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Charlady’s Jamboree part 3.

During the night, I was awakened by strange noises, which were best described as murmurings. As my head cleared and I became wide awake I was aware they were coming from the sleeping form of Charlady. In her sleep she twitched, which was unusual for her, she was making soft whimpering almost gurgling sounds, as she moved around the sheets came off he and I could clearly see the wetness of her cunt lips. She was having a vivid wet dream; I was tempted to slide my fingers down to her cunt and bring her to the climax she was dreaming about but decide to watch instead.

Her legs were open and her clit erect pushing her clit ring into clear view, her hands were now squeezing and pinching her soft breasts and nipples. Suddenly she groaned as she went stiff, at that exact same moment I witnessed the clear juices from her cunt shoot three feet into the air and cascade down back over her legs like a waterfall. Suddenly Charlady sat up and apologised at the wet patch on the bed. I cuddled her and smiled; I admitted it was the most erotic natural thing I had ever seen and she had no need to apologise nor should she be embarrassed.

I fetched a towel and warm sponge; then while she cleaned herself up a little she was telling me of her dream. She was back on the beach naked as before but this time there were thirty guys all lined up, she had to work her way down the line sucking their cocks to full erection and then as she moved on to the next the previous one had to select a hole to fuck, wearing a condom of course. As soon as he had cum he poured the contents of the condom on to her skin and joined the end of the line. She confessed that the thought of being covered from head to foot in thick white sticky cum excited her beyond her wildest dreams.

As we cuddled we settled back down to sleep and eventually dropped off to sleep; waking again at 9.00am. Charlady kissed me and said “Master please allow me to make you your breakfast!” with that she leapt out of bed and disappeared downstairs without even bothering to dress, twenty minutes later, she was stood beside the bed holding out a tray with scrambled egg on toast and a large mug of tea. She placed the tray on the bedside cabinet and held out my tea. In anticipation she had her legs open and the back of my hand was soon pressed against her cunt lips as she rocked steadily.

I teased her by reminding her of her dream, last night, “So my slut wants to take a bath in cold sticky spunk, maybe I should make you wank off a stallion into a carrier bag and tip that over your head as a spunk shower!”

Charlady suddenly gasped, “Agggh how gross, I could never interfere with an animal in such a way!”

I calmed her down by saying I was glad to hear it but used the reference only as a hint of the amount of spunk such an animal produces and not as a suggestion she should do it. She laughed as she admitted that animal spunk had no effect on her but man’s baby making seed was another matter altogether. She really felt slutty taking several different men’s cocks into her body and wearing the spunk as a trophy almost. Suddenly I had to take the mug from her hand as she started trembling violently as her orgasm erupted. After eating my breakfast I joined Charlady in the shower and instructed her to stand perfectly still whilst I washed her. My soapy fingers were soon buried in her anal chute and pussy. She was groaning as my fingers tried to touch through her thin membrane between them.

I allowed her another orgasm before we finally washed ourselves off and dried each other. Later as we were in the bedroom getting dressed I insisted that she wear the Ben Wah balls up her cunt for the day, and even joked that she was going to be jogging on the spot later and heaven help her if she climaxed before I allowed her too.

AS today was Friday and I knew we would be going to Epping Forest later, I wanted Charlady to be hungry for sex but a little humiliated as well and that was why Charlady was dressed in a salmon pink jogging suit, no bra underneath although she was allowed to wear panties to keep the balls in place. Beneath the jacket of the jogging suit she was naked and I unzipped the top to halfway, revealing a lot of her cleavage.

Now as I sat on the settee, I ordered Charlady to begin her exercises by jogging on the spot for ten minutes. After five minutes I had her lay across my lap as my hands traced the contours of her arse, outside the bottoms, I slipped my hand between her legs pressing the material up tight against her cunt. Then I returned my hand to the small of her back, slipped it beneath the material of her bottoms but outside her panties and again slipped between her legs, her panties were already soaking wet and the lacy feel added to her excitement as it brushed against her clit. For the third time I returned my hand back to the small of her back and once more slipped it inside the bottoms only this time also inside her panties, her soft skin felt hot and tingly as I slipped my hand between the cheeks of her arse.

Charlady groaned as I ran my fingernail over her anal ring teasing it but never offering any real hope of my finger sliding inside. I continued down to her cunt lips which were already spread, the wet stickiness of her cunt juice wrapped around my finger and again my finger nail lightly grazed her clit base. Charlady jumped slightly at this which caused my finger nail to catch her clit ring and tug it slightly. Her cunt jerked as a flush of juiced ran over my hand.

Returning my hand back to the small of her back I again traced the contours of her arse over the outside of her clothing and pressed tightly into her cunt, Involuntarily Charlady humped against my hand before I quickly removed it, telling her No my horny cunt, not yet for you have five more minutes of jogging to complete.

I ordered her to stand and return to her jogging noticing as she did so the wet stain patch on the gusset of her jogging bottoms. I could clearly see the effects that the Balls were having in stimulating the walls of her cunt and knowing Charlady’s capacity for creating her cunt juices I could imagine them pouring from her cunt lips and being soaked up by the bottoms.

As she neared her completion of the second five minutes she asked for permission to cum but I denied her this right at this point instead I ordered her to do 25 star jumps and delighted in watching her tits bounce and threaten to escape her loose fitting jacket. Poor Charlady tried her very best to refrain from coming but the star jumps really tossed around the Ben Wah balls creating tidal waves of vibrations deep with her cunt. Suddenly she stood rigid panting like a old mare, her face bright red as she clutched her groin area, her orgasm proving for to strong to be denied.

By now the wet dark patch on her bottoms covered most of the area of her pubic zone and was increasing by the second, spreading down both legs like a river. Panting out of breath Charlady kept apologising and begging for forgiveness that she had dared to come without permission. I could not help but smile and told her she would not face punishment on this occasion although I did tell her that as a reminder of her humiliation I would be taking a couple of photo’s of her in her present situation. Charlady begged me not to but as the alternative was to wear the wet sticky clothing until we left later that afternoon she agreed.

I quickly took the pictures and allowed her to go clean up and put on a skirt and top but told her that the balls must stay in place. She asked if she was allowed to change her panties and I agreed.

A still jittery Charlady returned to my side some fifteen minutes later smelling all fresh and clean again. I asked her if she had played with herself whilst showering and she answered with an honest sounding no, because I had not told her she could.

By now it was dinner time so we had sandwiches for lunch and sat out in the sunshine of the garden, making small talk although Charlady was quick to avoid any mention of her wet dream during the night. I engaged her in conversation though of a more personal nature curious to find out her feelings on her body for she is a creature of habit, like most women she has pet hates for her body.

She confessed that her stomach was one of her pet hates, for she felt it was too big and therefore made her look overweight. I told her that her stomach was not too big in fact I thought it just about right for the lengths of cock she would really love to have up her cunt. She blushed but smiled, adding that her tits were not perky enough for her liking but I told her again that her tits were ideal for sucking and squeezing around cocks. She had recently discovered the thrills of having her tits bound, so I explained that if she had any smaller or perkier tits that she would not have known the pleasure of having her tits wrapped around a hot throbbing cock or the exquisite pleasure of the blood pounding in her nipples after having her tits tightly bound by soft Japanese bondage ropes.

I told her that her full luscious lips were also a good feature as they always extruded the feeling of sensuality and looked fucking ace wrapped around my cock sucking the life force cream from my very balls. Charlady smiled at my comments and I reminded her that the way she sashayed as she walked really highlight her sexy arse and long slender legs, In fact I reminded her it was often her legs and arse that attracted so many of the cocks she loved to suck with those full loving lips of hers.

I knew my conversation was having some effect on Charlady for she kept changing her sitting position and always looked a little flushed, my next comment really sent her over the edge. “Charlady, fetch me one of your bras, a short length of my silk ropes, your largest vibrator and a medium sized butt plug! This instant!” I demanded.

Quickly she hurried off, upon her return she almost hesitantly waited at the back door to my garden before I beckoned her to me. She approached me with in trepidation fearing what may be about to happen till I reminded her that she had been naked in my back garden before now and had even held a conversation with my neighbour John whilst naked out there.

I ordered her to remove her top, before binding her tits in a figure of eight and even managed to stick the large vibrator up between them. I took her bra and folded the cups in on themselves making a platform bra and slipped this on her, this served two purposes as it thrust her tits up and out and stopped the vibrator falling through the bottom. I then made her turn round and raise her skirt, drop her panties as I slipped the butt plug square home up her anal chute. I then allowed her to replace her panties and lower her skirt. I reached under her bra finding the base of the vibrator and turned it on full power, her tits jiggled with the vibrations it caused. Charlady grasped her top and almost pleadingly looked for permission to put it on. I then told her she was to sit out here catch a bit of a suntan without her top on.

Charlady knew better than to argue, so she sat in the sunshine, tits bound up tight her nipples engorged with blood and trembling with the vibrations whilst the full feeling of the butt plug made it a little uncomfortable to sit in some positions which led to her changing positions frequently and triggering Ball vibrations in her soaking wet cunt.

I mentioned to her that she had only an hour to sit out here before it was time for us to leave for Epping Forest, so what could possibly happen. Almost on cue, John came out into his garden and spotted Charlady straight away. Leaning on the fence he engaged her in conversation about how she was and what had she been up to since he had last seen her, all the time staring at her bound shaking tits.

With a quiver in her voice, Charlady tried her very best to answer him and still not let on that she had balls up her cunt and a butt plug up her arse. I intervened and asked Charlady to tell John why she was having trouble sitting still. Charlady shot me a scorned look as she said, “My Master has seen fit to tie my tits up so and insert a vibrator on full power between them, to add to my discomfort, John, he has also inserted a medium sized black butt plug into my anal ring and I am since this morning ordered to wear my Ben Wah balls deep inside my now soaking wet over excited cunt!”

John looked at me and asked if he could check what she had said was true. I nodded and john demanded that Charlady came over to the fence. Once there he slipped his hand between her tits found the vibrator and tried turning it up a little more, he then told her, “I bet you wished that was a real hard long cum filled cock, Don’t you”

Charlady nodded. John then slipped his hand down to her waist and beneath the waistband of her skirt; he was obviously rubbing her clit as Charlady began thrusting her hips to meet his touch. The he pulled his hand back out and made a big play of smelling it and finally licking the fingers clean before telling her to turn round. This time he had her raise the back of her skirt and slipped his hand inside her panties. “Ray, I think this butt plug is slipping out, should I reinsert it for her!” he quipped.

I knew it was not coming out at all but agreed he should make sure it was seated fully home. John eased it part way out before telling Charlady to thrust back against it. Charlady thrust back but john never pushed against the butt plug, so it never moved, “Oh no that will never do slut! I was not ready to push in unison so we will try again!” he demanded.

A blushing Charlady endured all and was soon sat back down, butt plug back in place and her body working overtime with the stimulations it was receiving. I made small talk with john whilst killing the remainder of the time before we left. All the time we talked John’s eyes never left Charlady’s tits.

At 3.30 pm I announced it was time to leave, but first I asked John to pop round and untie Charlady. In a flash john was over the fence and began to loosen the bonds around charlady’s tits, whilst making sure he copped a good handful at the same time. John was now sporting an impressive tent pole inside his trousers and Charlady must have been well aware of this for she looked pleadingly at me almost begging me with her eyes for permission to deal with it for John. I simply nodded as I walked out of the garden and began packing the silk ropes back into my fun bag as I called it. Through the window I saw Charlady on her knees in her favourite position with John’s cock disappearing into her mouth whilst John gripped the back of her head.

Ten minutes later, Charlady walked into the room, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand and she thanked me for my kindness in allowing her to suck cock. Not five minutes later she had donned a loose fitting top over her platform bra and was sat in the passenger’s seat of my car as we headed off towards Essex.

The Journey was pleasant enough although the traffic was heavy fort he time of day but I was not aware of anyone paying particular attention to Charlady as we drove, which seemed to disappoint her slightly.

Soon we were entering Epping Forest and as the trees caused dappling effects with the sunshine on the car bonnet, Charlady turned to me and asked what I had in mind for this evening. Just before the High Beach turn off, I pulled into a car park which held a burger van. Pulling to a standstill I asked if Charlady wanted a can of drink or something to eat, She accepted a can of coke but declined any food, I told her I was going to get a burger and a drink but she did not change her mind.

As I approached the van, there were three obvious biker’s hanging close by and they acknowledged me as I arrived. I ordered my burger and drinks and quietly suggested that if they and their friends were to be in the Lower Hollow beneath High beach in about an hour, provided they had sufficient condoms there would be a one woman orgy taking place, nodding back towards Charlady. They nodded in approval and said they would see what they could do.

I walked back to Charlady who was stood beside the car and handed her drink as I leaned against the car eating my burger and drinking my can. I noticed that two of the biker’s were actually on their mobiles, I suspected calling up reinforcements to join in the fun later.

After finishing the burger and disposing of the rubbish, I ordered Charlady back into the car and drove up to High Beach, parked up and slowly walked down to the place known locally as Lower Hollow. There was three trees about two feet apart which served me handsomely in the past as hitching posts for my sub missives.

With in ten minutes Charlady was stripped down to her bra and panties and had her back against the centre tree as her arms and legs were splayed out and bound to the outer trees. Now I walked away out of sight and knew this would alarm Charlady for she hated the thought of being tied up as she was now and left alone in a public place. What she did not see though was my returning with a handful of stinging nettles which I rubbed lightly over her tits and cunt. I even popped some of the stems inside her panties pressed against her clit.

I then retreated three yards in front of her and sat down. Immediately going into my fun bag and apparently looking at what I had stashed in there. Soon the tingling craving started in her nipples and was rapidly joined by the same irritating sensation on her cunt lips. When the tingling sensation started on her clit, I stood up approached her and removed the nettles. Within minutes her thighs were trembling and her cries were growing more orgiastic by the second as she screamed her way through her first orgasm, the stinging grew worse and more intense.

In fact I had to quickly produce a ball gag and strap it in place just in case some one heard her screams and decided to call the police. I need not have worried though for fifteen minutes later the three bikers turned up and soon after were joined by three other couples. This was a little shock to me as I never expected the biker molls to be with them; after all I did say a one woman orgy.

Much to my pleasant surprise the three women quickly shimmied out of their clothes and one sporting a large black strap on dildo approached Charlady. She waved the dildo in her face and then called out to a second woman who instantly came running, knelt before this woman and began sucking the rubber prick like her life depended on it. Charlady’s eyes went wide as she took in this sight, I could imagine what was going through her mind, like how much she would have loved to be the one sucking on a real cock that size.

When this sucking woman had the cock soaking wet in saliva, the woman wearing it turned to Charlady and approached. Suddenly Charlady’s panties were ripped from her and this woman was about to ram the thick rubber cock up Charlady’s cunt. I quickly intercepted the action pointing out that Charlady had Ben Wah balls up her. I fished my fingers into her cunt and managed to grasp the line which led to me pulling the balls from her cunt.

Now the woman rammed the rubber cock up Charlady’s cunt and began frantically thrusting. Charlady was so close to yet another climax that her cunt actually sprayed its juices everywhere much to the delight of all watching but Charlady’s humiliation.

The other two women had not be idle during this frantic fuck session for they had each latched on to her nipples and had been sucking for all their worth, whilst I assume their partners had been fucking them from behind. As the woman wearing the rubber strap cock pulled out her place was immediately taken by a elderly man who’s condom covered cock was weedy to say the least. It looked like a massive four inches in length and I would have bet that Charlady would not have felt its presence up her hot cunt. He thrust three or four times when he was pulled aside by a much younger stronger man.

Suddenly the two women sucking Charlady’s nipples must have started climaxing for they fell back away from Charlady and began wailing like banshees. Then a man squeezed himself between Charlady and the tree and by the look of things began to try to find her anal hole, he suddenly held aloft the butt plug which had been stopping his progress. His access now un-prevented left him thrusting his hips and the look on charlady’s face said he was now buried deep into her arse and she was loving it. Another man again wearing a condom and sporting a good seven or eight inch cock stood in front of Charlady and was obviously trying to find her cunt. Charlady’s passions rose dramatically as he found his target and she was being double fucked whilst standing up. The air was blue what with Charlady’s grunts and groans and the voices of the onlookers encouraging this bitch of a slut to ride the rock hard cocks.

As each man Came he removed the condom and poured its contents over Charlady’s face and hung the condom as a score marker on the ropes holding her in place. Charlady’s body was awash with sweat and her face a mask of white streaky cum dripping down from her eyes and nose most landing on her tits still held outright by her makeshift platform bra. Twelve or thirteen condoms hung from the ropes when the two females who had been sucking her tits returned and quickly sucked up the spunk from her face and tits before kissing her and sharing it back into her mouth. By the time everyone was sated, charlady had been fucked anally seven times orally five times and had sixteen cocks up her cunt, she was so exhausted that she could no longer stand up straight and only the ropes were holding her up. With help from the women I untied her and laid her on the grass where they women watched eagerly as I re-applied the stinging nettles to her nipples and clit. In fact the guy I assumed was the biker’s leader ordered all three of their women to have the same treatment and with in twenty minutes all four of them were writhing on the grass as if being fucked by invisible cocks.

AS we prepared to leave, the biker’s formed a circle of honour for Charlady and presented her with the wings of merit insignia and by this simple gesture accepted her as a lifelong biker babe….

Charlady slept all the way home, as naked as when she had been fastened to the tree. She slept sprawled across the back seats of my car which was a good thing really because a police car was just to the right and little behind most of the way home. Fortunately they never saw a reason to pull me over and find charlady naked in my car.

Once home, I helped Charlady to bed and went back downstairs for a cup of tea, when I returned a dreamy Charlady commented that she had never had so much fun in one night, although her cunt was a little sore, she still offered to suck me off or allow me to fuck her anyway I wished. What a gal, No what a slutty gal and she is my fucking slutty girl.

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