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The Concubines
by pete (sad.sac@sympatico.ca)


A lactating young mother is helped out by the 'Nanny',
and things progress from there. (FFM, 1st-lesbian-expr,
threesome, rom)


Author's note: With full acknowledgements to 'Tawny T'
for the inspiration of her story 'Lactating Lesbian
Lady', of July, 2000. I trust she is not offended, if
so, I apologise.


Chapter 1

That evening, I was sitting up on top of the bed
spread, my back against the pillows. My one year-old
son Harry was nursing on me, when Jasmine came in and
sat beside me. Her hand reached out and stroked my face
then her fingers slid gently along my lips.

I kissed her fingers, God, I loved her so much. We had
been lovers for six-months now, ever since the time she
had offered to milk my painfully over-full breasts, and
I had eagerly succumbed in horny desire. Her milking of
my tits was a necessary delight for me, since I
produced far too much milk, more than what Harry
needed, so it wasn't all sexual. But it sure beat using
a breast pump!

Of course, breast manipulation, then nipple sucking,
had progressed very naturally to pussy play, and we
were quite accomplished by now. Bringing each other off
to fantastic orgasms, as we fingered and nibbled and
licked, and did everything else that we could think of,
to each other's streaming love-holes.

I had never even had lesbian thoughts before, I was
quite inexperienced, but things seemed to be evolving
nicely, and we loved each other very much. I had told
her I only wished that I could suckle at her breasts,
drink her milk... then we would have been the perfect

So far, my husband Jim was unaware of our little
proclivities... or at least, I thought so. I had
quickly figured out that Jasmine was no stranger to the
lesbian scene, but never questioned her about it.

I gazed up at her beautiful face, and it had a glow I
had not seen before and her dark eyes had a sparkle to
them that made my heart beat faster. It was the glow in
her eyes on mine as she suckled on me, that had
completely captivated me that first time... she really
liked my mother's milk.

"Wendy," she said softly, "I have been thinking about
us, and have given much thought to your wishes, and I
think I have been very selfish."

I was mystified: "What wishes Jasmine..."

Then I stopped, and sighed with pleasure as she sat
down on the bed, and leaned over and took my unattended
tit in her mouth, and sucked strongly on the lush
nipple, which promptly hardened in between her sensual
lips. It also gave up a spray of milk in her mouth, and
she gulped and swallowed it down.

She looked up at me, her eyes dancing, then reluctantly
she released me, and sat up, patting Harry on his head
as he suckled away, oblivious of everything except the
need to fill his little tummy, before the nice lady
stole it all!

She chuckled, and said: "I have long had the great
pleasure of drinking your milk, and I have never
forgotten what you said about wishing to drink mine."

She paused as she leaned over and got a re-fill, this
time filling her mouth before she swallowed it down
with obvious pleasure. Then she raised her head, and
looked into my eyes as she went on.

"Wendy, what would you think if you could drink my
milk, just like you wished for before? It would make me
very happy if this was so... how about you?" and her
eyes glowed... dear God... those eyes!

They were like an opiate to me, and I drowned in them
for an instant or two, as I listened to her. I was
puzzled for a split second, then my eyes opened wide as
I caught her meaning.

"You mean you want to become pregnant... have a baby so
that you can get milk?" I said incredulously.

She grinned at my expression, and then laughed out
aloud, and Harry gurgled on my other tit, at the sound
of her familiar laughter, while I looked at her in

She chuckled: "Yes, why not! I think that is only fair
to you, who have been so very good to me, bringing me
here from my own country, to live with you and Jim."

I was in a state of shock as I sat there, and the legal
and moral ramifications made my head spin. It was
several minutes before I was able to get my mind back
to normal.

I went on: "Just how do you plan to become pregnant..."
and then I stopped and laughed aloud.

She laughed too, "Of course Wendy, by Jim. I do not
think he would object, and Jasmine owes him much."

Those wonderful dark brown eyes twinkled as she
continued: "Do you think he would be willing to make me
with child?"

We both broke down with laughter, and I finally was
able to answer her: "No way..." I finally got out, my
face red, "There's no way that Jim would ever want to
fuck, gorgeous, sexy little old you!" and we both
giggled helplessly, while Harry looked around in some

Chapter 2

Jim and I had met Jasmine during a vacation in Cairo,
Egypt. She was thirty-three years old, and looked like
twenty-three. She was a qualified nurse, her English
was excellent, she was well educated, and we were
appalled when we learned how much money she made at her

We didn't learn it from her of course, she was far too
well bred for that, but from a mutual friend, a Doctor
in the hospital where she worked. He also said that she
was very unhappy there, things were getting difficult
all round in Egypt at the time, and she would like to

She also had another personal reason, which I would
find out about later. She told us she had already
started enquiries in several countries, but had been
surprised to learn that her qualifications would not be
immediately accepted, due to short sighted regulations,
and union beaurocracy.

She was also drop-dead beautiful... from the top of the
lusciously thick glossy black hair on her head, to her
small elegant toes, she was every man's dream... and
some women's too. I'll elaborate on her later, suffice
to say, that Jim and I were very much taken with her,
Jim especially of course.

The three of us got on famously, and as the days
passed, I felt drawn to her more and more. Jim was a
Computer Engineer, a 'trouble shooter', and he was away
from home quite often, sometimes for as long as a
month. He thought she would be great company for me on
those occasions.

I was three months pregnant at the time, and we talked
it over, and ultimately we made her an offer. We would
give her a job initially as a house-keeper, and then
also as a nurse or whatever you want to call it, to
help me look after my baby, when it was born. She would
be able to pursue any studies at nights and week-ends,
when she was off, to help get her accredited in her

We would pay her double what she was making right now,
and she would basically have no living expenses. She
would have her own suite in our water-front house in
Lauderdale, Florida, and we would give her a written
contract, no unreasonable strings attached.

If she agreed, we would get her a 'Green Card', and pay
her way to America. We assumed that she had all her
necessary documents at her end, and we would like to
have her there in four months time please!

You can tell that Jim is an Engineer... he annoys me
some times with his 'logical thinking'!

Anyhow, the upshot was that shortly before we left,
Jasmine gave us a happy 'Yes please', and she finally
arrived three weeks before Harry's birth... perfect
timing. She loved our American ways, and had fitted in
right away, the Florida climate suiting her to a 'T' of

She turned out to be a marvellous cook, the house had
never been so spotless, and she was a wonderful Nanny
to Harry after he was born. She was great company for
me when Jim was away, she looked and acted years
younger than she was, and we very quickly became real

Then I succumbed to those eyes, and we became lovers.

Chapter 3

Flashback six months.

Jasmine looks like those pictures of an Arabian
Princess, very elegant and almost regal. She has a
wonderful body, with full rounded breasts, a small
waist that melds sweetly out to shapely hips and a
marvellous ass, a truly voluptuous beauty. Her thick
luscious hair, hangs down in glossy black waves to that
marvellous ass, when she wears it loose, she is really
quite something to see. She had never married, and I
wondered about that

She had brought Harry into me for feeding, and I had
been looking at her, thinking back as the baby quickly
got his fill. Finally he stopped sucking, and started
to fall asleep, so I gently pulled him away from my
nipple, and a white rivulet of milk ran down my swollen
breasts. Jasmine took him from me and went into the
nursery, burping him on the way, and put him down,
while I sat up and put my fingers and thumb around my
nipple, and squeezed gently.

I reached for the breast pump, I hated this part... it
was so impersonal. I put the plastic bulb pump up to my
breast and pressing it, began to suction the milk out.
I had far too much milk for the baby, and if I didn't
drain it, it would make my breasts hurt, and the milk
would dribble out and soil my clothes.

Jasmine came back in and watched me, as I squeezed away
at the pump, and gradually filled up the jar. Her
beautiful dark brown eyes were glued to my puffy
nipples, and I saw the tip of her tongue slide quickly
across her sensual lips.

"Wendy, you have such lovely breasts." she said softly.

"Thank you, Jasmine, but they get so full of milk, they
hurt sometimes." I answered her, grimacing slightly.

"Can I say something that is perhaps rather personal?"
she asked, as those wonderful eyes held mine.

"Of course you can." I smiled, wondering what it would

She smiled at me: "I have noticed that you seem to get
a little sexually excited, when the baby suckles at
you.... is this normal in Mothers?" and she looked
keenly at me.

I blushed as I nodded, saying: "I think so Jasmine...
I've spoken to other Mothers, and they seem to feel the
same way."

She smiled at my answer, and watched as I finished
pumping at the one tit. I caught her eyes running over
my almost naked body appreciatively, and I blushed even
further, and twitched the bed-sheet over my flimsy
panties that I was wearing.

"Would you like me to pump the milk from the other
breast, for you?" she asked, looking at me.

I didn't even think... out of the blue, suddenly I
wanted her hands on my tits. I gulped and nodded,
handing her the pump. She took it, and put the mouth
over my nipple, and firmly squeezed the bulb. She
watched closely, as my milk squirted out and soon
filled the little jar.

Her other hand moved under my breast, and held it
gently. The suction of the pump wasn't erotic at all,
but the touch of her hand was... I closed my eyes, and
sighed softly as my pussy drooled and trembled... I was
dying to play with myself.

She soon finished, and took the jar of milk and the
pump and went to wash it. My pussy was on fire, and as
soon as she was out of the room, I slid my hand under
my panties, and eased my fingers into my pussy. I felt
the slippery wetness of it, and moved up to my
throbbing clitoris, and attacked it vigorously.

God, it felt so good, as I rolled my fingers and thumb
around and over my clitoris, jerking myself off, until
I climaxed. My hips shot up off the bed, and with a cry
of joy, I felt my pussy spasm, and my fingers were
suddenly covered in my cum.

My ears caught a soft sound, and I looked up, and saw
Jasmine just outside the door. Her eyes were wide, and
she flushed when she saw that I had caught her watching

"Oh Wendy, I heard you moaning, and thought you were in
pain. I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to spy on you!" she
said apologetically.

I smiled at her, patted the bed, and she came in and
sat down beside me, her eyes all over my naked body, my
soaked panties. I didn't feel in the least embarrassed,
that she had seen me masturbating, cum still glistened
on my hand, and I wiped it on the sheet.

I told her: "It's perfectly all right... you were
right; it does get me sexually excited. I have to make
myself wait till Harry is through, before I .. er.. do
my thing. I don't think it would be a good idea to play
with myself while he's in my arms." and I put my hand
on her knee, patting her to show that I wasn't mad at

She put her own hand on mine... it felt so good. I laid
back and closed my eyes, and soon fell asleep, and when
I awoke she was gone. We never talked about my
masturbation after that, we didn't have to. She would
often sit and watch me play with myself, while I fed
the baby, I had changed my mind about that for some

Chapter 4

Jim was away on one of his frequent trips, and one
evening when I brought baby Harry to my bed to feed
him, Jasmine knocked, then came into the room and sat
beside me. We talked quietly, and she watched as Harry
suckled away, his little legs waving around. He finally
finished, and she took him to his bed-room, then came
back quickly.

I was waiting hornily for her, she always pumped me dry
now after feedings, and I loved it as her fingers
played over my tits, as she manipulated the little
pump. But this time she surprised me, instead of using
the pump, she put a towel under my breast, and took my
tit-flesh in her soft hands, and squeezing gently,
started to milk me manually.

A little spray of milk squirted out from my nipple, and
ran down my breast. She looked at me, grinned and did
it again.

"Does that feel good Wendy?" she asked softly, adding,
"this is how they do it in my own country." and I
nodded breathlessly, as she repeated the procedure.

"Try it this way." I said tremulously, as I took my
fingers and thumb, and put them behind my puffy nipple,
and started to pull on it.

I squeezed and pulled outward, and several jets of milk
sprayed from my nipple. One jet hit her in the face and
she jumped back a little, and then laughed. The milk
ran down and landed on her lips, and her pink tongue
slid out and licked it off.

She laughed delightedly: "That tastes good... do it
again." and she smiled warmly at me.

I obliged and as she leaned closer, two jets spurted
into her open mouth. She swallowed it down, as I
continued to pull on my nipple and squirt milk into her

Her face was just inches from my lush spraying nipple:
"Can I try it, Wendy?" she asked me softly, smiling
tremulously up at me.

I couldn't speak, I only nodded. Her fingers were warm
and exciting on me, and I closed my eyes in pleasure,
as she milked me. I felt her other hand move under my
breast, and lift and fondle it in her palm. It felt so
hot against my skin, I held my breath, not daring to
move, enjoying the feeling of her hand on my skin.

I felt her shift slightly and them I moaned out aloud.
Her mouth was on my tit, her lips were around my
nipple. My eyes shot open, and her liquid brown eyes
were looking up at me appealingly. Her sensual lips
were full, soft and firm around my nipple, and I
watched with fascination as her cheeks hollowed inward,
as she suckled at me. God... it felt so good!

I smiled tremulously down at her, as I felt her tongue
move around over my nipple, her mouth sucking strongly.
I reached around, and ran my hand through her shining
black hair, pulling her a little harder against my
swollen breast. I cried out as she suckled again and
again, and I could feel the flow of my milk as it
filled her sucking mouth.

I couldn't help myself, as I slid my other hand under
the waist-band of my panties, and down to my sopping
pussy. I slipped my finger into my crack, down further
until it slid into my wetness. I moved it up a little,
and touched my wet slick finger to my swollen clit, and
started to rub it gently.

Jasmine was suckling strongly on my tit now; her hands
kneading it vigorously, pulling forward on my fat
nipple, helping my milk flow into her mouth. She was
keening deep in her throat, as my fingers moved faster
and faster over my throbbing clitoris. She knew I was
masturbating, and her hot eyes urged me on, until I
screamed and climaxed violently, my body heaving all
over the place.

Her lips left my streaming nipple, and moved to my open
gaping mouth. I felt her tongue slide over my lip, and
she sucked on it while her tongue played over it. I was
spent, and fell back on the bed. She kissed my lips for
a while, and then she raised her head.

"Does that feel all better now, Wendy?" she asked very
sweetly, then she smiled dazzlingly at me, and bent
over me again.

This time her tongue slid into my mouth, I could taste
my milk on her lips. Our tongues slid and gently danced
together, as my hot hand fondled my throbbing pussy
through my sopping wet panties.

She looked at me with her hot eyes: "Lie back Wendy,
let me finish milking you." and she gently pushed me
down, adding sexily, "Play with yourself if you want...
I like watching you do that!"

I obeyed her without thinking... in roughly half an
hour, we two had progressed very naturally from good
friends to sexual partners, and I had never been
happier in my life.

Her lips went back to my nipple and she sucked slowly
and softly... it felt so wonderful. She emptied one
tit, then moved to the other one. It felt so sexy to
have her soft lips sucking on my nipple. My cunny was
twitching again, despite the fact I had just cum, and
my fingers squished into the open cleft, through my

I reached down and started to pull my panties down. She
helped me, and slid them down further. Her mouth never
stopped it's demand on my tit, as I moved my legs till
she could pull them all the way off.

She moved around, still sucking on my nipple, so that
she could see my fingers moving in my pussy. Her hand
stroked my stomach, and slipped down to the soft
insides of my thighs. Then it moved to my own hand, and
her fingers covered over mine, following their every
movement to the smallest detail... I loved it.

I trembled as our fingers intertwined, and I felt the
touch of her fingers on my pussy lips. Then I gasped as
I felt her finger slide along my wet slit, then gently
probe it until it slipped inside me. Oh God... it felt
so good!

Her mouth sucked harder on my tit, and her finger
entered my little cave, and I moaned aloud. Then she
added another finger to the one already inside me, and
started to gently finger-fuck me. My own fingers rubbed
at my gleaming clitoris, and soon I felt another orgasm
building inside me.

Her fingers became a blur, as she stroked me to my
first orgasm at the hands of another woman. My cries of
joy filled the room, as I came again and again, until
finally I went limp, and her fingers slid out of my
pussy. I reluctantly pushed her head gently away from
my breast, her eyes were glowing with happy
satisfaction, at the wonderful thing we had done.

We both smiled at each other tremulously, and I pulled
her up to me, and held her close. I could feel her firm
breasts under her clothes, the wetness of the dress
where my milk had soaked it. I could feel her heart
beating on my glistening breast, then I felt her
nipples hardening on me.

I raised her face and kissed her passionately, while my
pussy continued to drool, I almost felt like crying, I
was so happy. I was in love .... with another woman

Chapter 5

Back to the present...

That night, while he was making love to me, I excitedly
told Jim about Jasmine's proposal, and a grin came on
his face. The first thing he asked, was 'could he
practice on her', and I swatted his heaving ass as he
thrust powerfully into me. I took that as a 'yes', and
moaned in pleasure as his cock-head hit my cervix .

Afterwards, we had talked some more, and he said that
he was surprised that Jasmine had suggested that she be
fucked by him... he had always figured that she didn't
particularly care for men.

She was a very beautiful woman, yet had shown no
interest in men since we had known her. Perhaps she had
lesbian tendencies... and he looked keenly at me as I
blushed scarlet, I couldn't help it!

He laughed, and nuzzled my ear, murmuring: "Can I
watch, please honey?" and I realised he must have
known, or at least suspected, that Jasmine and I were
involved somehow, for some time.

And he stuck his tongue in my ear as I wriggled like a
little puppy, laughing at the same time. I was so
relieved at his re-action and we talked, I confessed
that Jasmine and I were lovers, what we did to each
other, how I needed her, wanted her to be a part of my

He said he had no objections, beautiful lesbians turned
him on. We wouldn't mind if he jerked off, while he
watched us making love would we? I smiled, and said I'd
have to ask her about that.

Then he asked me about Jasmine, perhaps she would only
let him fuck her the once or twice needed to get her
pregnant. But now that he knew we were lovers, he
wouldn't mind some different pussy on a regular basis,
if that was all right with me. She was very beautiful,
and the idea of having two beautiful women to fuck any
time he wanted, especially in front of each other,
really turned him on... what did I think?

I thought about it, and I admit that I kind of liked
the idea of Jim fucking her in front of me, and her
watching him fuck me, and my pussy twitched and
drooled, even though I had just orgasmed. I resolved to
have a talk with my Arabian Princess, to see if she
would go for a full-time threesome.

The next morning after Jim had gone to work, Jasmine
had smiled happily, when I told her that my husband had
agreed to fathering her child. I also told her what he
had said about practicing, and she had laughed, but not
pursued it.

I looked at her quizzically, then leaned over and took
her beautiful face in my hands, and kissed her
lovingly, then took her hands in mine.

I said: "Okay, Jasmine my love, so what's the scoop on
you and men!" and looked hard into her dark brown

She looked at me, and a shadow from the past flitted
through her eyes, and they clouded over. I immediately
regretted my question, and held my hand up as if to
stop her answering. But she took my hand back in hers
and spoke very softly.

"No Wendy, it's okay... it's time you knew... you and
Jim have every right to know!"

And she went on to tell me about when she was nine
years old, how an uncle had forced her to suck his cock
off to orgasm, not once but many times. And he had made
her swallow his cum, holding her head on him until he
was finished. He never tried to rape her or anything,
but she had developed a fear of men's cocks, that
stayed with her for a long time.

She had happily embraced Lesbos as she got older, and
was still a virgin in the biblical sense. In time, she
had eventually realised that cocks themselves weren't
really bad, just some of the men who had them.

Once, she had thought she was in love with a young man,
and had finally set the fears to rest, as she had
voluntarily sucked his cock, during a passionate
interlude. She had refused to let him cum in her mouth
though... Nothing came of their relationship however,
she wouldn't let him fuck her, and as she said, she was
still a virgin.

She had returned to her lesbian ways, and had been
happy ever since. It was a problem though, lesbianism
was frowned on, and had to be kept secret. It was not
accepted like it was in the Western world. This was the
other reason she had wanted to leave Egypt.

I listened fascinated, as she told her story, it had
been kind of what I had expected. I asked her if she
was really sure about Jim fucking her, she didn't have
to go through with it, I gently reminded her... it was
her idea.

Mind you, I was looking forward to copious supplies of
fresh mother's milk from her luscious tits, if it was
still okay with her. Don't let me talk her out of
anything, I insisted, as I stroked her lustrous hair,
and she leaned into my hand, and pulled it to her mouth
and kissed it all over.

She laughed, then looked deep into my eyes, and said:
"Wendy.. I love you, I will do anything for you. If you
and Jim agree for me to have a baby by him, then I want
it... I want so very much for us both to drink each
other's milk."

She paused, and blushed adorably: "To tell you the
truth... I think that I also would like to feel a man
inside me at last," and she smiled, "... and you and
Jim seem to be so happy..." she ended wistfully.

I dissolved into tears, and then she did too, and there
we were bawling like a couple of kids, as we held each
other tightly. Afterwards we talked some more, there
were lots of details to finalise, after all. First off,
I told her, she had the final say in anything and
everything. What were her wishes about bringing up a
child, had she given any thought to it.

Would she ultimately take it home with her to Egypt,
stuff like that. Jim and I would cover all expenses of
course, after all, the baby would be his. What about a
name.. what religion did she want, etc.

She looked at me, then she took my hands in hers again,
and said: "Darling Wendy... I have thought about all
that. First of all, it is my dearest wish, that I live
with you and Jim for the rest of my life. If I have to
have a hundred babies so that I might give you my milk,
then so be it!"

I thrilled as her glowing eyes bored into mine, and I
squeezed her hands gently.

She went on: "Somehow though, I don't think that's the
only reason you love me. I think that we three can be
very happy together... as well as the children of
course!" she added quickly.

I nodded happily at her, as she continued: "If it's all
right with you, I will consider myself as one of Jim's
concubines, it is quite common in my country." and her
wide smile almost swallowed me in it's perfection.

She chuckled as she went on: "And of course, it is well
known that concubines are often lovers of each other,
and we wouldn't want to change that, would we!" and she
giggled at the expression on my face.

Obviously she was way ahead of me, she had thought all
this out before she had come up with her proposal to
have a child by Jim. And it looked like he was going to
get his wish... some regular new pussy. We would be a
three-some... and my own pussy twitched happily.

She went on: "As to the rest of it, whatever Jim and
you decide is fine with me. I trust you both

Then she smiled, and looked mischievously at me, as she
asked: "Now Wendy... just how much practice does Jim
need... and when do I start?" and she giggled in
pleasure, as now it was my turn to blush.. adorably I

I laughed, and squeezed her hands tightly, as I
answered her: "Will tonight be okay with you?" and I
gave her a big fat wet kiss on her nose.

Chapter 6

That night, both Jim and I got our wishes, as Jasmine
joined us both in our bed, and Jim took her, a man
taking a woman, for the first time in her life. It was
all very natural somehow, looking back on it later, I
think there was a Karma between them from the first day
they had met.

"Oh God, Jasmine, your pussy is like hot butter
inside..." Jim groaned as he eased his hungry cock into
her slowly, sinking deeper into her with each gentle

I watched happily, enjoying the view of her pussy lips
being pulled outward, and then pressed in with each
stroke. I put my face close, licked his glistening cock
and tasted her sweet pussy juices as he slid in and out
of her.

Now his hips came closer and closer to her sexy ass and
then with a gentle push, he slid all the way inside her
pussy. She moaned as his cock-head pressed against her
cervix, and gave her a pleasurable jolt, the first ever
in her life from a real cock.

I can't explain my complete lack of jealousy, but then
I loved her too. I was so happy for her, and at the
very instant that he finally sank his cock deep into
her body, I was looking into her eyes, and saw all the
clouds disappear, and a soft glow of content fill them.

As he fucked her, Jim was surprised to feel her vaginal
muscles clench around his driving shaft, then start
sucking around him, and he moaned, telling her how
wonderful she was.

I knew what he meant. At Jasmine's urging, I had
brought some rather nice sex toys, and she taught me
how to use them on each other. When I had fucked her
pussy with a strap-on cock the first time, I had been
surprised at the muscular control she had over her
vagina... and this from a virgin!

Then I had understood... of course, she was a virgin in
the biblical sense only. No man's cock had deflowered
her, but plenty of strap-on dildos had! Now as I looked
at Jim's face, and she worked her magic on his cock, I
could imagine the pleasure he was feeling.

I asked her once, how she had managed to acquire all
her expertise in lesbian matters, in view of Egyptian
mores. She had told me that twice a year she spent a
month in Alexandria, where there was a strong lesbian
enclave, tolerated by the local authorities because of
the tourism industry.

Jim settled down, and began to slowly fuck her with
long firm strokes. He moved his hips down slightly, and
I knew that he was aiming for her 'g-spot'. He loved to
ride a little high with his cock-head when he fucked
me, and press against that wonderfully sensitive spot
inside me.

Jasmine gasped, and I knew he had hit it: "Oh Jim....
yes, there! That feels so very good to me. Yes! Right
there... FUCK ME, please, FUCK ME and get me pregnant!
But first... FUCK ME GOOD!" I was tickled pink at her
new passion.

My face was close to them, and I could see the
trembling of her body, the tightening of her pussy as
she came close to climaxing. Two hot bodies worked in
unison, each giving and receiving pleasure from the
other. Jim started to tremble himself, and I knew his
climax was near.

I panted: "Fuck her, darling... push that cock inside
her lovely pussy, and shoot your hot cum deep into my
so sexy lover! She loves it, sweetheart.. she loves you
fucking her! FUCK HER HARD NOW... make her cum all over

I moaned against Jasmine's thighs, and my tongue licked
lovingly over her flesh, as his cock thrust in and out.
His hips moved from side to side, making his cock rub
against every part of her hot and juicy vagina.

I could see her anus from time to time, as she moved
her hips in counter-point to his, and was able to slide
two of my fingers deep into her hole, and keep them
inside her while she was being fucked. My other hand
was buried inside my own pussy, as I frantically
finger-fucked myself, turned on by the sight before me.

"Oh Wendy... that feels so...oo goo..ood!" she moaned,
and Jim saw what I was doing, and grinned his approval,
but I could see he was also surprised... at me.

This was another thing Jasmine had done for me... she
had introduced me to anal sex.

One time after I had fucked her in her pussy with a
strap-on dildo, she had made me fuck her in her ass,
immediately right after, while the 'cock' was still
covered with her pussy juices. And very much to her
obvious pleasure and delight... she told me she had
missed it terribly.

I was quite surprised at how much sexual pleasure she
derived from it. And I was amazed and fascinated, as I
watched her glistening tawny rose slowly open up, as I
very carefully pushed the head of the dildo inside her
ass. It was like a mouth, its lips pursed very
sensually around the slowly sliding cock.

Then, much later on, she had talked me into trying it,
and after a while - it had hurt at first - I came to
enjoy it as much as she did. She had also introduced me
to enemas.. she insisted that we only fuck asses when
they were clean!

We had one cock that was eight inches long, and a bit
fat... it felt real good in our pussies, but I stayed
away from it, I didn't want my pussy to get too big
inside, for Jim's sake. But Jasmine loved that one in
her ass, and sometimes fell asleep with it still inside
her, after I had un-snapped it from the harness.

Ooops... sorry! Back to the present...

His pace accelerated, and his hips slammed against her
delectable ass, shaking her body, and she moaned in
pleasure, her mouth open in desire. With the dual
stimulation of both her love-holes, she was the first
to climax, her body going rigid, hips thrusting back
against Jim's assault on her sucking clenching cunt.

She cried out, her scream of ecstasy filling the
house... the heartfelt cry of a woman who was orgasming
all over a driving cock for the first time in her life.
Jim gave a powerful lunge, and his cock slid deep
inside Jasmine's hot cave, and he screamed in his turn,
as he unleashed a torrent of cum in her greedy twat.

Their bodies clung tightly to each other as he filled
her cervix, then it squirted back... cum was
everywhere... his and hers. It covered my hand as I
still fingered her ass, and my other fingers in my
pussy finally drove me over the edge, to join the two
of them, in a soaring climax.

Three bodies writhed and moaned on the bed, lost in
passion. Our climaxes seemed to go on and on. Finally
our passion spent, we slowed and then stopped. Jim's
cock stayed inside Jasmine, and I reached up and caught
his balls and stroked and rolled them gently in my

It did not take long for him to get hard again. Of
course fucking Jasmine for the first time, having a
beautiful new pussy to enjoy, made him recover all the
more quickly. Jasmine was panting hard, her eyes
glowing with pleasure, her face one big smile. She had
just been royally fucked... and now she wanted more!
She told me to move up to her, she wanted to suck on my
tits while Jim fucked her this time, and I happily

Chapter 7

Jim fucked her once more, slowly this time. She licked
and sucked my tits, and milked me again and again,
while Jim pumped in and out of her hungry pussy. He was
pacing himself now, the first mad flush over, and we
brought her to several moaning climaxes, before he
finally filled her up again, and this time, his cock
went limp and slid out of her.

Jasmine thought she had died and gone to heaven, and
her eyes filled with happy tears. Jim went to the
bathroom to wash up, and I took her into my arms. We
kissed and hugged; she told me breathlessly, how
wonderful it had been for her, finally getting fucked
like that... to think what she had been missing!

She was so happy... there must be many things we three
could do together. And Jim had such a lovely cock... it
was wonderful! I could see her mind working, her eyes
glowing... I smiled to myself, I could foresee many
horny happy hours ahead for us all.

Jim came back to bed, I asked Jasmine if we shouldn't
go and wash up as well, but she shook her head... this
first time, she wanted to sleep with a man's cum inside
her! We fell asleep, all cuddled together and when we
awoke the next morning, it was time to start all over

Jim called the office, and left a message that he would
be in later... something had come up... but first
though I had to feed the baby, and I left them to it,
after kissing Jasmine and patting Jim on his bum. I
went to Harry and gave him his breakfast, and while I
did so, I hornily imagined what was happening back in
our bed.

It wasn't long before I could hear them moaning
together, then her screaming again as she shuddered to
another orgasm, and a yell of pure delight from Jim,
and I smiled happily to myself.

Good! He was getting lots of practice... I could almost
taste Jasmine's milk in my mouth. I put Harry down and
he went to sleep again. I went back to our bedroom, and
was greeted by the sight of two flushed and happy faces
beaming up at me.

Jim needed a little time to recuperate, so he watched
happily, as Jasmine and I sixty-nined each other to
juicy orgasms. Then it was time for him to fuck us, and
I motioned for him to do her again, as she was still
above me, her lovely ass high above my head.

He got behind us, and took her 'doggy style', and it
was fascinating for me, as I had a great view, a close-
up as his cock surged in and out of her pussy. Not only
that, but her mouth was still on my pussy, and now she
really took off on me!

This was the first time that we had three-way sex, and
it was a screaming success all around. He came, she
came, and I came, as her mouth devoured my love-bud.
After a little while, we got Jim hard again, and
Jasmine and I swapped positions, and Jim fucked me
'doggy style' to the same roaring success for all of

After this, the poor man was completely out of it, and
even our drooling pussies were satiated for the moment.
So he watched in weary pleasure as Jasmine and I sucked
each others tits, mine to a throat full of mothers
milk, and hers to a pair of throbbing and very sore,
lushly hard nipples.

Finally we all showered together, and got dressed, and
had a very late breakfast. Everything returned to
normal - well - almost normal. Jim couldn't take his
eyes off Jasmine, as his cock stirred at the memory of
their fucking. I had to smack him, to get his

There was one big change though, Jasmine was a new
woman, she positively glowed now...

Jim finally left for the office, after dutifully
kissing his two happy concubines good-bye, as we lined
up in the hallway for him, giggling like schoolgirls.
He burst out laughing when he saw us standing there,
our eyes cast down demurely, hands clasped together, in
the approved concubine fashion!

Then I poured us more coffee, and we sat and talked.
She had a new sense of excitement about her, sexual
excitement. She looked shyly at me, as she asked if I
thought Jim would go for the anal sex, that she and I
enjoyed so much. I had to confess to her, that the same
thought had crossed my mind many times too, since she
had introduced it to me.

I asked her what she had in mind, apart from the
obvious, that he fuck us in our asses. I gulped as I
said that... I sure would like to see that one. Up
until now, Jim hadn't shown any wish to fuck me in my
ass, but with a sudden clarity, I realised that had
been my fault.

Now that I thought about it, there had been many times
when his slippery cock-head had strayed to my ass-hole,
and dallied there as he trembled against me. But I had
always wriggled him off me, not even considering that
part of my body as a sexual attraction.

Now I knew better. Jeesus... I thought to myself, what
an idiot I had been!

Jasmine smiled, and said softly: "Just imagine it
Wendy... one of us with our strap-on ready, him with
his lovely cock ready... where do you think they should
both go!"

And I realised what she was getting at.. Jeesus, double
fucked at the same time... now there was an interesting
scenario! I looked at her with new respect, her sexual
proclivities all of a sudden very fascinating to me. My
lover was opening up a new world to me, and my pussy
twitched and drooled hungrily.

I realised, that the ten years in experience she had
over me, plus her lesbian lifestyle, had given her a
unique.. at least to me.. edge. Lesbians didn't need
men or their cocks, a strap-on had all the necessary
attributes, plus, they never got soft. I wondered what
else my Arabian Princess had up her sleeve... or
rather, her skirt.

I looked at her, caught up now in the eroticism of the
whole thing, and said happily: "First dibs on HIS ass
though!" and she laughed, nodding delightedly.

That afternoon, we fucked each others asses with more
than our usual mutual pleasure, each of us imagining it
was Jim's driving cock that was pumping into us at the
time. Then I had unsnapped the dildo in her rear-end,
and Jasmine had laid flat on her back, the eight inch
cock buried deep in her rectum..

And I had fucked her in her streaming pussy, over and
over again with my strap-on, until she orgasmed
continuously, begging me to never stop. Then she gave
one final heartrending groan, and passed out completely
under me, and I collapsed on top of her, the tip of my
'cock' driving far into her cervix.

Chapter 8

We were still in bed, later that afternoon, when the
phone rang. It was Jim calling from the office, and he
told me to get Jasmine and myself all fixed up, he was
taking his concubines out for dinner tonight!

My eyes opened wide, and I put my finger to my lips,
shushing Jasmine, and put him on the speaker. I had
hardly opened my mouth, to ask him what the hell was I
expected to do with little Harry, when he chuckled, and
said it was all arranged. Our usual back-up baby-sitter
would be at the house at seven, he would pick us up at
seven-thirty, dinner was at eight.

He laughed at my obvious confusion, saying we must
celebrate... and told me to make sure that Jasmine and
I wore our best concubine outfits, please! He didn't
want to be ashamed of his women!

She was smiling broadly, and was making signs to me
about our state of nakedness, and I understood her
perfectly. I asked Jim, if wherever we were going, did
their dress code include bare bodies... after all, they
were the only outfits that we had worn so far, in our
new positions in the household!

He laughed and hung up, saying that he was sure we
could come up with something. Jasmine and I looked at
each other, and we burst out laughing too. Then to my
surprise, she started crying, but I could tell they
were happy tears.

She was so pleased to be so obviously accepted as part
of our family, and I was happy that once again, that
husband of mine had come through with flying colours...
I knew I loved him for some reason!

That was a busy house for a while... suffice to say,
that by seven-thirty, little Harry had been fed and
watered, and was snug in his cot. Caitlyn, the baby
sitter was ensconced on the couch, and unsuccessfully
trying to watch TV.

Jim had smiled broadly as he came in to collect his
women... Caitlyn was finding it hard to watch TV,
because she was still in a state of shock, at the sheer
beauty and elegance of the two ladies in question. He
laughed aloud... he knew his concubines wouldn't let
him down.

That evening would remain for ever in my memory, and
I'm sure in Jasmine's too. The ******ce was perfect,
and as the night wore on, I was fascinated at Jim's
complete sense of ease. It was as if the three of us
had lived together as husband and wives, for years.

We were the cynosure of all eyes in the dining room...
the handsome man, with the two lovely women. My blonde
'Golden girl' type of beauty contrasted well with
Jasmine's sultry dark Arabian style. She was in her
element, she had never been shown off so well and
perfectly in her life... she positively shimmered... I
was so proud of her.

As Jim drove us home later that evening, Jasmine and I
were in each others arms in the back-seat, kissing and
hugging happily, fingers in each other's pussies,
telling the driver to make it snappy.. there were two
horny broads here, hot to trot! And that he'd better
have his meter running, if he knew what we meant...

All was well at the house, and Jim said he would drive
Caitlyn home, and I nodded, telling him to take it
easy, she didn't live too far away. Jasmine and I would
get ready for bed, and maybe relax with a glass of
wine, until he came home.

I checked on the baby, he was fast asleep. Then Jasmine
and I washed ourselves, put on shorty nighties and tiny
panties, and relaxed on the couch in the living room,
listening to 'late night music' on the quad. Jasmine
was snuggling me in her arms, and she put down her
wine-glass, and put her hand under my chin, gently
tilting my face up to hers.

Her eyes glowed into mine: "Wendy," she murmured, "you
have made me the happiest woman on this earth
tonight... you and Jim!" and she kissed me gently, her
hands cupping my face.

She finally released me, and snuggled me to her again,
her fingers stroking at my hardening nipples, and went
on: "But there is a thing that you must know about
us... I mean the three of us." and she paused, as I
stirred in her arms...

She went on: "It is all right my darling, it is nothing
bad. It is just that I must tell you, that you come
first in my heart... and even though I love the things
that Jim has brought to us, you still come first with
me Wendy.. you are the light in my life!"

My heart lifted as she spoke... I reached up and pulled
her mouth down on to mine, and just then, we heard the
front door open and close, and we looked at each other,
smiling... our man was home!

Chapter 9

Jim came in to the living room, and stopped, grinning
from ear to ear as he looked at us. I could tell he was
pleased with what he saw, and I stuck my tongue out at
him! Jasmine just smiled happily up at him, her eyes

"Go and get cleaned up, get into something casual, and
come and have a drink!" I told him.

It didn't take him long before he joined us, he was
wearing just a dressing gown, it was open, and his cock
was visible, at rest now. Then he closed it, tying it
with the sash, Jim never wore pyjamas or shorts in bed,
he had always said it was only right that his 'guys'
get an airing overnight.

Jasmine and I made room for him in between us on the
couch, and he sat down as I poured him a glass of wine.
He picked it up, indicating that he wanted to give a
toast, and smiled at both of us in turn, as he raised

"Here's to my beautiful concubines... thank you both
for the most wonderful evening of my life!" and we all
laughed, and drank in full agreement.

We sat there talking about the evening, Jasmine and I
with our heads on his shoulders, we had both brushed
our hair out, and the gold and black tresses flowed
luxuriantly over Jim. He put a hand on each of our
thighs, and stroked us as we talked.

It wasn't long before the sensual flesh in his palms
got to Jim, and his ever hungry cock began to stiffen
under his dressing gown. I saw it, and giggled as I
reached out and re-arranged things, so that his cock
was free now, in full view as it hardened dramatically.

I never tired of looking at Jim's cock, and Jasmine was
equally fascinated, as we both watched it stand up
proudly to it's ultimate seven inches. He had been
circumcised, and the gleaming head was smooth, his pee-
hole seemed to be smiling at us. The shaft was about an
inch and a half in diameter, the flesh like satin...
the veins were prominent.

Jasmine was right, Jim has a very lovely cock! I
reached out with one hand, and gently folded my fingers
around the base of it, then looked over at Jasmine and
nodded slightly. She also reached out, and grasped it
at the top, and we started to slide the loose flesh
towards each other's hands.

Jim gasped aloud and threw his head back on the couch,
then we wrapped our hands around each others, and
started to slowly jack him off, as he closed his eyes
and trembled with pleasure. I smiled lovingly at
Jasmine, and she smiled lovingly back at me... we were
completely in tune with each other.

I saw the unspoken question in her eyes, and I nodded
happily... I knew exactly what she wanted to do... she
wanted to suck him off to orgasm. She wanted his cum in
her mouth, down her throat, in her belly. The ghosts
from the past were finally going to be banished.

She got off the couch, and knelt on the carpet, her
body between his open legs. Jim looked down at her as
she opened up his dressing gown, and took hold of his
cock, and started to double-fist him, and he groaned

My hand was still around the base of his cock, and I
squeezed it hard now, as her hands flew. He looked over
at me, and smiled like a big Cheshire cat, and I leaned
over to him and kissed him on the mouth, my tongue
half-way down his throat.

Then I leaned back and watched as Jasmine's hands did
their deadly work.. but not for long. She tossed her
hair back, and leaned over him, and her sensual lips
opened wide, and she took the head of his cock in her
mouth. Jim moaned in delight at the feel of her warm
wet mouth around his cock, and thrust his hips up at

Jasmine was breathing through her nose, and opening her
throat up, she pushed her head down on him, taking him
deep inside her without gagging even a little. I was
fascinated... for a lesbian, my Arabian lover was
showing unexpected talents! Then her lips closed
tightly around his shaft, and she pulled her mouth up,
almost to the head of his glistening cock, then pushed
down on him again.

She started to work on him, her cheeks hollowing as she
sucked at his flesh, her neck bending gracefully as her
head moved up and down on his shaft. This was no
amateur suck-off, this was 'head' in all it's full
meaning. I have never been able to do this myself, I
always gagged too much.

As I mentioned, Jim's cock is around seven inches when
hard, and her lips met my fingers around the base of
his shaft, so she was taking most of him on her down
strokes. I was moaning in sheer joy as I watched her...
you can imagine how Jim was by now!

He was almost sobbing with delight, as her throat,
tongue, and lips worked their magic on him. He was
close to orgasm, but he fought it... unwilling for the
marvellous feeling to end, it even transcended his
ultimate pleasure. His eyes were tortured as they
looked into mine, and I released his cock and leaned
over and took his head in my hands, and started kissing
him like there was no tomorrow.

Time stood still, until Jim's body heaved, and he held
me tight, squeezing the breath out of me as he finally
orgasmed... but what an orgasm! I wriggled out of his
arms, and quickly sat back, wanting to see what was
going on. Jasmine's luscious hair was all over the
place, hiding them, and I leaned over and moved it out
of the way.

Her face was close to his crotch, and she was gulping
deep in her throat, as she swallowed down every drop of
cum that Jim was pumping into her. He was screaming
frantically, this was the most intense orgasm he had
ever had in his life, and it showed. I got off the
couch and knelt next to Jasmine, and she looked into my
eyes as her belly filled with Jim's cum.

Her own eyes were blazing with passion, asking me for
something, and I knew at once what she wanted. I
scooted behind her, and laid flat on my back, my head
between her legs, and pulled her hips on to me, my
fingers ripping off her panties, and I buried my face
in her streaming gash.

Her own body heaved out of control now, as my mouth
found her throbbing clitoris, and she instantly flooded
my face with her love-juices, and screamed around Jim's
cock, as best as she could. The two of them were out of
their minds with passion, as their bodies writhed in

Jeesus... this was some climax I thought, as my tongue
and teeth went to work on her, and then my own pussy
let go, amazingly without even being touched... and I
think I must have passed out.

I really don't remember the next little while, but when
I re-surfaced, I found myself with my head in Jim's
lap, and Jasmine's cum covered face in front of me as
we kissed passionately. Jim's cock was soft now... it
felt all nice and cuddly, glistening with cum!


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