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Charlady’s Jamboree.

Chapter 4.

Now with only three more days before Charlady is due to return to Scotland for who knows how long, I decide that we would go out and celebrate her being here. I told her to choose what she wanted to wear with only one proviso and that was that she should wear a skirt instead of trousers.

Charlady eyed me strangely for this was the first time she had been allowed to select what she wanted to wear and so a little hesitantly she asked if this would be ok or would that be better. To all these questions I answered the same, if that's what you want to wear then wear it.

She eventually chose a white semi transparent blouse, pale powder blue quarter cup bra, plain black pencil skirt and pale powder blue lacy panties. She rather nervously asked if she had to wear stockings, self supporting or suspender type, and if she was to pop anything into her cunt before we went out. I answered with Stockings are an option if you wish to wear them; their type is entirely up to you if you do! As for popping anything up inside your cunt, if it makes you feel better to do so then by all means do it, if not then that too is fine!"

Charlady suddenly sat on the edge of the bed and asked, "Have I upset you master in some way for it's not like you not to give me specific instructions on how to dress!"

I responded by saying, "Normally I would select your attire but as this is a celebration I want you to pick and choose how you will look, for I have every confidence you will look as sexy and horny as in anything I would pick for you!"

So by 6 pm we were ready to set off to the public house known as the Carpenter's Arms in an area of Enfield known as Crewes Hill. By the time we arrived Charlady had chilled out a bit and was no longer worried that she had been the one to select her clothes. We entered the pub and after purchasing a drink made our way towards the rear of the bar area. In fact we choose a dimly lit booth beside the games room which appeared in darkness and not far from our booth were the ladies and Gents toilets.

As we sat quietly sipping our drinks I slipped an arm around Charlady, leaned into her and began nibbling her ear. I know of old, that charlady loves her ears nibbled and usually when coupled with well chosen words in her ear often gets extremely excited. As my hand dropped on to her thigh, I began telling her, "You are my horny little cock teasing slut; my wanton whore of a cum bucket, you would like me to slide my hand up your thigh to your hot horny cunt and slip one or two fingers into your honey box whilst thumbing your clit!"

Although my hand had not moved she opened her legs and began breathing hotly a mumbled, "Yes, Oh master, Yes please!"

I slipped my hand under the hem of her skirt and began stroking her thigh close to but not touching her panty covered crotch; all the time asking, "Are your nipples rock hard and your cunt bubbling up to be soaking wet my little fuck slut tramp!" More heavy breathing greeted each question.

Suddenly I noticed a woman in her mid thirties going into the ladies toilet; I turned to Charlady and instructed her, "You my little horny cunt, will go into the ladies toilet and remove your blouse and bra, making sure the woman who has just gone in there gets to see you topless, then you will whilst she is still watching raise your skirt and remove your panties making sure they are good and wet. When you return to me you will be wearing your blouse but your underwear will be presented to me in my hand!"

Charlady's eyes glazed over as she now realised why I had allowed her to select her dress code. Silently she stood up and walked unsteadily towards the ladies toilet, it was not the drink which made her unsteady on her feet but I suspect the thrill of what was about to happen.

She disappeared into the loo and now takes over the story. As ordered by my master, I entered the toilet and noticed the woman was in a cubicle. I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and slipped off my bra, when the door of the cubicle opened. The woman gave me quite a stare so I pretended that I had spilt something on my blouse and bra and began to go through the actions of sponging it off. I noticed in the mirror the woman did not try to leave the toilet and as I glanced into the mirror in her direction I smiled and received a pleasant smile back.

It was the lady who first spoke, "Having a little trouble, my dear!" she said. I nodded although never attempting to cover my breasts. Then the woman stepped forward and leaned into me, "Would you like a little help?" she asked. Thinking quickly on my feet I answered, "Why that would be great, but I must confess that I am not alone! My master is out side by the games room and required me to remove my bra and panties in the presence of another lady before I may return to him!"

I thought as much for I noticed the pair of you when I came in here" she added, "Well lets get the panties off you then my dear!" she added.

I asked her to wait and allow me to carry out my masters wishes before saying any more! She stepped back and watched as I turned towards her and raised my skirt, before sliding the panties slowly to my ankles. I felt so wickedly excited baring my shaved cunt to this kindly stranger and I wanted so much to see her reaction when she saw my clit ring. As I stepped from my panties and bent to pick them up we almost bumped into each other as she also bent to retrieve my panties.

She suddenly spoke, "I see your master likes you to be ringed! I have always like the idea of a clit ring or nipples bars but could never pluck up courage to have it done" she continued.

"Oh my master did not demand my clit ring, my ex boyfriend suggested it and I jumped at the chance but I too could never endure the pain of a nipple piercing fro your nipples have nerves running through them where as this clit ring just passes through skin." I ventured.

Without another word, the woman reached her hand out and lightly touched my clit ring, sending shivers of excitement up my spine. She commented how nice it felt and how reactive it made my clit. As she stood back up we were suddenly kissing as she forced her tongue into my mouth and her hands began playing with my already erect nipples. Her hot breath and probing tongue bathed the inside of my mouth sending me spiralling up towards an overwhelming orgasm. Her agile fingers pinched teased and twisted my nipples as if she was trying to tune in a radio, but in fact she was tuning in my feelings to fever pitch. She broke away from our kiss and told me she wanted to eat my bubbling over wet cunt.

Master Ray had never said anything about it going this far and I was concerned if I refused her I may be in trouble with him and yet if I let her and came would that too land me in bother with his wishes. By the time I had accessed the possibilities she was already dipping her tongue into my over heated cunt. I was now lost she could have dragged me out into the middle of the large open car park and would have been powerless to resist her.

My breath quickened even further as my desire to climax over rode my sense of safety, my humiliation was made complete when the toilet door opened and in walked a young woman of about 19 years of age. She looked me over as I stood here naked from the waist up and a woman knelt between my legs lapping at my cunt making me moan and groan. I must confess what happened next shocked me a little, for the young woman went into the nearest cubicle and wedged the door open as she raised her shirt pulled off her panties and stood directly above the pan and began to pee. I saw the line of yellowish piss flowing like a jet stream from her hairy cunt and heard it splashing in to the pan some three feet below.

This was the final straw as suddenly without any control from me my entire body shook and small explosions went off inside my brain as I flooded the hungry sucking mouth with my juices. Just as quickly the woman sucking my cunt was stood and gone, I grabbed my blouse and underwear ran into a cubicle and bolted myself in. Quickly I donned my blouse and as I stepped from the cubicle the young woman grabbed my arm and suddenly thrust her mouth onto mine. Her tongue forced open my mouth it fought to tickle my tonsils.

Then just as quickly she withdrew it and called me a fucking slut as she departed. I walked from the ladies on extremely wobbly legs, slid into the seat beside Master Ray before I fell flat on my face and handed over my bra and panties. Master Ray then as a matter of fact demanded to know what had happened in the ladies and as I described the action he had his hand stroking my swollen and inflamed cunt lips.

Master Ray takes over the story. As my finger inched its way inside her cunt, the young woman and what appeared to be her boyfriend appeared and introduced themselves to us as Mandy and Judd, Judd asked if it was true that Charlady had just been in the ladies topless with a stranger sucking her cunt in full view of anyone going in their. I answered by saying, yes and it is also true that it turned your girlfriend on so much she could not resist stealing a forceful kiss.

The couple offered to buy us a drink, which we kindly accepted and the two women went off to the bar whilst Judd and I talked. The very first thing he asked me was how did I get to dominate such a sexy looking woman and could anyone do it. I tried to explain that not all women take to being dominated as easily as my Slut Charlady. We were just getting into discussing the pros and cons of being a dominant male when the older woman from the ladies stopped by with her husband.

They introduced themselves as Rosy and Joseph, although they were nervous of Judd, Joseph managed to tell me that he was aware of the action which had taken place and wondered if Charlady and I would like to join them. I suggested that as Charlady had enticed the two couples to come over why didn’t we all sit down together here and get to know one another a little better.

It was Rosy who suggested it maybe a little less distracting if we use the games room as it was no longer used for games and the Landlord could be persuaded to unlock it for our personal use. She and Joseph went off to arrange it and Judd disappeared to let Charlady and Mandy know where we were going to be.
We moved into the Games room, just as we were getting comfy, there were two further couples; who entered the room and introduced themselves as friends of Mandy and Judd. They were Sarah and Graham and Sandra and Tony.

It was Judd who asked how we were going to start the action. I announced that there would be a few ground rules for the health and physical safety of all concerned. First rule no anal or vaginal intercourse with any of the females without the use of condoms and for tonight that even included their partners. Second rule if the female concerned said no then we accept that as a no. Third rule ask if the female would like an oral cum bath and accept their decision.

Fourth rule all used condoms must be tied off and deposited into the separate beer glass, later they will be burst open and their content poured over the winning female as a souvenir of their night. I was a little surprised when Mandy mumbled, I hope I win and You Judd will be licking it all off me.

Added to this I laid a specific rule for Charlady, she was not allowed to agree to a mouthful of cum instead in her case the male had to agree to finally cum into a pint glass, and all would be revealed as to why, later.

I turned to Charlady and ordered her to remove her blouse to show all of those present what the two fortunate women had witnessed in the ladies loo. She stood up and as previously trained began slowly and seductively unbuttoning her blouse. The four guys jostled for best position to see her tits, whilst the two new women hesitantly vied for a good look.

With a final flourish, Charlady tossed her blouse towards me and threw her arms in the air to a chorus of ooohs and aaaghs. I then turned to the other four ladies and announced, “Come on Mandy, Rosy, Sarah and Sandra; each one of you now step forward and repeat this show!”

It was Mandy who asked, “What about the guys? What are they going to be doing?”

“The males will also be performing a sort of striptease but with their lower halves becoming exposed!” I replied and with that she stepped forward and seductively revealed her 34C tits. Then Rosy stepped forward and stripped off to show us her 42D tits. Sarah and Sandra each repeated the feats flashing for all to see their 38DD and 32C tits respectively.

All the males, including me, quickly removed all our clothes and too be honest with a lot less finesse than the girls. Now I ordered the women to turn to the woman on her left and remove her lower clothing. Although this was fun to watch as each woman seemed keen to unclothe the person to her left she was less keen to be undressed by the person to her right.

Sandra was at a disadvantage or an advantage which ever way you looked at it for the person to her left was Charlady who only had her skirt to remove to be naked. I say unfortunate because it meant she did not have the opportunity to get her hands into charlady’s crotch area like she was enduring from Sarah.

The men all began sporting erections as the women revealed more and more flesh; the women generally seemed hot and horny anyway as all were already showing erect nipples.

Just then Tony asked Charlady to suck his cock and instantly she was on her knees and wrapping her lips around his cock, this seemed to be the signal for an orgy to start. As Charlady set about her favourite pastime, she suddenly had her legs prised apart as Rosy began devouring her cunt. Then Sarah got to suck Judd’s quite impressive nine inch cock, whilst agreeing to have her cunt plugged by Joseph. Sandra and Mandy made a bee line for Graham and began sharing his cock.

Tony was first to feel his impending orgasm, I quickly handed him the beer glass and Charlady wanked him off till he spurted his seed into the glass. No sooner had Tony shoot his load than Judd demanded the glass. He had just received the glass when he too added his load into the thick white goo from Tony. With two horny mouths on his cock Graham too did not last long and soon added his load to the pot. All the time this was going off, Charlady and Sarah were wailing their way through orgasms.

Joseph plunged his cock into Sarah’s cunt and froze as his seed spurted into the confines of the condom. He then pulled out and slipped off the condom tying the open end in a knot he placed it in the second bear glass. Graham soon sporting another erection was donning a condom and asking Charlady if he could fuck her arse, eagerly she agreed and also agreed to Judd fucking her cunt.

So graham lay on the floor and Charlady settled on top of him with her back to him, every one watched in awe as Graham’s cock slipped into her anal ring. Judd was meanwhile putting on a condom and climbed between Charlady’s legs, before dipping down to line up his cock with her open horny cunt. As he thrust his first hard push he said, “Take my cock up your horny fucking twat, you whorish bitch!” I must admit it was quite a pornographic sight as both Charlady’s anal ring and cunt were spread obscenely wide by the two cocks now stuffing her full.

Suddenly Rosy moved into position over Charlady’s face before declaring, “I sucked your fucking horny cunt, well now you can suck the very juices your responsible for direct from my cunt, you slut!” She then began sawing her cunt against Charlady’s mouth as her passionate cries increased in crescendo.

Joseph quickly stepped up to rosy and stuffed his cock into her mouth, taking his hands behind her head he gripped firmly her hair as he began forcefully fucking her face calling her a worthless slag of a tart, a tupenny harlot not worth a farthing more, and adding he was going to drowned her in his spunk.

Both Graham and Judd flooded their condoms but were unable to get out to tie them off just yet as Rosy was still being face fucked and Joseph did not seem even close to finishing. Ten minutes later Joseph grabbed the beer glass and spurted his load to the already developing good amount. As the group parted Graham and Judd finally tied off their condoms and added them to the other beer glass.

The merry go round continued with a pace and it seemed always at the centre of the action was Charlady, whether taking one, two or even three pricks at a time she coped admirably, all the women were eager to eat Charlady’s cunt and have her eat theirs. By 11 30 pm a rather sheepish landlord and landlady entered the scene of the orgiastic debacle to tell us it was closing time. Instantly Sarah and Sandra turned on him and began to debag him, whilst Tony and Judd grabbed the landlady and began feeling her tits through her clothes.

I walked up to her and ordered the two men to stop, I looked her in the face and simply said, “Well bitch, you want these two to carry on trying to feel you up or are you going to release your true inner slut and remove your own clothes for me to examine your worthless body!”

Almost as if in a trance she quickly began undressing, and as I waited patiently for her to finish I kept up my tirade calling her a cock hungry bitch, a cum bucket of a slut, I also added that I was going to really enjoy watching her suck the spunk from one of these other bitches anal ring, holding it in her mouth till she had shown me her coated tongue before she would be required to kiss and pass the amount on to her husband.

Once she was stark naked, Geraldine (The Landlady) was made to lie on a bar table and open her legs before holding her own cunt lips wide apart. I prodded and poked at her cunt making sure to tease her clit as I did, before I ordered Mandy and Rosy to suck her nipples and grip them in their teeth before stretching them.

As we wound down the evening, I asked everyone to nominate a winner to receive the collected spunk and condoms, unanimously Charlady was nominated with one proviso that Judd be allowed to lick the cream off her before we all went our separate ways.

So the landlord performed the honour of pouring three quarters of a pint of sperm slowly over Charlady’s face and tits; whilst the landlady enjoyed biting her way through some sixteen condoms tipping their contents into the other beer glass. She then poured this over the top of the stuff poured over charlady by the landlord.

Just as Judd was about to launch himself into licking off the sticky mess, Mandy announced that everyone there should be allowed to join in cleaning up Charlady’s body, if they wanted too. So as Charlady stood there nine people all set about her with their tongues cleaning her up and bringing her to one final massive orgasm.

We eventually climbed into my bed at 3.30 am and slept through till mid afternoon; when Charlady went shopping for some presents to take back to Scotland with her. Two days later I reluctantly said my farewells to her as she once more boarded the train back to Scotland. As a treat, I allowed her to choose her homeward adventure. She could fuck, suck and general screw anyone she wanted in any way she chose for the duration of the train journey.

She emailed me next day to tell me her exploits and in doing so thanked me once again for the time of her life whilst she had stayed in London.




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