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The meeting of my pride.

Now for a number of years, Master Ray, I had been perfecting the art of dominating sub missive’s both male and female. Although I may move on to new trainees, I never lose contact with any of them. I am always there at the end of a phone or email if they need help or advice.

In fact the story I am about to relate to you came about because of one of my first sub missive trainee’s, Eleanor. She suggested a re-union of the pair of us at her large country house in Norfolk; she hinted she had a problem with her recent husband Jerry, which she would like my help to sort. Eleanor had done really well for herself, marrying a well to do man who could keep her in the lifestyle she would love to get used too.

Eleanor briefly explained that she was having trouble adjusting to her new role as his mistress as she always loved being the man’s slut sub, she begged for me to help as she knew Jerry wanted so desperately to be cuckolded properly. I expanded her suggestion of me coming down to inviting several of my past trainee’s for a week end jamboree.

I asked about her country home and discovered it had seven bedrooms, set in 3 acres of land, one acre of which was heavily wooded land which Jerry wanted to keep as a wild oasis for native animals. She coyly mentioned the woodland was secluded from any of the local roads but did point out that it had access right of ways running through it.

I explained my idea of inviting several subs and their partners down on a Friday till Sunday and we would take it from there. Eleanor excitedly asked how many was I thinking of and I hinted at invites for 11 people including me, her and Jerry. She instantly agreed even though she had no idea of who else would be invited. We set a preliminary date for a month’s time and I set about all the arrangements. Emailing all of his old sub missives; he emailed Katie and Roger, Eleanor’s old flat mates, Linda and Bob, Antoinette and Paul, the couple who moved to Ireland, Susie, and finally Charlady his current trainee.

[At this pint for those who have never read one of my other stories I better describe these people for you.]

Eleanor and Jerry.
Eleanor was 5 foot 10 inches tall in her mid thirties with long auburn hair and 38 D bust line to match her average build frame. From what I recalled of our original training she was best described as kinky and extremely horny with a sensitive clit. Jerry was new to me but from Eleanor’s description he was 5 foot 6 inches tall mid forties with fair hair and a boyish complexion although a little over weight.

Linda and Bob.
Linda was one half of a 6 foot tall couple, both fair haired and in their mid thirties, she was predominantly dominant around Bob but when seriously challenged she would retreat into her sub missive shelter and loved the harder aspects of spanking preferring a hard wooden hair brush back to the bare hand. Bob was the typical cuckolded male, sub missive to the point of over eagerness to accommodate his wife; he would do what ever she told him without hesitation or question.

Antoinette and Paul.
A late twenties couple, Antoinette was 5 foot 8inches tall with blonde hair and a 40 D tit size coming from breast feeding two children and a over sexed husband. Her particular passion was for her cunt to be licked for hours. On several threesomes with other females she had been happy to allow Paul to be the dominant partner although as a switch he was just as happy being dominated by another male. Paul was also 5 foot 8 inches tall slender build and bi sexual. He loved licking cunt as much as sucking cock. The couple were both general medical nurses.

Susie was a female switch, one time psychiatric nurse, she was definitely different from the other females for she was a BBW or big boned woman, and she weighed in at 20 stones and stood 5 foot 6 inches tall with jet black hair. She was dominant around females but had become sub missive around males. So much so she had stopped nursing and now hired herself out for safe sex with sub missive males at £1500 a day.

The youngest of the group at only 21 years of age, blonde haired she stood 6 foot tall average body with 36 D tits, she was into all kinds of things but loved anal and cock sucking with a definite passion.

Katie and Roger.
I have left this couple till last because; firstly they are not married and are different to the rest because they are not natural sub missives. No in fact Katie was the exact opposite until she clashed with me, when we first met I found her to be big headed and arrogant but son brought her down a peg or two. She stands 5 foot 11 inches tall raven haired a reasonably slender body but what tits, 44DD and so sensitive on the nipples. In fact her biggest climaxes usually came from having those nipples spanked with a leather paddle. Roger was something else, at 6 foot 2 inches he was unfortunately blessed with a temperament that would make Ghandi seem aggressive. Katie seized on this and made him carry out her kinky passions before he would be allowed to have fun himself. Roger shown showed a liking for having his arse full, whether it be of cock or toys did not matter to him. {Check out the early part of my story ‘ELEANOR’S DESCENT’}

With in a few days all eight email recipients had agreed to attend even though they did not know where they would be. Instead it was set up for them to meet at my place on Friday at 1 pm, no later. Between us we had hired a mini bus to take us down to Norfolk, and drove down to Huntington before they were all blindfolded to keep Eleanor’s address private, and I must admit that it must have looked pretty weird to any observant outsider for a nine party to be blindfolded except the driver of course.

From there it was a short journey to the house and we parked round the back in a large rear yard surrounded by a six foot high wooden fence. Eleanor ever the genial host came out to meet the minibus and stood laughing at the sight of eight people waiting to be told to remove their blindfolds. When they had disembarked from the bus and removed their eye coverings, the men were set off to take the luggage inside. Whilst the women stood around and began chatting getting to know their hostess; who was also eager to get to know her guests. Roger turned to ask Eleanor where the Luggage was to go and was shocked when I replied “In the first empty room you find for we will all be sleeping together in the living room.”

Eleanor led the whole party through to the dining room where she had graciously laid out some food and drinks. Here was Jerry waiting to pour teas and such like. It was clear from the off that Eleanor ruled the roost here for Jerry was dressed in a maid’s uniform including the frilly white apron and cap; His upper body was padded out to resemble tits. He often referred to Eleanor as mistress when ever he had to speak to her or answer a question. Eleanor in turn introduced me as her Master and his Grand Master, threatening him with dire punishments if he failed to obey me instantly.

After everyone had fed and watered, I turned to them all and laid out the rules for the week end. I began by telling them all to strip off completely as clothing would not be worn again until we were leaving. The guys did not seem to mind undressing in front of each other; that is except Jerry. He seemed to hesitate until a stern look from Eleanor jolted him into action. When he undressed he revealed he was wearing French knickers, self supporting stockings and a bra. I gave him a wolf whistle just to embarrass him further.

The women were slower to respond to my order to remove their clothing, but I figured it was a female thing about not wanting to reveal their blemish’s to each other; a quick “Well I am waiting!” soon had the clothes coming off.

When they were all stark naked, I split the group into males and females, making both sets form a circle with their backs to each other. The male circle, were then told to use their right hands to reach around and hold the cock of the guy to their right. They were then told the rules of this game, the first person to climax would be punished with three spanks from each of the females except the loser of their game, so 15 spanks in all. The guy who stroked the losing cock would be given a reward, to be decided later.

The female circle, were told to like wise take their right hand and insert two fingers inside the cunt of the person to their right and to finger fuck them to orgasm. The loser would be the first to climax and would receive four spanks from each of the men less the loser of course; making twelve spanks plus an extra three from the winning male making 15 in total. The winning female, i.e. the one causing the female’s orgasm would receive a reward decided later.

On the count of three they began, it was hilarious to watch as they tried to think of something to take their mind of their sexual organs being played with whilst trying to concentrate on their ministrations of the other person’s sex organ. As the action continued it was finally Bob who spurted first at the skill full hands of Paul. Meanwhile it was Katie who climaxed at the hands of Susie. I was surprised for I expected Charlady to be the first to climax but she outlasted the older more experienced Katie. So the scene was set for Paul and Susie to be rewarded whilst Bob and Katie were to be spanked.

The three guys sat on separate benches and at my command Katie had to present herself over Paul’s lap. Whack, he slapped her arse leaving a deep pink imprint of his hand and produced a loud shriek from Katie. Ignoring this he delivered a second and then his third, fourth and last of this session. As she got up I heard her say she would make him pay for that later. She suddenly regretted saying this when I challenged her as to what she had said.

I threatened that the three spanks she had received would be counted as null and void unless she immediately apologised to Paul in a sincere and genuine way. She grovelled like a professional. Next she planted herself across Jerry’s lap; his already erect cock was sticking into her thigh as she accepted his four spanks. Next she was draped over Roger’s lap and because of her relationship with roger she gave him a sharp scorned look. His first spank was so pitiful that I warned him that if he continued as soft as he was going he would receive seven times the number that Kate was to receive. So she was to get 15 in which case he would receive 105 in rapid succession from everyone there. I commanded him to start again and this time he really whacked her arse. Soon she had taken twelve of the best and her arse was the colour of a red dawn.

She stood up as though she had finished and was suddenly reminded that Paul as men’s winner still had three more to deliver to her. Reluctantly and with pleading eyes she lay across his lap. Paul delivered three whacks and I am sure he eased back a little on the power but was still enough not to be discounted.

Next Bob was summoned to accept his punishment by lying over Susie’s lap. Susie made sure he remained as she wanted by grasping his cock tightly between her thighs and she delivered truly experienced spanking. 1. 2. 3. Next she moved on to Antoinette, Charlady, Linda and finally Eleanor. Without waiting he moved back to Susie and endured her final three spanks.

Now the rewards were to be taken and knowing Paul’s love of sucking cock I ordered that his prize was to give blowjobs to Roger and Jerry, but he was to wait until I told him to start, meanwhile Susie chose Charlady to suck her cunt and Eleanor and Antoinette to suck her tits. She laid on the floor and the three got into position, upon the count of three they were told to start and they would have only as long as it took Paul to swallow his two loads of cum. Twenty minutes later Paul had a smile to match the Cheshire cat and traces of spunk on his face whilst Susie was just coming down from her seventh orgasm from having her tits and cunt sucked in unison.

“Right now we play a new game, I will start of with the letter A and all words must be sexual I nature or of a sexual object. A hesitation or wrong answer costs the person a spank.” I began A for Anal, The running order was as follows, Me (MR), Charlady (CH), Roger (RO), Eleanor (EL), Antoinette (AN), Bob (BO), Susie (SU), Jerry (JE), Kate (KA), Paul (PA), Linda (LI).

So the game went (MR) A for Anal, (CH) B for Bondage, (RO) C for Cunt, (EL) D for Dildo, (AN) E for Exhibitionist, (BO) F for Fetish, (Su) G for Gangbanging, (JE) H for , (KA) I for, (PA) J for , (LI) K for, (MR) L for Lesbianism, (CH) M for, (RO) N for , (EL) O for , (AN) P for , (BO) Q for , (SU) R for Rimming, (JE) S for Self gratification or wanking, (KA) T for Teasing as in cock teasing, (PA) U for Uniforms, (LI) V for Vibrators, (MR) W for wanking, (CH) X for Xtreme sex as in with animals, a challenge was made by Paul declaring extreme begins with an e not x. I declared that charlady would have to face a spank from Paul for a correct challenge. (EL) Y for Yawning, Immediately Bob challenged the validity of the word yawning in connection with something sexual. Eleanor explained that sexual yawning was a form of flashing one’s panties or lack of them by opening wide your legs as if yawning. Master Ray ruled that this was a valid word and as such Bob would have to pay the forfeit and receive a spank, also Eleanor would have to receive a spank because the letter x was not completed. (AN) X for Xenophobic. (BO) Y for Yawning, I interrupted and declared a repeat so a further spank for Bob this time from Antoinette as the last successful player. (SU) Y for Young passions as in under age sex, there was no challenge so I allowed it to go. (JE) Z for Zoophiles, Master Ray then announced that the new words would be about vehicles now and to make it harder whilst you announce the word, you must spell it whilst playing sexually with the person to your right.

(Ka) A for Audi A U D I and as she spelt it out she was stroking Paul’s cock. (PA) now sporting a hard on declared B for Bentley B E N T L E Y and as it was spelt so he squeezing Linda’s left tit. (LI) C for Corvette C O R V E T T E And as she spelt it rather too slowly for my liking she was stroking my cock, I warned her about the speed of her spelling and issued her with a spank warning from me. (MR) D for Datsun D A T S U N. I had two fingers buried in Charlady’s sopping wet cunt as I finished spelling it.

So the game when on until we realised time was ebbing away and it was now time to arrange the sleeping arrangements. However all the forfeits and punishments were meted out before we retired for the night: I arranged for the men to be separated from the females and apart from me, Eleanor and Jerry, the others were bound together but done so in a way that each man had his hand bound to another cock and small bells were added to the ropes so any movement caused them to ring. Similarly the females were bound together with hands bound tightly to their neighbour’s cunt. Then both groups were sat down to watch the performance of Jerry’s first cuckolding.

Master Ray announced, “So Jerry, I hear you can’t handle this bitch of a wife of yours! I can’t understand why though because she does exactly what I tell her too do!” With that I beckoned Eleanor over and had her open her legs wide, pull open her cunt lips and beg for my cock to fill her cunt. Then at my command she turned bent forward showing me her arse, before pulling her cheeks wide open and displaying her anal ring. “Tell me bitch!” I commented, “Why do you want my cock instead of Jerry’s?”
“OH Master Ray, why ask such silly questions, your cock is a real manly cock and knows how to fuck my horny cunt or hot ass! Jerry the wimp barely touches the sides of my cunt before he wants to shoot off! He is a lousy fucking wimp he would not know how to fuck a wet cunt like you do, never in a month of Sunday’s, He is only good for one thing, Licking my spunked up cunt out after I have been well fucked by a real man!” Eleanor chided.

Jerry went red in the face but did not deny her comments. “Eleanor Bitch, your wrong! Jerry is good for more than one thing!” I paused here looked at Jerry’s smiling face, before continuing, “He is good for licking out sperm filled cunts, he is also good for sucking cocks to make them ready for fucking you and I am sure he is good at providing his boy pussy as an alternative hole to yours!” I gloated.

Jerry was starting to feel well and truly humiliated by now. Although his cock betrayed his true feelings for he was as stiff as a board. I chided him that it was the cock sucking or his boyish pussy which had this effect upon him. I called him over and slipped a loop of string over the head of his cock, pulled it fairly tight to prevent it slipping off and then wound the string round his waist before fastening the loose end to the initial loop. This pulled his cock head tight to his body and exposed his balls fully. I ordered him to kneel in front of me before addressing him.

“Wimp or cuckold, which is it to be….. Jerry or should that be Janice, after all you were wearing a maid’s uniform earlier including stockings and a waspie bra! Answer me!” I demanded.

He looked up at me and quietly said, “Master, I am what you choose me to be and as such my name is yours for the giving!”

“Very Good Jan, But what has made your pathetic cock so hard just now, is it the thought of sucking cock or maybe it’s the thought of having to lick my load from your wife’s cunt in front of all these people!” I continued.

“No Master, it was when you mentioned the possibility of me using my boy pussy in stead of one of Eleanor’s holes!” he mumbled.

Suddenly Eleanor slapped his face, “Bitch, you know I am Mistress Eleanor to you, how dare you address me so informally, I ought to have Master Ray whip your worthless cock until you cum, but you would enjoy that!” She snarled.

I slapped Eleanor’s face, much to her shock and horror, I snapped, “You are my fucking bitch, and I decide who and when you may slap someone. Just for that you will show us all how much of a slutty slapper you are! Go fetch me a broom handle and a wooden hairbrush!”

Eleanor hurried away and was soon back carrying the required items. I then tied her feet wide apart at each end of the broom handle and made her lean forward resting her tits on a stool as I handed her the hairbrush and told her to self spank herself fifteen times on each cheek whilst apologising to me her master for over stepping the mark.

She immediately began by slapping the hard wooden handle of the hairbrush into her ass and saying “Forgive me master, for I have sinned, I forgot my true place in life and now realise I should serve at your feet as a door mat for you to walk all over!”

After each alternating slaps on her left and right ass cheeks she repeated the admission, I mean while walked over to Jerry and ordered him to suck my prick in readiness for me fucking my slut, his wife. There was total silence from the spectators as they watched him open his moth and French kiss the one eyed slit of my cock. Then in awe they watched him slowly sink my seven inch cock as thick as it is, deeper into his throat until his nose was pressed against my pubic hairs.

Suddenly Eleanor counted the fifteenth spank on her right ass cheek and declared herself finished, I snapped back that she was finished when I said she was finished and not before so I then made her turn the brush around so she was now holding the widest part of it and ordered her to prepare her cunt for my cock by fucking herself with the handle of the brush.

Instantly she had it buried up to the hilt and was frigging herself at great speed, until I told her that she would have to undergo her spanks all over again if she came before I gave her permission to. So she slowed her thrusting hand down to a much slower steadier pace and watched as her husband of two years sucked her old master’s cock.

I reached over into my bag of gadgets and produced a vibrating butt plug, it was six inches high from the tip to the narrow stem retaining lug, it was impressively thick as well at its widest point it was four and a half inches thick. I eased the silver coloured tip of the butt plug against Jerry’s anal ring and suddenly told him to hold his breath as with a great push I had it almost seated fully home up his arse. I felt his throat tighten as the widest part forced open his anal ring and felt his throat relax as his anal ring slipped around the retaining collar of the butt plug. I quick flick of the remote sent tingling little shocks from the silver metal tip right through to his balls and his cock visibly twitched as he gurgled on my cock in his throat.

For ten minutes he continued to suck my cock as I alternated between heavy vibes and almost non existent ones. His own cock was throbbing on the verge of cumming as he endured my play. I then pulled out of his mouth and gave him the remote with instructions that he was to continue varying the shocks, whilst I fucked his wife, my slut’s cunt. I warned him of the impending punishment if he spurted without my consent or if he failed to utilise the full range of the power of the butt plug.

I knelt behind Eleanor and slipped my rampant cock deep inside her cunt in one fell swoop, I then encouraged her to tell everyone present what I was doing to her and how she liked/disliked it and how it felt.

As I fucked her hard she was telling Jerry that she was getting what she truly deserved a fucking good shafting from a real man’s cock and she loved the way it pummelled the entrance to her womb, almost battering down the resistance preventing its access to leaving its baby making seed deep in her fertile cunt. The rate at which Jerry’s cock was trembling I would have thought he was really close to an orgasm, but he managed some how to hold off cumming, I mean while was slamming into Eleanor’s cunt telling her what a cock teasing fuck chute she had and that I was going to plaster her cunt with my cream and Jerry was going to then lick it all out of her and if he did a good job, I may just let him fuck her or one of the other sluts begging for cock tonight.

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