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Chapter 2.

Having woke up at 4 pm, there was little point in dressing so both Master Ray and Charlady remained as naked as the day they were born. In the kitchen as charlady washed a few pots, Ray could not resist creeping up behind her and splashing warm water onto her tits. Standing so close behind her his erection was nudging her in the butt. Charlady began rubbing her arse cheeks against the stiffness until the water splashed her tits and then she giggled and tried to duck away from the water.

In fits of Laughter, Ray grabbed out to catch Charlady and managed to make contact with her rock hard nipple. In fact he caught her nipple between two fingers and as she struggled to escape it ended up rolling between them, causing charlady to squeal in delight.

Suddenly Ray demanded she stand still or face a spanking, to which charlady laughed and tried to squeeze past him. Grabbing her and in the tussle the ended up in a heap on the floor with Charlady conveniently placed across Ray’s lap. Whack he landed the first spank, keeping his hand in contact with her flesh, as the warmth from that first slap spread back into his hand he stroked downward towards her anal ring, running his index finger down the crack of her arse and lightly over her ring, pressing further down it pressed against her swollen cunt lips and up against her erect clit, before nudging her clit ring. This caused Charlady to shudder on his lap which in turn massaged his erect cock and drove his passions up another notch or two.

Whack. The second slap landed on her blushing pink cheeks, another jolt of heat shot through her ass directly to her clit; again the hand remained in contact before sliding over the same path as previously. Whack. The third slap landed. Whack. The fourth spank landed. Quickly followed by fifth and sixth; after each spank Charlady rocked forward brushing her pubic bone across his painfully stiff cock. Instead of the expected cries of pain Charlady emitted squeals of delight.

Charlady tried her best to manoeuvre her self a few more inches forward knowing this would place Master Ray’s cock at the entrance to her heated cunt. Master Ray was aware of what she was trying to achieve but allowed her to continue as though he was oblivious to her antics. Suddenly he felt the hot wet opening of her cunt engulf his cock head, charlady upon feeling this plunged herself down as hard as she could and swallowed the whole seven inches in one movement. She groaned in ecstasy as she felt the tip of his cock trying to gain entry into her womb. Soon she was bouncing up and down on her Master’s cock calling out for him to fill the slut bitch’s cunt with his baby making seed; fuck the whore’s brains out she begged; Make your wanton tart beg for release.

As she bounced frantically on Ray’s lap, he reached around her and found her anal ring, slipping his index finger deep inside her anal chute, at the same time he lean slightly forward and began sucking hard on her erect nipples. As Charlady’s passions rose so did the pitch of her vocal cries; Her climax broke at the exact same moment as Ray released his pent up sperm deep inside her cunt, she sweating body slid against Ray’s sweaty torso and her cunt spasm-med as her juices squirted forth and soaked the upper thighs of her master.

She collapsed forward panting heavily, mumbling incoherently as a baby. After a short while she passionately kissed her master’s face thanking him profusely for filling her wanton cunt. She then slowly rose and clasping her cunt behind her palm she scooted off to the shower room. It was clear she was trying to hold in the lashings of spunk slowly trying to drip from her cunt. Ray followed her to the shower room just in time to see Charlady licking her spunk stained palm. As he watched he saw her scooping the spunk from her cunt on three fingers and sucking them clean.

Ray sneaked away with a massive smile on his face, and started to prepare an evening meal. After dining charlady snuggled up to Ray as they settled down to watch an evening of Television together. At 10 30pm they retired to bed after first sharing an erotic shower together. At one point Charlady was stood with the shower flow cascading down her body whilst Ray was knelt with his mouth latched on to her cunt and his tongue buried inside her swollen cunt.

As they lay in bed, Charlady casually enquired what was planned for tomorrow, which was greeted by laughter from Ray. He quipped, “You know better then that, my horny little bitch, Ask no question tell no lies!” Charlady feigned a scowl as she returned his laughter with a broad smile.

Eventually they drifted off to sleep and woke fully refreshed at 7.30 am. Ray was first out of bed and made Charlady a breakfast of Tea, marmalade, toast and boiled eggs. When Charlady had eaten she asked what she was to wear for today. I burst out laughing and explained that today we were going to St Olaf’s and there she would not be wearing anything, so she could choose to wear whatever she liked up to us arriving.

After separate showers, we climb in my car and started driving into Essex; the traffic was light but Charlady beside me lightened my journey for she wore a lacy top which clearly showed her large breasts and erect nipples. If I were to say that she finished this of with a pair of hot pants, I would be over stating the case. These hot pants were so micro that the gusset disappeared into the crack of her already juicing cunt. I was not the only person to notice her dress sense for a Range rover kept pace with us along the A12 dual carriage way.

At one point he was beside us and tooting, as we looked in his direction he gave us a thumbs up and even hinted at us pulling in as a café service area. I quickly asked Charlady if she fancied pulling in but she said she preferred to flash him her tits and for us to keep driving. Suddenly she turned to face him, twisting in her seat; she gripped both sides of her lacy top and then raised her arms. For a good thirty seconds she showed him her full frontal view of her tits, he swerved initially but managed to regain control.

Then she covered up and pointed to a service sign, she indicated she wanted to pull in and he immediately nodded. He began to indicate and slow to a stop whilst with charlady laughing we continued along the road actually speeding up.

Soon we approached the sign posts for the St Olaf’s Beach, and five minutes later we pulled into a car park. Pulling up as near to the beach entrance as possible; I ordered Charlady to remove her clothes as did I. Taking a beach rug from the boot of my car we walked slowly onto the beach. There were about ten people mainly young males already on the beach. We set out the rug in a quiet area and laid out catching the sun’s rays.

As we laid down, I noticed the attention of the others on the beach seemed to be attracted to Charlady’s large breasts and shaved cunt, also the fact her erect clit was forcing her clit ring to be displayed may have had a effect on the situation as well.

Charlady was well aware of the sensation she was causing, and I suspect the effect all this attention was having on Charlady, I sensed her cunt was bubbling away. I whispered to Charlady to open her legs casually, I told her to flash her cunt at all who were prepared to look her way. I already could see that her nipples were rock hard and her cunt lips were open and wet looking.

I got up and walked towards the sea, as I approached the group of men I called them over and told them of my slutty girlfriend, who could not resist cock of any type. I hinted that they could have her provided they had condoms; I suggested that two of them go over to her and simply stand looking down at her whilst stroking their cocks. I knew watching two strangers slowly wanking would send her over the top and make her eager to sample as much cock as she could get. I told them to keep wanking till I arrived with the rest then the real fun could start.

I figured Charlady was about to take on seven randy cocks and if things worked out she would achieve a personal ambition of hers to take a cock in her mouth, cunt and arse at the same time. With that I continued into the sea and turned to watch; two of the youths went over to Charlady who looking up must have had a perfect view of their semi erect cocks. Her face was a picture as the two began talking to her whilst casually handling their own cocks. Her face flushed but she did not try to get away nor did she even try to look away. I casually strolled back towards her backed up by the other five youths aged between 17 and 23 years of age.

When I arrived back at Charlady’s position the two youth’s had quite impressive erections I guess they measured about eight and a half inches long and about two inches fat and the other one was about ten inches long but slightly thinner. Charlady’s open cunt and glistening juice told me she was up for anything I would demand of her.

I told her to stand and blow me if the little minx did not use my command as an opportunity to get closer to these two cocks. She inched her hands up both these two youth’s legs pretending there were there for support and I swear her cheek brushed the head of one of the cocks.

I told John, the guy with the eight and a half inch cock to lie on the blanket. Which he did and after slipping on a condom I got charlady to climb on top of him and slip his cock inside her cunt but I warned her not to move. Next I turned and chose one of the five which had accompanied me up the beach, Gerald, a real spotty faced guy with an average sized cock; I would say around five and a half inches but much thicker than the one now up Charlady’s cunt, to stick his cock in a condom then slide it up Charlady’s eager arse.

I turned to Charlady and demanded she tell the two guys what she wanted, she began, “Oh guys, I want you to fuck my slutty cunt red raw, I want to be fucked left right and centre for I am a worthless cock hungry slut who lives for cock meat and loves spunk! I want to take your cocks in every hole in every way until the sun goes down and I want you to use me as your personal free whore and cum bucket!”

Suddenly Charlady groaned as Gerald got his last inch of cock buried inside her anal ring. Again I told the three of them to stay still as I had not finished yet. I turned to Thomas the guy with the ten inch cock and ordered him to put a condom on and then to face fuck Charlady. I pointed out a large plastic Tupperware box beside Charlady and told them when they came they should empty the contents of their condoms into this. I turned and selected Richard and Gregory to put on condoms and had charlady take their cocks in her hands. She was told to wank them off and would be punished if she was seen to neglect them. Then on the count of three they all began to fuck her whilst I stood back taking pictures of her.

I turned at some point to Larry and Joe, who looked really pissed at being left out and quickly told them they were first reserves for as soon as one of the others cum and had to drop out they would be taking their places, so they had the mystery of not knowing whether they would get a hand job, blow job, anal fuck or straight fuck.

It was Gerald who spunked first and quickly pulled out of her arse and was quickly replaced by a longer thicker cock of Larry. Gerald trudged to the box and tipped his condom out into it even squeezing every white strand from it. I noticed although extremely busy Charlady watched intently as the white strands dripped from the open end of the condom and splattered into the box.

By now Charlady was incoherently moaning what with the ten inch cock reaming into her mouth, her hands a blur as she tried to bring off her hands jobs whilst her cunt milked its captive cock for all it was worth. This was added to by Joe, urging on the guys to fuck her worthless tramp body and telling her that she would soon be receiving his cock and he hoped that he would be soon fucking every single hole of hers before she was allowed to leave.

Then Thomas jabbed his cock deep into Charlady’s mouth as his cock twitched and delivered his load, Good job it was inside a condom because it looked like the amount he shot would have drowned Charlady. Reluctantly he withdrew and was quickly replaced by Joe. Who delayed putting his cock into her mouth just long enough for Charlady to witness the second load being deposited into the box and at the same time for her to scream her orgasmic demands to be fucked like the whore she was, to be used like a common slut.

The merry go round of fucks continued for more than three hours as Charlady was a constant trembling mass of orgasm after orgasm and the spunk box slowly filled. Despite their evident passions of youth even these seven young men were now finding it harder to maintain their erections, but luckily help was at hand for four older guys had been attracted by Charlady’s screams of passion and were already sporting rock hard cocks. After asking for permission to join in and being made aware of the rules they agreed and began replacing the wilting cocks of the younger men. These older men certainly knew how to extract the fullest orgasm’s from their bitch for Charlady’s cunt was squirting like a fire hose as she reached her multi orgasmic state.

It was approaching 6 pm when they action finally stopped and an exhausted Charlady lay there catching her breath, her tits swollen and red from their having been sucked so much, her cunt gaping wide and still oozing juices, her anal ring a perfect example of a budding rose wide open and alluring. The spunk box was by now half full and waiting.

I ordered Charlady to get down on her hands and knees; I then slipped a butt plug up her still gaping anal ring and then slipped the spunk box beneath her right tit, I then lifted it up till her entire large tit and erect nipple was coated in spunk. I repeated this with her left tit before ordering her on to her back. Then the guys followed my directions and knelt all around her. I began at her neck and slowly trickled the contents of the spunk box between her tits down over her stomach along the crack of her cunt.

Again on the count of three the guys all launched in to rub the spunk into her skin and for Charlady it was heaven on earth having 11 pairs of hands stroking and feeling her already sexually abused skin. I noticed some took their time rubbing the white cream into her cunt and tits but hey no problem as far as I was concerned and Charlady’s whimpering sounds told me she was not about to complain.

The guys must have found the experience erotic, because as I looked round I did not see one cock that was not hard as iron again. I told them they could wank their cocks off over charlady but asked they tried to shoot over her face. In pairs they knelt, either side of her head and wanked until they shot strand after strand of spunk on to her face. Hitting her eyes, nose and mouth but also leaving large amounts of spunk strands in her blonde hair.

When her face was well and truly plaster with cum, I ordered her to her knees and placed the spunk box on the blanket ordering her, “Lick your bowl out, bitch! You know you want to taste as much of this spunk as you can, show this nice gents how you love your spunk so very much!” as she began licking the bowl like a dog I spanked her arse for being such a wanton slut. The guys all cheered her on and with a sense of pride having taken on 11 cocks and brought off over 50 cock climaxes as well as having enjoyed seventeen of her own climaxes, Charlady finally displayed a clean spunk box.

With the sticky spunk still on her face and in her hair we left St Olaf’s beach and upon reaching the car, we dressed but Charlady was not allowed to clean up, she sat that way all the way home and upon arriving a truly exhausted Charlady slipped into a hot luxurious bath I had run for her before slipping into her own dream world as she slept in my bed. I tried not to disturb her for I knew she still had much more fun to come.


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I would like to thank everyone for reading my work.

Please feel free to leave me some comments as to whether you liked or disliked my story.

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