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Charlady’s Jamboree.

As shown in the previous story ‘CHARLADY’S NASTY SURPRISE’, she was in London for two weeks and after her initial adventure she was eager for more. I as her Master had ultimate control of her sexual activities for the next thirteen days and to be honest had some wild fantasy ideas running through my perverted mind.

Most would be impossible to arrange, other’s morally and legally suicidal, but knowing Charlady and her erotic fantasises some were right down her street. I had planned a trip out one early evening to Epping Forest, Another all day adventure at South End on Sea, a nudist day as Burnham beaches or St Olaf’s (both are little known shoreline places which accept total nudity in public).

The main problem for me was arranging things to happen when we were at these places, although as it turned out I need not have worried, it is often said the more natural events are far better then those contrived, so read on and judge for yourself.

The day after Charlady’s nasty surprise, not surprisingly she was very tired and sore if not extremely horny and happy reliving her experience. So it was to be a quiet rest day, well quiet by the normal standard of things, for charlady was not allowed to wear any clothes and had to carry concealed about her person the Ben Wah balls and the Thai beads. I gave her the option of how she would achieve this and she showed some guile in adapting the Thai beads into a necklace to wear round her neck. Even my challenge that the items should be easily available to be used as they were intended was taken in to account and a quick un-doing of a bow allowed this to happen. Charlady even tried to pass off the Silver Ben Wah balls as ornaments hanging off the necklace but they looked far too gaudy, so she fastened them to the back to the Thai beads and hung them over her shoulders, so from the front they looked like part of the necklace.

She admitted it felt weird knowing what she was wearing and where it really belonged; also as she walked she could feel the vibrations generated by the Balls on her collar bone, which constantly brought erotic thoughts into her mind. I can confirm that at every regular inspection and feel of her cunt she was like a fire hose ready to spring forth. These inspections happened almost every time she completed a task set by me, you know like making her Master a cup of tea and serving it as she had been taught. For those who have not read my previous story’s concerning Charlady, that serving method is that she should hold my cup and saucer whilst pressing her cunt against the back of my out stretched hand and rubbing it back and forth until she climaxed. Spilling the tea would result in her being punished.

Charlady had developed a really good technique with this and hardly ever spilled a drop, although today was a little more difficult because her motions were causing severe vibrations from the balls. Still she managed to climax without spilling my tea and as I sipped the drink she could not stop thanking me calling me her benevolent master.

As I said this day was a rest day in preparation for her day out tomorrow, I decided it would be prudent to build up to a climax on Friday, so we were going to go to South End on Sea tomorrow. I selected her wardrobe appropriately, a loose fitting top which would allow the sea breeze to enter and cool her hot horny body plus offer the possible chance or hint of exposing her tits, I picked out a mid thigh skirt to compliment the top but was not going to allow her to wear any under wear, that is until I saw her bikini. Well not so much a bikini as the bottoms resembled two postcard sized diamonds linked together with small amounts of thin string. I figured this bottom piece would cover her pubic mound and frontal part of her cunt lips but would only have the thin string passing from mid cunt area to where it joined the anal diamond of cloth. The top was not much better, it consisted of two smaller diamonds of the same material, just enough to cover her nipples like wise these were joined by the same sort of string as the bottoms.

Great care would have needed to be taken when putting this on as there was not much scope for error or the diamonds would miss and expose the nipples. I allowed her to wear this beneath her outer clothes. That night I gave her specific instructions about her tasks for next day, she was to make sure she flashed her cunt and tits to as many people as she could and would need to keep count of not just the numbers but also their reactions.

I added the reactions bit, because I knew this would mean that charlady would have to constantly recall the exploits of her flashing adding to her overall sexual tension and excitement. At 10 30 pm we retired to bed, but before going to sleep, I made Charlady recount as much detail of her nasty surprise as she could, especially her feelings when she thought she was being kidnapped. She climaxed twice as she described her feelings and that was without me touching her or her being allowed to play with herself.

Around 3 30 am, I awoke with my morning glory and found that charlady had slept spooned up to me pressing her sexy arse into my groin. My erection was now threatening to bore a hole into her arse cheek, a deft change of angle and my cock head was poised at the entrance to her cunt, her juices already leaking on to my cock head. With a gently push my cock opened her cunt lips further and inched its way inside her. Suddenly as if in a wet dream, charlady groaned in her sleep, I instantly stopped my pushing and was pleased to feel her pushing herself back on to my cock. Soon my balls were tight against her arse cheeks with my thick seven inch cock buried to the hilt up her cunt.#

I gently reached around and began to tease her left nipple, this solicited further soft mewing sounds from Charlady and her nipple hardened to my touch. I pinched the nipple and heard her beg to be fucked almost under her breath. I slowly began to fuck her cunt as I whispered into her ear, “My slut wants my cock, does my horny little bitch want my baby making seed up her cunt; tell me to fuck your hot wet cunt you fucking cock mad whore!”

Charlady stirred and began to respond, “Yes, Ray fuck me, give me your baby, your two bit tramp of a whore wants your spunk deep inside my cunt, so I can finger myself and eat your cunt mixed with my horny cunt juices!” I playfully slapped her arse and reminded her I am always her master Ray. She crooned, “oh yes you will always be my Lord and Master, for just as long as you want to train and fuck me, my big cocked masterful Fucker!”

“Flattery will get you everywhere!” I said whilst laughing.

Whether it was tiredness or just the cosy feel, our fucking rhythm slowed right down to barely any movement and with it the very slow build up of an orgasm crept up on us. In fact my cock slipped from her cunt right at the very moment my first spurt shot through my balls along my cock and splashed on to her cheeks. She quickly grabbed my cock and stuffed it unceremoniously back into her cunt before scooping up the few spurts and licking her fingers clean. I continued to spurt inside her cunt and her gently mewing sounds told me she was having a quiet climax of her own lost somewhere between reality and the sexually erotic after world.

Eventually my cock slipped from her well used cunt and in its sticky state nestled against her anal ring. We kissed lazily as we got our breath back and the last thing I remembered was feeling Charlady’s hand near my cock as she fingered her cunt and devoured the mixed creams.

I gently came around next morning about 9 am and found a damp empty space where Charlady had been laying. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and there stood a naked and sexy looking 21 year old Charlady; she had in her hands a tray and placing it on the bedside cabinet I saw she had made breakfast of tea and toast. Without a word being said she held out her hand with the cup of tea in it and opened her legs. I slid my down turned hand out from beneath the cover and she immediately moved into position. Now with the back of my hand pressed against her cunt lips she began sliding her wet cunt back and forth, whilst telling me she had dreamt a wonderful dream where I had gently fucked her for over an hour before cumming up inside her. She mentioned that as the first spurt jetted from my cock she had dreamed it had slipped from her cunt and she soon had the rest back inside her fertile cunt. Where upon she fingered herself and ate the combined juices.

I broke it to her gently that it was no dream, I had fucked at 4 am this morning and everything she described had actually happened. She shuddered as she climaxed on the back of my hand and eager placed my tea back on the cabinet as I demanded she climb on the bed and finger fuck her arse whilst I watched and enjoyed my breakfast.

So towards the bottom of the bed on hands and knees, facing away from me I watched a sex show to compare with the worlds best as my little slut Charlady finger fucked her arse to not one climax but two, the second one being so strong that she actually squirted her juices from her cunt.

She dressed as I had ordered and I dressed casual for our day at the seaside, the hour long drive from London to South End passed quickly enough as I had charlady sitting beside me with her skirt up around her waist and her hands massaging her clit ring. At one point she even had her tits out much to the delight of a couple of Van drivers, one of which nearly caused a crash as he was too preoccupied with Charlady’s charms and nearly ran into the back of another motorist. Gladly we arrived in South End on Sea in one piece and a very horny Charlady was eager to begin flashing some more. I reminded her that she would not only have to keep count but also would need to describe the voyeur’s reactions.

We found a parking bay at the west end of the Promenade, so charlady would have to walk the entire length of the sea front twice in order to get back to the car. I made sure the she was prepared; a couple of folds on her skirt waist band raised the hem an extra two inches, now the edge of her bikini bottoms were just about on view.

With me walking slowly by her side setting the pace at which she would have to walk, we set off. Almost immediately a young spotty faced almost walked into a lamp post because he could not take his eyes off this 6 foot tall almost naked woman. A little further along she attracted some attention from two elderly men sat in a shelter facing the sea, Because I was nearest the road side of the promenade, I heard their comments; “Look at that prime pussy!” said the first, “If only I was thirty years younger!” added the second. I stopped charlady and we walked up to the two men.

“Excuse me, I could not help but over hear your comments!” I interjected, “Charlady! Why don’t you give these two men a heart attack and raise your skirt!” I commanded. Knowing better then to disobey me, she simply grasped the hem of her skirt and as she raised it she curtsied a little showing far more of her cunt than just raising her skirt hemline would have done.

The two men began blushing bright red and it was not from the sun, although they did recover enough to thank Charlady for such a presentation. As we turned to walk away I glanced back noting they both were showing signs of impressive hard-on’s and commented we would be passing this way again in about an hour.

By the time we had walked the full length of the sea front, Charlady had attracted attention from 15 males and seven females with age ranges of 17 or 18 years of age up to the two elderly men who must have been in their 70’s. One of the women actually stopped Charlady and asked where she got such a revealing bikini from and commented that it suited her physique. At the end of the first pass, I ordered Charlady to remove her top and on the pretext of adjusting her straps I teased her nipples, not that I really needed to for they were rock hard already. Charlady’s nipples when hard are quite prominent and tend to stick out more than a quarter of an inch, so with this postage stamp sized material as cover you could not help but notice their size and shape as well as their erect condition.

We slowly retraced our path back along the sea front, where the lady who asked about her bikini again stopped us and asked if the bikini top was originally that size or had Charlady adapted it, as it was really miniscule. I told her to feel the edges of the bikini cups and she would see that it was not hand finished but commercially done. Secretly I knew this would embarrass Charlady having a woman feeling around her tit in full view of the public but I also knew it would start her over sensitive cunt bubbling away with its juices. I suddenly wished I had taken the forethought of making Charlady wear her Ben Wah balls as well for then she would have been a walking climax at this point.

The woman gingerly felt the edges of the bikini top but whether accidentally or deliberately she managed to feel the hard nipple beneath as well. Charlady softly mewed with passion. The Lady around 25 years of age had much larger tits than Charlady and I leaned forward and discreetly placed my hand over her erect nipple saying, “This top would cover and yet reveal so much of your fine breasts my dear!” The woman never flinched but looked up at me and smiled. Charlady as ever shot me the green eyed monster look she always gave me when I complimented a fellow female.

Further on we walked and when I stopped to look at some postcards, I glanced back in the direction we had just come from and there was the young lady walking in our direction. As she approached she whispered something to me which Charlady did not hear. I nodded and whispered back my response.

With that the lady then continued to walk in the same direction as we were headed, Charlady asked, “what did the lady want?”

“You, my dear, will find out real soon!” was all I would reply.

Soon we approached the shelter where the two elderly men were still sat and I acknowledged them as we approached, one of the men came forward and asked if we were in a hurry. I asked why and he said that his house was close by and he would love to have a closer look at my companion if I was agreeable. I looked at Charlady and the pleading in her eyes told me she was so highly turned on that she would be happy to oblige these two men.

I took there address and arranged to meet them in thirty minutes as I had another thing to sort out first. They agreed and soon shuttled off, both as happy as sand boys. We approached my car and suddenly from behind it, came the young woman. She introduced herself as Trudy and asked if it was still ok and I took her to one side after ordering Charlady to remain where she was. I explained about the turn of events and suggested that she may like to join us as she could explore Charlady more fully in the privacy of a house.

She thought about it for a while before agreeing and I then shocked her as I said, “Well in that case my horny slut, there is just the matter of payment!”

“What payment!” she demanded.

“Well you don’t think I allow my bitch here to be explored sexually with out receiving something for my troubles!” I countered.

“OH, I thought you would be happy watching, I did not expect to have to hand over cash for the privilege!” she stuttered.

“Who mentioned anything about cash” I asked.

“You said about payment, so I assumed you wanted cash” she continued.

“OH no my dear, I see your wearing a short skirt yourself, so the payment I want is your panties, which I imagine by now are soaking wet!” I ventured.

Suddenly the lady reached under her skirt and was about to pull of her panties until I stopped her, “No no my dear, I want to remove them myself, after all that is my little bit of pleasure!” I offered.

She stood up again and nodded. “Lift your skirt so I can see what I am doing then my fucking horny slut!” I demanded.

She meekly raised her skirt revealing her white lacy panties to me, but more importantly she exposed the dark wet stain on the gusset which told me she was indeed as horny as hell. I took my time removing them and in doing so I noted this horny cunt was shaved like all good sub missive sluts should be.

I stood up and in full view of both, Charlady and Trudy; I raised the panties to my nose and smelt the gusset. Charlady, glared at Trudy, obviously her green eyed monster was working overtime. I called Charlady over to me and introduced Trudy and was Charlady began to open her mouth to speak; I popped the wet gusset of the panties in to her mouth and ordered her to suck them clean.

Then I walked the two women to the address I had been given. Once I knocked on the door, the two elderly gents were surprised to see me there with not just Charlady but also Trudy as well. Entering into the living room I sat on the settee and ordered both women to dance for me. Well they started to dance normally until I stopped them and explained I meant for them to dance erotically for their audience. Soon the two women were running their hands over each others bodies and gyrated their hips seductively.

I looked across at the two old men, George and Albert and they already had their cocks out slowly wanking as the watched the women. I ordered both women to then undress each other. Soon both Charlady and Trudy had lots of sexy flesh on view to the three of us men, Trudy seemed intent upon fingering Charlady’s cunt at every opportunity, so I suggested they give us a lesbian show before they would be sucking and fucking George and Albert’s cocks.

Charlady and Trudy soon moved into a sixty nine position and were busy sucking and finger fucking each other’s cunts, so I nodded to the two men and they were soon on the floor with the two women. George managed to slip his thick nine inch cock up charlady’s cunt, whilst Albert had his right inch circumcised cock buried in Trudy’s cunt. For the next 45 minutes it was a mass orgy on the floor as the females tried to eat each other as the men fucked their cunts and sucked any tit they could reach. Suddenly Trudy screamed out her orgasm as Albert sprayed his hot jism into her churning cunt. Followed almost at once by charlady’s usual panting orgasm as George deposited his load inside her cunt and Trudy got her faced soaked as Charlady sprayed her cunt juices everywhere.

The two exhausted men rose carefully and staggered to take their seats as Both Trudy and Charlady dived in to suck the baby making seed from each others cunts. In doing so they triggered several smaller orgasms from each other before collapsing exhausted from their efforts. I asked Trudy “Are you going to disappear now or would you like to go with us to see if the beach bonfire is happening in Shoeburyness.”

“I would love to go with you as I have nothing else planned and if it means I can suck Charlady’s tits again, that would be great!” she replied.

The pair quickly dressed minus bras and panties of course and we bade farewell to George and Albert, who could not thank us enough for the most memorable afternoon of their lives. We walked slowly back to my car and I turned to Charlady and Asked for her account of the people she had flashed to.

By the time we had reached the car she had just about recalled every one who had reacted to her flashing and had given some good accounts of their reactions to the sights. We drove east from South End along the coast road and were soon in Shoeburyness, as we entered the seafront car park, I could already see the beginnings of a fire down on the beach. As soon as we stopped the engine the sound of the music drowned our ears, there were about twenty people on the beach drink, dancing or sitting around the drift wood fire.

We introduced ourselves to some of the group and taking the blanket I had brought from the boot of my car we set it down some ten feet from the fire. Charlady produced the picnic hamper she had packed and we tucked into our first food since leaving London some nine hours earlier. Charlady’s sexual activities had certainly given her an appetite and Trudy was just as hungry. As the pair lounged on the Blanket it became obvious that a couple of the guys had taken enough interest to notice neither Charlady nor Trudy were wearing Panties and their cunts looked swollen and ready for some hard cock action.

Nervous of my presence a guy introduced himself as Richard asked what my relationship was with the two females, I boldly declared that these two bitches were my sub missive cunts and only did what I told them. Charlady merely nodded but Trudy looked shocked but never said a word. I later leaned over to Trudy and told her the truth, I had her pegged as a sub missive slut from the off, when she asked about the bikini top for not once but several times she failed to correct my when I referred to her as a horny slut. She blushed but finally admitted I was right.

Just then a group of six guys approached and asked if the sluts wanted a good fucking, with my permission of course. I asked if they had condoms and once shown them I agreed on condition that condoms were used and tied off after use and placed in this bowl. I also stipulated that their arses were out of bounds but any other hole would be fine to fuck.

I ordered charlady and Trudy to strip and then left them naked on the blanket whilst I took up a suitable position to watch, the guys quickly stripped off and donning the condoms were soon double ending or spit roasting the two females. As the time went on the bowl was becoming fuller and fuller of used tied off condoms. Eventually after Midnight it seemed the entire group of some sixteen guys and eight females had sated their fill of sex. I counted the condoms in the bowl and both Charlady and Trudy had managed to use sixty condoms between them. I looked at both women’s cunts and they looked red raw but satisfied.

With a loud voice, I declared the final act of slutty-ness was about to happen and promptly used a knife to burst all the condoms, pouring their contents into the bowl. When all sixty had been burst I ordered both Charlady and Trudy to lay on the blanket on their backs and poured equal amounts of the now cold stick cock juice over their tits and cunts, before ordering them to lick each other clean. The surrounding guys all cheered as the women already shattered from their fuckathon set about each others spunk covered bodies with as much energy as they could muster.

It was nearly three am when we finally bade farewell to the beach party and later a fond farewell to my newest slut Trudy, I gave her my email address to stay in touch with the added warning that I expected an email within three days or she would be punished severely next time our paths crossed.

We took a leisurely drive home with Charlady too tired to even dress, she slept soundly all the way home and was the object of one Lorry drivers passions, for he kept pace with us for most of the 53 miles from South End to London, even flashing his lights and waving when he eventually turned off and away from us.

I carried the sleeping exhausted body of Charlady into the master bedroom and laid her gently upon the bed. I kissed her lightly upon the forehead as I gently cuddled up to her and was soon asleep. We both slept well in to next afternoon before slowly waking around 4 pm.

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