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Chapter 2.

Next morning I met up with George and Esther outside the beautiful image tattoo parlour, as we met I gave Esther a full on lips passionate French kiss, slipping my tongue into her mouth whilst watching George’s reactions. I could tell that this morning George was a little uncomfortable with things.

Esther too detected this and explained it was because he was apprehension at his forth coming piercings and also the fact he was improperly dressed according to my dress code. Not having the required frilly panties or stockings as yet. I announced this would soon be remedied and led them along a few streets to a spe******t shop I have used before.

As we moved away from the tattoo parlour, George made a rare mistake; he asked if we were not going to get the piercings done first. I glared back at him and said “Don’t ever challenge my decisions, you wimp!” George immediately apologised and I took Esther by the arm sliding my free hand down her back and up under her skirt. As my hand reached her bare arse, I made sure to flick her skirt up high enough for George to see where my hand was resting, as he followed closely behind. Esther merely wiggled her arse as we walked and we both stole glances over our shoulder at George’s face. “Come along, little dick!” I chided him.

Soon we approached the shop I was intent on taking them to; Eve’s Transformation was a shop which spe******ed in clothing for the cross dressing male, but also served really well for master’s with cuckolded males. I quickly entered the shop with my hand still on Esther’s bare backside; George was a few short footsteps behind us, almost eager to get in the shop without being seen. As the shop door closed a tall blonde woman suddenly appeared and asked if she could help us with anything. As I said I have previously used this shop so I knew the arrangements they usually provided.

I approached the lady I knew to be Trudy, a transsexual aged about 23 or 24, quickly mentioned the owners name and a password. Trudy immediately checked a register and then showed us through to a private viewing room. I directed Esther to sit on a low stool, which necessitated her crouching so low as to show off lots of her thigh, I then ordered her to open her ankles about two feet, thus displaying her newly shaved wet cunt. Esther blushed when she realised that Trudy was openly looking at her parted cunt lips and licked her lips a couple of times in an exaggerated way.

I spoke openly now, saying, “Trudy here is a special girl, she has far more going for her than most women! Why don’t you show them what I mean, my dear?”

Trudy simply smiled as she raised her skirt and pulled her panties to one side to reveal a thick semi hard cock of about six inches in length. It was Esther’s turn to now lick her lips lustily. I turned to George and ordered him to undress completely. When he was totally naked I told Trudy what we wanted for him and she asked if we had already measured him for a good fit. I immediately said, “What and deprive you of your obvious pleasure you get from such a chore!”

Trudy now smiled and immediately went to get a tape measure. George asked if Trudy was a cuckold like himself or what. When Trudy returned I made George ask her directly if she was a cuckold. Trudy laughed as she said, “No definitely not, I am all woman but trapped in a mal body until I can get the final operation to remove this appendage!” she said waving her cock in Esther’s face.

As if to prove a point, Trudy undid all the buttons on her blouse and pulled the front wide open to reveal her 36 C tits, the nipples already hard and pointedly erect. George audibly gulped as yet again Esther licked her lips. I told Esther that fair was fair and as Trudy had shown her tits, Esther should show hers too. Just as Esther revealed her 42D tits, the door opened and in stepped the shop owner; Cassandra was late fifties and four foot four tall with jet black hair and pert but small 32A tits.

Trudy immediately stopped and stood perfectly still, whilst I greeted Cassandra with a kiss, I explained why we were there and she looked at George’s naked body before muttering, “Maybe you should let me convert George into a transsexual and you keep Trudy as your cuckold, after all he has less to lose than Trudy here!” with this Cassandra gave a cackled laughter, as George blushed even more.

Cassandra then commanded Trudy to continue and asked what we needed for Esther. I quickly explained and Cassandra went off to gather the items we required. Meanwhile Trudy now knelt immediately in front of George; her face just inches from his rapidly hardening cock, he must have felt her hot breath on his prick as she took her time in getting his inside leg measurement. Her slender fingers casually grazed his cock and it immediately jumped as if alive. Trudy turned to me and said, “thirty one and a half inches inside leg!” then winked in my direction and as she turned back made sure to brush her lips against his cock head. In a instant she had his cock in her mouth and was sucking like a vacuum cleaner, George moaned but tried to stay still.

I called to Trudy, “George is not allowed to cum in anything other than a glass or container!” She released his cock and scowled in my direction. “George, tell Trudy why you are not allowed anything else!” I demanded.

“Master has rightly noted that my poor excuse for a cock is not large enough for real women and therefore I am not a real man so only real men get to fuck!” George repeated. Trudy was sent to get George a plastic disposable cup. George was then instructed to demonstrate to all present his form of sex. He hesitated and was jolted from his stupor when I slapped my thigh hard, indicating he was heading for a spanking. He then started wanking his cock between his finger and thumb. As he looked down he could see the generous cleavage of Trudy’s 36B tits.
I ordered George to kneel, and instructed him to show Trudy what his speciality was. With his free hand he removed Trudy’s still free cock from up her skirt and immediately began sucking on it like his life depended upon its seed. He was still stroking his own little cock when I said, “Tell me, little dicked George, what do you have to do when you can’t control your cock?”

“Master I have to wank my poor prick and shoot into the cup before I have to take the nasty seed back down my throat!” George muttered. Trudy and Esther laughed just as Cassandra returned into the room and asked what was going on. I explained why we were laughing and why George here was wanking his cock whilst sucking on Trudy’s fine specimen of a penis.

Cassandra then added to the mix by saying well if you can sexually abuse my staff, I can certainly suck the fuck out of your slut’s cunt and promptly knelt between Esther’s legs forcing them even wider began eating her cunt and tickling her clit with the tip of her tongue. Suddenly Trudy began begging me to allow George to fuck her boy pussy. I refused but agreed she should have her butt fucked and slipped a condom on to my already stiff cock. I stepped up behind Trudy and slipped my cock deep into her anal ring, she screamed as I stretched her ring and filled her shit chute, Those screams soon turned to a mixture of sexy gutteral groans and encouraging swearing at pretty boy George to suck her cock harder whilst flogging his own stalk.

Trudy suddenly lurched forward as her cock spewed forth its torrent of spunk all over George’s face; Just as my own climax flooded the condom covering my prick up Trudy’s arse. Then George spurted his load into the plastic cup and lowered his eyes to the floor for he knew he was about to be humiliated again by being made to drink his own baby seed. I shocked him further by scooping some of Trudy’s spunk from his splattered face and added that to the cup before removing my condom and emptying that too into the cup.

Cassandra stopped sucking on Esther’s clit just to watch this cuckold drink a spunk mixture of his own, Trudy’s and a cum load from me. Esther encouraged him further by calling him her cum drinking little cock.

Next George was ordered to dress in his suspender belt taking its straps inside his new shocking pink frilly panties before wearing his glittery fish net stockings. Then he was ordered to put on his 38C padded bra before being allowed to put his trousers and shirt. He struggled to fasten his shirt because of his now increased false boobs. I showed him the French maid’s uniform he was to wear around home on days when I was to attend, and demonstrated the Velcro bodice which could be quickly pulled open to reveal his falsies. Esther was given a matching pair of suspender belts and fish net stockings with a shocking pink platform bra which thrust her already large tits up and out.

Once every one was dressed, George used his credit card to pay the £140.00 clothing bill, as we were leaving Cassandra suggested we return soon and she would arrange a special discount for her special customers. I in turn invited her to a party in seven days time and took her phone number to let her know where it would be held. I included Trudy in the invite as well. With that we left the shop and walked back to the Beautiful Image tattoo parlour.

Entering here I spoke to Leonard the owner and tattooist, telling him we wanted six piercings today and at his best prices. He asked what was in it for him and knowing he was bi sexual I hinted he was going to be working on both George and Esther. He smiled when he saw Esther’s large chest, but I quickly deflated his ardour by telling him that what we required was on George three sealed rings one through his foreskin and two through his ball sac, on Esther we required a straight barbell gold bar behind the head of her clit, forcing it up and forward, and then half way along each of her labia lips a sealed gold ring which would interlock allowing me to lock shut her cunt. I knew that this way I could prevent her from having penetrative sex but still allow her to pee when needed.

I ordered Esther to strip off completely even though her treatment was all around her cunt. Then whilst George was carrying out my order for him to strip Leonard told me the price would be £330.00 for the six piercing ornaments and the treatment. I asked if there was any way we could get a discount and he replied, “If I am not restricted in my play with your subs, I will do the entire job for the wholesale cost of the body ornaments of £35.00 each making £210.00 for the complete job.”

I responded by saying, “Yes but I insist that you wear a condom when penetrating either of these subs, after all safety first.” Leonard agreed. I turned to George and Esther and said, “Well do you two fancy turning prostitutes for a while, because if you do you will save £120 on these piercings?”

They both looked at each other before cautiously nodding. Deal done I declared and handed them over to Leonard, but suggested he carry out the piercings first before indulging himself. Again he agreed and taking Esther first he prodded and poked her cunt as he manipulated her clit into the right position and state to allow the needle to pass behind its head. Esther never even flinched as the needle passed through her skin. The barbell was quickly inserted and sealed. Further prodding of her cunt followed before he located the best place for the two rings to fit and allowing them to easily be interlocked with a small gold padlock, which Leonard donated to the cause.

George now nervously sat on the treatment table and actually closed his eyes as he felt Leonard’s hand grip his cock. He winced a little when Lenny pulled his foreskin up and out. Suddenly the needle penetrated the foreskin directly from the front and the ring was inserted and sealed. George opened his eyes and looked down at this bright shiny gold attachment to his foreskin. He smiled but soon grimaced as the felt the sharp prick of the needle on the right side of his ball sac and the first of the two rings inserted, once it too was sealed and could not be removed he felt Lenny’s hand on his left ball and the sharp prick of the needle as he was again tagged to my specifications.

All the work now complete, Lenny stated he wanted to fuck Esther whilst George fucked him up his arse. I interrupted him and said that would not be possible, because cuckold George was a taker not a giver and could never be man enough to insert his weedy little cock into another person, cunt or arse. Lenny then surprised me by saying ok then the deal is this, I fuck Esther, whilst sucking George off and you fuck me up my arse at the same time. I thought what the heck and slipped off my trousers, stroked my cock to hardness and slipped my condom on. Then as Esther moved over and laid on the treatment table, George climb upon it and placed his legs either side of Esther’s head and Lenny moved between her legs; then slipping on his condom began to slide his cock along Esther’s cunt, Esther felt a little discomfort from her fresh piercings but was soon groaning as Lenny’s thick cock stretch her cunt. I slipped quietly behind Lenny and pressed the head of my cock against his anal ring. Suddenly I pressed forward just as Lenny began to withdraw his cock from Esther’s cunt and popped the head of my cock up his anal chute.

From then on I governed Lenny’s strokes as he fucked Esther, by pressing on his withdrawal stroke I could prevent him from using a long stroke. Lenny was too busy sucking George’s tiny cock to worry what I was doing but he did manage to cum just before I did into the condom up his arse. George seeing this suddenly spurted his load over Lenny’s face and then became very apologetic. I ordered George to lick his goo off Lenny’s face while slipping my cock from Lenny’s arse. Suddenly Esther let out a massive scream come groan as her orgasm broke, her thigh muscles twitched like on a 11,000 volt electric shock.

Then I slipped the condom off my cock and had George suck my cock clean then repeat this on Lenny before making him open his mouth and accept the loads from the two condoms. He then had to show all three of us his white coated tongue before I allowed him to swallow. George paid Lenny the £210 as requested and with heartfelt thanks we slipped from the tattoo parlour.

George and Esther we looking to finally head for home, until I spoke up and told them, “We have just one more stop to make before you may go home!” I led them off to Adult Pit-stop, a adult material supermarket. Entering the premises I discovered this was Esther’s first visit to such a place, now it was her turn to be apprehensive and nervous. I told her to go up to the counter and tell the guy she wanted the following items. Three butt plugs, one small. One medium and one large, three straight vibrators again a six inch slim line model and eight inch thicker model and a twelve inch jumbo thickness model. Finally she was to add to the list six pairs of nipple clamps three non vibrating and three vibrating types, two leather paddles, two leather crops, and finally six metres of soft bondage rope.

Esther looked at me in sheer panic, but knew better than to refuse, so she slowly made her way to the counter, whilst I told George to check out the video booths at the back of the shop. I suggested that he should give two blowjobs before we left the store. George moved away whilst I watched Esther. The young guy behind the counter looked flabbergasted by the shopping list he had just been given by the nervous woman. Esther then surprised me by asking if she could do anything to get a good discount on these items.

The guy opened the counter hatch and suggested she give him some head and he would forget to include a couple of items on the final bill. Esther turned to me and smiled before slipping to her knees on the inside of the counter and began sucking this strangers cock. I leaned over the counter and said, “Bitch, if your going to do that then open your fucking blouse and take it all on the chest!”

She looked up at me and nodded but never missed a stroke with her mouth and throat, her hands immediately went to her blouse and she soon had her tits out on view for the shopkeeper, also anyone curious enough to wonder why this guy was sweating so bad could have looked over the counter and seen her almost topless. Suddenly the guy spurted his white cream all over her large erect nipples and tits. Esther sat back on her heels and waited for my permission to clean herself up but I refused to allow her to do so instead I simply told her to fasten her blouse up and lets go.

She did as she was told and the guy told her she could have the items she requested for the grand price of £100.00 instead of £160.00. She said we would be right back after she fetched her husband who was going to pay with his credit card. We walked through to the video booths and it was obvious what was going on in the last cubicle, we pushed the door and as it swung open there was George on his knees sucking a large black cock which was press through the glory hole in the wall. Suddenly George’s throat muscles moved indicating his swallowing of another load of spunk.

Then quickly standing and with the broadest of smiles George headed out to the counter paid for the good and gripping the large bag we left the store. As we walked back towards the underground station Esther kept asking George what it had felt like to suck such a large black cock, from the way she stressed Black I knew where her tastes were heading and I pointed out that if she was extremely good she too could be on the receiving end of not just a mouthful of black baby making meat but she could even have her cunt or arse stuffed full by it. I instructed them not to indulge in ant sex between now and Friday because I wanted them eager for the fray on Friday.

I wished them a pleasant day for Sunday as I was not planning on seeing them till next Friday when they were going to host a little soiree for Cassandra and Trudy, Lenny and a few others. With a passionate kiss I bade Esther farewell and warned george not to forget to wear his special clothes even when at work.

.................................................. .................................................. ....
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Brigit Astar
08-14-2008, 10:50 PM
I proclaim niteowluk2003 as the 21st century's version of the Marquis De Sade. "Perks of an Erotic Author" (parts 1 and 2) is without a doubt the kinkiest and quirkiest story I have ever read. It's very well-written too.

08-15-2008, 08:11 AM
Why Thank you Brigit, although I think your accolade a little premature for there are many wonderful BDSM writers on this site let alone out there in the great big world of the internet,,,,lol

once again thank you.