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07-16-2008, 09:12 AM
Lana had been wondering if Will had even remembered her upcoming birthday. Not that she was really concerned with them any more, but he had hinted at something special only the month before. The weather was warming and she had began enjoying the sunshine on the back deck, even sunbathing on the warmer days. Today was such a day. The temperature was quite warm for April and the bright sun shone down , heating the deck nicely. Lana turned 45 today, but still displayed a voluptuous figure with a little bit of rounded tummy and large , full breasts that ended in large, dark nipples that were constantly erect. Her red, brown hair was shoulder length and peppered with gray. Lana loved to lie on the deck, her legs spread , and the sun warming her pouty pussy lips and erect clit. Spreading a large towel on the lounger, Lana stretched lanquidly, enjoying the warmth. Living in the country had it's advantages and soon she had shed her t-shirt, exposing her full breasts to the sun. Lying on her back , Lana slid her shorts down and off, leaving herself naked, and draping her left leg from the side of the louge chair began to stroke her hands down her body, across her breasts, stomach to her moist slit.Watching the clouds cross the sky, Lana watched as birds soared high above and giggled to herself as a low flying private plane passed overhead and then circled to get a better look. As her fingers flicked across her erect clit and slipped inside her moist pussy ,she heard a car pull into the drive and she waited for Will to join her.

Her eyes were closed against the bright sun as she heard the patio door slide open and she did not even open them as Will leaned over her, cupping her left breast and flicking his tongue across her erect nipple. Moaning , Lana pushed into him, pulling him down onto her. As his mouth trailed from her nipple, across her throat to her open mouth, Lana moaned, wanting much more and now getting more than she had expected. As Will kissed her, he paused long enough to lean to her ear and whisper, "Happy birthday, honey". At that moment, Lana was shocked to feel another pair of hands on her thighs. Bolting upright, she was shocked to see a tall, muscular naked black man standing beside the lounger, his thick, long cock now only starting to become erect. Holding a finger to her lips, Will quietly said, " We've talked about this long enough. Now you can enjoy the two men at once that you have dreamed of, and another surprise will come later". Throwing her arms around Will's neck she moaned, saying, " God , thank you so much. What is his name?" Will laughed , saying his name didn't matter, he was only a toy and she could use him any way she wanted. Lana sat upright, her legs off either side of the lounge, her full breasts heaving, her open pussy already dripping wet, as she surveyed her toy. Grasping his still flaccid cock, she pulled him forward, licked the bulbous end and flicking her tongue over it's impressive length, said, "Ok, from now on your name is Rod". Seeing the Will had also she his clothes, Lana lay back on the low lounger, her back arching, as ached in anticipation.

Lana now moaned loadly as two hot mouths found her mouth and pussy simultaneously. As Will's tongue flicked across her lips and into her open mouth, Rod's sinuous tongue flicked across her pearly , erect clit as his hands spread her legs further open , allowing him to fuck her wet , hot slit with one and then two thick fingers.Hands roamed freely across her body, causing her to tremble and gasp at so much attention. As Rod continued to finger fuck her slit as he sucked and licked her aching clit, Lana felt an orgasm beginning to build . Wanting even more she pulled Will to her and as he leaned over her, she pulled his hard cock into her mouth at the same time that Rod probed deeply into her, massaging her g-spot at the same time he sucked on her clit, Lana came, her body bucking like a wild animal as she felt wave after wave sweep over her. As Will's cock filled her hot mouth, Lana pushed against Rod's mouth, squirting him with her own load of sweet cum. Pulling away from the men for a moment, Lana quickly got on to her knees and the men repositioned themselves without command. Sucking Will's hard cock into her hot mouth, Lana could only moan a low gutteral growl around the throbbing pole she was sucking as Rod , kneeling behind her ,rubbed the thick, mushroom head of his cock against her pouty pussy lips, parting them as with one stroke, he plunged deep inside her. Skewered between her two lovers, Lana's body was racked with spasm after spasm of pleasure as the two cocks pumped in and out. After a half hours constant fucking, Alana had experienced multiple orgasms and was feeling her knees, and legs quiver and shake. Suddenly, the men in unison pulled away from her and she slumped onto the lounge, spent. Rod laughed and said, " Not yet sweetie, there's more to come." Lana felt the men help her to her feet and she staggered slightly, her breasts swaying, the warm sun playing on her sweaty body. Rod now lay on his back on the deck, his long, rock hard cock standing upright. Will helped her straddle the man and parting her pussy lips with his fingers, watch and laughed as she dropped onto the monster, impaling herself in one motion. As she pushed against Rod , grinding her heaving breasts against his chest , Lana felt Will kneel behind her, and grasped as he rubbed the mushroom head of his stiff pole around her wet pussy lips and began to push it into her already filled hot slit. Moaning and squealing. lana pushed against the two men until Will's cock popped past Rod's massive dick sliding along it's length until both men were buried to the hilt. Then they began a rhythm and she squealed in pleasure, one alternating with the other, keeping one cock in her pussy at all times, then changing rhythm, with both cocks slamming into then out of her gaping , dripping hole as she came time after time. As she shuddered in orgasm Will pulled out and dropped a stream of cool, slippery lubricant onto her upturned butt. Working a little into her tight ass, Will rubbed the rest onto his hard tool and pushing gently, felt Lana push back against him as she moaned loudly, her voice quivering as she was filled with two throbbing , hard cocks separated by only a thin strip of flesh. Grinding against Rod as the two men fucked her rapidly, she screamed, "Yes..yess..fuck me harder..harder..fuck my ass deeper..." Within minutes, another intense orgasm racked her body and she collapsed onto Rod as the men continued to fuck her aching holes. As she drifted off, she did hear both men moan loudly , practically in unison as their throbbing cocks bucked, spewing spurt after hot, silky spurt of cum deep inside her. As she lost consciousness, Lana felt the softening cocks slip out of her gaping holes, trailed by streams of frothy cum and she heard Rod say, " Now for one last treat."

Lana awakened shortly, draped across the lounge chair. She saw the two men standing on either side of her and gasped when she felt a huge, soft tongue lapping the cum from her dripping pussy and ass. Pushing herself up on one elbow, Lana saw the huge head of a Great Dane buried between her thighs. " God, you guys, this is too much ", was all she could say before dropping back onto the lounger. As the dog continued to lick her, Lana could only moan and push into it. Moaning at the feel of the dog's tongue, her hands found the men's cocks on either side of her and she stroked them to erection while she was being pleasured by her new friend. As the trio became aroused again, Lana noted the dog's huge red cock had slid from it's sheath, already dripping cum. "Damn" she moaned , and crawling under the Dane and devoured his throbbing, red cock as deeply as she could, feeling the massive swollen knot against her lips. Feeling the hot, wet mouth sucking him off, the Dane stiffened and thrust rapidly in and out of Lana's mouth as Rod knelt behind her and again plunged to the hilt into her wet pussy. As Lana moaned loudly at the dual fucking, she felt the dog's cock stiffen and pulse as several loads of hot dog cum filled her mouth and throat. Feeling Rod pull from her spasming pussy, Lana crawled from under the dog and standing on rubbery legs, Lana pushed Will back unto the lounge and grabbing Rod's hard cock , looked at the men and said , "I want more of all of you.." Straddling Will's hard cock, Lana sat onto him, his pole sliding into her still hot, slick pussy in one stroke and pulling the Dane to her again, gasped as it mounted her, the huge thick cock thrusting deep into her hot ass. As she moaned feeling the dogs cock buried to the knot , she pulled Rod's manhood into her willing mouth sucking him deeply into her throat. As the three cocks filled her, pistoning in and out of her sometimes in unison , sometimes alternating, Lana felt one final orgasm well deep inside her , sweeping over her as the three cocks continued slamming into her, bucking and spewing three massive jolts of cum deep into her pussy, ass and mouth . Shuddering, she drifted to unconsciousness at being so fulfilled as she felt hands roam over her body and hard cocks continued to fuck her ass,mouth and pussy.

Awakening hours later still lying naked on the deck Lana stretched, watching the clouds overhead. Inside she heard Will, Rod and several others laughing as they watched something on TV. As she entered on wobbly legs, Lana saw that six men were watching her on TV being fucked repeatedly by Will, Rod, the dog and unknown to her, apparently at least four other men. Seeing Lana at the door, Will ushered her in as the men stood and applauded her. "Honey, I hope you don't mind, but the two guys I had filming your birthday party and the two that owned the dog asked to join in once we got the dog's knot out of you." Standing naked in their midst, Lana giggled and said, "Not at all, and as soon as we finish watching this, we're going back outside and I'm fucking all of you at the same time til none of you can stand". As she sat among the men and enjoyed the show as six pairs of hands caressed her, Lana was already imagining how it would feel to have a thick , hard cock in her mouth and ass as two more filled her pussy. But for now she sat and enjoyed the close up of the Dane's immense swollen cock knot as it filled her pussy and locked them together as the men continued to fuck her......

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Good story well written, thanks for sharing it here with us....

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Thanks for the addition...had to move it to illustrated since it is the only story forum that pictures are allowed in.

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nice picture and a hot story. thanks for writing it.

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good story

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Loved this story.Something about a woman with two men that grabs hold a won't let go. And then you throw in the dog. Hot. Thanks.

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love gangbangs, and loved your story.

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was good till the dog got throw in not my thing but a good story ty

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I would have loved to be the giver of the present.

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good story. I wish I was there!

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Been there and done that well written ty

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good story !!!