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Chapter 3.

I must confess, Sunday passed very slowly for me as I constantly wondered if George and Esther were biding by my rules, I knew the fascination of their new piercings would constantly nag into their thoughts, but such is my nature I knew I had to trust them until proved otherwise.

Monday was easier for me as I was busy till fairly late into the evening when at 10 30 pm I phoned George and Esther. I wanted to know how the last two days had been for them and also wanted to tweak up the ante a little. George answered the phone and as soon as he recognised my voice he adopted the sub missive tone all good slaves know shows true respect for a master. I asked him how he had got on yesterday and in particular how he adapted to his new ornaments. He said all day yesterday it played on his mind and he was sorely tempted when in bed to play with his cock, but knew he would have to be honest and would expect a sound spanking for disobeying my orders.

I asked him how he got on today, knowing he would have been at work for most of it. He confessed it had been hell; in fact he got the impression that his colleagues must have thought he was suffering some Deli belly for every time he went to the loo he had to go in a cubicle so as not to flash his frilly panties. This did not help much for he was constantly scanning the toilet walls half hoping to see a large black cock sticking through a glory hole, but he could not find a hole let alone a delicious black cock.

He did confess that he was nearly caught though for in the late afternoon he was sat at his desk and the rings in his cock and balls were tingling and because of that he started to get a hard on when his secretary entered the room. She was over sixty and very frumpish to look at but he nearly took the chance to show her his new toys; but stressed it was only a fleeting idea and never acted upon.

George then asked if he may ask a question. I replied of course so long as it was asked correctly and would not be deemed to challenging my authority. George thought for a while and then said, “Master, I know your wise and everything has a reason and purpose, but could you tell your slow dim witted slave, why you chose to have my foreskin and balls pierced with sealed rigs?”

I laughed to myself as I thought, well thought out George, no one could accuse you of challenging my authority with the question phrased as you did. “George, the answer you seek is simple, but I will not tell you now, instead I will show you why to best effect on Friday night, when you and my slut will be hosts for twelve people from seven pm till finished. You best provide finger style buffet and of course you George will serve everyone as Georgina my French slut maid. I will arrive at your house at five to prepare and instruct you on your duties! Now let me speak to my slut!” I stated.

“Hello Master Ray.” Esther’s cheered voice boomed as she took the phone. I asked her how went Sunday with her new ornaments. She responded by confessing that she had endured seven orgasm’s not of her own making. I asked her to explain and she said, “Well. Master, because your not around, I wear panties and with this barbell pressing my clit forward and out, it rubs against my panties as I walk around, so it rapidly excites my clit and I have to stand until my cunt finishes throbbing and pouring out its juices whose warm wet feeling excite my clit even further. So I must have looked really strange to anyone who did not know why, because I frequently had to stop suddenly and must have sounded like I had an asthma attack.”

When I asked about how she had coped today what with her work she went silent! I demanded to know why she had suddenly shut up. “Master, I know you will spank me when you next see me because I have been unfaithful. But it was not planned and will not happen again!” she stuttered, “I was in my office just after lunch, my cunt on fire with desire and who should enter the room but the wife of the owner of the company, she saw me squirming in my seat, breathless and face flushed. She asked whatever is wrong, and despite my insistence that nothing was, she pressured me into telling her. I of course simply said that George had bought me an early anniversary gift and said the piercing was still taking some getting used to. She turned and locked the office door before demanding I show her what George had done to my poor little cunt (Her exact words). She virtually forced me to reveal my shaved pierced cunt and next thing I knew she was on her knees sucking my clit like it was Georges little cock sending me spiralling into an out of this world climax. Then when I recovered I looked and could not believe it she was stripped down to the waist and her pointed rock hard nipples were beckoning my lips with the sweet scent of arousal. I was then made to lick her cunt and tongue fuck her before we finally dressed and she slipped out of the office, promising to return real soon!” Esther explained.

I could tell from the passion in her voice she was again close to an orgasm, in fact she asked for permission to cum over the phone so I could hear her. I instantly refused and told her as punishment for her dalliance, she would have to invite the woman to her home for seven pm on Friday night and would have to perform oral sex on her in full view of all the assembled guests. Very reluctantly Esther agreed to contact the woman and invite her.

I explained the same as I had to George that they would be twelve other guests on Friday, the buffet and George’s role for the start of the night. I also stressed that as she was going to now providing the cabaret she should make sure she knew how to handle the silk bondage ropes they had took home with them on Saturday. I also advised her to make sure George picked up a large black strap on dildo before Friday. With a final warning of no more hanky panky I said good night and hung up.

In my mind I now formulated a sketchy outline of the performance for Friday night, but knew it was subject to change at the last minute or on the night. Tuesday and Wednesday passed quietly for me and so around 9.30 pm on Thursday I phoned George and Esther again. This time Esther answered and after the proper respectful courtesies from her I asked to speak to George. George greeted me with proper respect also as I asked if he had purchased the new toy which we had forgotten to get on Saturday. He eagerly said yes he had picked it up that very evening and went on to describe it to me. I allowed him to ramble on before cutting him short and to the quick with an instant demand to know if he had behaved himself since our last meeting. George began to stutter and tried to change the subject a little. But when I insisted upon an answer, he finally admitted, “Master, I went to the only sex shop I knew, which was the one you showed us on Saturday, and it was the same counter staff as then; he insisted on taking me out the back where the video booths were and told me I was the talk of the shop after we left on Saturday. Apparently the black guy whose cock I had sucked had raved about my cock sucking expertise and now the store keeper demanded a sample. He said the dildo would be free of charge if I would just suck his and a friend of his, cocks. I did not have the heart to refuse and besides it meant the magnificent black dildo was a freebie. Well turned out his friend was another black guy and as I sucked the shop keepers cock, he was telling the black guy I loved to take the seed of a black cock deep in my mouth and even mentioned my wife loved sucking cock too. I have their phone number if you want to invite them on Friday night, Master!” he announced with the obvious excitement in his voice mounting as he relived his experience.

I told George, he should invite them and as punishment he would be made to carry out certain tasks before he could possibly hope to savour a cock or two. I then asked for Esther, who excitedly took over the phone, she must have become turned on whilst listening to George’s exploits, I told her just to answer yes or no, but then told her she was to make sure she pissed into bottles so there was lots of stale piss around as part of George’s punishment, but she was to make sure George did not see them and he was to know nothing of this! She answered, “Yes. Master.”

I did not let on to Esther but I was planning on switching these bottles for lemon juice and weak cold tea. Just to have a laugh with the couple. But I had already formulated a plan to humiliate the pair for their discrepancies. After final instructions I bade then good night and reminded them I would be there for five pm.

Friday day time I took the day off work and did a little shopping and planning. I purchased a large thermos flask and made up a bottle of weak tea and added pure lemon juice to the liquid, poured this into the flask and allowed to stand. I knew that when I got to George and Esther’s house there would be little time to do the switch but hoped Esther would have concealed the bottles in the bathroom so I could empty their liquid, wash the bottle and substitute my own concoction with out either of them knowing.

Eventually I arrived at their house at five to five and was let in by George. He was still dressed in his business suit and quickly explained he had only this minute arrived home and was about to go change. I dismissed him to do so and called out to Esther. She too was not correctly dressed because as I made her raise her skirt I saw she was still wearing panties; totally against her personal dress code set by me. I asked her in a hushed voice where the bottles were and she said in the top cupboard in the downstairs bathroom. I then sent her to go and get properly dressed suggesting she should wear a see through white blouse if she had one and hinted at bright red lipstick on her nipples would make then really stand out.

She scooted off up stairs and I slipped into the downstairs bathroom, soon I had emptied the three bottles of piss and having washed out the bottles thoroughly had substituted my own less pungent mixture. I was then led by George into the living room and shown the buffet table which was nicely laid out, I was about to offer praise to George when he confessed he had ordered the spread from a local pub as a platter service.

I ordered George to stand still whilst I checked his appearance. I called up to Esther, to bring down a wig and her make up bag. I then supervised Esther as she put George in a long brown shoulder length wig, then she proceeded to apply mascara, blusher, face powder and lipstick to a very humiliated George. By the time Esther had finished even George’s mother would not have recognised him for as well as all the make up his short French maid’s uniform over his padded bra and stockings and suspenders made him appear very feminine indeed, finishing this off was those bright pink frilly panties. I ordered him to drop his panties before producing a small brass padlock, which neatly slipped through all three of his ring piercings and locked his cock in a flaccid position. I now knew that if he got excited he would be unable to rise to the occasion.

I now turned my attention to Esther, She had indeed found a see through white blouse and he lipstick painted nipples were erect and clearly visible, I ordered her to raise her skirt and I think she anticipated me locking her cunt shut but instead I took the bright red lipstick, the one she had painted wimpy George’s lips with and wrote Ray’s Slut across her pubic bone.

Now I produced the plain bottles of what Esther thought was her piss and god knows what George thought it was, I sat them in the fridge and we waited for the guests to arrive. First to arrive was Cassandra and Trudy along with Lenny who they all knew each other and had arranged to travel together. Shortly after My Friends John and Rob arrived with a girl I did not know, who was called Sally. Then the final two guests arrive which turned out to be the shop keeper and a big black guy who introduced themselves as Tommy and Leroy.

When we all assembled in the living room, I announced that my two wards had missed behaved during the week so before we could commence with the fun things, I needed to punish my two delinquent misfits. With that I produced the three bottles and ordered two glasses to be produced. George not knowing what was in the bottles eagerly went off to get the glasses and upon his return I asked Esther to tell everyone what was in these bottles.

She winced at the thought she was about to drink her own piss but was less concerned when she thought of George having to drink her urine. She shakily announced. “master Ray had me piss into these bottles over the last twenty four hours as I thought for a punishment for George, now it seems it is also to be my punishment.

I simply nodded, as I poured two generous glasses of the liquid. I handed one to George who almost turned green at the idea and the second to Esther. I demanded that as the first part of their punishment that they had to drink these glasses down in one on the count of three. “One, Two, Three”, I announced. Both George and Esther, fearful of further punishment and fully aware there was another two and a half bottles of the stuff, immediately drank the fluid. I burst out laughing as I then took the bottle and took a large swig, before passing it around the guests. As they in turn took swigs, I explained I had substituted the urine for nothing more offensive than cold tea and lemon juice. Both George and Esther gave a sigh of great relief.

I then ordered the pair to raise their respective skirts and then to bend over to receive four spanks from every guest present. This when I completed the spankings would be the end of their punishment this time. Esther was first to quickly raise her skirt and turn round she bent over and soon her arse cheeks had a rosy pink glow as she took twenty eight spanks on it. George was more hesitant in showing off his stocking and frilly panties but it all added to his humiliation as he too received the twenty eight spanks. Both now stood and dropped their skirts back down until I reminded them that I had not spanked them yet. So again they bent over and flicked their skirt clear of their arse. I made Esther pull open her arse cheeks as I waited to spank her; her little rosebud of an anus already winking in anticipation of being fucked. I then spanked her quite softly before turning to George.

I demanded George stand back up and remove his panties before I spanked him; and before I allowed him to bend over again I insisted he raise his skirt with his feet spread. Everyone now saw his cock locked down and the tension starting to build as his cock tried to straighten out as it hardened, this led to it pulling heavily on his balls. I ordered him to turn round and again softly applied my four spanks.

Everyone was then invited to undress and George was ordered to kiss everyone pubic area’s starting with Trudy. Of course Trudy was already sorting a sizeable erection and looked weird standing their stiff cock jutting out and yet a lovely pair of tits on her chest. Next was Tommy, Rob, Cassandra, John, Lenny, Leroy, Sally, Me and finally his wife my slut Esther. Then Esther was ordered to do the same in reverse order but not to include Leroy. She pouted a little at this but said nothing. When she had finally kissed Trudy’s cock I asked Sally if she would do the honour of wearing the black strap on dildo.

When she answered yes, George’s eyes lit up until I intervened and said, “Right, Sally you will use that to fuck Esther up her arse, Rob you will fuck Esther’s cunt and Leroy you will tickle Esther’s tonsils with your cock. Now Esther’s eyes lit up and George virtually scowled. “Trudy, you fuck George’s arse, while Lenny you fuck his mouth. Now that leaves John, Tommy and Cassandra, so I am sure Cassandra would love to be spit roasted by you two guys, but everyone remember there is a large glass here for your cum loads. After all George will need his vitamin spunk before tonight is over.

So it was that round after round of condom covered cock fucked George’s boy pussy, Esther’s cunt and arse and even managed some action on Trudy, Sally and Cassandra. By midnight the large glass was three quarters full of mixed spunk. George was then given a straw and was told to suck it all up from the glass like a thick milkshake. Meanwhile I allowed an almost exhausted Esther to finally get that which she had been hoping for all night, a freshly delivered Cream delivery direct from Leroy’s baby making shaft. He delivered alright all over her face and Chest. Despite having cum already three times he still produced masses of the stuff to leave Esther streaked and her hair a mess of cum.

The guests slowly dressed and thanked Esther and George for the pleasure of the night but they said, “No thanks must go to our Master, for he allowed us to be so natural in our actions.” When everyone left, George, Esther and I went up to bed. George was tied to the bed base where he was still able to suck my prick before I fucked Esther but he had to endure the big black dildo being wedged deep in his anal chute and was warned that if it was not there in the morning he would be wearing the largest butt plug up there all day and have weights added to his ball rings. Esther was tehn turned over and the medium sized butt plug inserted into her anal ring, before she was then allowed to climb on top of me and ride my cock.

All the time she was riding me; I kept telling George, his wife was a whore and a slapper of a slut who would kill her own granny for a length of cock; because his weedy effort of a prick was not big enough to even force her cunt lips apart. Esther added to George’s discomfort with her constant whimpering and throaty moans as she declared he cunt was on fire for the real man’s cock it now rode.

Poor George did not seem to get much sleep that night what with him having to try to sleep stood up and every time he finally dropped off, Esther climatic moans would disturb him again. In the morning I left a well fucked Esther having her spunk filled cunt cleaned out by George’s active tongue as I said my byes and that I would be in touch soon. With that I slipped from the bed room and out of the house and away home.

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