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Since this is Part 2 of this story, you'll want to check out Part 1 first if you haven't read it yet. As always, all comments are appreciated.

Part 2

I spent the next week in a paranoid haze, watching for any sign from Tamara that Kelly had told her about what had happened that night. As the days went by and Tamara didn't give any indication that she knew, I slowly began to relax. I hadn't seen Kelly since the night of our dope-smoking, hard-fucking tryst, and Mary hadn't suddenly decided to start showing affection again, so I turned my attention elsewhere. There was really nothing sexual about it, but I started to develop a friendship with a woman named Diana, who worked with me. She was in her mid-thirties, just a few years younger than I was, and had two kids, a boy who was twelve and a six-year-old girl. She also had the same sort of spouse trouble that I had, except in the case of her husband it was prescription painkillers instead of booze. He was basically useless, and she was getting tired of it. Somewhere along the line she'd heard me mention that Mary had a drinking problem, so she asked me one day how I handled it. The answer, of course, was that most of the time I didn't, at least not very well, but over the next week or so we talked about out problems just about every day, usually over lunch. I hadn't noticed any sexual attraction on either side. Diana was pretty, with a narrow, soft-featured face, pale skin, and shoulder-length blond hair (which she let me know came out of a bottle) and the body you'd expect from a woman her age who'd had two kids - a little more rounded than it had been when she was younger. I liked her and found her attractive, but that was about it. And, of course, we were both married, although neither of us was feeling particularly good about the relationships.

It was a Friday, a couple of weeks after the incident with Kelly, and I was spending the afternoon training Diana on a new piece of software. (Did I mention that I'm in charge of the computer systems?) We sat next to each other, fairly close because we both needed to be able to see the computer monitor. As I walked her through the new program, she leaned closer to see what I was doing, and I felt her knee bump against mine. I expected her to move it, but she didn't; she kept it pressed against me. That probably should have made me feel uncomfortable, but it didn't. I actually relaxed more. Well, most of me relaxed. One part was starting to be anything but relaxed. As the training went on, Diana actually moved closer to me, so her thigh was up against mine. We were close enough that I noticed that Diana smelled exactly like my first girlfriend. Our hands brushed over each other a couple of times when I moved the mouse. Then Diana shifted again to get a better look at the monitor, and I felt her breast against my arm. Again, she didn't make any attempt to move away. I glance over at her - she was looking intently at the computer screen, but her lips were parted, and the tip of her tongue was running lightly over them. By now, my dick was screaming for mercy. It came, but not the kind I really wanted, when Diana suddenly yelped "Uh oh! It's five; I've got to clock out, they won't pay me for overtime!" She popped up, said, "I'll see you on Monday," and headed out of the office. Damn.

I was particularly pissed that things had ended the way they had because I was going to be alone that night. Mary had out of the blue decided to actually act like a mother for a change and had left that morning with Tamara for a long weekend of shopping in the Bay Area. They wouldn't be back until Monday night. Oh, well, at least I'd be able to play with myself in private.

That was exactly what I was planning to do later that evening as I settled in on the couch. I had my shirt off and my jeans open. I had just pulled my cock out of my shorts and given it a good pull, thinking about Diana leaning against me in the office that afternoon, when there was a knock on the door. "Who the fuck could that be?" I tucked my dick back into my pants so I could walk to the door and check it out. I looked out the peephole, and there stood Kelly, in a very tight, tank top that barely covered her boobs, and the lowest-cut pair of jeans I'd ever seen. I seriously was not sure whether to thank or curse the gods.

I opened the door (still not making good decision where Kelly was concerned) and said, "Hi, Kelly. Tamara's not home." I didn't really think that would work, but it was worth a shot.

Kelly walked right past me into the apartment as she said, "I know. She told me she was going out of town."

Once inside, Kelly closed and locked the door, turned around to face me, wrapped her arms around me, and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I never had a chance.

After a few seconds, Kelly broke off the kiss, looked at me and said, "I want to suck your cock."

She was looking at me with an almost pleading expression. I laughed and said, "What, are you afraid I'm going to say 'No'?"

With that, she grinned and started digging through my jeans to get to my dick. I might as well have just left it out. Now she was kneeling in front of me, with my cock in her hand. She held it up, and licked the length of the shaft, from the base up to the head, flicking her tongue over the tip, then taking just the head into her mouth and sucking lightly. I was moaning as she repeated that process several times, then dropped her face to my balls, sucked one into her mouth, and began rolling it around with her tongue. At the same time she was stroking my cock with her fingers. I gasped out, "Keep that up and I'll blow all over the room!"

"Oh, no, you're not going to waste it!" Kelly opened her mouth and took in my whole cock in one gulp, not stopping until she gagged as it bumped against the back of her throat. She began sucking slowly, pulling back, letting her tongue glide over the underside of my cock, until just the head was still in her mouth, then sucking and licking the head before sliding her mouth around the entire length again, until I could feel her nose bumping against my belly.

I reached my hands down on each side of Kelly's head and wound my fingers into her hair. As I held her head, I started pumping my hips against her face, driving my cock into her mouth, at the same time pulling her head to me. Kelly's hands were now free, and she wrapped her arms around my hips, helping pull me to her mouth. I felt one of her hands on my ass. One finger was sliding between my ass cheeks. I felt it press against my anus, then she pushed lightly and her fingertip popped through my sphincter into my ass. It felt like my cock grew an extra inch. "Oh shit, baby, yeah!" Kelly purred around my cock, making it even harder, if that was possible, and shoved her finger deeper into my ass. It had been years since any woman had done that to me, and I'd forgotten what kind of effect it had on me. I could barely control myself as my pelvis thrashed against Kelly's face, while she sucked me like no one I'd ever had before.

"Fuck, Kelly, I'm going to cum in your mouth!" I no sooner had the words out than my cum exploded from my cock onto Kelly's tongue and down her throat. She kept sucking, and finger-fucking my ass, until my knees started to shake and I let go of her hair.

I pulled her to her feet, mumbling, "Jesus, girl, where did you learn to do that? Your turn now!"

I practically ripped her clothes off, and threw her down on the floor. By now I was pretty sure that I couldn't be too rough with her, which was lucky, because I was in no mood or condition to be gentle. With Kelly stretched out on the floor, I started my mouth on her throat, kissing and nipping gently with my teeth. Kelly's breathing became shallow almost immediately, and she began to moan lightly. I traced my tongue down her throat and in between her breasts, then spent a minute or so on each breast, licking around it, then wrapping my lips around each nipple in turn, sucking it, then biting lightly with my teeth. This drew gasps from Kelly, who cradled my head in her hands as I moved farther down her body, licking around her rib cage, then down over her belly. I ran my tongue into her belly button and swirled it around, causing the muscles in Kelly's belly to twitch. "Uhhhh, yeah, that's good."

As I moved my mouth past her navel and my tongue traced the top of her pubic bush, I spread Kelly's legs out with my hands, her knees pointed out to either side. I lowered my face to her pelvis, and my tongue licked over her pussy lips. "Oooohhhh. Mmmmmmm." I licked the length of her slit from back to front, then over and over again. As I did, I let my tongue slide back and flick against her anus. As I licked, Kelly moaned. Each time my tongue touched her ass, she gasped. I laid my fingers against the lips of her pussy and slowly spread her open, then pressed my mouth against her gaping cunt and drove my tongue into her.

"Aaaahhh, yesss! God!" I tongue-fucked Kelly for several seconds as she moaned, then a slid my mouth up, flicking my tongue over her clit, and slipped first one, then a second, finger into her pussy. My fingers became slippery as the moved in and out of her, and Kelly was gasping as my tongue rolled around her clit. I pressed a third finger against the ring of her anus, and drove it inside, now finger-fucking both her holes.

"Uh...uh...uh." Kelly's breath was short and ragged as I licked and fingered her. Her pelvis was humping against me as her back arched up off the floor. I knew she was getting close, so I intensified my attack, taking her clit between my lips and sucking on it.

"Oh, god, going to...Oh, fuck...cumming!" Kelly's shoulders jerked up off the floor; her back arched; I could feel the muscles of her pussy and ass clamp around my fingers and then go into spasms. "Aaaahhhh...Aaaahhhh...Aaaaiiiieeee!" Kelly's body shook with her orgasm, then she collapsed back onto the floor panting.

My cock was long since hard as a rock again, and I moved up and lay on top of Kelly, guiding my cock to the lips of her pussy. I slid into her with one thrust and began pumping her hard the way I had the first time we'd fucked.

"Oh my god...Oh my god," Kelly moaned several times. Her pussy and clit were still so tender that she began to cum again within seconds, her body vibrating again, as she cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her legs around my hips, pulling me tightly against as she came again.

When Kelly relaxed after this orgasm, I eased up, and began to fuck her with long, slow strokes, pulling back until just the head of my cock was in her, then pushing gently all the way back in until my pelvis rubbed against her clit. I wanted to give her time to recuperate a little. Kelly's breathing slowed down in time with my thrusts. After some time, she began humping her pelvis back at me in time with my movements. That was all I needed to start pumping faster again. I was beginning to feel the stirrings in my balls that meant an explosion wasn't far off. Kelly's breathing was shallow and ragged again, and she suddenly gasped out, "God, I'm going to cum again!" I was hammering her pussy as hard and fast as I could now.

"Aaaahhh! Uuuuhhhh!" Then Kelly gave a strangled cry. Her fingers dug into my back, her legs locked around my waist. Kelly's entire body convulsed, and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. That was all I needed. With a grunt I slammed all the way into her and my balls started pumping my cum inside her. As I came, Kelly's body suddenly stiffened, becoming almost rigid, then she slumped back onto the floor, with my semen still pouring into her.

When I finally finished, my cock, incredibly, didn't start to shrink. It was still ready for action. I looked down at Kelly and her face had the most wanton, lascivious look I've ever seen.

"I'm still hard. You want to go again?"

Kelly nodded, still panting from last orgasm.

I gave her a wicked smile and said, "I want to fuck you in the ass."

"Oh, god, yes! Do it!" At that point I think she would have let me do just about anything to her.

I pulled my dripping cock out of her pussy, rolled her over, helped her get up on her hands and knees. I positioned myself on my knees behind her, spread her ass cheeks apart, and pushed the head of my cock against the tight ring of her anus. I leaned forward and popped just the head of my cock into her ass. Kelly grunted, and I gasped as I felt her ass squeeze my cock-head. I moved my hips forward slightly, pushing a little more of my cock into her ass, then pulled back until just the head was inside her. With each stroke I moved deeper. With each stroke, Kelly grunted and gasped as I opened up her ass. Finally I bucked my hips forward, Kelly pushed her ass back against me, and my cock buried itself completely inside Kelly's ass. Kelly moaned, "God, Michael, fuck my ass. Hard, like you fuck my pussy."

I fucked her with hard, deep strokes, trying to reach deeper inside each time. When I pulled back and her anal ring gripped the head of my cock, the feeling was incredible. If I hadn't already cum twice I wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds.

I leaned over her back, and curled one hand around in front of her so I could rub her clit with my finger. I wanted her to enjoy this as much as possible. Kelly placed her hand over mine and shoved my finger harder against her clit. Kelly worked in rhythm with, rocking her ass back against me as I drove into her, rocking her pelvis forward to grind her clit against my finger as I pulled back.

By now I could tell by Kellly's breathing when she was getting close to an orgasm, and there was definitely another one on the way. She wasn't so much breathing now as gasping for breath, and I could feel her muscles start to shake.

"Oh...my...fucking...god! I...aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh!" As her latest orgasm washed over her, Kelly's arms and legs collapsed and she flopped face down on the floor, still gasping and grunting. I went with, my cock driving to the hilt again in her ass, my balls banging against her pussy. The feeling of being in her ass when her muscles spasmed during her orgasm was even more intense than feeling her pussy clenching my cock. I exploded into her with a grunt, my semen washing up along the walls of her anal canal. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life, and when we were done, we simply lay there on the floor for several minutes, neither of us really in any condition to move.

"So," I said, when I finally found my voice again, "you wanna spend the weekend?"

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that is what I'm hoping for, grt story keep them cumming

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Umm Umm Whew...Wow--once again--a really good story. This one is more intense than the first one--which was pretty intense itself. You have a gift of description--of evocation. When I read the story, it was like I could see and hear and feel what the characters were doing. That is one of the marks of a good writer.

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Thanks, guys, I'll try to keep them coming.

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I agree with Brigit. Characters, story and description are just great. keep up the good work.