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The meeting of my pride…..pt2.

As I fucked Eleanor, we were both aware of the several sets of eyes watching our every action, Me, I was more aware of Charlady’s jealousy in her eyes than any of my older trainees. For Eleanor it was the humiliated look of defeat on Jerry’s face as he knew he would soon be eating cream pie directly from his wife’s well fucked cunt.

I was mildly aware of the interest and pent up passions of some of the other’s, Paul and Roger in particular, I could not help but feel they longed to be in Jerry’s shoes right now. I knew that they both held deep passions for seeing their other halves fucked and spunked and then being led to sucking the goo from their respective bitch’s cunts.

I decided in that instant that Linda would be fucked by Roger with Bob the cuckolded recipient of his load direct from Linda’s cunt, Kate would be fucked by Paul with Roger eating her cream pie and finally Antoinette would be fucked by Bob and Paul was to get a mouth full of bob’s spunk and his slut wife’s juices.

Suddenly my passion over hauled me and my cock twitched like mad as spurt after spurt was delivered deep into Eleanor’s cunt. Pulling out I turned and made Jerry suck my prick clean before allowing him to Lick and slurp his way into his wife’s well fucked soaking wet cunt. I turned to Charlady and ordered her to do what she loves best and suck Jerry’s cock until it was hard enough to fuck her with, whilst Susie was ordered to don her Strap on dildo and fuck jerry’s arse.

I turned to the rest and laid out the pairing and the instructions. Linda and Roger moved into position with Bob by Roger’s side. I told Bob to suck Roger’s cock to erection before he fucked Linda, next Antoinette was told to climb into position for Bob’s impending fuck and Paul was ordered to take care of Bob’s prick in readiness for him fucking Paul’s wife. Then Katie was told to prepare to receive Paul’s cock after Roger had sucked it to hardness in preparation for it to plough the sexy furrow that was Katie’s hairless cunt.

Soon there were hives of activity all over as at first glance it appeared to be a sex maniac’s ball. But soon wives were being fucked by stranger’s (Well almost stranger’s for they had only met a few hours ago.) and their randy husband’s already fucking some other bitches cunt were preparing for the time when they would be eating spunk from their wives treasured holes.

Jerry was now in seventh heaven as he had his mouth plastered to his wife’s spunked up cunt and his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in time with his swallowing, his cock was now buried in the eagerly dripping cunt of Charlady whilst his anal ring was split wide open by a big black strap on dildo being forcefully used by Susie. I steeped up behind Susie and slipped the double pronged vibrator up her cunt and arse before turning it on full power. I could only imagine the sensations this was passing between the prongs through the thin membrane of her cunt and arse. But she was soon oooohing and aghhing as her passions built.

Suddenly it was as if time had stopped for about 20 seconds as the action froze. I became aware of the cocks spewing forth their loads and the bitches receiving them blew their minds in heavy climaxes. Even Susie who only had the vibrator’s for her action was wailing out her climax. Suddenly the three inter-joined couples all moved as they began eating the cunt’s of their respective wives. I reckon that at least two pints of fresh baby making cream was being swallowed right now.

When they were all sated I arranged their sleeping arrangements, I had Paul head first into Jerry’s lap but just too far away from being able to suck his cock but he would definitely have been able to smell the freshly spunked aroma of a fucked cock. Likewise Bob had his head bound tightly to Paul’s groin and again too far to enjoy cock sucking but close enough to smell the after effects of sex, similarly Roger had his head in Bob’s lap and with a lot of twisting and shuffling Jerry’s head was in Roger’s lap.

Like wise the six women were all daisy chained together with their hands tied behind their backs and their heads six inches from the slut in front’s cunt. I mean while was free to wander around and stir up the action during the night.

This I did at one point by spanking Katie’s arse, causing her to jolt her cunt towards Charlady, who in turn jolted her towards Susie, who reciprocated the action to Linda who involved Antoinette, who tried to eat Eleanor’s cunt. Of cause this gave me a great deal of hysterics as they so desperately wanted to suck the cunt before their eyes but could only manage to lick the inner thighs some six inches from their intended target.

Of course it was not only the girls who suffered from my sense of mischief for I also reached in to stroke Paul’s cock to the point where his hips were thrusting into Bob’s face, which set him off hoping to catch some spurts of cream, but I never allowed Paul to become excited enough to shoot. It did not stop Bob thrusting his hips though into Roger’s face who in turn appeared to be trying to fuck Jerry’s mouth who returned the favour back to Paul.

Eventually tiredness over took us all and we slept in later than planned, eventually I awoke at 10 30 am to the cacophony of calls from the others to be released so they could go to the toilet. I untied everyone and made them remain where they were. I fetched in a large bucket and made the women kneel over the bucket as they pissed so we all could see their humiliation of sharing their bathroom duties for all to see. Next I had the men show how they pissed but with Bob holding Roger’s cock, then Paul held Bob’s, Jerry then held Paul’s cock before Roger held Jerry’s. The men all finished with semi hard cocks, much to the women’s amusement.

We all then retired to the kitchen for a brunch whilst I laid out the plans for the day. At 12 o’clock we would begin punishing the men by having their arse’s spanked with the leather paddle. By 1 pm the women would then be punished after confessing to their sins. Later Around 4 pm we would all take a picnic in the secluded woods where around 6 30 pm the real fun of the day would begin.

Here in the kitchen Jerry once again displayed his sub missive cuckold nature by automatically adopting the servile attitude and preparing, cooking and distributing all the food and drinks for brunch. Eleanor was over heard bragging to the other women that since she married Jerry, she never washed a pot or cooked a meal and when we are alone together he is always naked and often bathes her feet with his tongue and frequently will suck her toes for hours. She even joked that sometimes she would make him do it when she had been in sweaty trainers for a few hours at the gym or after jogging she would order him to lick her sweaty armpits clean.

Eleanor was like a princess holding court, every woman there hung on her every word, I knew I would have to bring her down to earth with a crash. I quickly excused myself as needing the toilet. I went up to the bathroom quickly showered paying particular attention to my anal crack and dried myself off. Slipping on my trousers and shirt I returned to the kitchen and spoke out loud, “Eleanor, you were saying you delight in making Jerry lick your sweaty feet! Well I too have a particular fetish I like to exploit. I like a sweet sexy looking slut, to lick my arse clean after I have been for a shit! You are my choice for this duty right now!”

With that I dropped my trousers and pants and bent over, ordering her to come lick e clean. Her face was a picture as a couple of the women pulled pained expressive faces. She stopped talking and dutifully walked slowly towards me, before she knelt down and began to lick my arse. I heard a couple of gasps before I ordered her to stop. I turned and speaking generally said, “See ladies, it does not matter who you are, but if you go too far in one direction, like Eleanor by making jerry lick her sweaty parts, someone will always come along and make you do something far worse! Now I have not just had a shit, in fact I quickly went through the shower but I could have done so. The princess of your affection would then have been a shit licking slut!”

I think the lesson was learned as Eleanor actually apologised to Jerry and promised no more disgusting things like sweaty feet or arm pits. I think everyone learned a valuable lesson at this, be careful of what you demand from others as someone may demand much worse of you.

As soon as brunch was over we retired to the living room where The guys were ordered to bend over a couple of long benches. I told them that when I called their name they would have to tell us one incident that they were particularly proud of achieving in a sexual way.

Paul…… “Well it was when I tried out a glory hole in America! Seven cocks sucked off in an hour!” He declared.

Jerry…… “Well for me it was marrying Eleanor, for she arranged for me to spend the wedding night in a group orgy of three women and a man making six of us in all. To be the meat in a sandwich as I fucked her bridesmaid and had my own arse fucked by the best man!”

Roger…… “Well Master Ray, you witnessed my greatest sexual thrill many years ago when you were with Eleanor and Katie and I disturbed your play. You turned on me and Katie and soon had her grovelling to your authority and me putty in your hands. That was the first time I realised I needed to be used and abused by another man!”

Bob…… “I think it was when Linda first made me suck another man’s spunk from her cunt and a black man’s spunk at that!”

Turning to the women I then declared that they should tell us about their horniest action, action that had their panties soaking wet in seconds.

Antoinette…… “Well that would be when Paul spanked me in front of his ex girlfriend and then had her suck my cunt whilst he fucked her arse!”

Charlady…… “You set me off to flash my cunt to six different people on the one day and when I flashed the final two on the bus was a great turn on that had my cunt bubbling like crazy!”

Eleanor…… “Without a doubt it was the night in Frein Barnet park when you put a collar round my neck and had me walk as a true bitch like dog stark naked and the young couple that stopped to talk to you whilst leering at my body!”

Linda…… “When Bob persuaded me to go to an adult movie theatre with him and have sex in there, eventually I was fucked by bob and then wanked two massive cocks off till they shot in my hand and then sucked a large black cock till he shot in my face!”

Katie…… “I have to agree with Roger, you opened my eyes to a whole new world of pleasure as a sub missive that night, although I loved the part where Roger was tied to the side of the bed and Eleanor was tied opposite whilst we fucked ourselves silly in the bed as they watched, got turned on and could not do anything about it!”

Susie…… “The Sessions I have with my American Master, are always so sexually intense as he loves to whip me and tie up my excessive tits, Also he has me perform as a lowly street whore for his amusement.”

Having listened to all there confessions, I suddenly declared that they were all perverts and as such they would be punished so every one with the exceptions of Paul and Roger would receive 6 spanks whilst these two would receive double that as their stories were worse as it indicated there true natures.

So it was that I spanked the first shot on each of their arses with my trusty leather paddle and the others drew lots as to the order to finish the punishments off. I looked at the clock and decided that it was now relaxation time as it was three pm and in an hour we would be leaving with the picnic stuff and heading to the woods.

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