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08-13-2008, 05:42 PM
Perks of an erotic writer.

It was amazing the response and reaction created when I posted my first erotic story on line, the story called Eleanor’s descent was based upon some true events from my past. With in days of it being available to read on line I had received twenty or so emails offering feedback to the story and I would say that 95% of that was positive and encouraging; although 5% were not that impressed it just proved the old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

The true tale I am about to relate begins a week after the first story was posted and refers to a strange sounding email I received. A husband and wife wrote to me, thanking me for my story but also strangely suggesting that because of my story their sleep was now being disturbed by haunting fantasises of them being two of the characters from my story. In her erotic dreams the woman adopted the role of Eleanor and her husbands erotic dreams left him being Roger. Now in my story Roger was not married to Eleanor but was in fact the current boyfriend of Eleanor’s flat mate Katie.

So the fact that a husband and wife were now separately fantasising about two unrelated people was strange enough, but made even stranger when you consider the two questions they posed in the later stages of the email. Question one was in which part of London did I reside; they actually stated they themselves lived in Chelsea. Their second question left me in no doubt, they were looking for someone to take control of their love lives, they asked if I would be prepared to train them to the same standard as I had with Eleanor.

After much careful thought and consideration I emailed back my response, as I do with all story feedbacks, suggesting that if they would like to arrange a meeting we could discuss their request but the meeting itself was no commitment from either side that the training would take place. To be honest I genuinely thought that would be the end of their interest, so imagine my surprise when only an hour later I received their response.

Instead of arranging a neutral venue for the meet, I was cordially invited to their home to discuss matters and hopefully give them a taster of what life with me as their master would be like. The email finished by explaining that if these arrangements were satisfactory then I had simply to email them a day and date and they would be sure to be ready and would email me their address. I emailed back suggesting a ten day cooling off period to allow them to change their mind but if they still wanted to proceed I suggest seven pm a week on Friday. I told them I would expect either an email saying they had reconsidered or an email with their address and directions, by the day before our meet.

Having sent this email, I promptly received a reply to the effect they had already had 15 years together to decide against this course of action so they were not going to change their minds in the next ten days and as proof of this they included their address in Chelsea and directions on how to get their by car or by public transport. They also asked if I had any special instructions for them to carry out before my arrival, any dress code they needed to be aware of and things like that.

I immediately emailed them back stating, yes I had rules and dress codes but I preferred to reveal them in person. Again I stressed that the meeting did not guarantee they were to be my new trainees. As I sat and reviewed the emails from this couple, I had already decided that if they were sure they wanted a master, better that master be me who is not as strict a trainer as some I know of than someone else. So it was at the end of the next day I had decided to demand some tasks on the Friday night to test their resolve to serve another human being as a slave. Four days later I had worked out how the night would run for our first meeting, including their tasks.

On the Friday evening, I set off at four pm to get to Chelsea, intending to stop off on route to eat and planned to phone them to up their anticipation. I arrived in Chelsea Borough at six pm and found a nice little restaurant and having ordered my meal I phoned the number given me by Esther in an email. It rang only twice before a woman’s voice said “hello!”

I asked if that was Esther and when told it was I introduced myself as Master Ray, There was silence on the other end of the phone before a shaky voice said “Yes, Master Ray!”

I outlined my plan to be at their house around seven to seven-thirty pm, and suggested that if they had changed their minds they should simply not answer the door. Esther quickly responded, “Oh no Master, even if we did change our minds we would answer the door to you and tell you the reasons to your face, for we are not ashamed of being what we are!”

I lowered my voice and asked if her cunt was already wet in anticipation, she in turn mentioned as wet as a river and added her husband was walking around with a hard on already. I informed her one of the things which would be definitely happening tonight, would be their medical examination, and promised her that they both would be fully examined to the smallest of nooks and crannies.

I then said, “goodbye my slut!” and hung up the phone.

After a reasonable meal I made my way to the address I had been given and finally rang the door bell of this smart looking semi detached house. The door quickly opened and before me stood a five foot four inch blonde haired woman. With out being cruel she looked all of her forty seven years of age and had not lied about the size of her 42 D breasts. They looked gargantuan on her medium build frame.

With out me introducing myself she said, “Please come in Master Ray!” I stepped inside before asking her how she knew it was me; she said she recognised my voice from the telephone conversation earlier until I pointed out that I had only spoke after she had invited me in. She blushed and said, “Yes but it is exactly seven thirty and I just knew you would be so prompt. That it had to be you at the door!”

She led me through to the living room where a shock awaited me, for their tied to a chair set in front of a TV playing porno movies was the naked figure of a man. I took this to be George and instantly recognised the scene from my story where Eleanor is tied to the chair and forced to watch porno’s but unable to play with herself when Katie and roger entered the room. I smiled and asked who thought up this scenario. Esther giggled as she explained that she had spent several hours tied in this position whilst George was at work reliving Eleanor’s feelings but tonight she had decided that George should also sample the feeling of vulnerability and had tied him their at four pm.

I looked George over as he blushed and stared at the floor in front of my feet. I instantly teased him by asking what he was hiding in front of him. Esther answered, “Oh that is his prick!”

“Call that a prick!” I laughed and continued, “Oh my poor little cock, not even enough to stir your tea with!” George squirmed in his seat as he blushed even further. I demanded that Esther release him and he cover up his worthless excuse for a cock. Fort he next hour we sat and discussed what they were looking for from a sub/master relationship. I then introduced the ground rules.

“I have only five basic ground rules and they are not open for discussion!” I began, “First rule is my word is law and disobedience is punishable with spankings and other methods of chastisements. Rule two is you will both shave your pubic areas and keep them shaved. This is because a cuckold is not man enough to be able to have pubic hair and a slave slut should have her cunt lips clearly on view to all who her master chooses to show them too”

“Rule three,” I continued, “If you pass your bodily inspection and I agree to train you, then you belong to me mind, body and soul. That means that I have total control over Esther’s cunt, arse, tits and mouth and George’s cock, mouth and boy pussy. Also it means that I tell how to think, what to think and when to think.” I still continued,“ Rule four is you will out of your own finances purchase anything I decide is to be a training device or body enhancement, that includes sex toys and body piercings!”

“My final rule is simple Dress code is as follows, for sluts, skirts which allow easy access to your cunt and arse, tops which flaunt your tits and can be easily removed or raised to display those tits. No under wear is allowed when in the presence of your master or at times specifically set by your master. For Cuckolds, you will wear stockings and frilly panties at all times unless ordered otherwise, you will also wear when directed to padded bra’s and French maid’s uniforms but not those cheap tack sexy uniforms I want a properly made French maid’s uniform which will have a quick release front bodice. Also cuckolds may be required to wear ladies apparel to work beneath normal clothing” I pointed out.

“Now if you disagree with any of those rules speak now and I will leave never to speak to you again!” I demanded.

Both George and Esther instantly agreed to my rules. So I announced it was time for their examinations now. I ordered them to strip off and stand in front of me. In five seconds flat Esther and George were stood as naked as the day they were born, before me. I instantly glared at them for they both had hairy pubic areas. Esther was first to speak, saying by tomorrow that will be corrected Master. I instantly sent them both off to the bathroom and told them not to return till they had removed every strand of hair from that region.

I sat patiently for twenty five minutes before sheepishly they crept back in. I looked them over and then felt their pubic areas just to be sure they were silky smooth. George became embarrassed again for as I touched his pubic bone, his little four and a half inch cock reared up to its rock hard maximum. I slipped my hand down between his legs and gave his balls a sharp squeeze and tug. Poor George yelped but his cock shrank back to its limp state.

I then told the pair that I had decided they needed some piercings, I explained to George he would have three rings inserted into his tackle, two through his ball sack and one through his foreskin. Esther almost giggled at this but soon changed her mind when I pointed out that she would have a bar inserted behind the head of her clit to force it up and out and a further two rings in her cunt lips on in each labia allowing me to padlock her cunt closed.

I gave them an address of a place I knew and arranged to meet them outside it at 10 am next morning, I warned George to bring his credit card with him. Then in a strict voice I ordered George to turn round, bend over and open his arse cheeks, to display his anal ring to me. I lightly touched his anus as I told him what a pretty little boy pussy he had and it would look lovely with my manly cock piercing it. All this time George’s poor cock was as stiff as a poker and I laughed as I told him to go into the kitchen and fetch back a pint glass. When he returned I ordered him to wank his little cock off into the glass.

I turned to Esther and ordered her to turn round, bend over and spread her arse cheeks, This time I whispered for her to describe to George what I was doing to her; she began, “Oh Master your finger feels so good against my anal ring, it is great to finally have a real man finger fuck my arse, I simply will die and go to heaven when I feel your manly cock ploughing into my arse. I know it will go in much further than I have ever been fucked there before so it will reach the virgin depths of my anal chute, much deeper and more stretched than my worthless prissy of a husband could ever dream of managing.”

All this time as he listened, George wanked his little cock and suddenly spurted his load into the glass. Esther laughed at him as she said, “Look master, she how weak his little cock shoots, I bet a great powerful cock like yours would shoot straight through the bottom of the glass!”

I reached forward and took the glass from a trembling George, noting as I did so his cock never once sagged. I again reached forward ordering him to place his balls in my hand and lean back. He did so as I said, “On the count of three pull your balls away from my hand, sharply!” “1, 2,” I gripped his balls firmly, “3.” George yelped as he lurched back fearful of disobeying me and yet also fearful of the pain he expected to feel. However his cock shrunk like a stone. I then slowly undid my trousers and pulled out my own impressive seven and a half inch cock and held it lightly so both George and Esther could see it. I slowly pissed into the glass filling it half way and then ordered Esther to stir the mixture of her husband’s spunk and my piss, before making George kneel before me with his mouth wide open and slowly poured the whole content of the glass into his mouth. I ordered him not to swallow until told to do so, so some of the liquid dribbled over his chin and down on to his chest.

All this time my free hand was pressed against Esther’s soaking wet freshly shaved cunt and I ordered her to rub her clit against my hand. She immediately grabbed my hand and began moving my hand back and forth till I told her, “I said rub your cunt against my hand, not my hand against your cunt, fucking bitch!”

She soon got the message and began rocking her hips against my hand, as her breathing grew shorter and more shallow I ordered George to kiss his wife, my slut and share the liquid still remaining in his mouth. I told the pair of them they could then swallow.

I quickly removed my clothes and ordered George to suck my cock till I was hard enough to fuck my bitch, he eagerly sucked on my cock as I told him I was going to fuck my slut and the he was going to use his tongue to clean up the hole I filled with my spunk; whether that be her cunt or her arse.

Soon I had George watching closely as I was sat with his wife, my new found slut, bouncing up and down on my lap, my cock spearing into her cunt as she described her cunt never having felt so stuffed full of real cock meat. I mean while pawed and twisted at her nipples and tugged on her heavy tits. She was soon screaming her climax into my ear as I felt the tell tale first rumblings of my climax building. I told George to gently hold my cock whilst I shot his wife full of baby making seed for him to lick out.

Spurt after spurt shot into her cunt as she ground her ass against George’s hand still gripping my cock. I soon pushed her off and had George lick clean my cock before telling him to suck out my spunk from the whore on the floor.

I finally left at 11.30 pm and made my way home, confident of the fun to come tomorrow, but I did leave orders that George and Esther were to refrain from sleeping together tonight and warned George that sex for him was going to be a five knuckle sandwich for a while to come but his loads had to be deposited into the glass and then poured into a thermos flask to keep chilled till I decided who would drink it and where the act would take place.

I wished them both pleasant dreams until ten am next morning reminding them I did not tolerate tardiness.

.................................................. ........................

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Brigit Astar
08-13-2008, 06:07 PM
a strange, weird, quirky, freaky, perverse, odd, kinky story. Well-written.

08-14-2008, 08:23 PM
Hi Brigit,
Thanks for the encouraging words the second chapter is almost ready for posting, hope you enjoy just as much....