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Almost Cumming Over.

For those of you who have read two of my previous stories entitled, ‘CAUGHT IN THE ACT’ and ‘ALMOST TOO LATE’, you will know the background of the tale I am about to recount to you.

It was some fourteen months ago that Paul, Antoinette and Calen {pronounced K-Len} left for Ireland.

Apart from the occasional phone call requesting help for his PC, I hardly heard from Paul or his family, until four weeks ago. Out of the blue I got an email from him which rather intriguingly read.

“Hi Ray, Just wanted to tell you that Antoinette and I have become parents again, I apologise for the delay in telling you but Antoinette want to wait till all the arrangements had been made. Well if you’re free for a long week end in two weeks time we would like you to come over to Ireland as our guest! Please say you will come and a special request from Antoinette for you to be you’re most masterful! Signed Paul.”

I immediately replied that I would be happy to be their guest, by the way you failed to tell me what you had, a boy or a girl!

With in the hour the news came back with the message that they had given birth to a bouncing baby girl, and had decided to call her Ramona. The date they gave me for her birthday led me to believe the happy consummation was the night we had the fun before they left for Ireland. I even allowed myself the luxury of believing that Ramona was the nearest female name to Raymond.

Next day my ticket confirmation was emailed and I was to pick up the tickets at Heathrow airport and fly to Shannon airport where Paul would meet me. Suspecting a weekend of fun I made sure to pack my fun case with the soft silk ropes and the leather paddles and handcuffs. I also added an assortment of vibes and butt plugs.

On the date of my flight I rushed to the airport and almost froze in panic as what would happen if they decided to open my cases in customs or passed it through a scanner and saw the contents, I was surely going to look like a right pervert. But luck was on my side for I did not have to open the case and nothing was said as I collected it so I breathed a sigh of relief.

Coming out of Shannon airport, I was met by Paul in his 4x4 Mitsubishi, and soon we were leaving the town behind and heading into the rural areas. Suddenly Paul’s mobile rang and using his hands free kit on speakerphone I heard Antoinette asking if I had arrived yet. I interrupted Paul by announcing I was in the car with him, when I saw a sign which said parking area one quarter of a mile. I quickly told Antoinette to call back in ten minutes.

I ordered Paul to pull into the parking area and he was instructed to remove his shorts and pants before climbing back into the driving seat, naked from the waist down. Once underway again I started to call Paul by my pet name for him of Pauline boy pussy. I noticed that after only once of referring to him by this name his cock began to stiffen.

I soon reached over and grasped his balls in my hand, his cock jerked as I did so and I threatened to squeeze the life out of his bollocks.

“Master please don’t, I will do what ever you tell me too!” he begged.

I ordered him to wank himself slowly but not to cum as he continued driving us to his home. Suddenly the return call from Antoinette came through, again it was put on speaker phone and I instructed Paul to tell his wife what he was doing at this very moment of driving me to meet her.

“Antoinette, Master Ray has me naked from the waist down and I am driving one handed whilst I wank my worthless cock slowly” he mumbled. “Master says he can’t wait to see your new sized tits and hopes you have shaved your slutty cunt as you know he likes!”

I heard Antoinette moan as Paul told her this and I asked if she was already playing with my Bitch’s cunt and was it as wet as I remembered it from the night before they left!

Antoinette managed a groaned “OH yes!” before the phone went dead.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at a farm style house with a yard and lots of out buildings. I was taken aback for I knew Paul and Antoinette both still worked in the health services, so why did they feel the need to have a farm.

As we entered the yard, I spotted Antoinette watching for us from the window and I made sure that Paul parked his side on to her so she could see him as he emerged from the car, this way she would see that what he had described on the phone was true.

Soon Antoinette and I embraced and I felt her larger pliant breasts pressing against my chest. I recalled fondly how her tits were so sensitive and heavy, but now they were at least two sizes bigger and the tell tale wet spots left me with no doubt that she was still lactating. I asked where Calen and Ramona were and was told that her parents had agreed to take them for the week end to allow the three of us to have an uninterrupted reunion.

I seriously doubted that her parents would have been told the full nature of the reunion or for that matter our relationship. I turned to Paul and said, “Pauline, my little boy pussy, why are you still stood there, you know your place is standing in a corner facing the wall unless told otherwise!”

Paul immediately apologised and moved over to the corner, his shorts and pants still around his ankles. I then turned to Antoinette and demanded to see her tits, she quickly shed her blouse and nursing bra, and her nipples were already erect and inviting and despite the increase in size there appeared no sag in her tits. I looked down towards her cunt and nodded. Immediately she hiked her skirt up showing a complete lack of panties and in particular pussy hair. Her cunt lips were already swollen and opening with her erect clit just beginning to poke its head out.

I asked if she was still breast feeding Ramona and when she replied that she was although this week end Ramona would be bottle fed, she suddenly blushed when I asked if anyone else was breast feeding as well. All too quickly she nodded and mentioned Paul’s name. I prompted further by saying and anyone else….

Now a bright shade of red an embarrassed Antoinette admitted that since Ramona was born Calen had seen her on numerous times breast feeding his sister and had asked why he could not also enjoy the feeling. So she had ended up allowing Calen to suck her breasts but only after Ramona had been fed. Paul suddenly shot round and said “So that’s why some night’s you having denied me the chance of sucking your tits!”

Antoinette admitted that some days Calen had sucked her nipples sore and it was on those occasions when Paul was denied.

I ordered Paul to remove the rest of his clothes and then sent him to make me a cup of tea, whilst he was gone I had Antoinette remove the remainder of her clothes and sit on my knee as we talked. Five minutes later Paul returned with my tea and I soon sent him off to fetch two empty glasses. Upon his return I handed on glass back to him and Instructed him to return to the corner and wank his cock off into the glass, I stressed that he should continue to do so until his cock refused to get hard again. Cuckold Paul meekly trotted off to the corner and his hand became a blur as he wanked his cock off. I informed him I wanted to hear him count his climaxes.

I turned back to Antoinette and informed her that whilst I drank my tea, she was to express her milky tits into the glass. Soon her hands encompassed her lovely firm tits and streaks of greyish white milk was splashing against the side of the glass and falling into a growing pool of baby milk in its base. In between my sips of tea I would tell her what a good little horny slut of a whore she was and her wimp husband would soon be using his big troublesome mouth to good use on my cock, preparing it for her over sexed cunt or arse.

Meanwhile Paul groaned, “One……..oh” as he came into the glass. After his final spurt I had him show us the glass, there was about two teaspoons of white sticky mess on the side of the glass and it was slowly slipping to the bottom. I belittled him by declaring “I am only here for the weekend and at this rate you will be stuck there wanking for all that time, why the hell should I wait for him to fill the glass, maybe I should send him out naked to find a bull to wank off and collect its spunk mixed with his own in the glass.”

Paul took the stern words on board and began doubling his efforts to fill the glass with his spunk.

I by now had slipped my hand between Antoinette’s spread legs and was lazily stroking her cunt and clit. I whispered that I was in the mood to fuck her cunt and arse with alternate strokes until I came in one or the other and laughed as I suggested that Paul could them lick my sperm form which ever hole got filled. My talking although quiet was loud enough for Paul to hear and served to spur him on even further as his hand was now a blur.

Paul gasped out a two and two of my fingers found there way into his wife’s cunt up to second knuckle as she also began rocking on my lap. Her fingers working the nipples of her tits like an experienced milk maid and her streams of milk like little rivers hit the sides of the glass and soon had this glass half full.

Paul was still continuing to stroke his cock as Antoinette’s first orgasm hit her and she screamed my name begging me to give her horny cunt the fucking it needed. I asked why my cock and not her husbands and she screamed that his small worthless cock did not fill her like my one did and she craved a deep, deep fucking. Only I could give her. I glanced over towards Paul and he almost cringed to hear his wife berate his man hood like that.

Soon Paul had climaxed for the fourth and last time and his poor little worn out cock would not stand to attention any more. He asked for permission to show me the amount of spunk he had collected and was soon stood beside me holding out this quarter filled glass. I looked at it, smelt it and asked Antoinette to do the same. She did so and said what a piddling little amount; it was a wonder that he was the father of Ramona with such small amounts. She even hinted that I could be Ramona’s real dad after all my spunk like me had to be stronger than Paul’s.

I turned to her and said “OH, with out doubt Ramona is Paul’s daughter for I had a vasectomy thirty years ago after my second son, Stuart was born, so therefore I could not have made her pregnant!” Paul smirked at this until I caught him out and told him that it may be his puny little spunk that created Ramona’s life but that still did not make him a man, for his true station in life was as a cock sucker preparing a real cock to fuck his wife!

I instructed Antoinette to stand up and made Paul lay face down over my lap, his soft cock trapped between him and my thigh, I then proceeded to spank him harshly with eighteen spanks for showing disrespect to my fucking whore of a slut!

Once he stood back up I told him to recycle his spunk, and made a big deal about him opening his mouth pouring the contents of the glass unto his mouth then he was to swirl the cum around inside his mouth making sure to coat all of his tongue before opening his mouth to show me. I then ordered him to swallow his own spunk and allowed him to wash it down with a glass of Antoinette’s breast milk.

After A light meal we retired to the master bedroom, where Paul was bound to the foot of the bed by his hands and his feet and he was forced to watch me mount his eager and horny wife. My arse must have risen with in eight inches of his face as I slowly and forcefully fucked my slutty Antoinette’s cunt. I was on the verge of shooting when I pulled out and twisted my body in time to fire my spurts of spunk in the direction of Paul’s face. Splatter after splatter hit him from his fore head down to his chin. I grabbed my camera and let loose a volley of snaps. I then had Antoinette go back to milking her tits and took loads of pictures of her spraying milk from her nipples.

I thrust my cock into Paul’s face and ordered him to suck it clean, all the time telling him that he would have to work harder to even become a half decent cocksucker. As my cock returned to steely life, I then had Antoinette get on her hands and knees as I knelt behind her. In between her licking clean Paul’s face I had her describing my cock as it pushed passed her sphincter muscle.

She gasped “Oh Paul, Master Ray’s cock is halfway up my arse and feels absolutely wonderful, his cock really fills me far more than your wimpy specimen.” Paul retaliated with “Shut the fuck up, bitch and just do what your fucking good at and take cock up your arse!”

Although this seems a little harsh on his part it was said with a huge smile on his face. I added to the moment by telling him, he was only jealous because my slut was getting that which he wished he could be having.

The rest of the weekend was an endless rolling session for fuck and suck, on one occasion Paul was taking my cock up his arse as Antoinette was sucking his cock and pulling harshly on his balls. When he shot I felt his prostrate gland throbbing and this set me off shooting my spunk into the condom covering my cock. Paul quickly seized the condom as I pulled my cock clear and he swallowed the contents in one swift movement.

Unfortunately before too long my weekend was over and Monday afternoon after a leisurely fuck with my slutty Antoinette I had to leave, I promised them I would email them copies of the photographs and provisionally arranged a return trip only this time at my house in London. I never did get to see the new baby Ramona.

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