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Hi, I'm Vicky.

Tonight, my drunk mom got fucked by a dyke with a strap-on, who then ordered her to eat my little 13-year-old cunt. By the time we got through that ordeal and escaped from the lesbian bar it was raining. Raining hard. We dashed beneath a store-front awning before the rain could ruin my deceiving makeup. Still, I checked my reflection in the store window.

Not to worry, I told myself. I still looked about 20 or so, with the eye shadow and the lipstick. And my pretty red dress was still the bomb. I could see my brown nipples and my black thong through the sheer fabric. And my bare butt. Mom was looking hot too, in her short white dress and heels. I asked her how she was doing and she gave me a sleepy smile. To my surprise she was holding a bottle of wine. How she got it I don't know, but she wasn't about to turn it loose. She sipped from it--washing my cunt juice from her mouth, no doubt--while we caught our breath.

The rain was cleansing some of the filth from the street, even the bums and hookers had disappeared into the shadows. There was no traffic, no cabs or buses. Just the peaceful rain.

What was I doing here? Oh, yeah. I remember. I wanted to have a night out. To be a grownup and do grownup things. To be naughty. Something to brag about at school. Only, I was too chicken shit to do anything on my own. So I tricked my mom into coming with me. With my mom beside me, I could be anything. Do anything. I could have a ball. Once drunk, she'd do anything I say. Without questioning. The problem is, to keep her from doing what others say. And lately, that's been a big problem. If it keeps up, my mom is going to be the biggest slut in town.

Control, I told myself. I needed to do a better job of controlling things, or else my mom's pussy was going to be very sore.

Did I say that there was no traffic? Wrong. A single car turned the corner and moved slowly towards us, its headlights slicing through the darkness and turning the rain drops silver. I blinked my eyes in the glare and reached for my mom's hand.

The cadillac pulled up to the curb in front of us. (Cadillac? Wow!) Its windshield rolled down. A ghost-like hand reached out and beckoned. And like some damned fool, I went, pulling my mom with me.

I kept telling myself that it was just some lost soul wanting directions, or a kind stranger offering a couple of stranded chicks a ride home. It was possible.

The door opened as we approached, and I bent over to look inside. There was only one occupant. An elderly man sat behind the wheel. He was bony, with a bit of a belly. His hair was white as snow. His suit and tie were immaculate. His harmless grin put me at ease.

"Hop in," he said, "before you get soaked. I won't bite." He pointed his bony hand to the empty luxurious seat beside him.

It wasn't just a caddy, it was a gold caddy, with black leather seats. And it had that new-car smell.
I couldn't resist. Besides, he was a harmless old man, I told myself. My mom and I both squeezed into the front passenger seat, with my skinny butt nearest the window. He drove off while I was still admiring his hot car.

"It's a good thing you came by when you did," I told him, finally. "I wasn't sure how we were going to get home."

"Home!" he said, with a crazy laugh. "The night's still young. This is no time to be going home--this is the time to party."

"Party?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"An old army buddy is turning 70 at midnight. A few of us are gathered over at the hotel to help him celebrate. No big deal. A few drinks. A few laughs. It'll be a fun night. You'll enjoy yourselves." He then reached over and, with a chuckle, patted my mom's bare thigh. She was too drunk to notice.

Party, I told myself. Now we're talking. This crazy night might turn out to be fun afterall. I could play grownup all night. Drink. Goof off. Go wild.
No one would know I was only 13. And I'm sure there was nothing to fear from this nice old man. "Sure," I said, "why not. Let's party!"

"That's the spirit," he said. "By the way, I'm Ben. Just sit back and relax, we'll be there soon."

But I was too excited to relax. I couldn't wait to play grownup at a grownup party. My friends would
shit. I was so excited I yanked the wine bottle from my mom's hand and took a long swallow. Only when I gave it back did I notice that Ben's free hand had moved up beneath my mom's dress, delving between her open thighs. And mom didn't even care.

Dammit, mom! I thought to myself. You slut!

The hotel room turned out to be a motel room, in the same seedy neighborhood. But I was too dizzy from the wine to think twice about it. We piled out of the car, I pulling my mom by the hand; and she nearly tripped because her panties were halfway down her thighs. Ben had been pretty busy for an old geezer. I told her to pull them up, and she obediently did so. But she did it so drunkenly that she showed anyone who might have been watching, all of her goodies. Ben got an eyeful, as did the two or three men who were watching us from the motel window.

"Come on, ladies," said Ben as he placed an arm around each of our waists and guided our drunk asses through the door, "this way. Welcome to the party."

About a dozen men greeted us, all gathered in the main room, some in chairs, some sitting on the two beds, and the rest standing about. Some were wearing old military uniforms, some were not. All were drinking. All were drunk. All were old.

A table in the corner held cake and food and many bottles of alcohol. A cooler on the floor contained many cans of beer. One of these was thrust into my hand by a potbellied old geezer, who was looking right through my pretty red dress. I squeezed mom's hand as a tremor went through my loins.

"Well, boys, did I do good or did I do good?" said Ben. "I told you I'd bring back a couple of hookers to liven things up. And boy are they hot." He then shoved my mom and me into the middle of the room, where the men gathered around.

Hookers? I thought. Is that what he thinks we are? Is that what we looked like, standing under that store awning, trying to keep dry? I opened my mouth to say something, but someone immediately grabbed my hand and forced me to drink from the beer can. I choked and gagged as the beer ran down my throat, while the men cheered.

When the can was empty, the potbellied old geezer grabbed me from behind and held me close with his bear-like arms. His crotch dug into my butt through the thin dress. I was too woozy and too small to fight him off. My pussy started to heat up.

"Relax, sweetie," he said to me. "I'm Al. These are just a harmless bunch of old coots celebrating my birthday. And now you two can join the fun. I'm sure tonight will be no different from what you two have done a hundred times before. So just relax and have a few drinks and show us old veterans what exactly we were fighting for all them years." Then, to the others, he said: "This little bitty gal here is my personal birthday present. The rest of you can have fun with the older one." He then pulled me into the bathroom with him and shut the door, hopimg to have me all to himself.

Once inside, he spun me around and said, "Okay, you little slut. Show me what you got." He was strong and managed to pull my dress completely off of me before I could knee him in his nuts. He then fell back on his ass like a sack of potatoes and went to sleep against the tub, whether from the pain or the alcohol I didn't care.

But he had fallen on my dress and I couldn't get it free without ripping it. So I stood there in my mom's black thong and red fuck-me pumps, not knowing what the fuck to do, but knowing that if I went out there like this I'd be raped for sure. After all, to those old soldiers, I was a 20-year-old hooker, not a 13-year-old virgin.

A loud roar from the other room startled me. MOM!
I ran to the door, bent over and peeked through the keyhole. My mom was standing in the middle of the room, downing a bottle of something or another. Drunken cheers greeted her every gulp. They had removed her dress and underthings. She was wearing only her heels, and the thick black bush between her legs. "Drink, bitch!" someone shouted. And so she drank.

"Enough!" shouted someone else. She stopped drinking. "Get down on your hands and knees and crawl over here and suck my cock!" My mom did just as she was told, her lovely ass and hips swaying from side to side as she crawled over to the uniformed man, who was unzipping his trousers.

The room fell silent, all eyes on my mom. She took the dick that was offered her and sucked it into her mouth. She swallowed it nuts deep, grinding her nose into the man's hairy groin. Her cheeks bulged. She grunted. Then her head began bobbing back and forth, back and forth. Cheers rang out again.

She sucked and sucked, with the soldier's hands gripping the back of her head. Her own hands rested on the floor, steadying herself. Her ass jutted out behind her. Her big titties swung heavily beneath her. She just sucked on his cock like it was candy, while the others cheered her on.

Finally, she sucked out a thick load of spunk. The jizz flowed down her throat; I could see her swallowing. His cum was still shooting out of him when another man pulled her by her hair towards his own stiff prick and unceremoniously shoved it down her throat. She sucked some more, kept sucking and sucking, while that man cried out in blissful agony.

"Suck him, you slut!" They cried. "Suck that dick! Suck us all!"

Mom did as she was told. She sucked the cum out of that man's cock, swallowed most of it, them moved to the next. Sucking and sucking. Licking and licking. Swallowing and swallowing. My mom sucked her way around the room, taking in dick after dick, gobbling up cum.

They made her their bitch. Their slut. They sprayed her face and hair with their spunk. They manhandled her tits. They spanked her ass. They made her crawl to their cocks, like an animal. They rewarded her with load after load of jizz. Her face was soppng wet and her tits and ass were red with bruises when one of the men finally ordered her to roll over onto her back--as if she were a dog doing tricks.

My drunk mom immediately obeyed him. It was Ben. Ben, now naked, jumped between my mom's wide-spread legs and started humping her. "Fuck me, bitch!" he cried, as his bony white ass rose and fell between her thighs. "Let me feel your heat!"

Ben fucked my mom like she was a whore. He rammed his cock in and out of her hairy cunt hole. His balls battered her inner thighs and her cunt lips. His prick speared her pussy again and again. I coud hear him moaning as if he were on fire.

My mom, on her back, with the carpet beneath her, was holding on to his waist. She had her long legs wrapped around his back. She was bucking her ass up and down off the floor, meeting his every thrust. That old man was going to have a heart attack, for sure.

But he didn't have a heart attack, he had an orgasm. He blew his wad deep in her hot cunt, shivered all over, then collapsed atop her. The crowd cheered.

"Fuck me, now!" shouted another man, hastily discarding his uniform.

Without a word, mom wriggled out from beneath old Ben and thrust her hairy pussy towards the other ex-soldier. He dived on top of her as if she were a pool of water, and quickly sunk his prick into her depths. Her heat made him cry out. But he fucked her relentlessly, driving his cock in and out of her pussy.

She fucked him right back, bucking her ass up and down wildly. Flesh-slapping noises filled the room. Nasty wet sucking noises could also be heard. The old soldier never had it so good. My mom's heat was making him crazy.

He fucked her and fucked her until he blew his wad into her cunt. I saw him shiver. I saw her shiver too, as his cum sprayed her cunt. Then he fell off of her, gasping for air.

Another army buddy took his place between my mom's open legs. As soon as he rammed his cock home, my mom began bucking like a bronco, sending his aged body this way and that. To his credit, he held on tight to her titties and rammed the shit out of her pussy. They fucked and fucked, wetly and nastily. Fucking noises again filled the air. Screaming for mercy, he was soon down for the count, shooting his spunk into my mom before rolling off of her.

Before I could blink, another veteran climbed into my mom's hairy saddle, which by now was extremely sloppy, and began pounding her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast, no doubt enjoying her tremendous heat. She gave him, too, the ride of his life, taking his hard thrusts deep into her cunt hole, while bucking her ass and hips madly. They fucked wetly and sloppily, until he filled her cunt with his own cum.

War veteran after war veteran took his turn between my mom's open legs. They fucked her one after another, each and every one of them getting a piece. By the time the last of them was spent, my mom had a steady stream of white spunk oozing out of her pussy and forming a puddle on the carpet. Her white body glistened with sweat. Her black mane of hair was tangled about her head. She was panting heavily, her breasts rising and falling with every breath.

What I had witnessed left me gasping for my own breath. I staggered away from the keyhole, aware of an intense hunger in my cunt. I couldn't control it. I had to feed it. I looked about and noticed old Al, still sitting on the floor against the bathtub. And still unconscious.

In a fever, I stripped off my thong then yanked down Al's trousers and shorts. I grasped his shoulders, straddled his half-naked body and lowered myself down into his lap.

A few strokes of my hand and a little nudging with my pussy made his old dick stiffen right up. Holding it steady by its root, I worked my pussy down upon that swollen purple head. Shivers shot through me. I gasped aloud. But I quickly controlled myself and worked that fat piece of meat into my little sopping wet hole.

It fit nicely. A snug fit. And oh, so hot. I pushed my skinny body downwards and, grimacing mightily, popped my own cherry.

It hurt like hell. But it felt good, too. Real good. Even with the pain shooting through my loins, I happily worked my little pussy all the way down Al's fat shaft, until my ass rested upon his balls.

I came immediately, flooding those hairy balls with my juices. But I didn't end it there. I started sliding my pussy up and down that big dick, working it, learning as I went. That greasy fuck pole scorched my young cunt, and I, no doubt, burned his meat. I went up and down up and down, fucking him like a pro, like the hooker he wanted me to be. My little tits rubbed against his chest. My flat stomach slid along his pot belly. My smooth little ass toyed with his big hairy balls. I fucked and fucked, with my head thrown back, my eyes shut. A kid playing grownup.

After what seemed like hours I came again, this time spasming hard, trembling all over, drenching old Al's lap with my hot young juices, before collapsing against him with my arms around his big belly. At that moment, somewhere in the neighborhood, bells chimed midnight.

Al awoke and blinked out the cobwebs. His eyes soon focused on me, and a big grin slowly formed on his face. "Happy birthday!" I said. Then, I said: "Do you suppose you can give my mom and me a ride home? Believe me, it's a bitch trying to find a cab or a bus this time of night. And I should have been in bed hours ago."


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