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Chapter 3.

At 4 pm we headed out the back door and walking in single file, all as naked as the day we were born, walked for fifteen minutes to the wooded area. When we reached the copse, I spread the large picnic rug out and set the hampers down on the edge. The women started to undo the hampers till I told them to stop. Before we eat I have a few exercises for you to try.

I called the four men over to me and walked them over to the first two trees; producing the soft silk Japanese bondage ropes I tied the guys to the trunk and lowest branch of the tree. Then calling the six women over to me, I repeated the bondage on them but at the other tree.

Now I was the only person still able to move freely, so I picked up my heavy duty gardening gloves and walked a little ways away. I think only Eleanor realised what was about to come as she and Charlady had been the only ones to sample the effects previously. As I returned, the men and women saw the stinging nettles in my hand. All except Charlady and Eleanor began begging for me not to do it.

I laughed as I approached Roger, lightly stroking the underside of his cock with the nettles, right up to his cock head, I quickly then moved on to Bob, Jerry and Paul repeating the treatment on each of them. Stepping quickly over to the women, I approached Antoinette where I lightly traced her cunt lips and up between the arse cheeks with the nettles before flicking her nipples with the stinging plants. This again was repeated on each of the women in turn, Eleanor, Charlady, Katie, Linda, and Susie. I then stepped back to observe.

As soon as the stinging sensations began all ten victims began struggling against their bonds, the tingling itch was driving them mad and their hands were tied so they could not scratch. I learnt long ago that the stinging nettles on a woman’s clit was far better than any vibrator and usually lasted for twenty minutes. Eleanor was the first woman I experimented on with the stinging nettles many years before and she loved it, telling me the urge to scratch the itch was as good as the tingling sensation was in her clit. She later confessed to trying herself; only going just a bit too far by putting the stinging nettles inside her cunt but that was absolute agony for days.

I watched the men as I was interested in the effects on them as much as the effects on the women. The men all sported raging hard cocks so it did not affect their ability to maintain an erection. Just then Bob groaned as his cock erupted spurting its white fluid high in an arc on to the grass in front of him. He had actually ejaculated without his cock being touched; I found this interesting so I wondered what the effect of light touches of stinging nettles would be on his anal ring. I was almost tempted to try it out on bob as he had just cum so would endure the sensations for longer now.

Then as if orchestrated, first Linda, then Antoinette, Susie and Katie began moaning their way through their orgasms. This triggered Eleanor, Charlady, Roger, and Paul. I was surprised that Jerry had not cum yet for the information from Eleanor was that he had little staying power. It later transpired that Eleanor had been using this self same nettle patch as a training utensil with Jerry so the surprise aspect was no longer valid.

Despite the guys shooting their loads the stinging sensations were maintaining their erections. I also noticed that Charlady had that wistful look in her eyes once again, for she never liked to see good spunk go to waste, and as these three loads had done falling on the grass.

I quickly untied everyone and led them over to the picnic blanket. As we unpacked the food I insisted that no one was allowed to touch themselves; although I did mention I had some good plans for desert a little later.

We all ate heartily on sandwiches and non alcoholic drinks, tucked into cakes and biscuits before finally opening the boxes of fresh fruit slices and tubs of ice cream and fresh cream. I ordered Charlady to lie flat out and began scooping the fruit on to her tits, her cunt and then finished this off with lashings of fresh cream and ice cream. I then invited everyone else to tuck in and eat using only fingers and mouth. It was great fun to see, Charlady wriggling in pleasure as ten people began nibbling, licking and fingering her already sexually excited body. As she became less covered in fruit and creams I scooped more out until only half remained. I then waited until she was cleaned off by the others tongues before demanding that Jerry now replace her and again covered him in fruit, ice cream and fresh cream; inviting Charlady to coat his cock in fresh cream and allowed her to suck it clean before anyone else was allowed to start.

I warned the other three males that they would be punished if they did not partake of the fruit desert now laid before them arguing that if the women could do it to each other then so could they. I then laid out the ground rules for this new desert. Charlady would first suck his cream coated cock, whilst Eleanor used the nine inch vibrator on his boy pussy and rob had his cock sucked by Jerry. Then after two minutes Eleanor would reload his cock with cream and devour that whilst Jack would use the vibrator on his boy pussy and Charlady would have Jerry lick her cunt.

The changes would be every two minutes till jerry spurted and that was to be over his stomach. The order of play so to speak would be using the vibrator; Eleanor, Jack, Antoinette, Susie, Roger, Linda, Katie, Rob and finally Charlady. Each person would be moving on in a clockwise direction; using vibrator to sucking cock to being eaten or sucked.

And so they started soon jerry cock was trembling but he held off cumming, and it was as Rob began sucking his cock that his dam finally broke and he spurted what seemed gallons of white fluid out of his cock and all over his stomach.

I stepped forward and taking a spoon collected the spunk and slowly spoon fed it all back to Jerry telling him he would soon get used to its taste for after he had sucked my cock to hardness; he was going to watch a real man,( something he would never be able to be), fuck his wife and then after begging for the privilege he was going to suck my cock juice from her exposed cunt in front of all these witnesses to his final acceptance of his place as a lowly cuckold.

Jerry’s face blushed and he immediately looked down humiliated by my dominance; I immediately added to this by turning to Eleanor and saying, “You worthless fucking whore, get here and show your cuckold of a husband the very cunt I your master am going to fuck! Do it now bitch or face my anger and I will spread your arse while I spank you silly!”

Eleanor hurried over and stood wide legged in front of Jerry, Taking her index fingers of both hands she pulled her cunt lips apart and said, “See wimp, My master knows how to handle me and I am to show you the gateway for a real man’s cock, not the puny self centred one of yours!” she added, “As these friends are here to witness, I swear to you that from this day forward I will only allow you to fuck my cunt when you have served me well, but will make my cunt available anytime my Master here wants it and you will lick me to prepare me for his magnificent cock and if Master is willing you will suck his cock hard enough to fuck me the way I want to be fucked, no need to be fucked and treated!” Just then she also added, “Master willing you will then lick me clean afterwards and will show us your devotion by not swallowing until told too!”

I turned to Eleanor and said, “Bitch you will purchase two dog collars and leashes and have one engraved ‘Slut bitch’ on a red collar and ‘cuckold wimp’ on the blue collar. Also you will buy the wimp some pink frilly plastic panties, a padded bra and nurse’s uniform! The uniform must be a real nurse’s uniform not a sex uniform.”

Eleanor nodded and Susie spoke up, “If you have difficulty in finding a supplier of the uniform I will give you an address, I used it when I was a real nurse!”

Eleanor again nodded.

I ordered Jerry to kneel then had him crawl on hands and knees over to me, where I told him to suck my manly cock so I could fuck his wife. Instantly he opened his mouth and began to lean forward, I slapped him across the face and demanded he apologise immediately. Puzzled he looked at me; I turned to Rob and demanded, “Tell him why he was punished, Rob!”

Rob then spoke up, “He went to suck your cock, Master Ray without obtaining your permission first!”

“Correct!” I added.

“Master Ray, May I suck your cock till it is hard enough to fuck my wife with, for your cock is far superior to my own little excuses for one, My demanding wife needs a real man’s cock and I would be honoured to prepare your lovely cock for her!” Jerry babbled.

“You may!” I accepted.

Now he wrapped his mouth around my cock and his tongue flicked little circles beneath its head and soon my cock was rock hard. I pulled from his mouth and ordered that in order for him to learn his technique of sucking cock and not swallowing spunk, he should practise on the three guys present, but he had better make sure he was still able to witness his wife’s real fucking!

I ordered Eleanor to get down on her hands and knees and immediately climbed in behind her, As I sunk my cock inside her cunt she began calling out, “Oh my God, I have never felt such a wonderful cock stretching my cunt to its limits before. Jerry your cock would never touch the sides in comparison with this magnificent member. Oh fuck me Master Ray, show this wimp what a real slut of a woman needs and dreams about. Fill me with your baby making seed so at least my boy pussy husband can taste the strength of you when he licks me clean!”

Mean while Jerry had his mouth working around Jack’s cock. I leaned over and told Kate to use the vibrator of Jack’s arse and have the woman share the fun of fucking the arse of who ever was being sucked.

I continued to plough my furrow into her cunt and her vocal assault on her wimp of a husband gathered pace as did her impending climax. Suddenly she was screaming I want your baby, Master, make your slut with child so this wimp will raise it as his own and every time he looks at your baby he will see the real man who gave this to me.

Mean while Jerry suffered jaw ache as he sucked cock after cock but always as the cock in his mouth spurted he would present himself in front of me and show me his white coated tongue and await permission to swallow.

It was at one of these times that I asked if I did make his wife; My bitch; pregnant would he honour her demand to raise it as his own and be financially responsible for its upkeep. Without a seconds hesitation he answered oh yes, master I would be honour to be the surrogate father of your child.

I never said anymore but secretly wished I had not now had the vasectomy so many years ago, for it may have been fun to periodically return to see my child being raised as his and witness his reaction whilst I was around. But it could never be.

The light was now fading fast as most of the men were spent and the women as always as horny as hell. Upon arriving back at the house I ordered the women into a daisy chain and watched as they each ate the cunt in front of their faces and surprisingly watched a spiral of climaxes begin with Kate and work its way anticlockwise around the circle.

Tired but satisfied we all slept were we fell and Jerry managed to crawl over to cuddle up to his wife, Eleanor. In fact he slept with his head between her legs having fell asleep still licking her cunt gently to remove the final traces of my load.


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You've been a busy writing bee

Thanks again

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keep em coming these stories are great

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Yes DM, I have used my writing as a recovery Therapy from my recent illness and I guess the old adage is still true, Man can not think of two things at once, so whilst I was writing and thinking up the plots, I could not think about my illness.

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You've been a busy writing bee

Thanks again

Yes DM, I have used my writing as a recovery Therapy from my recent illness and I guess the old adage is still true, Man can not think of two things at once, so whilst I was writing and thinking up the plots, I could not think about my illness.