in my belly. Oh, I'm
coming... God! Please, come in me Brother."

I felt the muscles of her pussy spasm and quiver and
my cock was bathed in her warm juices. That sent me
over the edge and I filled her up with my sperm. I
pushed hard against the her cervix and had to pushed
into its cavity, all the way to her uterus. I stayed
there, rubbing harder against her each time I spurted
another load. When I finally stopped coming, I could
feel the her pussy muscles pulling the last drops of
jism from my shaft.

Kathy moaned, "Keep it there for a while I like the
way you feel in me."

After a long while we showered, then came back to bed
for some great oral sex. I couldn't believe what her
husband was missing, the jerk!


I ended up getting a job not too far from where Kathy
lives. It was mornings only and she picked me up
daily. We would have a light lunch and if Charlie
wasn't around, we'd have lots of good sex each
afternoon. This lasted until it was time for me to
go back to college. I had gotten my car repaired and
saved enough money to hold me over until I found
another job after class back at school.

The last afternoon before I headed back to college,
Kathy and I had just finished having some great sex.
I was still locked in her arms, her legs entwined
around my waste. My cock was softening inside her
after expending several loads of cum into her pussy
and mouth when she looked up at me and smiled.
"Honey, this has been the best three months of my
life. You've given me the best sex of my life.
You've also given me something I'll always cherish.
You know that I've never used birth control? Do you
know that I'm three months pregnant?"

I was speechless! She pulled me to her, kissing me
deeply, and whispered in my ear, "I'm so glad it's
yours. I told Charlie that I thought I was pregers
after I missed my first period in June. He thinks
it's his. I told him he must have got me at the
right time. He knows I'm pregnant for sure. We used
a test kit. Honey, I think you knocked me up at the
drive-in that first night."

Since Kathy was so happy about my getting her
pregnant, my cock stiffened and I filled her pussy
again with my cum several more times before leaving
her quite satisfied. The last sight I had of her
before taking off was of her beautiful body sprawled
out on her king sized bed, sheets tangled and a sexy
smile on her lovely face...

I managed to get home for a few days this fall. Her
tummy was getting big, but I still managed to enjoy
my sweet sister's marvelous honeypot. I still love
its nectar and she still enjoys my filling her tummy
with my stuff.

She is expecting our child in February. She insists
that we keep up our liaison when I take my Christmas
break, and this winter after the child is born...

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