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Nursing angel or horny devil.

The story I am about to relate took place some years ago.

I had badly hurt my spine in a motoring accident, this led me to spend three weeks in hospital having a bone graft done, to prevent further damage to my spine.

On my first day of the hospital stay, I met Nurse J. Johnson or Jo as she preferred to be called. She came to take all my details upon my arrival. Immediately I noticed her accent was not from London, in fact it sounded a lot like my own being from South Yorkshire, It turned out that Jo was from Doncaster and I was from Sheffield only 18 miles away.

This led to us striking up an instant rapport; she asked me, “So how come you live in London?”

“I came to London in 1976; to teach the southerner’s some manners, as the job is not finished I am stuck!” I jokingly replied.

Having acquired the information she needed for my hospital file, she disappeared but every time she passed she gave me a broad smile. Now, when I was alone, this was not a problem, in fact it was quite ego boosting, but it was a little problematic when my wife was around. I suppose I better describe Jo at this point and you can decide for your self if such a female giving you broad smiles and hints of promiscuity would boost your ego as well.

Jo stood five foot ten inches tall, with shoulder length blonde hair, her petite frame was highlighted by her firm bust, I figured they were 38 D. Even in her white nurses uniform she looked ravishing.

When Jo finished her shift, she made a point of coming to say goodbye and walked smack bang into my wife. After she had left with a devilish smirk on her face, I was given the third degree by my wife as to who was she and how did I know her. I tried so calmly and delicately that I had first met her only that day and we felt like kindred spirits because of coming from two towns so close to each other. Karen my wife was not best pleased but accepted my explanation.

When my wife left, within five minutes Jo walked into the ward and made a bee line for my bed. Now Jo looked ravishing in her nurse’s uniform but she blew my mind as she now sat bedside my bed wearing a short skimpy skirt, her legs seemed to go on forever and I even saw a merest hint of her lacy panties. She wore a low cut top which more than demonstrated the deep cleavage she had.

For the next half hour we chatted like we had known each other for years. Even when the duty nurse announced the end of visiting time, Jo remained seated. The duty nurse approached my bed as if to chastise my visitor for not leaving but when she recognised my visitor as nurse Johnson, she merely drew the curtains around my bed. She whispered that it would stop the other patients complaining about any special treatment.

Jo moved her seat closer to my bed and in doing so showed me her panties fully covering her cunt lips. Next she took me by surprise as she began telling me about the forth coming operation tomorrow, as she spoke her hand snaked beneath my sheets and soon rested on my upper thigh. She leaned forward and asked if I would like a shower tonight as there would not be time tomorrow. The way she said it, implied that she would be there to help me and her hand suddenly grasped my cock. She purred as she gently stroked my thickening cock.

Reluctantly, I declined her offer, not because I did not want to shower with her but I was not sure how it would be managed without word getting back to my wife. Jo said she understood and again took things a stage further by throwing back my sheets and promptly beginning to give me a blow job. I held my breath for fear of tipping my neighbouring patients of something unto wards happening. Although I was not able to stifle a moan as her tongue lashed the underside of my cock and she slid a finger up to my anal ring, lightly scratching it with her nail sending tremors of excitement racing deep with in my cock.

I suddenly placed my hands behind her head and pushed it down on to my cock as mt spunk erupted into her eager mouth. Jo swallowed every drop and even licked her lips when she finally raised her head, saying “I knew you would taste delightful, a true Yorkshire cream!”

Jo then kissed me full on the lips and slipped her coated tongue into my mouth and just before she slipped out of the cubicle she whispered, “Good night my Yorkshire stud!”

That night my dreams were filled with lewd thoughts of my nurse charming and the sexy fun I had missed out on in the shower. All too soon it was morning and the night nurse’s last action before leaving was to prepare me for my operation. Then at the nurses change over I saw my blowjob giving nurse Jo. She smiled and blew me a kiss as she passed.

Later Jo escorted my bed from the ward down to the theatre and as we waited to go into the theatre she slipped her hand in mine as she told me that she was going to be assigned my medical case for the duration of my hospital stay. Whilst we were alone, Jo cheekily kissed me full on the lips, I jokingly enquired if it was true what I had heard about what nurse’s wore beneath their uniform. She gave me a sly grin and said “Now that would not be a good idea for me to tell you right now as you are going to be under general anaesthetic whilst they carried out the surgery but she promised to tell me later and hinted if I was a good boy she might just show me as well.

Shortly afterwards I was injected and slipped into a restful sleep, four hours later I was coming out of theatre and starting to come around. I was carefully wheeled back to the ward. In my euphoric state I only saw blurred images passing before my eyes, I was aware of a dull pain in my lower back and the morphine kept it to a tolerable level.

As my anaesthea wore off and my wits returned, I was informed that I would need bed rest for another three weeks. In fact it was stressed that I would not be allowed to get out of bed for the whole three weeks. Jo gave me that knowing look as she told me that she would be turning me over every three hours to avoid bed sores.

With a beaming sexy smile, Jo informed me that she would be my day nurse for the next three days before switching to night duty after two days off. She continued by saying I will be looking after you on nights too.

Every thing was fine for the next day although I must confess I did have an uncomfortable night, but the sight of my sexy nurse soon had my spirits raised. Jo announced she was about to give me a bed bath as I would not be allowed to go to the bathroom. With the curtains drawn around the bed, she prepared for giving me my bed bath. She took a delightfully long time washing my cock and even longer when it came to drying it. She quickly dipped her head and kissed the crown of my cock and promised me that she would be easing any tension it maybe feeling real soon.

The hours seemed to drag by real slow, Visiting time was not much better as I had to try to avoid Jo’s smiles and winks whilst my wife was sat there. After my wife had left, Jo came over and I admonish her for putting me in the position of embarrassment.

She laughed at her naughtiness causing me problems and took delight in my discomfort when I asked her for a bottle as I needed too pee. She brought the bottle and told me to relax whilst she held it in place for me. As I pee’d into the bottle she slyly rubbed the back of her hand against my cock and was soon sliding a hand down around my balls.

Whether it was the medication or just something about being in hospital but my cock never reacted to her ministrations, although mentally I was leaping through hoops.

When Jo got to her days off I expected to go the two days without seeing her but on both days she made sure my wife, Karen, had left before coming to visit me. She always stayed much later than the permitted visiting hours and always found a reason to feel my cock or flash me a view of her panties.

By the Second week of my prolonged stay I too was enjoying some groping action, for I was seizing the opportunities to feel her cunt through her panties and only last night she turned up with a slightly longer length of skirt, As I slipped my hand up her skirt I was greeted by the wet aroused lips of her cunt. The little minx had helped my cause by leaving off her panties. I quickly began to finger her as she eagerly stroked my cock and as she began her climax she swallowed my cock to prevent moans being over heard.

This time my cock reacted and for the fourth or fifth time since being admitted she swallowed my load and as always French kissed me immediately afterwards.

Then three days before I was to be allowed home, during the day I asked if I could have a shower instead of a bed bath. Nurse Jo promised to ask my doctor if I may be allowed. She returned later with the decision that I could have the shower provided I was not left alone in the shower room. Quickly nurse Jo collected my bathing things and carefully helped me to the shower room.

As she locked us in she turned to me and said “Remember you asked what a nurse wears beneath her uniform, well you are about to find out first hand!”

She made me sit in the chair as she slowly removed her nurse’s uniform and displayed her self supporting stockings, half cup bra and French knickers. I was mesmerised that this lady who had nursed me for the last three weeks was now stripping off for my pleasure and displaying her slutty side as she did so.

As soon as she was naked she helped me stand, pressing her tits into me as she did so, quickly I was as naked as she was and we both stepped into the shower. She took great delight in soaping up my cock and I likewise took as much delight in soaping her cunt as I devoured her tits, licking and nibbling her nipples as she abandoned ourselves to our pleasures and the shower became secondary.

We were soon brought back to earth as a loud rapping on the door threatened to end our fun prematurely. Jo called out rather breathlessly and another nurse reminded her that the doors were not very sound proof. Jo laughed out aloud and said thanks.

From then she made sure to keep her groans and moans to a quieter level and loved it when I slipped my cock deep into her cunt under the flowing streams of the shower. As I fucked her as hard as I dared what with my back op, she begged me to spray my spunk over her slutty tits.

She loved it as the hot white spunk hit her face and dripped down on to her tits. Reluctantly we drew our session to a close and she helped dry me before assisting me back to bed. As she tucked me in she whispered it was great thanks, and slipped me a piece of paper with her telephone number on.

After being allowed home, I underwent convalescence, and after six weeks of this I was bored and suddenly remembered the phone number. Having found it out I dialled it and asked for Jo only to be told she had left and was now believed to be working in Yorkshire.

I still have not decided if my Nursing angel was a true angel or just a horny Devil.

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