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I hope you like my second story please leave constructive feedback please enjoy

My story begins with me and my step father exploring the Amazon rain forest.

My name is John and Iím 22 my step fathers name is David heís about 40. We

were trying to uncover a legend; the legend speaks of a crystal that grants

anyone who touches it the gift of eternal life. It was just me and him we tried

to get a guide but no one wanted to do it. They all spoke of a team of

aggressive hunter`s that guard the crystal. Even though I and my step father

both had martial arts training of expertise levels no one would guide us. But

being the stubborn jackass my step father was he said were going to continue

with our journey to find the crystal.

We have been waling though the jungle for what felt like a week he said

he could feel that the crystal was near. But as we were walking I noticed

something weird, it was a skull a human skull three of them tied to a stick I

nearly threw up from the mere sight of it. My step father said it was a warning

but there shouldnít be any real trouble. So he told my stop acting like a little

bitch and to move on he was a real jack ass. He always used to beat me and

my mom when I was a kid but he did teach me karate but that really didnít

change anything my mom paid him to do it and he still bitched about having to

do it. So anyways we continued on our way to find the crystal when I heard

something I assumed it was the wind so I just kept walking. But then seconds

latter my step dad was attacked from behind it appeared to be some sort

staff I really couldnít tell because seconds later I was attacked also and

passed out.

I then began to dream about the last few days before this little trip. My

step dad a credited archeologist, he was working in his office when someone

sent him the map in the mail. It told him about the legend of the crystal and

his greedy nature took over. He thought that he could use the crystal to make

people young again. He wanted to make a lot of money so he said that I had

go with him. Since I was still living at home he threatened to kick me out. So I

had no choice he immediately bought us two round trip tickets to South

America. And we got our shots and left for South America.

When I woke up I was blind folded and heard a bunch of people talking

in English. When they realized that I had wakened they took my blindfold off

and I was shocked to learn that there were a bunch of women all huddled

around me. That must have been the tribe of hunters that the village warned

us about. But they said nothing about them being all women. They informed

me that my step dad was killed in what they said ďthe testĒ and I was to take

it as well. So they told me to get up but I asked them to give me a moment to

stretch. I didnít want to pull a muscle who knows how long I was out for so

they allowed me some time. I took 5 minutes to stretch then they lead me to

this large circular room I guess we had to be in some large structure made of

stone. It looked like some type of arena then it hit me I have to fight. Them

they informed me that in order to gain the power of the crystal that I will

have to fight 10 of their best huntress`s she said I had no choice. So she

locked me in the arena good thing I donít have to fight them all at once.

Then a large horn went off and all of a sudden a large woman maybe 6ft

tall came out with a staff and she immediately went for me with I jumped out

the way she then tried to hit me with it. But I blocked and grabbed it out her

hand and knocked her out with it and passed the 1st round. Everyone was

shocked that I beat her so the horn went off again for the next round. But

instead of one two woman came out both with staffs the same size as the

last they both ran at me. I jumped over them and hit them both in the back

with my staff knocking them out.

Then another horn went off I guess they grew angry that I was winning

so they let the last 7 out at once they all tried to gang up on me. But I

tripped them first two and knocked them out and after that they fell like a ton

of bricks. They were shocked to see that I survived the sudden wave of

enemies the announced me as the winner of the test so they said I have won

the power of the crystal. So one of the huntress`s led me to a room and told

me to touch the crystal it was a crystal skull I touched it and she began to

chant out loud the skull began to glow and I felt the power course through my

veins. She told me I have eternal life and if I stray too far from the crystal I

will began to rapidly age. I thanked her and asked her name she said Meryl she

said with a glaring tone in her voice and I replied with my name she was

beautiful size d-cup breasts and a tight ass and long legs she had long black

hair. She then told me to follow her which I did and she showed me where I

will be staying for the rest of time and what I work I will be doing.

The next six months were long and grueling I had to do a lot of hard

work everyone gave me the cold shoulder I guess they were mad a man won

ďthe testĒ. I tried to be friendly towards the other people but they all ignored

me it didnít help that they room I was staying in was on the other side of the

temple all by myself. I got very lonely over the time. Then one day I was

surprised Meryl came to me after the day of work and actually talked to me

about myself I was so shocked I thought she despised me, we talked for hours

about each other. Each night after work we talked about each other I was

falling in love with her and I felt that she was also falling in love with her. I

asked how they all knew English she said a long time ago there were English

explorers that taught there people the language. Thatís also the reason why

they donít like me because the English explorer`s almost stole the crystal

once but they had killed them and sunk there ship not many more came after

that but they had stopped them.

After about a month she asked my penis I was shocked she said she

never seen one only drawing`s of them. I agreed and took of my loin cloth and

she was shocked at the size and how look of it she grabbed it. She said it felt

great in her hand she asked if she can play with it I said sure I quickly became

hard in her hand. She was amazed that it was becoming hard in her hand I

said it would be better if she jerked on it so she did I asked her to spite on

she did better and licked all around on my shaft and the head and began to

jerk me off it felt so good to feel my cock being jerked off by this amazing

woman. That she asked what it will taste like so she put me in her mouth and

began to suck on it. It felt so good have never received a blowjob before. I

was in heaven I warned her that was going to cum I guessed she didnít know

what that meant but. Before long I was Cumming in her mouth she was

shocked what was happening I guess after all that time without jerking off I

needed that. I came so much in her mouth that it leaked through the sides of

her mouth. She said it tasted wonderful as she lapped it up. She asked to do

the same to her. I said ok and began to make out with her she was shocked

when I slipped her tongue and she asked me what I was doing I told her thatís

how we do it back home. She went with it and she liked it so I began to kiss

her neck and her breasts. I could tell she was enjoying it as she began to

moan. I kissed her nipples so gently then began to bite teasingly the harder.

As I was kissing her large supple breasts I then began to kiss her cleavage

and began going south. I then started to kiss her belly button then her legs

thigh her naval area. And the sides of her pussy lips she was so wet.

By the time I began to lick her pussy she was practically begging for me to

lick her pussy which I eagerly obliged to. She tasted so good I was really

lapping up her pussy juices starting at her the folds of her pussy then

teasingly licking her clit then slowly biting her clit. I slowly brought her to

climax her juices squirting in my face I licked them eagerly she said that she

has never felt so good in her life.

She then noticed my penis no becoming hard again she said if it would fit

inside her hole, I then said yes, she told me to do it to her. I then responded

by spreading her leg. I then stuck it in her she was so unbelievably tight she

was moaning with pleasure I started out slow at first then quickly picked up

the pace she then begged faster. Which I then responded to herí by turning

her over, and began to fuck her g-spot. She almost immediately reached

climax her pussy constricting around my penis like a snake around its prey. I

then began to fuck her even harder than before I felt and urge a need to

make her cum. She was calling out my name then I warned her that. I was

going to cum which I guessed she learned what that meant and she said on

her face. I then smiled and took it out the she grabbed it out of my hand and

she began to jerk me off. It didnít take too long till I came all over her face

she sucked it up eagerly. I never came harder in my life

After that day fell in love with her I knew I would never look at another

woman the same again. She asked me to become one with her to get married

it was the second happiest day in my life. The first day is when I met her it

was happy ceremony I guess she talked to everyone else and told me what a

good person I was. And everyone was there they were my new family and she

was my wife of which Iím still married to. And we have 6 kids I love her just

like the first day I met her love, my life, my Meryl.

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Not a bad story

Thanks for the addition