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THis story is based upon a true dream fo a submissive lady. She sent me her dream and i wrote the story based on this.

The dream state of a slut,

After a hard day proving my worthiness to my master as his slut, his pride and joy of horny whoredom, we retired to bed and as we cuddled up spooned in each others embrace, my master behind me, kissing my ears and neck. He whispered into my ear that I had been a good little slut, having sucked off seven of his friends and being a spunk target for them all as they bathed me in their second loads.

As his hand slipped under my arm and began to inch their way towards my tits, he whispered that he loved me for being such a nasty spunk stained slut, he had always wanted to see my taking a spunk shower, he even gave me graphic details of how he wished he could have watched the hot thick creamy white fluids hitting my skin, my tits, my face, head and lips, he described how in his minds eye he envisioned me laying in a free standing bath with thirty cocks surrounding it, on the given signal, they all started stroking their cocks. He spent a great deal of time describing some of the cocks and then graphically described the spurting arcs and the sensation of the scalding heat of the hot jism as it seared itself to my skin. My own mind was a whirl of thoughts and sensations as I was swept up with his descriptions.

By now his hands, feverishly stroking my skin, had reached my tits and began squeezing them as his fingers edged towards my already erect nipples. His fingers felt red hot as they now pinched my hard nipples, the mixture of heat, pain and pleasure shot through my body and seemed to split half shooting to my scrambled brain and the stronger half sending waves of tingling sensations through my clit.

By now my masterís manipulation of my body and audible senses had me writhing all over the bed and his hands now began to stroke their way slowly down my body towards my already soaking cunt. All the time he was pulling my body against his own and his warmth invade my spine and the strength of his arms not only offered me protection but also severed to reinforce his dominance over me. Although my body writhed in passion, my mind had me trying to remain still encased in his arms. I could feel the hard manly feeling of his cock head as it pressed into the crack of my arse, my mind began wanting it pressing into my anal ring. I subconsciously pushed my butt back against your cock, master. My breathing was so ragged that anyone outside the bedroom would have sworn I was having an Asthma attack. Suddenly you moved slightly and a hard but soft head of your cock was pressing against the entrance to my arse. I continued to push back, hoping you would allow your cock to fill my anal chute. You made me stop pushing back and leaned over to kiss me full on the lips; your arm rubbed against my nipple and sent my pulse soaring yet again. As your tongue forced its entry into my mouth, my own tongue flashed sparks of tingling to my brain, small bright fireworks flashed off inside my mind. Then you told me that as your slut, your horny little whore, I should slowly force your cock into my arse.

Those words burned into my psyche, your horny little whore, YOUR Slut. I pressed harder against your cock whilst trying to relax my sphincter muscle to allow easier access through my anal ring. I tried in vain to make your entry to my arse as easy as possible, but there was an animalistic passion when your cock head finally broke through my anal ring, I felt I really belonged to you at that split second and knew that no matter what happened in my life, I would be forever grateful to you my benevolent Master for allowing me the freedom to release my sluttish behaviour.

I am dragged back to reality from my dream state by your words whispered in my ear, fuck my cock up your arse, slut but you must not cum till I give you permission my horny bitch. I began rocking my arse back and forth at speed when you slapped my arse cheek and slowed me right down. You continued to slow fuck my burning arse and my passions were running riot as I groaned unintelligently as the passions rose yet another notch. Now you took over fucking my arse as you whispered sweet nothings in my ear and always managing to call me a slut, a tramp, a whore, slag. All these terms normally meant as insults only spurred your cock hungry slut on to greater levels of excitement.

Suddenly I can not hold out much longer and I beg like never before to be allowed to cum. You tease me by ignoring my passionate pleas and telling me to keep going my pretty whore bag. My body covered in perspiration and trembling with fever, a cock fever induced by your rigid member now buried deep inside my arse, was screaming for release. Then out of the blue, you thrust forward with a severe force and gripped my hips holding my arse tight against your pubic bone as you ordered me to cum now. Flashing lights and bombs going off heralded my climax as my empty cunt spasm med and my juices ran like a river.

Almost at once you pulled out of my arse and spurted your load over my anal cheeks, before easing yourself over me and commanding me to clean your cock up. Eagerly I sucked it clean not caring it had been buried deep in my arse. I turned over to face my beloved master and kissed you passionately drifting off to a deep sleep as I told you of my undying love for you. The last thing I remembered was you kissing my forehead as you told me to sleep my angelic cum bucket.

I donít know what time I woke but it was pitch black and I tried to move but my legs refused to obey me, A little more awake now and I felt a strange paralysis around my mouth, for I could not close my mouth. I instantly tried to bring my hands up to rub my mouth but they too would not move. Now fully awake I became aware of the restraints you had applied. My legs spread wide with a spread bar attached at my knees, my ankles secured to the bed base. My arms tied to the bed head above my head and then tied tight together at my elbows, but the most worrying thing for me was the oral ring tied in my mouth preventing me from closing my mouth or even saying a word. All my efforts to do so sounded just like grunts.

Suddenly I heard your laughter and voice as you said, ďAh my pretty fuck slut, youíre awake. Good for I was not wanting to wait much longer!Ē your hand now touches my right hip and lightly almost ticklish begin to stroke my skin. The ticklish sensation began moving as your hand stroked up to just below my tits and back down to my knees, always along the outside of my body. When you suddenly moved your fingerís lightly over to the inside of my thigh and slowly inch by inch you tickled your way up to my cunt and even managed to pinch my clit before continuing the light floating touch up to my tits, each nipple was then sharply pinched before your fingers approached my mouth. The ring gag prevented me closing my mouth as your three fingers, suddenly passed beyond my lips and stroked my tongue as if petting a favourite pet. I almost gagged as the sensation was out of this world. Now your salvia soaked fingers traced a slick path back to my nipple and once more they were pinched, this time though they were twisted and pulled as well. My entire body tried to rise from the bed as you tugged on my nipples, not from pain but from the total excitement your actions were generating.

Added to the ministrations of your fingers you invaded my ears with your comments about loving having me so helpless and unable to prevent you from doing whatever you wished with my over responsive body. You called me your one in a million whore, a climatic slut cunt and the bitch of a whore cum bucket. You told me you were going to have some real fun with my body and teased me by saying, ďIf you want me to stop just say clearly Ray Stop Now!Ē you knew that with the ring gag anything I said would come out as just grunts. Despite you not yet slipping anything inside my cunt my clit trembled and my empty aching cunt begged for attention.

Then you came around in front of me and as I had hoped you were stark naked, I also hoped to be allowed to suck your cock, no not just suck it to worship it pay adoration to the magnificent member which always brought me such intense orgasms. You taunted me by asking me to beg for the right to kiss your cock, but all the sounds I made came out garbled with the ring and you said, ďOh so you donít want to kiss and suck my cock my little picky whore!Ē

My eyes were pleading with you to allow me to suck you, but you chose to ignore my lustful glances. You traced your cock along my lips but as I jerked my head to try to get the cock into my mouth you would pull away. At the same time your fingerís now found my defenceless clit and as you teased my mouth you stroked the length of my clit almost tickling the head. I even tried to stretch my tongue out as far as I could to lick your cock but every time I did so you would back away. I now felt your fingers forcing their way inside my cunt, your short fingernails began to graze against my g spot and started my stomach doing summersaults and once more my passions notched up a gear or two.

My wet cunt suddenly squirted a spasm of juices which flew almost three feet high and splashed against your shoulder. You looked surprised but soon recovered threatening to spank me for coming with out permission. Now I seized my chance and finally managed to suck your cock into my mouth through the centre of the ring gag and I tried to keep up the suction to stop you removing it; but I think you wanted me to suck you for you did not pull it away. Soon you slowly started fucking my mouth and rapidly my jaw started to ache as it was speared by your cock.

As your cock throbbed, thickened and became like steel, you suddenly pulled if free from my mouth and quickly repositioned yourself by my feet. I watched wide eyed as you released my ankles from the bed base and then tied them together beofre lifting them up towards my head. I watched in awe as I began to see my spread open cunt lips framing your rampant cock. Then you shuffled into place and slowly sank your cock up inside my cunt. When your balls were flush against my arse, you leaned forward and told me in no uncertain terms you were going to fuck the life out of your personal slut. You were going to fuck me in such a position that as I cum it would drip into my face and I should be prepared to swallow my own cunt juices. You then raised my ankles higher till they were above my head; then taking hold of a strap, I have not noticed you anchored my heels above my head. Then slowly and deliberately you lowered your head to my exposed cunt and began slowly licking my cunt and clit. Every time you reached the tip of my clit you would lift your head and call me a horny little cock teasing whore.

I was so close to cumming; when you finally raised yourself up and probed my cunt with your cock. You then asked if your bitch wanted to become the breeding bitch to have your children. You then fucked me fast and furious as you described me becoming pregnant with your bastard kid and how you would be milking your whores milk laden tits when the baby was born. You described the nipples spraying the milk all over my face as you tweaked the nipples in a demonstration of your method. Your pounding cock soon had me on the verge of another orgasm, when you pulled out and replaced your cock with your fingers raking them over my g spot till I was squirting like a fire hose, still not content with soaking my head and shoulders in such a fashion as I came down from my orgasm you immediately slipped your cock back into my cunt and pounded me to another spurting climax, before pulling out just in time to spray your seed all over my face.

You then released my and allowed me to go back to sleep, all around me the scent of our lovemaking acting as an aphrodisiac. Next morning as I woke I wondered if it had all been a dream, only the streaks of spunk still in my hair and the obvious odour of stale sex told me otherwise. I turned to you and lightly kissed your lips as I whispered I love you. I never expected a response as I thought you were still asleep but was pleased when you responded by say I also love you my sexy slut.


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