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08-21-2008, 10:49 PM
The Glass Dildo

My wife likes sex OK, but often she can take it of leave it. Sometimes, though, she goes nuts and is as horny as a cat in heat.

I remember one time like that, must've been about ten years ago now (gee ... how time flies) that was great for me. She was talkative all night, sort of flowing over with goodwill (always a good sign). She asked if I'd like to make love and since our daughter was sleeping over at a friend's house, the coast was clear for something special.

We stripped down and started out the usual way... a little hugging and kissing, stroking her all over (I like to spread her legs apart and run my hands back and forth from thigh to thigh making sure that I rub that hairy cunt every time I pass it by).

I started nibbling on her breasts and began to suck them gently, one after the other, while with my right hand I spread her open and played with her generous labia sticking my finger in her cunt to feel the goo that was coming out of her and spreading it all around to lubricate her better. As she got more excited I stuck two, then three, then four and finally all five fingers insider her and gently fucked her with my hand.

She asked me if I would stick my dick in her and I was hard as a rock, one of those things where it just stays there won't go away (not so easy ten years later). I pulled out my hand, pulled her over on the side of the bed, folder her legs back and fucked her hard for a long time. She moaned softly under me and I pinched her nipples, pulling them as I fucked her.

Somewhere in there she told me, "Babe, you can do anything you want, what would you like to do?" I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass and she smiled as she pulled her legs back even more so that her asshole was at the right height for me. I lubricated myself with the pussy juice that was dripping out of her. She was unbelievably tight as I slowly pushed my dick up into her bowels and began to fuck her, at first just moving the head of my dick back and forth just inside her and then deeper and deeper as she relaxed and warmed up to it.

As I kept at it, she stuck her fingers in her pussy and told me that she could feel my penis moving in her ass with her hand. She finger-fucked herself as I continued to fuck into her, still hard as a rock. She looked up at me and said, "Oh Babe, don't we have a dildo or something around here."

I told her, "Well, there's that piece of art glass shaped like a prick that I bought at an erotic art show before we were married, how about that?"

"OK, let's try it," she said. I pulled out of her and rummaged around in my dresser until I found it.

She flopped over on her side on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and I watched her slide the long, shiny glass cock into her cunt. It was double-ended with one end shaped like a prick and the other like an asshole-piercing sex toy. She had the prick end in there and started to fuck herself slowly with it. I grabbed the leg she had up in the air and stuck my dick back into her asshole. I could feel the glass dildo moving in and out of her cunt as I fucked her ass. She was moaning in earnest now.

This went on with different variations for awhile. I was fascinated watching the glass dildo slide into her and turned her from one side to another as we played with each other. I told her that I always wanted to watch another man fucking her and that this was as close as I'd ever get to seeing someone else's dick thrusting into her cunt. I fucked her faster and faster, but I'd been at it so long (over an hour at this point) that I couldn't come. I kept on trying and trying, but no go!

I told her I really wanted to get off and she said, "Don't hold back, Baby, you can fuck my ass as hard and as deep as you like." Taking her at her word, I turned her over on her knees, and she cooperated by sticking her ass in the air for me and rocking back on her knees until she was in just the right position. I stuck myself in her and fucked her faster and faster, deeper and harder, again and again until felt myself getting ready to come.

I kept on fucking her hard until I exploded and pumped her anus full of my sticky come. I slowed down and finally softened up until I plopped out of her. I could see my cream oozing out of her up-thrust and enlarged asshole and dripping down over the reddened lips of her cunt.

I collapsed beside her telling her that that was the absolutely hottest fuck I'd ever had. We lay there in each others arms until we fell sound asleep. What a night of love, with my beautiful wife!

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Good story

Thanks for the addition

08-22-2008, 04:32 PM
well done story, very visual. Thanks for sharing it.