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Ok guys I wrote this, it was actually my very first attempt. Althou I have had to edit this it remains pretty much the same. So I hope you enjoy it let me know what you think.

Best of friends

Chris and Erin had been best friends since they were young kids. Being the children of parents who were best friends ensured many gatherings and times spent together growing up. Both, being eighteen now things got a little interesting.

Erin had just turned eighteen two weeks before. She has blossomed into a beautiful young girl. She was 5’2” long brunette hair, slim waist, dark skin complexion a perfect golden tan year round. She also had the most beautiful blue eyes and a perfectly shaped butt to top it off. Chris on the other hand, having played football since pee wee league was nearly 5’11” and very toned and muscular.

Chris and Erin were best of friends since they could remember. They had classes together at school, and after school would always be at one or the others house to do their homework together. After their school studies they would spend the rest of the afternoon playing together till late into the night with the other neighborhood kids. They would laugh and joke remembering how they used to bath together and how their bodies were changing. Chris would tease her about her boobs, which were just becoming noticeable and say they “looked like mosquito bites”. Erin would usually get very embarrassed and hit him in the arm and tell him to quit looking at them.

This was the usual for them until one day things changed. Erin’s parents had a business dinner and would be out very late. She asked her dad saying “I don’t want to be lonely dad, can I have Chris over”? And then she pleaded “Please daddy … Please” and she flashed her daddy’s little girl eyes at him and of course her father gave in saying “ok baby girl, just put away the eyes lol…. But you two had best behave and you know the rules about the two of you being alone together in your room.” Erin squealed with excitement “thank you daddy thank you” ran and jumped into his lap and gave him a big hug and kissed her father on the cheek. She then ran to her room in pure excitement that only a child could possess. Her father sat bewildered remembering when she was such a little girl and he knew and had pure hatred and anger knowing what was to come for his little girl and how he knew he was going to have to beat the boys off his little girl with a stick.

Erin now in her room picked up her phone and called Chris and said “Chris I can’t believe it, my parents are going out tonight and they said you could come over and hang out with me tonight” Chris said he couldn’t wait. Erin then told him to bring his swim suit and that they would go swimming later. She then ran back down the stairs almost tripping and falling. Her dad yelled at her to slow down before she breaks her neck. And of course in her adolescence she just giggled at her father and went and gave him a hug. Her father pulled back from her and gave her twenty dollars and said she could order her and Chris a pizza for dinner. She thanked him and went off to her to choose some clothes to wear.

Once in her room she stripped down to just her white cotton panties and looked at herself in the mirror. Her nipples were starting to get a bit hard from the cool air. She cupped her hands around her breast and pushed them together trying to make them look bigger. She wished they were big like her moms. And then she looked down and thought what silly little girl underwear and took her panties off. Looked again in the mirror, and looked at her bald pussy. She had just recently started growing hair and has at this point shaved her pussy smooth. She then rubbed her fingers on her pussy seeing how smooth it was. She had just started masturbating a few months ago and loved this form of pleasure.

It all started few months ago when she first shaved her pussy in the shower one day. She was trying to get a better vantage point and while holding her skin she found her clit and it sent shivers up her spine. She went back and continued rubbing that spot not fully knowing what it was but just that it felt really good. And she kept rubbing in the showers and even got under the bath faucet and let the hot water run on her pussy. But although it felt great and made her body weak she just could never have that first orgasm.

Now looking in the mirror she sat back on the bed and watched her self in the mirror rubbing her pussy. Her pussy was getting very hot at her touch and wet. And she started thinking about Chris and his hot muscular body... she had secretly had a crush on him for many years now and she always thought of him when she would masturbate. She lay back on her bed and started rubbing her boobs with one hand while the other rubbed her pussy. Erin then wondered what it would feel like to have a dick in her pussy. At this point in her experimenting she had never had anything inside her pussy so she took her finger and slowly pushed it inside just a little bit. And she was completely in heaven she loved the feeling her finger was sending through her little body. She felt something was about to happen in her body but had no idea what, she just felt like pure electricity from her within her stomach like something huge was about to burst. Just that second Erin heard her father knock on her door. Erin was so scared; she looked around and realized that she was lying completely naked as the day she was born, playing with her little undeveloped boobs and her finger buried in her virgin pussy. Her father then said that “we’re leaving and to remember what he had said about Chris”. Erin hollered back “ok daddy I won’t, have a good time”.
Erin then breathed a sigh of relief, that her father did not just walk in and see what his baby little girl was doing. So having her time so rudely interrupted got off her bed pulled her finger out of her pussy and looked at her finger it was so wet and covered in her juices and she rubbed it between another finger it made her finger so smooth. Then a weird thought occurred to Erin she wondered what it would taste like. She slid her finger into her mouth and it wasn’t that bad at all. It was a little tangy but all together she liked her own taste.

Erin then got up and realized she had better get dressed and call Chris. She wanted to feel like a grown woman so she pulled out this black thong that she had secretly bought without her father knowing and matching black bra. She went to her closet and chose this little denim skirt that she really liked the way it made her legs look. Then she chose a baby blue shirt with a v neck cut that she showed off her boobs… if they would grow she thought. Erin knew that her father would never approve of this outfit, but she was growing up and finally was having a night alone with the one she had loved for years, and she wanted to show Chris that she was not a little girl anymore. She applied a little bit of make up and she stepped back and looked into the mirror and thought how good she looked and turned around and looked at her ass and she knew she was ready.

Erin wasting no time at all, called Chris and said “dad left me some money for pizza if you want I will order it while your walking over”. Chris said “that’s great I’m starving, let’s get pepperoni... I’ll see you soon”. Erin said “I can’t wait”. Chris hung up the phone and thought to himself that Erin even seemed a little jumpy, but thought nothing of it. He grabbed his swimsuit and left for Erin’s house. On his way to Erin’s house Chris was thinking about his best friend, but it was not in a platonic thought at all. He kept thinking of how good she looked in her shorts and he would always stare at her ass and try to look down her shirt whenever he could. He couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked now. His dick began to swell in his pants and he knew that he had secretly been in love with her for years. But he was too shy to ever tell her how he felt, but he defiantly wanted her to be his. He dreamed of her naked body on his while he jerked off many nights.

Chris finally arrived at Erin’s house and he rang the door bell. She answered and Chris was stunned at how beautiful he looked. He hid his erection behind his trunks in his hand. Erin Stepped forward and gave Chris a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. This was nothing out of the normal for them, but defiantly feeling her little boobs pressed against his chest combined with the smell of her perfume did not help his problem at all, if anything it made his erection stronger. He loved the feeling of her lips on his cheek and he kissed her back and held her close to his body. While he was holding her he slid his hand down and over her butt. Chris loved the way it felt so firm. Erin could also feel his hard dick poking her in her belly, she almost didn’t believe it, and wondered why he was hard but she loved the feeling and vowed to feel more of it.

They broke away from each other both of them very sexually excited and went inside and jumped on the couch. Erin sat in the love seat and Chris in the sofa. Erin put her bare feet on the coffee table and Chris was just staring and her gorgeous smooth legs. She asked him what the matter was he wasn’t talking. He looked up at her and sort of snapped from his daze. About that time the door bell rang and Erin jumped up from the couch and went and got the pizza. Erin brought the pizza to the kitchen and called for Chris.

They ate and laughed and joked around but what caught Erin’s attention was Chris kept staring at her. She smiled inside herself so much, and couldn’t help but think Chris liked her too. But she wasn’t sure enough to say anything to him. After Dinner they cleaned up the plates and threw the trash away. Erin then realized it was about 7:30pm and it would soon be getting dark perfect time for a swim. She got up and turned on the outside pool lights and told Chris to go upstairs into the bathroom and change into his swimsuit and then they would go for a swim.

Chris got up and went to the bathroom. Erin went to her room and striped her clothes off and picked up her new bikini her mom had bought her weeks before. It was white with pink hearts all over and it really allowed her shapely ass to show off. And it really showed off her belly which was flat and tight. She loved how it made her feel so sexy and she knew Chris would like it. While she was changing she thought about Chris in the bathroom right next to her room naked changing himself. She wondered what his dick looked like and how big it was. Her imagination got the best of her and she realized that once again her pussy was wet and that her nipples were getting hard and were poking through the fabric of her bikini which since she didn’t have much boobs it wasn’t staying covered very well. Then all of a sudden, as Erin stepped from her room passing the bathroom she thought she heard a moan. So she stopped and put her ear to the door. That’s when the amazing happened. She heard Chris call her name, but not in a way she was used too. It was much more passionate and then she realized “OMG he’s in there jerking off …and he’s thinking about me”.

The truth was she loved it. It made her pussy get even wetter then it was on its own. But in true form with how they picked on one another she knocked on the door and said “Chris you better not be jerking off in there” and then ran downstairs. Chris was so embarrassed but was sure she couldn’t possibly know what he was really doing in there. He put his swimsuit on and then ran down stairs after her. When he got to the pool she was sitting there dangling her felt in the pool. He couldn’t believe how the lights in the pool illuminated her body. It made her skin glow. She looked so good and he knew if he didn’t want to let her see his erection, he had better get into the pool now. Chris jumped in the pool right in front of Erin splashing her with water. She was shocked not only by the cold water, but also by her nipples getting hard as little rocks. Erin lifted her butt and slid into the water.

The two kids splashed around and swam around and chased after one another until Chris caught Erin and picked her up from behind and flung her backwards into the water dunking her. Erin then could have sworn she felt his hand grab her boob and she got weak legged, when Chris picked her up again, this time Erin backed right up against him and she was amazed “OMG I can feel his hard on, on my ass wow its big” then Chris picked her up again and flung her back, but this time when he went to get just a feel of her boob he got his hand entangled in her top and he now felt her boob without the bikini. Her right breast was so soft and smooth yet her nipple was so hard. It was utterly amazing he was finally holding in his hand what he was trying to look at for so long. As he flung her back he let go of her but with his hand still tangled in her top, it took her top off in his hand.

When Erin came up she felt her top was gone and was a little embarrassed she covered her boobs with her arms. And she screamed at Chris to give her, her top back. Chris just laughed at looked at her and said “what is there to be embarrassed about, come on I’ve seen you naked before”. Erin said “yea, like when we were six in the bath tub, we are not little anymore, NOW GIVE ME MY TOP”. Chris got a devilish smile on his face and then he paused for a second. Erin put out her hand demanding her top. Chris then threw her top across the pool deck and said “Then go get it” and laughed to himself.

Chris turned to get out of the pool to enjoy the fruits of his labor, when Erin gets out of the pool to get her top. As he was climbing the steps Erin grabbed hold of his trunks and yanked then down. Chris was in such a hurry to get out of the pool he completely stepped out of his trunks. Chris immediately fell back into the water to cover himself. While, Erin swam to the other side of the pool laughing the whole way and flung his trunks out of the pool onto the deck along with her top. Chris said that’s not cool at all. Erin retorted “what it was fair for me to be disrobed but not you”? Chris was holding himself to cover from her view. And got another devilish grin and said “but its not fair Erin, I’m completely naked and you still have your bottoms on”. Erin’s heart was beating so fast, this was the moment she had longed for, for some time. A chance to be naked with Chris, and feel his naked body against hers. This time it was Erin who got the devilish grin and pulled the strings of her bikini bottoms apart and threw her bottoms on the pool deck along with the other discarded clothes. Erin looked at Chris and said “There are you satisfied now”? And in the same time she removed her other arm from covering her breast baring them for Chris to view as he pleased.

Erin now swam over to Chris slowly. Chris couldn’t believe his eyes, her breast were so small and he loved them. He had wanted to see them for a long time now and now he can see all of her that he wants. He was so aw struck that he just stared at Erin, she swam up to him at the shallow end of the pool and stood up. Erin looked at Chris and said “what you’ve never seen tits before” and splashed him and swam away. Well Chris not wanting to be outdone and swam after her. Finally catching her not long after, he grabbed her leg and pulled her back to him once again picking her up from behind and flinging her backwards under the water and of course getting a good feel of her tits as he did so. But Erin had wanted to touch his dick for so long that she reached behind and grabbed his dick in her little hand she was amazed at how thick it was and hard.

She then came up for air and both started laughing hysterically and they were just inches apart and just stared at each other and stared into each others eyes. Chris being the less shy of the two moved closer to Erin and pulled her to him and kissed her so gently on her lips. He backed away for a moment expecting to get slapped. Erin licked her lips and leaned forward kissing him once again this time letting her tongue touch his. She had dreamed of this day for so long and it was now that she decided she was going to give Chris her virginity this day and nothing was going to stop her.

Erin used the water to lift her up and wrap her legs around Chris’s waist placing his dick right under her pussy. She couldn’t believe how wonderful his dick felt sliding in between her pussy lips. Chris was moaning into her mouth now at these new sensations that he had never felt before. Erin knew she wanted him now and said “come on Chris, come with me” took him by the hand and led him out of the pool. Chris dick was so hard it just stood straight out.

Erin led him to where she had the towels and Chris being a gentleman, took the towel and dried Erin off completely; she loved feeling his hands all over her body. She then took the towel and dried him off spending extra time at his dick. And then she grabbed him by the hand and ran in the house and up stairs. Chris was running behind her and staring at her ass that was right in his face going up the stairs. He loved the way her ass bounced just a little, it was gorgeous. They reached her room and Erin pushed Chris on the bed and turned around and closed the door just in case. Then joined Chris on the bed, and laid right up next to him on the bed. They both were giggling silly but Chris was the first to reach out and started brushing his fingers up and down her body from her should then down to her leg and back up through her stomach and then to finally to her nipple. Erin jumped at the excitement, this time she was letting him touch her and she loved how it felt. She responded by touching him too but Chris wanted to feel her hand on his dick and when Erin’s hand reached his stomach he took it and placed it on his dick.

Erin looked at him unsure, but Chris just nodded letting her know it was ok. Erin loved how his dick felt so warm and soft yet so hard. Erin’s little inexperienced hand stoked her fingers up and down his skin. It was then, she felt something on her pussy and she looked down and Chris was rubbing her pussy, Erin opened her legs and propped one leg up so he could better access her pussy. Erin was getting so excited she had to stop and she just laid back on her back and let Chris pleasure her. She couldn’t believe it but it felt so much better when he did it then when she touched herself. Erin started bucking her hips and rhythm with Chris’s hand and she was moaning. It was then her heart almost stopped beating, Chris leaned over and said “Erin I love you” and kissed her so gently on her lips. If she didn’t love him before and it was just a crush, that was blown out of the water now.

Her heart melted and she knew she loved him so deeply at that moment. Erin cupped his face in her hand and said “Chris I love you too so much, I always have” “I want you to make love to me and be my first. I’m going to give you my virginity”. Chris looked at his best friend and soon to be lover and kissed her again. Erin pulled Chris on top of her and opened her legs and let him rest with his dick on her pussy. Chris looked deep into her eyes and asked “are you sure you want this”? Erin simply responded by saying “I’ve never wanted anything more.” “Please Chris, please make love to me”. Chris then rose on his hands and Erin positions his dick with the entrance to her womanhood. She knew that very soon the very last of her childhood ways would soon be torn from her and she was ready to begin becoming a growing woman, but she wanted to grow with Chris and be with him the rest of her life. Chris pushed and just the head of his dick popped into her little pussy. He continued pushing a little at a time till he reached her womanhood. He knew he was going to show her how much he loved her and make her his woman for the rest of his life. Erin grunted deeply with every inch deeper Chris went; she felt a slight stabbing pain deep from within her pussy. Erin knew from the older girls at school that was her “Cherry” and Chris was about to make her a woman.

Chris looked at her again lovingly and kissed her deeply and thrust with every ounce of muscle he had within him breaking through her virginity in an instant. Erin just bucked her hips up in the air and screamed in pain and tears flowed from her eyes. Chris not knowing said “omg I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” Erin said “No it’s ok, you just broke my cherry, just don’t move just let me get used to it”. Chris then kissed each one of her tears and tried his best not to move, but this being his first too he moved back and forth ever so slightly and he couldn’t believe how warm and wet her pussy was. Erin having adjusted to having a dick inside her grabbed his ass and pushed him into her and her pain was gone, now all that remained was pure ecstasy of pleasure. Chris continued thrusting in and out of her little pussy and Erin loved the way he felt sliding in and out of her. Suddenly she felt that feeling she had earlier of an explosion within her and it rocked her entire body. Erin just convulsed and shook underneath her new found lover having the first orgasm in her young life. Erin’s pussy grabbed Chris’s dick like a vise and spas med around his dick and he felt his balls tighten and he knew from his own experimenting that he was about to cum, and cum he did he thrust one last time deep in Erin sank to the hilt and emptied his balls deep in her pussy.

Erin and Chris lay almost unconscious entangled in one another with Chris’s softening dick still inside her pussy. Chris looked at Erin and kissed her again on the lips passionately that lasted a few minutes. Erin could feel his hot cum swimming inside her belly. She had never felt anything like that before but knew it was not to be her last time. Chris finally got off Erin and his dick made a pop when he left the channel of her loving whole. They lay close to one another cuddling and holding one another in love. Erin looked at Chris and said “I love you Chris with my all my heart and I want to be with you forever like this”. Chris said simply “as you with my dear”. Erin knew exactly what that meant. But realizing the time Erin suggested they take a shower and get cleaned up before her parents returned home. Chris picked Erin up in his arms and loving carried her little frame into the bathroom and started the water and set her down gently and got in himself.

Erin grabbed a washcloth and got it soapy and started washing Chris’s body under the hot water and used to hand to wash the soap around and of course paid extra attention to his dick and balls, which of course caused his dick to swell in her hand. Chris put his head back against the shower wall and just enjoyed Erin playing with his balls. Then it was his turn. Chris took the cloth from Erin and washed her body and cleaned the blood and cum away from her little pussy then soaped up her little tits and took his hands and wrote the words I Love You on her chest. Both laughed and kissed once again. All this fun had made Chris hard again and he begged Erin to make love to him once more. But Erin knowing her parents would be home soon reluctantly said “Chris my parents will be home soon, and we won’t have time to shower again”. Chris said “can’t we just do it in here so we don’t have to shower again”? Erin grinned and said “you’re bad” and gave in, wanting his dick back in her pussy just as badly as he wanted to. Erin laid Chris down in the tub and then straddled him and leaned over and said “you’re not getting any further unless you kiss me again”. Of course, Chris did not waste any time reaching up and kissed her passionately on her lips and let his tongue dance with hers.

Erin reached down between them and took his dick in her hand and pointed it upwards and raised herself up and then impaled herself down on his dick until he was totally in. They both grunted and moaned loudly. Erin raised herself up and sat back down bucking her hips up and down. Lord she loved how it felt and was so glad it didn’t hurt like the first time only an hour before. Chris learned up and starting sucking her right breast and Erin giggled and said “that tickles” but very much enjoyed the attention he was giving her breast and she cradled his head in her hand to her breast. Chris was now thrusting into her for all he was worth and Erin started shaking again and said “OMG Chris I’m going to cum again”. And then she started shaking violently and convulsing and Chris knew she was having her second orgasm of her life but this one seemed bigger then the other one. Erin screamed “Oh Chris OMG”. Then Chris felt a large amount of warm wetness hit his balls and looked down and thought “OMG she’s peeing one me” but he didn’t mind in his mind it made it better, he had fucked her until she peed. He laughed to himself for a moment and then realized he was soon to cum again himself and said to Erin “oh god I’m going to cum again” Erin having come down from her orgasmic bliss said “oh yes Chris cum inside my pussy again, Please”. With those words Chris started raising his hips up off the flood in a final flurry of thrust until he started Cumming. Erin pushed herself onto his dick as deep as it would go and she felt it pulse inside her and empty its load deep inside her. The two just laid there Erin on top of Chris kissing and enjoying each other.

They both washed up and went back to Erin’s bedroom and got dressed and kissed. Erin said “Chris you must go, my parents will be home soon and they can’t catch us or they will know what we did”. Chris kissed her one last time. And Chris started walking out the door, when Erin ran and grabbed him and kissed him once more and said “I’ll be missing you until we meet again” “I love you Chris”. Chris kissed his love back and said “I love you too, and I hope that will be soon”. And he ran off into the dark to return to his house to dream of what he and Erin did this night. Erin ran back up to her room and made her bed and straightened up her room a bit so her father wouldn’t know she broke her promise.

About twenty minutes after this, her father came home and Erin had already dressed for bed in a long sleep shirt but this time she didn’t wear any panties. Her father knocked on Erin’s door and she said “come in daddy”. Her father poked his head through the door and asked if she had a good time. Erin smiled widely and said “you have no idea daddy, I’m so tired daddy I will go to sleep, see you tomorrow”. With that Erin drifted off to sleep with dreams of her lover. The next morning her father knocked on her door again and said in a stern manner “Erin, why are you’re and Chris’s swimsuits on the back porch”? Erin knew she was caught but lucky for her, her mother blessed her with quick wits and said “daddy we just wanted then to dry so we took them out to the deck to leave them to dry. Her father kind of looked at her out of the corner of his eyes inquisitively and said “ok baby, I trust you. But he didn’t try to touch you or anything did he”. Erin smiled to herself and said “no daddy he was a perfect gentleman, you would be proud of him”. Erin’s father said “ok baby well get a shower and get dressed and come down for breakfast”. Erin said “ok daddy, I’ll be down soon”.

Her father left and Erin quickly rolled over and picked up her phone and called Chris. Chris answered and said “Erin? Wow it’s early, what’s up?” Erin said “hey Chris, guess what?” “In our rush last night we forgot to get our swimsuits from outside, and my father found them this morning”. Chris couldn’t believe it they were caught and he knew it, he was now afraid her dad would keep them apart forever. Chris said “omg what did he say, what did you say”? Erin said “I told him we just put them out there to dry”. Chris asked “did he believe you”? It then dawned on Chris “omg last night we didn’t use a condom and I came inside you twice, you’re going to get pregnant and then he will know for sure, we are so dead”. Erin laughed at Chris but deep down thought it was cute that he was so concerned about her and said “well aren’t we lucky my mother put me on the birth control pill last year to regulate my period, now you can cum inside me all you want and we don’t ever have to worry about that”. Chris breathed a sigh of relief and said “oh thank god, I was so worried”. Erin said “I know I love you so much Chris, I got to get dressed and have breakfast with daddy”. Chris said “I love you too Erin”. They hung up the phone. Erin’s father hung up the phone in the kitchen and smiled knowing what the two kids had done last night. He knew they were in love and were meant to be together so he didn’t get to upset, and he also knew his little girl wasn’t so little anymore.

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Very good for a first try. Something to be proud of Adavid.

08-03-2006, 04:01 PM
Very good story. For your first, that is impressive. I am not an author, but I don't think I would have changed anything. Look forward to more from you.

08-03-2006, 06:44 PM
Thank you very much. I really enjoyed writing it, it was just for shits and giggles. but I may write another one who knows. I just dont have the time to do so lol.
Very good story. For your first, that is impressive. I am not an author, but I don't think I would have changed anything. Look forward to more from you.

08-04-2006, 02:26 AM
Very good story with a very cute ending.....Find time andrew and write some more for us....hahahaha

08-04-2006, 03:05 AM
I would and have been thinking of it. But Im not sure what to write about this time... that really resembled my first time lol being my best friend and all. of course it wasnt exactly as mine happened lol but the idea behind it made me write that. so give me some ideas maybe i could come up with something.
Very good story with a very cute ending.....Find time andrew and write some more for us....hahahaha

08-04-2006, 03:44 AM
Well you could always expand on that one....take it form where the Dad finds out and go on.....You already have your characters....but then its a first time story....you could make it a part 2 at least.....hahahahah

08-06-2006, 01:47 AM
very good story for a 1st time?!?
i agree you have a nice set up to cintinue that is for sure.

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Hidden away on the back Page...our very own ADAvid wrote this little ditty....


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hahah thanx Robin, Glad you noticed and Really enjoyed this. Its my only story so far.

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Hey everyone lol My story is lonely needs comments hahaha. READ IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Its my story hahaha.

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i love this stroy is one of my favs write some more plzzz haha

04-22-2007, 06:06 AM
Best of friends P.2

This is part two of Erin and Chris’s journey together. This takes place a couple of weeks following their first encounter.

Since that fateful day when Erin gave herself completely to Chris, they had become even closer and even more in love with one another. They had a couple more encounter but the one that both remembered fondly was the one when one afternoon after dinner Erin’s father called her to him “ Erin honey, can you come here for a minute”. Erin called back “be right there daddy”. She quickly told Chris shed call him right back and hung up the phone.

Erin walked into her father’s home office. “What’s up daddy” as she hopped into his lap. Erin’s father looked at his beautiful daughter and melted as he did every time she looked at him. He said “honey we are going camping this weekend, and your mother and I thought you might like to bring Chris along”. As soon as he said that he could see that her heart just jumped for joy and her eyes almost popped out of her head. Erin said “oh thank you daddy, this is the best... no you’re the best”. E

Erin giggled like a little school girl and hugged her daddy. “Honey I love you too, but I got to breath, go tell Chris and get ready we will leave Friday after school is out.” She ran to her room, blowing past her mom on the way up the stairs almost knocking her down.

Erin picked up the phone and frantically called Chris. “Hello, Chris... hey it’s me. Omg you won’t believe it.” Chris knowing how wrapped up Erin gets told her to slow down and start again. “Ok, dad just told me we are going camping and he said that you could come. Isn’t that awesome?”

Chris thought for a moment and wasn’t exactly thrilled “yea that’s great a whole weekend with your parents watching over us like a hawk, I’m sure with your father there I won’t be able to touch you or even hold your hand”

Erin played like she was annoyed “CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH … be happy we can at least be together this is awesome... Now go talk to your parents or you will not see my naked butt the rest of the school year!!” Chris knowing how much he would miss that said “Oh alright, I’ll call you back in ten minutes. I love you, bye.” Erin blushed “awwww I love you too, Bye.”

Friday at school Erin could not help but tell all her girl friends that she and Chris were going camping this weekend. All Erin’s friend thought Erin and Chris were so cute as a couple, But none of them except Angie knew that they had had sex. During lunch Erin was going on and on about the things they were going to do on the trip and how much fun she was going to have with her loving boyfriend there.

Chris blushed a little and said “Erin do you have to do that in front of everyone?” Erin just giggled with her girlfriend while Chris stood with the guys in the group. One of Chris’s buddies piped up “Man I just don’t understand girls, they are crazy” Chris retorted “Yea but we can’t do anything but love them.”

That day after the final school bell, Erin Met Chris at her locker and asked if he was ready? Chris knowing that they would be watched by her parents very closely kissed her on the lips very passionately. Erin broke their kiss and asked “What was that about?” Chris just chuckled and said “Well I knew we wouldn’t be able to this weekend with your parents, now ... no wait... he kissed her again. Now I’m ready.”

Erin laughed “god you boys are crazy, and if you’re good we might be able to sneak away every now and then.” She said goodbye to their friends, grabbed Chris’s hand and said “come on we have to go my parents are waiting”.

Out in the car, Erin’s mother looked concerned at her husband and asked if he was sure this was the right thing to do, bringing Erin’s boyfriend since she was only 14. Erin’s father said “We have to let her go sometime”. The car door slammed open as Erin’s father looked over to see his daughter standing there beaming from ear to ear with Chris by her side.

Somewhere during the five hour drive to the mountains, Erin and Chris fell asleep on the back seat holding hands. Erin’s father couldn’t help but look in the rear view mirror and seeing how much they cared for one another, he knew he was right, despite his wife’s concern. And he was determined to let his little girl love with all of her hearts content.

He remembered how it was to be so young and so in love, he reached over taking his wife’s hand and remembered fondly many spring and fall days they have spent together over the course of their fifteen years together.

Once at the campsite they were busy as little bees setting up the campsite and erecting the family’s large six man tent. Then they put up the cooking area and made the bathroom and shower area. When they were all finished Erin’s father called her to him. Erin came skipping up to her father “yes daddy”? He said “everything looks great baby but I think you forgot something.”

Erin looked around and said “no daddy we didn’t we have the tent, the fire pit, the bathrooms, we have everything.” Her father grinned and reached inside the tent and pulled out a small two man tent he had hidden away and said “I think you forgot a place for you and Chris to sleep”. Erin looked up at her father with tears in her eyes and hugged him so tightly and said “thank you daddy, you’re the best daddy every, I love you so”.

Erin called for Chris. Chris came running and said “what’s up babe”? Here help me with this and we have to hurry before we lose the light. Erin’s mother saw what she was doing and went to her husband and said “are you sure we want them to sleep together? They are 14 years old, and he’ll try to corrupt her”

He looked at his wife and said “what makes you think it is he who will do the corrupting, do you really think our daughter is any different then you were”? She looked shocked “I wasn’t that bad” and giggled remember all the torture she put her dear father through.

Erin and Chris proceeded to set up their new home for the weekend. When suddenly her father’s came over and asked and asked “hey kids, how is it going”? Erin excitedly said “Great Dad”. “Good Chris, looks like Erin has this handled why don’t you come with me.” Chris looked at him like a deer caught in headlights…he knew what was coming.

Chris walked nervously behind Erin’s father down a trail and out of sight and ear shot, thinking the whole time oh my god he knows what I did to his daughter, he’s going to kill me out here in the middle of nowhere. He’s going to burry me alive.

Chris and Erin’s father arrived after about a ten minute walk into the woods. Chris had a huge lump in his throat. Chris began to speak “Mr. McDaniel’s, I’m sorry …I” Erin’s father put his hand up and cut him off. “Chris, I already know about you and Erin, and I know you two have already had sex.” Chris just looked down to his feet knowing his worst fears where coming a reality. “Listen I’ve known your father since we were chasing girls in college.

You know I like you boy, But Erin is my only little girl, and I love her more then life itself” “But if you hurt her don’t think I won’t kill you, your father being my best friend or not…you will be a dead boy.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box and handed it to Chris, saying “this is so you two don’t make any mistakes”. Chris took the box and looked back at Mr. McDaniel’s and says “we don’t need these; Erin said she’s on the pill”.

“WHAT!!!!? Oh that sneaky wife of mine”. Mr. McDaniel’s could only grin, and said “well have fun, But remember to love her always and never hurt her.” Chris’s only reply was “Sir, She deserves the best”. They both walked back to camp with a clear understanding of one another.

When they arrived back at camp, Chris went to his tent and put the box he was given into his pack thinking maybe his little brother might need some in the future. Erin was fixing dinner with her mother and walked over to Chris and grabbed him causing him to jump in shock. “What you doing Chris” she asked. Chris hurried up putting the box away and said “nothing just putting this away”. “Oh well what did my dad say to you” She asked? Chris just told her “I’ll tell her later, come on I’m starving”.

After supper Erin said “Chris lets go for a walk”. As the two lovers walked off into the woods holding hands, Mr. McDaniel’s leaned over to his wife and kissed her and said “something you want to tell me about dear”? She said “what do you mean”? I just found out you put Erin on Birth Control pills….ring a bell? “How did you find out that”? Mr. McDaniel’s said “Let’s just say Chris and I have a very clear understanding, and apparently Erin told him she was on the pill”. “Oh god, I didn’t even think I just wanted her to be safe now she’s just going to do it because she can…..what have I done”.

He grabbed his wife and held her kissed her on the head “Don’t worry honey we weren’t much older when we first got together, look what we have …a beautiful family and a very smart daughter who is in love”. Come in with me lets just leave them be.

After walking out of eye sight, Erin grabbed Chris and kissed him very deeply. He looked at her puzzled “What was that about”? Erin responded “Nothing, cant I just kiss my boyfriend”? Chris just nodded and asked “Where are we going”? “My daddy has brought me here since I was a little girl; there is a lake not to far down the path”. Erin ran off dragging Chris with her laughing the entire way until they reached the lake.

Once at the lake, staring at stars while holding hands and kissing one another. Erin said “lets go for a swim” and begun untucking her shirt. Chris said “we don’t have suits” Erin giggled at how stupid boys are, we don’t need them it’s just you and me and its dark who is going to see us and pulled her shirt over her head. Chris just sat in amazement; he loved the way Erin looked under her clothes.

He said “wait let me do it”. He stood and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down and stood. Erin really loved it when Chris undressed her but she wasn’t going to tell him that. Then he reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and pulled it down her arms.

Erin stepped forward and kissed him one more time then reached down and felt his cock, she loved how hard he felt and knew she couldn’t wait to feel it pushing in her pussy once again. She unbuttoned his pants and slid them and his boxers to his ankles and as she sat back to stand again she kissed the head of his dick, Chris moaned. Erin giggled and said “that’s for later” reaching down and pulled her panties to the ground and ran into the water with Chris following.

As they both emerged from under the water they both wrapped themselves up in each other kissing, while Erin wrapped herself around him feeling his hard dick poking at her pussy causing them both to moan. Erin looked at Chris and said “this is how it started last time, that will have to wait until later.”

Chris pouted but said ok and kissed her again and held her tight. He loved the way her skin felt bare and so close to his. But of course, Chris couldn’t resist pushing his hips into her driving her wild. Both moaning she said “I told you not now later ohhhh, it feels so good”. About that time she felt the head of his dick slip inside her pussy, both gave a moan wanting it soo much. Then Erin unwrapped herself and swam away splashing him with water.

They both swam to shore and sat back under the stars naked letting the breeze slowly dry them. Chris couldn’t help but look at Erin in the moonlight and seeing how the moon’s light caressed her naked body, and he looked up to her breast her little nipples were soo hard from the cool air. He leaned over and took her right in his mouth and sucked, Erin gave a long moan and cradled his head to her breast. Chris broke away after a few moments, and said “that was for earlier”.

Erin grinned and dropped to her knees and said “oh yea, well I’ll play nice if you will too, but no sex until bed tonight, then I’m going to fuck your brains out”. Chris laughed “promises promises”. Erin took Chris’s cock in her hand and stroked it back and forth a few times,

Chris sat back on a rock as his legs were about to give out. Then she took his dick in her mouth and sucked, and kissed at the same time she reached up and began playing with his balls in her hand. Now it was his turn to moan loudly. She pulled his dick from her lips and asked “do you like that”? “Oh god Erin, Yes I do where did you learn this”?

Erin laughed and said Angie’s older sister told me guys like their balls played with and returned his dick to her warm mouth and began bobbing her head quickly while squeezing his balls lightly. This brought Chris’s body to uncontrollable spasms as he warned “Oh god Erin I’m going to cum, I’m gonna….ahhhhhhhh” Erin felt the blast of warmth bit the back of her throat. And began swallowing all of his load she could.

Erin wiped her chin, and smiled at Chris. Who turned her around and sat her back against the rock kissing her. Then whispered in her ear, “I love you”. Then he proceeded to kiss her neck and shoulder moving over kissing her chest finally reaching her breast, he flicked his tongue on her already erect nipple while massaging her other breast. She moaned “ohhhh Chris, your driving me crazy”. She pushed him lower, kissing her breast to her stomach. Erin opened her legs giving him full access and leans back on the rock.

Chris began kissing her inner legs but staying away from his treat, He wanted to drive her crazy that much more for her teasing earlier. Erin grunted in frustration grabbed Chris by the head and guided him to what she really wanted. He took the hint that teasing was out the window and began kissing her pussy from top to the bottom, every time he kissed she moaned in desperation.

Finally inserting his tongue as far inside as he could reach. By this time, she was breathing very hard and was rubbing and massaging her young breast. Chris just continued with caring passion eating his girlfriend for all he was worth. He inserted one finger into her dripping wet pussy, as he moved up and gently attached himself to her love button and began a gentle sucking with alternating licking.

Erin began feeling herself building a fire in her toes and quickly spread to her stomach she knew it was time. She wrapped her legs around his head and held him in place with her hands as she arched her back and screamed out in pure pleasure and ecstasy.

As Her breathing returned to normal, All she could so is look at Chris and she said “wow, wam, over the right field wall, its gone” “I think I saw fireworks, I love you so much Chris” took him in her arms and kissed him deeply, tasting herself in the process. Chris said “We better get dressed and get back to camp, I’m tired”. “Oh no you don’t, you don’t make me feel like that and then whimp out without giving me a long hard loving”.

She picked up her shorts and pulled her shirt on and stepped into her shorts, stuffing her panties and bra into her pocket. Chris looked at her and asked “aren’t you going to put your underwear on”? Erin giggled “no it’s just less to take off this way when we get to bed”. After the two dressed the two marched off to camp excited for the night ahead of them.

Upon reaching camp, noticing the fire had died down to mere ashes, Erin led Chris to the tent. “I guess mom and dad went to bed” she said. Chris just nodded and zipped the tent up. As he turned around he found his girlfriend laying there completely naked with her arms raised calling him to her.

He Laid down with her and kissed her. “Are you sure we should do this your parents are just across the camp”? Erin kissed him and said “I don’t care I’ve waited all week for this” and reached into his pants caressing his dick, feeling it harden in her hand. “Come on lets get you out of these, I want you naked with me”. Chris pulled off his shirt as she unzipped his pants and pushed them to his knees and finally off.

The two lovers laid together nude savoring every feeling and touch and kiss. Chris was stroking her side, while she stroked his arm. Erin looked Chris in the eye, while her hand traced down his side to his hip with her finger tip, until she reached his dick which she found fully hard and throbbed under her touch. She pulled her right leg up lying on her left side and pulled his dick until she felt it rubbing her slit. Causing her to moan into Chris’s mouth loudly. Chris sucking and kissing her neck moaned feeling her heat against his cock, just inches away from where it truly wanted to be.

Erin giggled “Someone wants to play, and that person is ME!!!!!” pushing him onto his back and quickly rolling on top of him before he could say anything grabbed his cock, lifted up and adjusted herself until the tip of his cock was at her entrance and then slowly lowered herself moaning in ecstasy until she felt herself full. “Oh god, Chris you feel soo wonderful inside me, I don’t ever want you to forget how much I love this feeling”. She began to raise herself up and slowly bring herself back down. “Oh I know, I love this too Erin, I love making love to you. I want to do it forever”. “Forever is a long time big boy” Erin responded in between moans. She continued fucking him until she felt weak in her legs. She looked at Chris and said “Your turn, do me”.

Chris rolled Erin over without even disembarking himself from her tight warm pussy. Now situated, he pushed into her giving a great moan. “Oh God Erin” “God you feel soo warm and so wonderful”. Erin just smiled; she loved the look on his face when he was fucking her. As he continued thrusting into her, she reached down between them and began massaging her button and feeling his dick sliding in and out of her. Chris lowered his head and began sucking her breast.

“Oh My Chris, you’re going to make me cum all too soon. Please keep going”. Chris increased his pace and slapping sounds could be heard as he impaled himself into her. Erin lifted her legs and rested them on Chris’s shoulders allowing him to go deeper and deeper every thrust. With her ass in the air Chris got an idea and reached between them got his finger slick with her juice, then reached around her leg and slowly inserted his first finger into her ass. Erin squealed “Chris!!! What are you ….Aaahhhh oohh that feels soo good”

Chris asked her “do you like that? “Ohh yes ….what…made you…do that”? Chris said he didn’t know just wanted to in between thrust. “Oh god Chris, I think I’m gonna OH YES!!!! I’m going to cum, cum with me Chris” she whispered to him. Chris kept thrusting harder and harder every time. Erin reached between them grabbed his balls and began to massage them. “Come on Chris I want you to cum, cum with me, …OHHH God Cum deep inside me please”. Chris began to feel his oncoming orgasm.

“Oh Yes Erin, I’m going to cum, GOD I feel it!!!” “I …Love you...Er...” He couldn’t continue. Erin Grabbed him pulled him to her and moved her legs from around his shoulders to his waist, locking her legs around him and kissing him deeply. Nothing but pure love sounds where emanating from the tent for the entire forest to hear. Erin looked desperately into his eyes “God, please cum I can’t wait much more”. Chris continued his pace feeling it in his toes “Erin….Oh God here I cum, I’m ….gonna...Cu…..AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” “Oh god yes I can feel it Chris, I’m Cumming too” She kissed him to keep from screaming out as she felt his hot semen shooting into her womb.

As both returned to earth from their mind blowing orgasms, Chris slowly continued to push into Erin. “Oh Erin I love you soo much. I wish we could do this all the time” “I know me too, I wish we could forever too” Erin responded still out of breath. A few moments later Chris tried to pull out of his lover. “No! stay here I want you to stay in me for a bit”. Chris just lay back down onto Erin and rolled them both over with her on top, holding himself inside her. “There that way I’m not crushing you” Erin kissed him and then laid her head on his shoulder, with his softening dick still within her drifted off to a deep sleep, Chris feel asleep shortly after as well. Neither woke until the early morning.

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This story is nice. Its romantic and cute with real feeling. Since you're good at drawing from life experiences, I suggest you continue to do so. Your first interracial encounter, current girlfriend, your wedding night.... Stick with real life and you'll be good!

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