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Two-Way Mother
by Kathy Andrews

Chapter 1

Donna woke up with her pussy pulsating.

It was the first thing she felt, and she lay still, feeling the
delicious sensations. She wondered if she had come while asleep. She
tried to remember the dream, if any, that would cause her cunt to throb
so hotly. She didn't remember dreaming at all, but her cunt seemed very,
very hot. Slipping her hand beneath the sheet and into the elastic waist
of her bikini panties, she felt the lips of her pussy. They were wet,
very wet.

It was odd, because Donna never woke up in the mornings feeling like
this. Sometimes she went to bed aroused, but never woke up that way. She
lay still for some time, letting the warmth run through her. Her tits,
even flat on her back, stood up firmly, with her nipples outlined by the
sheet. When the throbbing decreased, she pushed the sheet away and swung
her long legs over the side.

Other than her panties, she was naked.

The enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee came to her, and she smiled
with pleasure. Ted and Mike were up. Feeling good, with the scent of
coffee in her nose, she stripped her panties off and stepped nakedly
into her adjoining bathroom. Adjusting the shower temperature, she
stepped beneath the spraying water. By the time she finished her bath,
brushed her teeth, and combed her shining coppery-colored hair, she saw
it was almost ten in the morning.

Donna hardly ever slept late.

Sliding her satiny legs into a pair of pale-blue shorts, zipping them
over her hips, she moved her arms into a man's shirt, tying the tails
beneath her thrusting tits. Bare-footed, she padded into the hall and
toward the kitchen.

"Morning, Mom," Mike greeted her.

"Good morning, honey," she said, kissing his cheek.

Mike was growing fast, she saw. Almost as tall as her, he was a favorite
at school and the best wide receiver on the football team. He was
already attracting pretty little girls, something that made him feel
good, but she knew he was puzzled about what to do with them. He was
dressed in his old faded cut-off jeans.

"Here's your coffee, Mother," Ted said, placing a steaming cup in front
of her.

Ted was her youngest. Like his brother, he was wearing cut- offs, too.
Ted tried his best to imitate his brother, Mike. It had been that way
since their father had died. Donna knew Ted missed his father, and was
trying to replace him with his older brother. She was pleased that Mike
seemed to understand, too, and tried his best to be a big brother for
his brother.

Donna sipped her coffee, wide awake now. She listened with one ear to
the boys' chatter, but she was still thinking of how she had felt when
she woke up. Her cunt still felt warm, slightly puffy, and obviously
moist. Crossing her legs under the table, she began to rock her foot.
The rippling, gentle pressure of her movements caused her cunt to
twitch, and Donna's eyes became dreamy.

She began remembering how it had been when her husband was alive, how
they fucked. Those quickies they used to have had been very exciting to
her. Some of her strongest orgasms had been when her husband sneaked up
on her and plunged his cock into her cunt before she knew he was there.
She was remembering other times, too. Times when they would be in bed
and her husband would insist she twist and contort her naked body into
almost impossible positions for him. She had attempted them all, eager
to be a part of his intense drives. There had been nothing she refused
him, and he had shown her how erotic and perverse she could be. This
discovery about herself delighted both of them, and before he died, they
had discussed other possibilities, like meeting others for an evening of
fucking. It never happened, though, because he died before they could do

At first Donna wasn't sure about it, but the more he talked to her, the
more appealing it became. Her husband wanted to watch, watch her, taking
cock in her cunt and mouth. She was willing to display her wanton
behavior with others while he watched, but her one stipulation was that
they would always be together, in the same room, never apart. It wasn't
that she was afraid to be alone with someone else. Donna wanted to
watch, too, and the idea of four or more people, all naked-and with
hard-ons and wet cunts, appealed to her.

Now it would never happen.

She could never do it alone.

So she lived on her memories of her husband, and went to bed aroused and
frustrated. And now, waking up feeling that way. She rocked her foot
faster, under the table, out of sight of Mike and Ted. Her cunt rippled
with heat, and her eyes almost closed as she produced a mild, all too
mild, orgasm for herself.

When her vision cleared, she saw Mike and Ted looking at her, their
expressions quizzical.

"Is something wrong, Mom?" Mike asked.

"No, why do you think that?" she asked, her voice soft and low.

"You made a moan," he said.

"And you got this crazy look on your face," Ted put in.

Donna smiled, softly. "I was just feeling ... thinking, about

"Must have been something good," Mike said.

"It was very good, honey," Donna replied, uncrossing her legs and
finishing her coffee. "I guess I better get started on this house. You
two animals can sure mess it up quick."

"We'll help," Ted said.

"No practice today?" Donna asked Mike. "I thought you practiced every
Saturday morning."

"The coach called it off," he answered.

"You mean I have to put up with you two guys all day?"

"Hey, Mom we're not such bad guys," Mike grinned. He pretended he was
going to poke her in the ribs, and Donna squealed, twisting away and
jumping to her feet. "You got us to help out today. That should make you

"If you two would pick up after yourselves, I wouldn't need any help."

"What would you do without us, Mother?" Ted asked, grinning at her.

"I wouldn't live in such a messy house, for one thing," she said, and
ran her hand through his hair. "But for you two guys, I'll take the
messy house."

Ted wrapped an arm about her waist and hugged her. Donna leaped into
him, her tits smashing against his face. She felt an immediate response
as her nipples stiffened. There was a small tremor moving up her spine
as she pulled his head tightly into her tits for a quick hug.

When she pulled away, her legs felt shaky.

Taking out the vacuum cleaner, she started on the hallway. The two boys
began picking things up in the living room, but that didn't last long.
She heard them laughing as they began to wrestle. Turning off the vacuum
cleaner, she entered the room to see them in a tangle of arms and legs.

"Okay, you know the rules around here," she said without anger. "No
wrestling in the house."

They paid no attention to her. Mike let his younger brother pin him to
the floor, sitting on top of him. Mike had one knee lifted, his other
leg straight out and to one side. Donna's breath caught as she saw the
head of her oldest son's cock sticking from the cut-off shorts. Her cunt
suddenly began to throb as her eyes fixed upon it. She stared hard at
the head of Mike's cock, seeing his piss-hole. Her fingers curled into
fists, her nails cutting into her palm. Her legs trembled and she felt

"No wrestling," she said, but her voice was a bare whisper.

She tried to pull her eyes off Mike's cock, but they refused to move. As
she watched, his cock slipped farther from his cut- offs, and then she
was seeing half of it. Although it wasn't hard, Donna felt a growl in
the pit of her stomach, a growl of desire. She had not seen a cock in
over three years, and her eyes devoured her oldest son's cock wantonly.

When Mike heaved his body and tossed Ted away, they rolled toward her
feet, laughing as Mike began to tickle his younger brother.

"Give up?" Mike was laughing. "Give up now?"

"Never!" Ted giggled, thrashing his arms and legs as he tried to get
away from his brother.

Donna found herself trying to get a peek at her youngest son's cock, but
it stayed concealed. Her cunt was wet inside her shorts, her cunt-lips
pulsing hotly, her clit knotted.

The boys rolled into her legs, making her off balance. She fell on top
of them with a low scream.

"Now we gotcha! " Mike said, grabbing his mother and wrestling her to
the floor.

Ted joined his brother against her, and Donna began to laugh almost
hysterically as they tickled her sides and ribs. She thrashed her long
legs as she fought to get away from them, laughing hard.

Ted caught her arms and pulled them above her head, pinning them tightly
with his knees. Mike sat on her thighs, his fingers dancing about her
ribs as he tickled her. Donna laughed, half crying with pleasure,
struggling to get free.

Her tits heaved and moved beneath the shirt, and she squirmed her ass
and hips, trying to get her legs from under Mike's ass. She lifted her
head, and saw her oldest son's cock pressing at her thigh, up near the
leg of her shorts. Even though he was tickling her, making her laugh
insanely, Donna could feel the heat of her son's cock on her thigh. With
a violent movement, she tossed Mike upward and he fell across her body.
He wrapped his legs about hers, still poking at her ribs. Donna felt the
pressure of her son's body on her stomach, and grew weak. Ted still sat
on her arms above her head, and when she tried to pull them free, one of
her palms cupped his tight ass. It was a brief, accidental touch, but
Donna's palm burned as she quickly adjusted her hand away.

There was a slight tearing sound, and with a sense of embarrassment, she
realized the shirt had become untied. Her tits, naked, were pressing
against Mike's firm, naked chest. She felt her nipples stiffen as they
poked at his flesh. Then she felt Mike moving, his hips rubbing. She
felt the hardness of his cock as it slipped against her naked thigh.
Feeling that his cock was hard, she knew Mike had to be aware of her
naked tits on his chest, and of her hot thighs on his cock. She lifted
her eyes and looked straight into his.

Mike was gazing down at his mother's face, his expression confused.

Donna lay still, and felt her son rubbing his cock at her thigh. She
felt the

wetness as his piss-hole scraped near the leg of her shorts. She felt

excited. Her body trembled as her tongue moved over her lips. She said

Then, as if realizing, finally, what was happening, Mike lifted. Not all
the way, just his upper body. His cock seemed to move, and Donna gasped
as she felt his cock-head push at the crotch of her shorts.

"Oh!" Ted gasped as his brother lifted. He saw his mother's tits, all
naked, her shirt wide open. He stared at her stiff nipples, then jumped
up and turned away, blushing.

Donna, still staring into her oldest son's eyes, left her arms above her
head. Mike, with the head of his cock pushing against the crotch of her
shorts, looked down at her exposed tits for a long time, then lifted his
eyes to his mother's again.

"Mike ..." she said, her voice husky.

"I'm sorry, Mom," he murmured and slid from her, moving in such a way
his cock was hidden from her.

Ted and Mike walked from the living room, and Donna remained on the
floor, unmoving, but trembling. Her tits lifted as she began to breathe
deeply. After a moment she sat up. Her cunt was throbbing hotly and it
felt as if Mike's cock was still pressing there. She saw the wetness on
her inner thigh, the wetness of her son's cock.

She went about her housework in a daze. Ted and Mike did not return to
help. What had happened surprised her, but only because Mike had gotten
a hard-on. Her own responses were no surprise. Of course Mike would get
a hard-on, she told herself. She may be his mother, but she was still a
woman, and he was a boy. Her body had made his cock hard, she knew. It
had been the closeness of her naked thigh, his cock already sticking
from his shorts. The touch of it caused his cock to turn hard, and by
the time they realized her tits were naked, he already had a hard-on.
When he had seen her naked tits, she had felt the powerful throb of his
cock as his cock-head pushed at her crotch. Mike had, she felt - or
wanted to think - almost come on her shorts.

The idea excited her. She wondered what he would have done if he had
come off, spurting his hot come-juice against the crotch of her shorts.
He had blushed with embarrassment, just as his brother had, when he saw
her tits were exposed, but surely he had felt her hot flesh on his cock
before that.

An hour later, Ted came out and mumbled a goodbye to her. She watched
him leave, feeling bad about his embarrassment. It hadn't been his fault
her shirt came open. But seeing her tits, his mother's tits, made him
embarrassed. She wondered if Ted knew his brother had a hard-on. She
watched Ted turn out of the front yard, and then put the vacuum cleaner

"I'm sorry about that, Mom," Mike said as he came into the kitchen where
she was preparing vegetables for their evening dinner. "It was an

"I know, baby," she said. "It happens sometimes. Don't worry about it."

Mike sat at the kitchen table. Donna felt his eyes on her, and she had
to fight to keep her hips from trembling. She could tell he was looking
at her thighs, at the shape of her ass.

Almost consciously, she shifted her weight on her feet, and the cheeks
of her shapely ass bunched. She leaned over the sink, the paring knife
in her hand, a carrot in the other. There was a tension in the kitchen
that felt thick. She could hear her son breathing behind her, and it was
heavy breathing.

Donna didn't know what to think. She didn't know how to react.

She saw, in her mind, the way his cock had slipped from his cut-offs,
how it looked. She remembered how it felt on her thigh, so hot and hard.
She remembered how it felt pushing against the crotch of her shorts, and
her knees began to tremble.

"I'm sorry," Mike said again from behind her.

Donna took a deep breath, closing her eyes as a shudder rippled through

Watching her, Mike saw his mother's ass clench tightly under her shorts.
He saw her trembling, and wanted to say he was sorry again.

"I'm sorry."

Donna whirled. "Don't say that!"

"I'm sor - "

"Oh, Mike!" Donna cried, her eyes moist. She leaned on the sink,
dropping the knife and carrot. She gripped the edge of the sink with her
hands, fighting back tears. "Oh, God, Mike! Don't say that again!"

"I didn't mean to ..."

"It was an accident, Mike," she said. "That's all it was, an accident.
Please, don't say any more about it."

Mike looked hurt. He got up and left the room. Donna wanted to go after
him, to hold him, to make him understand.

She stayed where she was, shaking, confused, yearning ...

Chapter 2

A week later, it happened again.

Donna thought her sons had forgotten about what happened. She had not
forgotten, though. All her waking hours were spent thinking about it,
recalling it, even the feel of Mike's cock remained vivid in her mind.
In the past week, since that happened, Donna fondled herself to orgasm
three times, her imagination growing about what could have happened,
what might have happened if she had done this, or suggested that, or
moved this way, or...

The only difference this Saturday morning was she and Mike were alone.

They were sitting on the floor, and he was helping her go through
magazines in search of coupons. Again she was in shorts, a pair of white
ones, with high-cut legs, the waist low on her hips. She was wearing a
T-shirt now, and her tits were molded against the thin garment, her
nipples protruding. Mike, as usual, was in faded cut-offs.

She was clipping coupons from a magazine when she noticed her son was
staring at a picture for a long time. Glancing at it, she saw it was a
model in a very brief bra and skimpy panties, and advertisement for hair
remover. The slightly bulging panties indicated a darker color, and
Donna knew Mike was fascinated by the picture. She dropped her eyes to
the front of his cut-offs, but saw nothing. She felt that since he was
looking with intense eyes at the picture, his cock would be hard, but it

"That looks like you, Mom," he finally said.

"Let me see," Donna said, taking the magazine.

It did look like her, a younger version, though. The hair was the same
color, the eyes the same shape.

"It isn't me," she said. "I would never be that kind of model."

"You'd be good at it," he said. "Look at your legs, Mom. They're even
nicer than this girl's."

"That's a nice thing to say," she said. "But you must be up to something
or want something. A boy never thinks his mother's legs are prettier
than other girls."

"Yours are," he insisted.

"Oh, yeah!" Donna giggled, and poked him in his ribs.

Mike yelped and pulled away, but Donna was on him, wrestling him to the
floor, coupons scattered all over. Mike laughed and thrashed as she
poked and tickled his ribs, straddling him and giggling happily.

"Mom. stop it!" Mike laughed, not trying very hard to dislodge her.
"You're gonna

make me pee in my pants!"

"So pee," she laughed and poked harder.
With a heave of his body, he tossed his mother to one side, and was fast
to climb on top of her. Donna giggled and thrashed her legs and arms,
twisting and squirming to get away. But Mike pinned her with ease,
mostly because she was weak from laughing. She slipped her hands free
and placed her palms on his cheeks, looking up him with smoldering eyes.

As before, she felt his cock swell against her thigh. Mike was sitting
on her upper legs, his knees at her waist. Pulling his face down, Donna
kissed him, on his mouth. It was a quick kiss, but made heat come to her
face. Trying to cover up her feelings, she shot her hips up, trying to
dislodge him.

Again Mike shoved her arms above her head and pinned her down. Donna
thrashed with all her strength, giggling like a high school girl. Mike
fell forward, and she felt his cock move into her crotch as it had that
day a week ago. His cock-head pushed at her cunt, against the seam of
her shorts. She gasped loudly, and her hips lifted, returning the
pressure. Mike was staring into his mother's face, his eyes glazed and
his lips parted, panting.

"Oooooh," Donna mewled. The head of her son's cock pushed hard against
her shorts, right against her knotted clit.

When her son moved, she didn't blame him. The pressure of his cock on
her cunt almost made her come. She felt Mike's hips lift just a little,
only to push down again. They kept staring into each other's eyes as
Mike pressed harder, the head of his cock smashing her hidden clit.

Mike moaned.

Donna felt his cock jerking, and then felt the hot wetness as he came
against her crotch, covering her shorts with come. Her hips jerked, and
she whimpered, her cunt contracting with orgasm when she felt his come
soak through her white shorts.

Both of them shook, and then it was over.

Mike's eyes became shy and he started to climb from her.

"No," Donna said quickly as he released her arms. She shoved her hands
to his waist, holding him on top of her.

"I'm sorry, Mom," he groaned, embarrassed.

"Don't say that!" she hissed, and wiggled her hips beneath him.

She moved her arms about his waist, caressing along his bare back. They
kept looking into each other's eyes, neither of them knowing what to say
now. Donna felt his cock hardening again, and Mike shifted his eyes
away, a flush on his face. Donna moved her hands down his back and
paused at the waist of his cut-offs, then slipped them lower. She cupped
his ass through the shorts, and made a subtle, but suggestive, movement
with her hips. She felt his cock throbbing against her closed thighs.

When he looked down at her again, his eyes were glassy with desire.

Donna's mind spun with perverse excitement. She pressed her hips up at
his throbbing cock, then slipped her hand between their bodies. She
brushed the back of her hand across the smooth head of her son's cock as
her fingers tugged at the tight crotch of her shorts. She felt the
wetness of his come-juice there, and managed to pull her shorts just far
enough away from her cunt.

Mike, without saying anything, but still gazing down into his mother's
eyes, lifted his hips slightly. Donna felt the head of her son's cock
rub lightly across the lips of her now-exposed cunt. A gasp bubbled from
her throat, and she shifted her hips. The head of her son's cock pushed
at the entrance of her cunt.

Both were holding their breath now, staring with glazed eyes at each
other. Donna still held her son's ass in one hand, her fingers of the
other holding the crotch of her shorts to one side. Mike slowly, very
slowly, pushed his cock inward. Donna lifted her hips just as slowly,
and Mike's cock penetrated the fiery lips of her cunt.

Again Donna gasped, her eyes slitting but still staring up into his. She
pulled down on his ass and lifted her own at the same time. She felt his
cock move deeper, felt the hot throbbing of it. Mike pushed, and his
cock slipped into her cunt.

Both froze.

Mike's cock was all the way inside her wet pussy now, every hard inch of
it. Donna's body shook with ecstasy, and she pulled her hand from
between their bodies and placed it back on his ass. She held her son's
ass with both hands tightly, and very slowly moved her hips.

Mike moaned.

Donna gave a soft cry of delight.

She moved first, lifting her hips and lowering them, sliding her cunt on
his cock. Then Mike was moving, stabbing his cock into her cunt slowly.
They kept staring at each other, both slightly startled at what they
were doing, neither wanting to say anything right now.

Mike fucked his mother slowly, letting her set the pace.

Donna humped in almost slow motion, feeling her son's cock sliding along
the gripping, fiery lips of her cunt. She could feel her clit scrape at
his hard cock-shaft, and she breathed hotly. They moved in perfect
unison, with Mike pushing his cock down as she lifted her crotch. The
delicious filling of her cunt caused shivers to run up and down Donna's
flesh. She closed her thighs tightly again, feeling her son's cock
stabbing up and down. She moved her hips, holding his ass, her upper
body still. Her eyes burned into his, and she ran her tongue over her
lips as the sensation of ecstasy grew.

Donna's hips speeded up, and Mike went along with her. He had his elbows
against her shoulders, his hands in her hair. Donna clutched his
bunching ass-cheeks tightly, arching her pussy upward to meet his cock.
She spread her legs, and Mike shifted his between them. She scissored
her satiny thighs along his, her hips twisting and grinding as his cock
pumped into her cunt.

They breathed hard and fast, the rapture swelling in them both. She felt
her son's cock throbbing inside her cunt, and the hairy lips grabbed at
it tightly, making Mike groan. She squirmed her cunt upward. Her eyes
were dreamy, almost unseeing, and Mike kept looking down into them, his
own burning as hot as his cock felt to her. As the ecstasy increased, so
did their movements.

Mike began stabbing faster, and Donna strained up at him. Her cunt was
stretching sweetly, taking her son's cock greedily now. She churned her
ass up and down, bouncing her ass-cheeks against the floor, then
swinging her cunt up to smash onto his ramming cock.

"Ooooooh!" she moaned.

"Ahhhhh!" Mike gasped.

Thrashing now beneath her son, Donna clawed at his ass with strong
fingers. She churned and humped her ass swiftly, making choking sounds
in her throat. Her cunt seemed to expand, to swell, then become almost
impossibly tight around her son's thick cock. She was close to orgasm,
and her cunt burned wetly. Mike was almost pulling his mother's hair as
he pounded his cock into her grinding cunt. Donna didn't feel any pain,
though. All her sensations were centered between her thighs, where his
cock was plunging so deliciously. She arched her hips against him,
crying out softly, her hands pulling at his ass, trying to sink his cock
deeply into her fiery cunt. She was going to come, and it was going to
be a hot, hard orgasm.

Mike was stabbing his cock almost frantically into her cunt now,
smashing at her puffy, hairy cunt-lips in a frenzy. Donna knew her son
would come soon, and she wanted it. She rammed her cunt hard onto his
cock, her cunt-lips gripping tightly, a sob of mindless ecstasy boiling
from her throat.

Her cunt contracted, and she strained, crying out, at his cock.

Mike couldn't take the wet, hot tightness, the rippling waves of the
velvety walls of his mother's cunt. He cried out, too, a loud grunting
sound, and pushed hard into her pussy.

Again Donna cried out, feeling the gushing wetness of his come-juice
spattering into her cunt. Each powerful throb of his cock sent a
spewing, creamy gush into her pussy, making her orgasms go on and on.
Even when it was over, they kept straining at each other.

Donna felt his cock soften inside her cunt, and only then did her body
relax. She slumped her ass to the floor, her hands sliding off his ass
to lay at her shaking hips. She shuddered and pulled in air through
flaring nostrils. Her legs relaxed, wide apart, and she felt her son
pulling his cock from her cunt. As it left her pussy, she moaned softly.

Without looking at her, Mike stood and left, making sure his cock was
concealed from her.

Donna lay on the floor, tears in her eyes. They were not tears of shame
or guilt or embarrassment, they were tears of joy. Her orgasm had been
very powerful, almost shattering her body. It had been so long since she
had come that way, she had almost forgotten how good it could feel. She
pulled the crotch of her shorts over her cunt, her hips jerking as her
finger brushed her hairy cunt- lips lightly. When she managed to stand,
her legs were weak. She saw the coupons scattered all over the floor,
some of them torn and wrinkled.

Her face glowed, slightly flushed with pleasure. There was a smile on
her lovely face, and her eyes sparkled like they had not sparkled in
three years.

She was troubled in one way, though.

She didn't like Mike's slipping away that way. She knew he was at least
embarrassed about what happened between them. She didn't want him to
think it was his fault, take the blame for it.

She found Mike sitting on his bed, elbows on his knees and chin cupped
in his hands.

"Mike," she said softly as she sat down beside him, wrapping one arm
about his shoulders. "It wasn't your fault, honey. It wasn't anyone's
fault. It just happened, Mike. Please, baby, don't feel bad about it."

"I'm sorry, Mom," he said, not looking at her.

"Mike, I told you I didn't want to hear you say that again," she said,
trying to sound firm, but failing. She felt him shaking and pulled him
against her body, hugging him, resting his head on her chest and running
her hand through his hair. "You're not sorry it happened. I know. I can
tell. Besides, I'm not."

She felt him take a deep breath.

"I'm not at all sorry," she whispered softly, kissing the top of his
head and caressing his shoulders.

"You're not?" he asked, his voice muffled.

"No, honey."

"I didn't mean to...you know, let that happen, Mom."

She hugged him, feeling his deep breathing. She considered a few
moments, then said, her voice very soft: "I'm glad it happened, Mike."

He didn't answer her.

"It was good," she went on. "It was very good and I needed it. I think
you did, too."

"It was my first time, Mom," he confessed.

"I thought so," she replied, pleased by his answer.

"I'll make sure it doesn't happen ever again," Mike said.

"But, Mike," Donna answered quickly. "I might want it to happen again."

Mike lifted his head, looking at her. "You might?"

Donna nodded her head. "Listen, honey. I'm going to tell you something
about me. Listen closely, because you might like what I say.

Donna told him about her and the his father, of the fiery passions they
shared, of almost becoming involved with others. Mike listened closely,
his interest obvious in his young, burning eyes. She told of how their
father had developed this dormant passion inside her, of the crazy
positions they would get into. She spoke without hesitation, without
shyness, but boldly and straightforward.

"And, Mike," she concluded, "It was fun. I loved it, every minute of it.
Your father used me, my body, the way he wanted, but I never once felt
degraded nor humiliated. I loved it, Mike! Do you understand?"

"I think so, Mom," he said, his voice thick.

"I want it to be that way again," Donna said in a soft voice. "But your
father is gone, and I don't have anyone, and don't want anyone, except
my two boys."

"You mean Ted and me...doing that with you, Mom?"

"I don't know about your brother, she said. "He's kind of young, and I
don't know if Ted would even be interested."

"But you want to do it with me?" he said. "Since it happened once, why

"I don't know, Mom."

"What is that supposed to mean?" she asked "You don't know if you want
to, or you don't know why not keep on with it?"

"Why not keep on," he grinned now.

Donna's face lit up and she hugged him tightly. She turned his face to
hers, and kissed him, her lips hot and soft and writhing. She dipped the
tip of her tongue against his lips, licking them, then turning him

She stood up, her shoulders straight and pulled back, her tits straining
at the thin T-shirt, nipples protruding. The front of her white shorts
was wet with his first come.

With her eyes burning, she peeled her T-shirt from her body, tossing it
to his bed. She stood with her hands on her hips, legs parted, her naked
tits thrusting. Mike's eyes glowed on them, a grin on his face. Donna
shrugged her shoulders, making her tits wobble from side to side. They
were full and firm, but not large. She felt good to expose herself to
Mike, felt very good. She stepped closer to him, and lifted his hands,
curling his fingers about her tits.

"Feel them, honey," she whispered. "Feel my tits all you want."

With hungry eyes, Mike caressed his mother's tits, twisting and pulling
at her nipples. Donna moaned softly in delight, watching his hands
squeeze her tits. She rolled her hips as wetness seeped out of her cunt
into the crotch of her shorts. She grasped her son's wrist, and slipped
his hands down her sides, over her hips and thighs, then pulled them
around to her ass. She pulled her son's face into her naked stomach, and
Mike kissed at her belly button.

"Mmmmm, nice, baby," she murmured.

She unzipped her shorts, and lowered them teasingly, watching her son's
face. Mike watched with hot eyes, his tongue licking at his lips as he
swallowed, his excitement showing. She shoved her shorts down until the
soft hair of her cunt showed, and paused.

"Like me?" she asked breathlessly.

"Oh, Mom! You're beautifully

"Not yet, darling," she said. "I'll be beautiful for you in just a

She twisted her hips and pushed her shorts lower, the fan- shaped hair
of her cunt-hair fully showing now. She slid her shorts to her knees,
and caught them there. She ran her hand through the hair of her cunt and
pulled up, the slit of her cunt showing, the tip of her clit protruding.
She squeezed her fingers together, pressing the hairy lips of her cunt
at her clit, then let her shorts slide to her feet. She stepped out of
them, standing naked in front of her young son.

"Your turn, Mike," she said softly.

He looked up, dazed.

"Ohhhhh, baby," she purred, leaning down and kissing him. "Come on,
honey, it's your turn now."

Without getting off his bed, Mike opened his pants, his fingers shaking
with nervousness. His eyes gazed hotly right at his mother, seeing that
triangle of soft hair, the pink slit of her cunt. Lifting his hips a
little, he scooted his shorts down. Donna, her eyes steaming with
passion, breathed deeply as his cock and balls were revealed.

"Ohhhhh, baby!" she purred hotly. "That's lovely."

Mike sat with his cut-offs at his knees, his cock standing up with
hardness, his cock-head round and smooth. Donna saw the bead of juice
gleaming on his piss-hole, and ran her tongue over her lips. The small
tuft of hair at the base of his cock appealed to her. His balls, she
saw, were full and devoid of hair. His cock was surprisingly long and
thick for his age. She felt her cunt start to throb, her clit
tightening. Drawing back from him a few feet, she stood with her feet
apart, her hands balled into fists at her hips, breathing deeply with
anticipation. Juices from her hair-rimmed cunt seeped along her inner

Kicking his legs and feet, Mike let his cut-offs slide to the floor. He
kept staring at her naked body, his eyes going from his mother's
exciting tits, with those stiff, dark pink nipples, down her flat
stomach and fixing upon her hairy cunt. Donna understood her oldest
son's excitement at seeing her naked. She saw it the way his cock jerked
back and forth, his balls writhing. His bare chest heaved up and down as
he panted, his expression eager.

Donna's hips twisted sensuously as she uncurled her fists and caressed
her hands up to her tits. She cupped her tits, her fingers squeezing,
her nipples protruding from them. She gave a hot little gasp of
pleasure. She thrust her hips forward so her son could get a good, long
look at her swollen cunt.

"Now I'm beautiful for you," she said, her voice a breathless whisper.
"And you're beautiful for me."

"Mom, you're so...so..." Mike swallowed, not knowing what to say.

"Naked and beautiful?" she asked softly, one hand going down, her
fingers toying with the soft hair of her cunt.

"Yeah," he grunted, nodding his head.

"You have a beautiful cock, Mike," Donna purred.

Mike's head jerked upward, making Donna giggle.

"It is a cock, isn't it, baby?" she mewled, her eyes dancing with
passion. "That's what your father called it - cock. I like that name.
Cock. It sounds so...so masculine and exciting. Cock...cock...cock..."

Mike was grinning, half shyly, his eyes back on his mother's pussy.
Donna ran her fingers through the mass of soft hair and slipped two
fingers along her throbbing clit, exposing it to her son's eyes.

"And this is pussy, baby," she whispered. "This is real pussy."

"I...know," he said, choking. "I know what it is, Mom."

"You do?" she asked with a little gurgle. "Then you know it has to be a
hot pussy. I mean, you fucked it just a little while ago on the floor,
didn't you? Was it hot then? Was it a hot, wet pussy, darling?"

"Oh, Mom!" he moaned, grabbing his cock tightly. "Yes, it was!"

"This hot pussy is going to fuck your hard cock, again," she gasped
throatily. "Mother has to take care of that hard cock. We can't have it
so hard, can we? It might start to hurt and then I'd feel bad."

She moved toward her son slowly, swaying her hips. Placing her hands on
his shoulders gently, she urged her son onto his back. Mike lay back
willingly, his cock straining straight up.

"Hey, where is everybody?"

Ted slammed the front door as he came into the house.

Chapter 3

"Shit!" Donna complained.

Mike jerked up, reaching for his cut-offs. But Donna stopped him. She
rushed to the bedroom door and closed it, putting a chair against it to
prevent her youngest son from barging in. She listened with her ear
against the door. Mike was showing fear, but not so much that he stopped
looking at his mother. As she stood at the door, he gazed at her long,
slender legs and satiny thighs, the curve of her rounded, tight ass, the
side view of one tit.

"It's okay," she said softly. "Ted is making noise in the kitchen."

She turned back to Mike. "You know your brother, when he's hungry he'll
be in there eating for an hour. That's plenty of time."

She returned to Mike, and pushed him back on the bed again. She climbed
onto the bed, above her oldest son, her knees brushing along his thighs.
Her tits dangled at his face as Donna positioned her naked body above
him, on her hands and knees.

With a soft giggle, she swung her tits across Mike's face.

"Suck them, honey," she urged. "Suck on my tits!"

Mike, his cock driving him, opened his mouth as his mother pushed one of
her stiff nipples into his mouth. When he closed his mouth on her tit,
sucking it. Donna purred, her eyes closing with pleasure. She lowered
her tit until it smashed at her son's face. Mike's body trembled, and he
placed a hand on her hip, tentatively. Donna lifted her hand and moved
his palm about her hip, down her thigh, then brought it up onto her
naked ass. She pressed his hand there, making his fingers curl into her

"Mmmmmm, suck hard, baby!" she cooed "Suck Mother's tit real hard!"

Mike sucked, his tongue licking, his hand on her ass starting to slide
and move now. Donna wiggled, mewling.

"Oh, yes, Mike. Feel me, baby! Run your hand all over Mother's body!
Touch me all over. Feel me, darling!"

Mike ran his hand feverishly about his mother's ass, touching and
caressing, his fingers brushing the soft hairs of her cunt as he moved
his fingers along the split of her hot ass. He squirmed beneath her as
he sucked at her tit. Touching her excited him the way he had expected
it. He had wondered what it would be like to feel a girl, a naked girl,
and all his expectations were coming true.

Donna's flesh rippled with delicious sensations as her son ran his hands
about her flesh. She shivered and purred. She had missed this for a long
time, almost forgotten how good it felt to have a hot hand touching her

She lifted up, pulling her tit from her son's mouth, looking down at him
with blazing eyes.

"Now, baby!" she moaned. "Oh, God... Mike, Mother wants it now!"

She pressed her crotch down, twisting it as her cunt searched for his
throbbing cock. She felt his smooth cockhead slide along her inner
thigh, brush across the wet, puffy lips of her cunt, then slide up
toward her asshole. Mike, just as eager as, or more than, his mother,
shoved his hand down there and positioned his cock.

Donna placed her fiery cunt on his cock-head, and then pushed down. She
held her breath, feeling her son's cock slide into her cunt, spreading
her sensitive cunt-lips with the throbbing hardness.

"Ohhhh, God!" she cried out as her cunt crushed onto the base of his
cock. "Mike! Ohhhh, baby!"

She dropped her weight onto him, wrapping her arms about his neck and
holding him tightly. Her firm tits flattened on his chest, her nipples
searing his flesh. Mike was holding the cheeks of his mother's writhing
ass, one in each hand, straining his cock up into her gripping cunt.
Donna could feel Mike's cock throbbing against the tight lips of her
pussy, her clit pressing at the base. She sucked in a deep breath of
air, and lifted her hips, her cunt pulling upward on his cock. She moved
slowly, feeling every ridge of his lovely hard cock. She lifted her ass
until she had just the swollen head of his cock inside her cunt. She
held it for a moment, then lunged her cunt down hard and fast.

"Ahhhhh!" Mike moaned.

"Oh, yes, baby!"

Clutching him around his neck, Donna began to hump her naked ass up and
down, fucking her son. Her only movements were in her hips, her hot
thighs pressing tightly against his. Her ass bounced and twisted as she
lunged up and down. Each thrust of her cunt pushed the breath out of
Mike's lungs, making him grunt softly.

Donna squealed in delight, her wet cunt making his cock slippery. Her
cunt-lips clutched his cock tightly, then opened, tightened again. It
was all involuntarily. Donna had no conscious thought of what her cunt
was doing. Mike's hands clung to her dancing ass tightly, his fingers
squeezing at her firm ass-cheeks.

"Ohhhh, this is wonderful!" Donna hissed. "Oh, Mike, you're so hard and
I'm so wet! Ohhhh, your cock is perfect for my cunt! I can feel your
cock stretch my cunt open... fucking it! Listen to that wet sound, baby!
Hear Mother's wet cunt fucking your cock!"

Mike didn't say anything. He was almost dazed with pleasure. His hands
clutched his mother's bouncing ass tightly, his hips lifting up to meet
the wild thrusting of her cunt. He didn't move his hips, but held them
high and let her ride his cock as fast as she could.

Donna gasped and cried out with ecstasy. Her hips pounded up and down,
her cunt smacking against the base of her son's cock, feeling his
rounded cock-head push so deliciously into her greedy, fiery cunt. Her
knotted clit scraped along the hard shaft of his cock, sending fire
through her crotch. She twisted her ass, arching and straining. The
sensations of her son's cock inside her cunt caused her to lift her
head, eyes bulging, her lips parted. She curled her fingers into his
hair, pulling as she squealed and cried out.

"Hold my ass, Mike!" she moaned. "Ohhhh, hold Mother's ass tight, baby!"

Mike curled his fingers into her dancing ass. His cock was being burned
by his mother's searing cunt, blistering him. His balls were almost
painfully tight at the base, loaded with hot come.

"Feel it, Mike!" Donna hissed, ramming her cunt up and down his cock in
a frenzy. "Feel Mother's cunt fucking your cock! Can you feel how wet
and hot Mother's pussy is! Oooooh, baby, I love your cock! I love the
way it feels in my cunt! Ooooh, honey, fuck me! Fuck Mother, Mike!"

Mike tried to work with her, but Donna was pounding up and down much too
frantically, and all he could do was hold her ass tightly. Donna whipped
her naked ass about lewdly, grinding her bubbling cunt furiously onto
his cock, making little screwing motions at times, and pumping up and
down at others.

Her mind reeled dizzily with pleasure. Donna could feel every sensation
in every part of her naked body. It was, in a way, better than those
wild times with her husband. Swinging her ass with abandon, pumping her
cunt up and down on her son's cock, she cried out with soft sounds,
clutching his hair in her hands. Her clit became inflamed more than
ever, and there was a wild, powerful orgasm swelling inside her lower
stomach. She sobbed lewdly as she increased the sliding movements of her
cunt on his cock. Now, she was fucking her son with wicked, almost
uncoordinated thrusts. She pounded and twisted her hungry cunt madly
onto his cock, her head lifted high, neck stretched. She gasped hotly.

"I'm getting there, Mike!" she groaned. "Ohhhh, baby, I'm getting ready
to come! Ahhhh, so fucking good, Mike! Can you feel Mother's cunt about
to come? Oooooh, I'm going to explode! Oooooh ... ahhhh, there!"

With a wild lunge, Donna rammed her cunt hard onto her son's cock, her
hairy cunt-lips clutching with hot spasms. The rippling waves of her
orgasm along the hardness of his cock made Mike cry out.

"Oh, give it to me!" Donna sobbed.

Mike clawed at his mother's grinding ass tightly, and with a groaning
grunt, sprayed the walls of her pussy with boiling come. The squirting
come-juice came rapidly, making Donna cry out with rapture. They
strained hard together, Donna's cunt pulling on her son's gushing cock.
Their moans mingled as one, both of them shuddering with the intensity
of their ecstasy.

Slowly, Donna's body relaxed, everything loosening up at the same time.
Her muscles, even her bones, felt like jello. She breathed deeply, her
tits smashing against her son's chest again. She trembled as her son ran
his hands up and down her satiny back, over the swells of her shapely
ass and upper thighs. His cock was no longer inside her cunt, but
resting against her still pulsating, hairy cunt-lips.

"Am I too heavy?" she whispered after a while.

"Ahhhh, no, Mom," he breathed. He wrapped his arms about her waist and
hugged her tightly.

"Well, let me loose, anyway"' she said, a half giggle in her voice.

When he released her waist she rolled onto his bed at his side. She
looked at his face, seeing nothing but pleasure there. Mike had the
beginnings of a mustache, and she realized he would have to start
shaving soon. Tenderly, she caressed his face as he turned his head and
looked at her.

"Was it good, honey?" she asked.

"It was great, Mom."

"Does that mean you'll want more?"

"As much as you'll give me," he said, cupping one of her tits and
fondling it without nervousness now. "All I can get."

With a giggle, Donna scooted tightly against him, hugging him.

"That might be more than you can handle," she whispered as the tip of
her tongue probed his ear. "I'm a pretty hot and greedy piece."

"Piece of what?" Mike teased, pulling her nipple.

"Piece of ass, you nut!" she said, slapping his hand off her tit. "I may
want more of that cock than you can give me!"

"Could Dad handle it, Mom?" he asked.

"That's none of your business," Donna said, sitting up. "But yes, he
could handle it very well. Now it's time for you to see if you can take
care of it.

"If I can't, I'll get help, " Mike laughed.

Donna was picking up her shorts. She turned and gazed at him. "Oh, you
would, would you? I suppose you have someone in mind, too."

"Maybe," Mike said, watching as his mother stepped into the shorts. The
front of them was still wet where he had come on them. Donna, knowing he
was watching, wiggled her ass more than usual to pull the tight shorts
up. She pulled the zipper and then slipped her arms into the shirt,
eyeing him.

"Anyone I know?" she asked, enjoying the game.

"Maybe," he said.

"Mike, I won't be putting out for just anyone," she said, her eyes going
serious. "I'm hot, yes, but I'm particular. I haven't had cock since
your father died until today. I've been going out of my mind for it,
too, but I won't fuck just anyone."

"I didn't think you would," he said. "If you did, I wouldn't want you
for my mother."

"Even though I fuck good?" she teased, her eyes flirting with him.

"Even that, Mom," he replied, stepping into his shorts. "Who wants a
fucking slut for a mother?"

"Oh, so I'm a slut, am I?"

"Mom, I didn't mean it that way," Mike said quickly "I meant a girl who
takes on all the guys. You'd never do that."

"You're right, I wouldn't," she lied softly. "I knew what you meant in
the first place, darling. You're not the kind of guy what would pass a
girl around, I know."

Mike started laughing.

"What's so funny?" she asked. "Do I have a tear in my shorts or

"We're talking like you were my girl, Mom, not my mother."

"Well, I can be both, I'd say," she replied, her eyes twinkling.

"That would be nice, Mom."

She stuck her tongue out at him, waggling it suggestively. "You may have
more of a girl than you think in me. Just don't be surprised at my

"I won't," he promised, watching her move the chair from the door and
opening it.

Donna peeked outside, then slipped away as if she felt guilty, turning
toward her own room.

She was sweaty, and peeled her clothes off again as the tub filled with
water. As she soaked in the tub, she thought how it happened, not at all
surprised. When a boy had his cock so close to a girl, he was bound to
become hard, she thought. What made her feel good, was Mike was eager
for it. Not only eager then, but wanted more of her. Leaning on the rim
of the tub, she closed her eyes and relived fucking her son. It felt as
if his cock was still inside her cunt, and she wiggled deliciously.

She dried her body as the water ran out of the tub, then stepped into
her bedroom and pulled on an attractive house dress. She was naked under
it, the first time she had been naked under a dress since her husband
had died. She brushed her long, soft hair, and when she finished, she
felt presentable enough to join her two boys.

She found them playing a dice game.

Mike looked up at her as she entered, his eyes taking in her dress.
Since Ted's back was toward her, she gave Mike a lewd wink as she sat on
the couch, carefully tucking her skirt about her long thighs. Mike began
to slowly lose interest in the game as she watched them. He kept looking
at her, and after making sure Ted couldn't see, she drew her hand up to
her tits, smoothing the dress over them so they were outlined for Mike,
her nipples protruding enticingly.

There was something exciting about teasing Mike while Ted sat there with
his back to her, unaware of what was going on. Hoping her youngest son
would see the expression on Mike's face, Donna grinned as she slipped
the hem of her dress past her knees. Then she lifted her dress, parted
her legs quickly, giving Mike a quick look at her naked cunt, then she
closed her legs and smoothed the dress over them again.

Mike glanced at his brother, then back at her. Donna shook her head in
warning, nodding toward Ted. Ted was hunched over, absorbed in the game
board. Donna glanced down at the front of Mike's cut- offs, trying to
see past the fringed legs. But he was sitting in such a way nothing

Every time Mike glanced at her, she would open her knees wide, flash her
naked cunt at him, grin and stick her tongue out, then close her legs
quickly. She toyed with the neckline of her dress, and with a quick
motion, exposed her tit, fast, but every inch of it. Mike was starting
to breathe fast, making noises. She placed a finger at her lips to warn
him, but Mike paid no attention. Besides, what she was doing excited
him, and he had difficulties controlling his breathing.

She lifted her skirt, opened her knees very wide, wider than she had so
far, with her ass moving toward the edge of the cushions. She held her
exposure longer than before, and then her youngest son turned his head.

Donna dropped her skirt and clamped her legs swiftly, but it was too
late. Ted had seen her cunt, too.

Her face felt warm, and she turned her eyes down shyly to her lap,
feeling suddenly as if she were a little girl caught doing something
very naughty, but deliciously naughty.

Ted looked away quickly, glanced at his older brother, and then back at
the game board. But his interest was gone now.

Donna trembled.

Chapter 4

Donna stayed in her bedroom all evening. It wasn't because she was
ashamed of her youngest son seeing under her dress. It was because she
didn't know how to react toward Ted.

One thing, though, Ted didn't make a big deal out of it. In fact, he
tried hard to pretend nothing had happened.

She sat only for a while longer, then telling them she wasn't hungry and
they would have to prepare their own dinner, she went to her room and
stayed behind her closed door, pacing the floor, wringing her hands.
Donna was more puzzled than nervous, though. She was puzzled by what she
had done, teasing Mike that way, flashing her cunt with Ted in the room.
She had not done that with her husband, at least not when the others
were in the room.

Donna sat on her bed, hardly realizing the light was fading. She was no
longer thinking of Mike or Ted, but of her husband, and the things they
had discussed, trying to picture in her mind how it would have been, his
cock and another cock, both of them hard and in her hands, in her cunt
and in her mouth.

As she imagined the excitement, she opened the top of her dress and
fondled her tits, twisting at her stiff nipples, her ass writhing on the
mattress. She purred softly as heat swelled wetly between her thighs.
Sliding one hand down, she pulled her dress up, her fingers moving
between her thighs, feeling the velvety flesh, her cunt twitching when
the tips of her fingers brushed her swollen cunt-lips.

Being hot and excited after being fucked twice in one day was not new
for Donna. She had fucked her husband three, and a few times, four times
in one day, and her cunt still demanded more. She squeezed her tit and
rubbed her clit, her head lifted and eyes closed.

Playing with herself when all she had to do was wait until Ted went to
sleep made her feel a little naughty, but it was a good feeling. Mike,
she knew, would come running if she called him. He would come to her
with Ted sitting in the living room suspecting, but not knowing for

She lay back, spreading her legs wide, her dress open so her tits were
showing, the hem around her narrow waist. She pulled one foot to the
edge of the mattress, the other dangling over and spread wide. She
rubbed at her cunt, arching it up to her fingers, sliding her middle
finger deeply into the fiery wetness, finger- fucking herself, squeezing
her tits, her mind seeing her husband fucking her cunt with some
faceless man's hips above her face, his cock dripping over her lips. She
purred as she could almost taste the hot, hard cock sliding into her
mouth, while her husband fucked her cunt. Her pussy grabbed at her
finger, and she experienced a mild orgasm, but strong enough to make her

She didn't hear her door open, nor did she hear it close. It was almost
dark in the room now, but still light enough for Mike to see his mother
finger-fucking herself. He stood at the door and watched, his cock hard
inside his shorts. With his eyes blazing, he opened his shorts and
pushed them to his feet, stepping out of them. His cock rose up, almost
touching his stomach. He cupped his balls in his hand, and moved closer
to his mother, his eyes between her thighs. He could hear the soft, wet
sounds of her finger dipping into her cunt. When he was a few feet away,
he dropped to his knees, staring at her cunt hotly. Donna, still unaware
of his presence, used both hands at her cunt now, opening it wide, then
smashing her hairy cunt-lips together, pulling and twisting her
distended clit. She moaned softly, her hips arching and twisting in

Then, Donna felt his presence.

For a moment she became still, not looking down her body. She had one
finger buried into her cunt, a finger of the other hand touching her

"Who ... who's there?" she asked, softly and half afraid.

"It's me, Mom," Mike said.

Donna lifted her head, looking down at him. She felt a sense of relief.
"Oh, I thought it might be Ted."

"He's gone to bed," Mike whispered.

"Does he know?" Donna asked, wondering why they were whispering. Ted
couldn't hear them in his room. "I mean, did he say he saw me, you know,
doing that in the living room?"

"He didn't say anything," Mike replied, resting one palm on his mother's
knee. "He acted a little strange, but he didn't say a word to me. He
fixed pizza and went to bed."

"And you came here," she said.

"You want me to leave, Mom?" he asked, his voice thick.

"Oh, no, honey!" she said. "I'm glad you're here. I was thinking
about...things. I got hot, and I couldn't wait."

Mike kissed her knee, and Donna's body trembled.

She lifted up, her elbows behind her, looking down at him in the
darkness. "Turn on the light," she said softly. "I want to see you."

Mike turned on her bedside light, and Donna remained in position, her
pussy exposed, her tits out. Her eyes, moist and hot, saw he had removed
his shorts.

"Oh, you're ready for me," she purred. "Did it excite you to come in and
see what I was doing to myself?"

"It sure did, Mom," Mike grinned. He knelt at her feet again, gazing at
her hairy cunt. He kissed her knee once more, this time touching it with
the tip of his tongue.

"Do you have something on your mind?" she asked, her voice throaty. "I
mean besides fucking me?"

"What's wrong with fucking you, Mom?"

"Nothing at all," she gurgled. "I just thought, since you're kissing my
knee, you wanted to do something else, try something different."

"Like what, Mom?"

"Mike, you may be young, but you're not stupid!"

Mike grinned at her. "Are you talking about kissing your cunt, Mom?"

"Well, it did enter my mind," she teased. "I thought you might have
heard about that at school or someplace."

"You're right," he said, sliding his hand along her satiny thigh,
stroking it. "I was wondering about it."

"Then wonder no more, darling. Kiss it all you want," Donna mewled.
"Kiss Mother's cunt and lick it and suck it...all you want!"

"What if I don't do it right, Mom?"

"Then you'll have to keep doing it until you do it right," she giggled,
pulling the lips of her cunt open, exposing the wet pinkness to his hot

Mike laughed in a boyish sound. He ran hand over his mother's cunt,
feeling the wetness, the exciting heat, then through the soft hair. Her
pussy was fascinating to him, and he enjoyed looking at it. Donna knew
he did, and held her legs wide apart for him, pulling her hands away and
back to her tits. Mike fondled his mother's cunt and kissed about her
knees, licking the tip of his tongue against her cunt-flesh. Donna
wiggled as she watched his young face moving along her thigh, eyes hot
and lips parted. The feel of his wet tongue licking her flesh made her

"Oooooh, very good, baby," she murmured.

Mike slipped his hands about his mother's hips and dragged his tongue
upward in a wet, swirling, motion, tasting the softness of her inner
thigh. His eyes blazed into her cunt as his mouth closed toward it.

Quickly, as if apprehensive of what he was doing, Mike pressed his open
mouth against his mother's cunt. Donna cried out sharply with the
contact, her hips jerking upward. Mike pulled the hairy lips of his
mother's cunt into his mouth, sucking them, his tongue slipping between
them and darting into her cunt. Again Donna cried out, falling back onto
her bed and throwing her legs as wide open as she could, her cunt
pressing at his face. Mike gripped his mother's hips tightly and licked
up and down the slit of her cunt. Donna's body jerked, her pussy
slapping against his open, sucking mouth. She grabbed the back of her
son's head and smashed his mouth into her pussy.

"Oooooh, suck it, Mike!" she squealed. "Oh, God, suck my cunt!"

Mike was sucking hard, his tongue all over her pussy. He sucked eagerly,
tasting the hot juices that dripped from her. His balls swelled up, his
cock jerking about as he knelt there, his face buried into his mother's
cunt. The soft hairs of her pussy tickled his cheeks and nose, just his
eyes staring at her naked tits. His tongue darted and delved, licking
the creamy walls just inside her cunt.

"Ahhhh, baby, baby!" Donna squealed, humping her cunt into her son's
face. "Ohhhh, what a tongue, Mike! Ooooooh, give it to Mother! Tongue
Mother's cunt. Oh, God, fuck me with your wonderful tongue, darling!"

Mike's hands moved beneath his mother's churning ass, gripping her tight
cheeks hard. Donna squeezed his face between her burning thighs,
smashing his cheeks, then spreading them again. She felt his tongue
thrust very deep into her pussy, and her clit burned at his upper lip.
She thrashed on the bed, grinding at him with ecstasy, gripping the back
of his head and straining her cunt as hard as she could at his mouth.

"It's too fast, Mike!" she yelled. "Oh, honey, you're going to make me
come too fast!"

But it wasn't her son about to make her come. His tongue was licking and
darting, yes, but it was Donna's twisting and emotional state that was
bringing on the quick orgasm. The fact that it was her son sucking her
cunt sent steamy excitement through her, making her cunt tighten with
threatening contractions.

Mike heard his mother scream out, and he sucked at her juicy cunt with
thirsty vigor. The taste of her pussy-juice excited him tremendously,
and the soft wet heat in his face caused his balls to ache with desire.

"Ohhhh, now!" Donna screamed. "I'm going to come now, darling!"

Her pussy closed tightly around her son's buried tongue, then the
convulsions struck. Donna squealed in a choking sound, pressing her
rippling cunt hard into his greedy mouth. Mike sucked and swallowed at
the juices dripping into his mouth, his hands hugging the cheeks of her
squirming ass tightly.

Donna bucked wildly against her son's mouth, her own hands digging
brutally at her firm, tingling tits. She threw her head back, her eyes
bulging as the intense rapture seared from her toes to her head. The
contractions wouldn't stop, but went on and on until she was afraid they
would never stop. The orgasms began to be painful, and she fought at his
face, trying to push his mouth off her cunt.

"No more, Mike!" she begged. "Oh, baby, please, stop! My cunt is...
ohhhh, darling, it's hurting me now! Stop, baby! Take your tongue out of
my cunt, please!"

Mike pulled back, his lower face smeared with the juices of his mother's
cunt, his eyes shining proudly. His lips felt bruised when he licked
them, and his cock was very hard, his balls tight and hot.

Donna sucked in air greedily, her tits heaving up and down, her legs
sprawled widely, the cool air of the evening soothing her cunt. She lay
still, arms above her head, letting things calm down slowly. Mike, still
on his knees between her legs, caressed his mother's naked flesh
tenderly, waiting, but wanting to lift up and plunge his cock into her
cunt hard and fast, fuck her and come quickly.

After a while, Donna stirred. She pulled herself up onto her bed and lay
sideways, her head held up by her hand and elbow, her eyes gleaming as
she smiled happily at him.

"Mike, that was wonderful," she whispered softly and ran her hand
through his hair. "That was great. For your first time, you sure sucked
my cunt great!"

"I had to, Mom," he grinned. "You said I had to lick until I could do it

"Anything wrong with that?"

"No, but I wanted to do it so you'll want me to keep practicing," he
teased. "You sure taste good between your legs!"

Donna's eyes slitted as she looked at him. She dropped her hand over the
side of the bed and closed her fingers around his cock. "Mmmmm, you're
hard, honey."

"Who wouldn't be?" he said. "Sucking a hot pussy like yours, Mom, would
give a hard-on to anyone."

"I know what I can do with it," she purred, stroking his cock, feeling
the throbbing heat of it.

"I know, too," he grinned.

"I'm sure you do, but I was thinking of something different.

"I thought so," Mike replied, a choke in his voice.

"Stand up," she whispered, pulling on his cock.

Mike got to his feet, and she gripped his cock hard, gazing at his
bulging cock-head, the wet slit of his piss-hole. She ran her tongue
over her lips, saying in a thick voice, "I bet your cock tastes good. "

Donna shoved her head forward and lapped her tongue in a wet circle
about the head of her son's cock. The heat of it, the smoothness, sent a
ripple up and down her naked flesh. Her eyes glazed slightly as her
tongue licked around the swollen head of his cock. She gripped it very
hard, making his cock-head bulge outward, his piss-hole opening. The
clear liquid seeping from it made her tongue slippery as she swiped the
tip over his piss-slit.

"Mmmmm," she purred softly, her eyes twinkling up at him. "Nice and

Mike was staring down at her face, watching her tongue lick about the
head of his cock, his legs shaking with excitement.

Donna shoved her tongue out, lapping at the underside of his throbbing
cock-shaft. She made soft sounds deep in her throat as she licked his
taut cock-flesh. Dragging herself down back to his cock-head, she
swirled it about wetly, then pursed her face downward, pressing her lips
against her son's balls. They felt hot against her mouth as she kissed
them eagerly. The top of her tongue swished out and below his balls. She
playfully bounced them on her tongue, then with another low moan, opened
her mouth and pulled his balls inside.

As she sucked Mike's balls, her hand pulled away from his cock and slid
to his ass. Cupping his ass, Donna pulled him forward, smashing her face
into his crotch. Her mouth was filled with his balls, his cock throbbing
on her cheek. Her eyes blazed up at his face, watching his pleasure.
Knowing she was giving him this pleasure made her feel very good.

"Mmmmm, beautiful," she whispered as she let his balls fall from her
mouth. "Hot and full and delicious, Mike."

She pulled her hand off his ass and to his cock again. Squeezing his
cock, making his cock-head bulge, she leaned forward and closed her hot
lips around it. She sucked at the head of his cock, her tongue swirling
against his piss-hole, tasting the juices seeping into her mouth. Her
eyes rolled dreamily as she slowly jacked his cock in her fist as she
sucked his cock-head.

"Mom, that feels so good!" Mike gasped. "Your mouth is hot and wet like
your cunt! Suck some more!"

Donna's eyes flashed up at him as she shoved her hand to the base of his
cock, her lips following. The hard throbbing of his cock sliding across
her tongue made her tremble with mouth-watering pleasure. She lifted one
leg, bending it at the knee and holding it wide for her son to gaze at
her hairy cunt if he wanted as she sucked him. Her hips moved slightly
in a writhing motion. Her lips touched her hand at the base of his cock
and she moved it, cupping his balls as her mouth swallowed him.

Pushing her lips against sparse, wiry hair at the base of his prick, she
worked her mouth and tongue, making soft whimpering sounds. She loved
the fact her son was watching her mouth, staring down at her with those
young, hot eyes. Tightening her lips, she sucked on Mike's cock, sucked
hard. Mike groaned softly, his knees trembling. Donna twisted and pulled
at his hot balls as her lips pulled along his cock-shaft, and when she
reached his swollen cock- head, she stopped, her tongue swirling

"Ohhhhh, Mom!" Mike cried out, grabbing one of her tits and digging his
fingers into the firm flesh. "Ahhhhh, Mom!"

Donna moaned softly and brought her other hand between his thighs and
cupped his ass.

Now, grasping his balls in one hand and his tight ass in the other,
Donna pumped her face back and forth, sucking his cock wildly, making
swift back-and-forth motions. The friction of her son's hard cock
between her lips excited her, the heat of it thrilling her. He dripped
onto her tongue so much, she found herself swallowing those juices
often. Her throat began to burn sweetly, and she darted her face onto
his cock with wanton hunger.

"Ooooooh, Mom!" Mike groaned, not believing this could feel so good.
"Oh, Mom! Suck me, Mom! My cock...suck my cock hard, Mom!"

Donna slowed, but her lips remained very tight and her tongue pressed at
his cock as she sucked. She shoved her face back and forth, sucking his
hard cock with delight. She opened and closed her thighs, the bended
knee swinging wide, her hips moving as if she were getting fucked, but
slowly. Sucking her oldest son's cock made her cunt very wet, and juices
glistened on the soft hair that surrounded her pink cunt-lips. The
cheeks of her shapely ass clenched as her mouth pulled on his prick.

She wished her son would keep talking to her, keep telling her how good
it was, how good she was. But Mike was so excited to see his cock inside
her mouth, he was dancing from one foot to the other, clutching her
naked tit brutally, but Donna felt no pain. She clung to his hot balls
with her hand, the other pressing at his ass to drive his cock to her

When Donna sucked her husband's cock, she often came as he did. There
was something perverse about taking those rapid spurts of come into her
mouth and throat that set up an orgasm between her thighs. He had taught
her how to suck cock, and she loved it from the first.

She felt Mike's balls become tight in her hand, and she mewled softly as
he pushed his hips forward, running his cock deep into her mouth. She
caressed his balls, fondling them, sucking rapidly again. His cock
throbbed with greater power between her lips, and the dripping juices
seemed to increase. Donna whimpered around her son's cock and began to
dart her lips back and forth from the swollen, hot head to the base,
smashing her lips and not caring if she bruised them. She sucked
hungrily, her eyes closed now to enjoy his cock better. She began to
moan deeply as his cock jerked between her lips. He was getting ready.
to come, and she wanted his hot come spurting in her mouth very much.

"Mom, I'm going to...ohhhh, Mom, you're going to make me come!"

Donna pulled at his ass, just in case he became so excited his cock was
pulled from her mouth. She clung to his balls and sucked as hard and
fast as she could, her tongue scraping his cock-shaft.

"Now, Mom!"

The hot spurt of thick come-juice splashed at the back of her throat.
Donna sobbed and pulled her hand from his ass quickly, closing her
fingers around his cock and, still holding his balls, pulled her mouth
to his cock-head, where she held her lips tightly, taking the hot
gushing of his come-juice across her tongue, tasting it, gobbling and
swallowing mindlessly with ecstasy. She pulled her fist up on his cock
as if trying to drain his balls that way, her tongue wild at his spewing
piss-hole. She clamped her long legs together as her cunt convulsed
hotly, her clit bursting with sensation. She made wet sounds as she
swallowed the scalding juice of her son's balls, her throat burning, her
eyes open again but unseeing as her mouth drew the come juice from his

Even when her son had finished coming, his balls empty, Donna wanted to
hold it in her mouth, feel it go soft, her tongue caressing his
cock-head slowly. She lifted her knee and exposed her hairy cunt again.

Slowly she pulled her mouth off Mike's cock, and just as it fell out, he
slumped to his knees at the side of the bed, resting his head on the
mattress, near his mother's cunt.

"Did that tire you out, baby?" she whispered and ran her hand through
his hair.

"Oh, Mom, it was so good!" he breathed.

"I know," she smiled and pressed her hairy cunt at the top his head,
rubbing her pussy into his hair. "I'm very good, you know. Your father
told me I'm the best cock-sucker ever. He taught me how to suck cock,
you know."

"Do you really like it, Mom?" he asked, turning his eyes to her face,
pressing his head into her cunt.

"Honey, I love to suck cock!" she replied.

Chapter 5

The next morning Donna was on her hands and knees, trying to straighten
up the mess beneath the kitchen sink.

Everything had been tossed under there helter-skelter, and she never
could find any cleaning supplies until she removed almost every can and
bottle there. She had half the contents out, and was leaning her head in
and reaching.

She didn't hear her youngest son come in, and didn't know he was
standing there, looking at her.

Donna was wearing a house dress again. She liked to work about the house
in a dress because they were so comfortable, unlike jeans that would
pinch and bind as she stooped and bent.

With her ass sticking in the air, the hem had lifted almost to her ass.
Her long, satiny thighs were exposed under the hem, and she was
bare-footed. The hem was almost showing her bikini panties, and Ted was
gazing at this tantalizing exposure with big, hot eyes. He had seen his
mother's dress up the night before, saw the hair of her cunt, and had
been thinking about it ever since. He had jacked off during the night
twice, always with the image of his mother's cunt in his young brain.

Now, walking in on her with her ass in the air, her long thighs showing,
his cock stirred and hardened inside his jeans. Donna's dress was
stretched tight over the spreading cheeks of her ass, and he was very
excited. As he watched, her ass twisted as she squirmed deeper into the
cupboard, and then he saw a brief flash of her panties as the hem of her
skirt lifted a little.

His cock throbbed and bulged in his jeans, his young balls tight and
hot. Being as quiet as he could, he opened his pants and released his
cock, taking it in his fist. Staring at his mother's uplifted ass, Ted
began to jack off. As he pumped his cock, he moved closer to his mother.
When he was about three feet away, he bent down and peered under her
hiked-up skirt. He saw her cunt pooching inside her tight panties, and
his cock jerked hotly in his fist.

Overcome with passion, Ted darted his free hand out and flung his
mother's dress to her waist.

Startled, Donna yelped and banged her head on the bottom of the sink as
she jerked. She felt a hand pulling at her panties, pulling them down
over her ass and to her thighs.

"Oh, my," she moaned, thinking it was Mike. She waggled her ass
invitingly, and felt the hand caress her naked ass-cheeks. She lifted
her ass a bit, making her hairy cunt pooch back. "Ohhhh, that's very

Ted heard his mother, but the words weren't registering. He was staring
at her naked ass, seeing the tight pucker of her asshole, the hairy
pussy just below. His cock was about to burst, his fist squeezing it.

"Do it!" Donna hissed, her head under the sink, her voice echoing.
"Hurry up and do it, honey!"

Ted heard the words clearly, and he moved his cock forward. Standing on
his knees, he had his cock in the right place to penetrate his mother's
cunt. He pushed the head of his prick against it, feeling the wet heat.
He gazed down, watching his cock slide into the scalding wetness,
holding his breath.

Donna gasped as she felt his hard cock pushing into her cunt, and she
shoved her naked ass to it. The stretching of her pussy made her shiver
and she lowered her head, resting it on the shelf under the sink. She
arched her shapely ass to her son's cock, making soft sounds of

Ted shoved his cock all the way, watching, eyes glazed! When his cock
was deep, he shuddered with the sensation.

"Fuck me!" Donna cried out. "Hurry and fuck me!"
Ted was surprised, but not saying anything, he began to pump his cock in
and out of his mother's gripping cunt. He rammed it back and forth, and
worked at the waist of his jeans, opening them and pushing them down his
thighs. He could see his mother's cunt bang at the base of his cock now,
watch her hairy cunt-lips smack him. He placed his hands on her hips and
thrust swiftly, ramming his cock back and forth, his lips parted as he
gasped with ecstasy.

"Hurry, darling!" Donna kept whispering in a thick voice. "Oh, God,
faster! Hurry and fuck me, baby! Oooooh, God, that feels good!"

Ted watched his mother twist her naked ass, grinding back onto his cock.
He couldn't believe it was happening, but the way he felt, the way his
cock felt, he knew it was no dream. He was fucking his mother, and she
was urging him to fuck fast and hard. He was watching her grind her
naked ass, seeing her asshole flex and pucker, feel her cunt gripping
his cock.

Donna churned her ass, wiggling against her son's cock with frenzied
motions. There was a slightly different feel of the cock in her cunt,
but it didn't feel different enough to warn her. There was a slight
difference in the way her son pounded his cock into her pussy than he
had before, but she had her ass in the air and he was fucking her from
behind now, and he had not fucked her this way before.

"Ooooh, baby, baby!" she sobbed huskily. "Give it to me hard! Ahhhh,
fuck me, darling! Fuck my cunt! Fuck Mother in the hot cunt! Ooooh,
you're so hard! So fucking hard! Ram it to me, baby! Oh, yes...ram that
hard, sweet cock to Mother's throat!"

Ted plunged his cock back and forth, his hands gripping her hips,
pulling her ass back as he drove inward. He watched the ripple of her
flesh as he banged into her cunt, watching her asshole crinkle. His cock
felt as if her wet pussy was boiling his flesh, and his balls were so
tight, he felt a slight ache in them.

"Hurry!" Donna gasped. "Oh, hurry up and fuck meee! I'm getting ready to
come, baby! Ohhhh, come with me! Let Mother feel you coming real deep
inside that hot cunt! Fuck me and come in my fucking cunt, darling! I
want that come-juice in my cunt, my pussy!"

Donna wiggled her ass frantically as her cunt expanded, that sweet,
boiling sensation of impending orgasm glowing throughout her crotch. Her
clit knotted and tingled. She rammed her ass back and forth, fucking his
cock as he pounded it into her with a wild fury.

"Now!" Donna shrieked, unable to hold it in. "Come in me now! Ohhhh, my
cunt...you're making Mother's cunt come! Fuck it...fuck it!"

Ted grunted, stabbing his cock deeply into his mother's pussy, his young
body going stiff. His vision turned hazy, and his cock throbbed, then he
spurted into his mother's pussy. The rapid squirts of his hot come-juice
spattered into her pussy, drenching it. Donna cried out as her cunt
convulsed, gripping her son's cock with tightly flexing pussy-lips. She
strained her naked ass to him, the spasms rippling up her stomach along
the insides of her velvety thighs.

"Oooooh, God, Mike!" she cried out. "Oh, baby, that's wonderful. Mike, I
can feel your cock squirt into my cunt!"

Ted froze.

"Mike?" he asked, his voice a croak.

"Oh, my God! " Donna cried out, jerking her ass off her son's cock and
pulling herself from underneath the sink quickly. She turned around and
faced her youngest son, her eyes huge.


Ted was blushing, his cock dangling, shiny with wetness. He looked very

"Ted!" Donna said again, still startled to see her youngest son on his
knees, his pants down, cock and balls exposed. "Oh, my God!"

Donna sat on the floor, her knees up, her panties stretched between
them, her skirt bunched at her waist. She looked at her youngest son,
horrified. She lifted a hand to her face, her eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, Ted, I didn't know...I had no idea...oh, God, I'm sorry, Ted!"

Ted started to cry.

"Oh, don't, Ted," she said.

Then, as if realizing where her panties and skirt were, she stood and
pulled her panties up, smoothing her skirt over her thighs. Ted sat on
his heels, his jeans still at his knees, his cock and balls exposed,
crying silently. He didn't cover his face, but hung his head.

"I...Mother, I didn't mean..." he choked, not looking up at her.

"I thought you were . . . " Donna stopped. She stood and watched her
youngest son cry, not knowing what to do. She was as embarrassed as he

"Ted, don't cry," she said, her voice shaking. "Please, I understand, I
think. Don't cry, baby."

She moved toward him, dropping to her knees and pulling him against her
body, holding him, feeling the shudders in his young body as he cried
against her tits. She tried to soothe him by running her hand up and
down his back.

She held Ted for a long time, holding him tightly, letting him cry it
out. When she felt his shudders stop, she cupped his chin and lifted his
face to hers. His face was wet with tears, and he tried not to look at
her. Donna kissed his forehead, smoothing his hair back.

"It wasn't your fault," she said softly.

"But I...I did it, Mom," he sobbed in a choking sound. "I saw...I saw
you and I couldn't help it. I couldn't help myself."

"Hush," she whispered, her mind spinning.

She had not considered fucking Ted, her youngest son. Mike, at least,
was two years older, and they both had wanted it very much from the
first, when he wrestled her to the floor and pushed his hard cock
against her shorts and came on them. Neither of them had regretted it.
But Ted, he was so young, so innocent, she thought.
But he wasn't innocent.

He had fucked her.

He had seen her ass in the air and became so excited, he couldn't resist
her. Donna could understand that. It was as much her fault as it was
his. She should have been more careful, taking care not to expose her
body in such a tantalizing manner. She had thought it was Mike fucking
her, called out his name. That must have hurt Ted, she thought.

"I'm sorry, Ted," she said against the top of his head.

She felt him shake.

"I mean, thinking you were your brother," Donna murmured.

"Does Mike do this to you, Mother?"

"I guess I can't hide it," she said. "Yes, Ted. Mike is doing it to me.
I didn't want you to know. You're so young, darling, and Mike is well,
he's older. He has all those girls after him and... Ted, it just

"Like me," he said. "It just happened, huh?"

"I guess it did," she said softly. "We can't do anything about it, can
we? It's done."

Ted squirmed in her arms, and she gasped when she felt his lips pressing
against one of her nipples. She felt him barely touch her nipple with
the tip of his tongue, but it was enough pressure so she could feel it
move, feel the wetness soak through her dress and onto her nipple. She
started to pull away, but Ted wrapped his arms around her, holding her

"Mother, if Mike is doing it, why can't I?"

Donna's mind was whirling, with thoughts spinning crazily. Ted had a
point, she knew. Donna sobbed, tightening her arms about her son. She
knew what she was going to do, and she wished her husband was alive to
see, to watch her, as he always wanted.

"You can, Ted," she said softly.

Ted pulled away and looked up at her face. His eyes were tear- stained,
but now bright, not shy. "I can? You mean it, Mom? I can do it with you,

She gave him a nervous smile, nodding her head. "I don't see why you

"Ohhhhh, can I do it again, right now, Mother?

Ted was so eager, she almost burst out laughing. Instead she grabbed his
tear-wet cheeks and pulled his mouth to hers. She kissed him, her lips
squirming tightly on his. When she pulled her mouth back, she nodded,
her eyes dropping to his exposed cock and balls. Ted may have been
crying, but his cock stood stiff and ready again.

She took hold of Ted's cock, squeezing it. Ted grunted with delight, and
his eager hands opened her dress, revealing her tits. Donna, holding his
cock, straightened her shoulders, and cried out softly when Ted quickly
started sucking one of her stiff nipples, making wet sounds. She pumped
on his cock, jacking him, pushing her tit deep into his hotly sucking
mouth. Ted hugged her tightly, burying his face into her tits. She
fondled his hot, young balls, then his cock, and back to his balls
again. Ted's balls and cock weren't as large as his brothers, and they
made an exciting contrast. Donna loved them, feeling them eagerly.

"Ted, let me take my panties off," she whispered throatily.

Ted pulled from her tits. "You're gonna take them all the way off,
Mother? I mean, you're gonna be naked?"

"If you want me to," she grinned at him.

"Oh, wow, Mom!"

Donna jerked her dress up and lifted her ass, sliding her tight panties
from her hips and down her thighs. She watched his face, seeing his
delighted excitement, the burning hunger in his hot, young eyes.

"Should I take my dress off, too?" she asked.

Ted stared at his mother, his eyes seeing her tits free, her dress wide
open, then down at her hairy cunt. Donna opened her legs and leaned

"I'm in a hurry, Mother," he gasped. "Look at me!" He pointed at his
stiff cock. "I gotta hurry before I..."

"Before you come?" she mewled softly.

Ted nodded, his eyes burning on her wet, hair-lined cunt.

"Then we better hurry, I'd say," Donna said, breathless as she lay back
on the floor, spreading her long legs wide for her son. She held her
arms to him. "Come here, baby. Shove your cock in me before you come.
Fuck Mother now, Ted...and squirt it up my pussy!"

Ted, with groans of eagerness, fell upon his mother's body, his cock
stabbing, missing her cunt and sliding through the soft hairs.

Donna giggled. "My, you are anxious, aren't you?"

She shoved her hand down and positioned his cock, lifting her cunt to
it. "Now, push it in, baby!"

Ted lunged, and Donna gasped in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhh, beautiful, Ted!" she cried out, arching her crotch to him,
closing her hot legs about his naked ass, her heels beating up and down.
She wrapped her arms around his back, and began to churn her ass,
fucking as her youngest son rammed frantically into her cunt. "Ram it
hard, Ted! Oooohhhh, that's very good, darling! You feel so good in
me...in Mother's cunt! Fuck me, Ted! Ahhhh, fuck Mother!"

Ted pumped wildly, his cock plunging into the tight wetness of his
mother's greedy cunt, his balls beating against her grinding ass. Donna
gasped and cried out, clutching him tightly, rushing her cunt up as he
plunged down. She squeezed his hips with her hot thighs, relaxed them,
and squeezed again. Her cunt burned around his cock, and she gurgled as
she threw her head back, neck taut. Her hands flew down his body until
she held his naked ass, pulling him down, her fingers squeezing. Ted's
face was buried in her naked tits, and Donna shifted her shoulders until
she had a rigid nipple in his mouth.

"Suck my tit!" she squealed. "Suck Mother's tit and fuck Mother's cunt!
Ahhhh, Ted, your cock feels so good in my pussy! Fuck me and make me
come, baby! Oooooh, I love to come, with a hard cock like yours fucking

Donna clung to her son with hands and legs, straining her cunt onto his
cock. She began wailing, feeling an orgasm building inside her cunt. It
was going to be fast, very fast, but she didn't mind. The feel of her
son's cock sliding in and out of her cunt was all she needed. It
reminded her of the quickies she used to enjoy with her husband. She
began to fling her head from side to side, her soft hair flying about
her contorted face. She screamed as her cunt exploded.

"Now, Ted! Come, baby! Come with Mother!"

Ted almost bit her nipple as his cock gushed, sending scalding gushes of
come into her contracting cunt. He pushed as hard as he could at his
mother's gripping, sucking pussy, his balls unloading almost painfully.
Donna dug her hands into his ass, her thighs tight against his hips,
screaming softly now as she felt his come- juice flood her hungry cunt.

Chapter 6

Donna wasn't concerned about her wanton behavior with her two sons.

She was elated.

Everything she had discussed with her husband was happening to her,
although not in the way they had talked about. She felt sure that her
husband would approve, though. He had doted on the two boys, and if he
had known she wanted to fuck them, Donna was certain he would have
agreed. He had been a very erotic man.

She stood in the bathroom, naked, brushing her hair.

The long mirror reflected her body. She could see why Mike and Ted were
so excited about it. She was tall and slender, and with very good tits.
They were as firm as any young girl's tits, and her nipples were long
and stiff, almost angled straight up. Her stomach had just the right
roundness to it, and her waist was small. Her hips, although slim, were
rounded in a feminine way, flowing into her delightfully long thighs and
legs. The hair of her cunt was dark and glossy, fan-shaped, and her ass
was as tight and pretty as any young girl's could be.

She had not said anything to Mike yet, about fucking Ted. She wasn't
sure of his reaction, despite his comment about bringing in help because
she was so hot and eager to fuck. Guys would say things like that
sometimes, but they seldom meant it. If her husband had said it, he
would have brought someone in, she thought, smiling at her reflection.
But some guys, especially young ones like Mike and Ted, were possessive
and jealous.

Entering her bedroom, she pulled on a pair of skimpy bikini panties,
with plenty of lace. Then she slipped in a tight skirt, with a slit up
the left thigh almost to her hip. She pulled a light sweater over her
head carefully, and smoothed it over her shapely tits. Sliding her feet
into high heels, she again looked at herself in the mirror. The shape of
her tits was perfect, and the tight skirt hugged the outlines of her
ass. Her thigh peeked out provocatively when she bent her knee.

Feeling as if she was enjoying herself more than any other woman on
earth, she went to the living room to wait for her sons to come home.
She shivered with a delicious sensation, thinking of both her sons
fucking her, one right after the other, watching as she twisted and
contorted her lovely body into every lewd position she could think of.

She arranged her skirt so her thigh showed almost to her hip, then
crossed her legs. As she waited, she wondered how best to tell her
oldest son about fucking Ted, She was afraid she would blurt it out,
without Mike being prepared.

When the door opened and they came in together, Donna saw she didn't
have to say anything to Mike. She looked from his face to Ted's, and
both boys were grinning from ear to ear.

"You told," she said to Ted, her voice not accusing, but soft.

"I had to, Mother," Ted said. "I just couldn't keep from it."

"Don't worry, Mom," Mike said. "He didn't say anything to anyone else,
but me."

Donna looked at her oldest son. He stood next to Ted, and his head was
about five inches taller. They were so handsome, she yearned to draw
them into her arms and hold them forever.

"It's great, Mom," Mike said when Donna remained silent. "I think it's
real great."

"You do?" she asked. "You're not...jealous?"

"Not about Ted," Mike replied. "He's my brother.

"What do you think of me?" Donna asked, a little nervous.

"What should we think about you, Mom?"

"About me doing...both of you? Girls aren't supposed to do that, you
know. I mean, two guys at once."

"But you're our Mom," Mike answered. "That's different."

"Oh, it is? How?"

"It just is," Mike said. "You're not one of those sluts running around
wiggling their ass, fucking one guy after another. You wouldn't fuck
anyone but us, Mom. We know that."

Donna felt like crying with love for them.

Mike's eyes shifted to her thigh, and he grinned, poking his brother in
the ribs with his elbow. Donna let her lips curl into a smile.

"I wasn't sure how to tell you, Mike," she said softly. "But I thought
you guys might like my dress."

Her eyes moved to the front of their jeans. She felt her pulse race as
she saw them both with hard-ons. She gazed from one outlined cock to the
other, her cunt burning with wet heat, eager for them. She licked her
lips, her eyes taking on a smoldering glow.

"Who's going to be first?" she asked, her voice trembling with desire.
"You both have hard-ons."

Without shyness, Mike and his brother opened their pants and shoved them
down, standing there side by side with their hard cocks sticking out.
Donna breathed deeply as she looked from one to the other, her cunt
sucking inward with greed.

Mike and Ted stepped out of their jeans, then dropped their shirts.

Anxiety grew within her as she looked at them. She could almost feel
those young cocks fucking her now, one after the other. Both were very
hard, jerking up and down slightly, dripping.

"Now you, Mom," Mike said.

"Why don't you two take my clothes off?" Donna whispered. "It's more fun
that way."

They came toward her, and Donna stood, her legs trembling. As they came
close, she closed her hands about both cocks, gurgling deep in her
throat as she felt them, squeezing and pumping them. It was the first
time she had felt two hard cocks at the same time, and she moaned as she
almost came then and there. She was trembling with eagerness as they
pulled her sweater over her head, dropping it on the floor. She half
closed her eyes when the boys began to fondle her naked tits, then
leaned down and sucked at her nipples.

"Ohhh, yes," she purred, squeezing the two cocks as hard as she could.
"Suck Mother's tits!"

She loved the way those hot mouths pulled at her nipples, those tongues
swirling. Having both her tits sucked at the same time made her ass
clench in delight. While they sucked at her tits, their hands found the
zipper of her skirt and it was tugged downward. As they pressed her
skirt down, she had to wiggle her ass to help them. She stood in her
lacy panties as the boys pulled away, looking at her.

"Do you like me?" she asked, her eyes hot.

"Yeah!" Mike moaned, dropping to his knees and burying his face into her
pantied crotch.

Ted gasped when he saw his brother's face, pushing at their mother's
tight panties. Donna was still holding his cock, and she squeezed very
hard, opening her legs as she stood there for her oldest son.

"Don't act surprised," she whispered to Ted. "Mike loves to suck my
cunt, Ted."

She pushed her pantied pussy hard into his face, and squealed when Mike
sucked her pussy through her panties. She placed her hand at the back of
Mike's head, pulling his face as tight as she could.

"Ooooh, Mike, lick it!" she moaned, twisting her ass, grinding her ass.
"Pull my panties away and lick Mother's cunt!"

But it was Ted who shot his hand down and jerked the tight crotch of her
panties away. Mike's tongue darted into their mother's cunt immediately,
and Donna almost fell.

"Ohhh, God, you're so good, Mike! Oooooh, push your tongue in my
pussy...lick my clit!"

She felt Ted's cock throbbing in her fist, and she began to jack on it
fast. His balls swung in movement, and she dipped her face, watching her
youngest son's cock drip. She knew what she wanted.

"Wait, Mike," she moaned.

Mike pulled his face out of her cunt, looking up questioningly.

"Take my panties off."

Ted watched his brother pull their mother's panties down, and Donna
lifted her feet as he removed them. She stood a moment as the two boys
gazed at her naked beauty, then she slowly slipped to her knees, still
clinging to her youngest son's cock. She kissed the head of Ted's prick,
making him gasp with surprised pleasure.

Feeling Mike behind her, pulling at her hips, Donna pressed her ass
back. When she felt her oldest son attempting to shove his cock into her
cunt from behind, she pulled at Ted until he was on the floor, sitting
in front of her. Leaning forward on her hands and knees, her face
hovering above her youngest son's cock, Donna made a throaty gurgling
sound as she felt Mike pushing the rounded head of his cock to her cunt.
She closed her fist tightly on Ted's prick, pressing downward, making
his smooth cock- head bulge up, his piss-hole wide.

As Mike pushed his cock into her cunt from behind, Donna cried out with
delight, leaning her head down and licking her tongue about the swollen
head of her youngest son's cock. She swirled it in wet circles, then
across his piss-hole, tasting the juices beading from it. Ted lay back,
his young eyes huge as he watched his mother's face, her lips and
tongue. From behind and above her naked ass, Mike was working his cock
into her cunt with slow, almost teasing, strokes. He could see his
mother's mouth, too.

Donna had her head turned sideways as she licked Ted's cock, her long
tongue flicking against his hot cock-head, her fist tight as she pressed
onto the base. She waggled her ass wantonly, mewling as she closed her
hot, wet lips around Ted's cock. She swished her tongue and sucked,
making her youngest son gasp with pleasure. Two cocks, one in her mouth,
one in her cunt...just as she and her husband had talked about so many
times. She trembled, her tits swelling and her ass rocking, making
throaty sounds.

"Suck it, Mother!" Ted gasped, bending up from the waist. "Ohhh, that's
good, Mother! I like it so much!"

Donna's dazed eyes flashed up to his delighted face as she slipped her
lips down onto his cock. When she pushed downward, she pulled her hand
again and took all of his cock deeply. She writhed her lips against the
base, her tongue moving against his cock- shaft. His cock was so hot and
hard between her lips, it was making her cunt grip Mike's cock, flex and
squeeze it while he pushed back and forth.

As Mike thrust his cock into her cunt, it would force her head forward,
but she clung to Ted's cock with her lips, refusing to let it out. She
moved her face up and down, sucking on Ted's cock as Mike's plunging
motions increased. Her naked body was vibrating as never before. Her
mouth was wet and hot, and her cunt was wet and hot, and she was
thinking of nothing but how fantastic this was. Every part of her being
was centered in her cunt and mouth.

"Ahhh, Mom!" Mike moaned as he rammed his cock into her pussy, gripping
her hips tightly. "Shake your ass, Mom! Ohhh, yes, wiggle your pretty
naked ass for me!"

Donna cried out with her mouth full of hard cock, and shook her ass from
side to side. She darted one hand underneath her youngest son's ass,
holding his ass-cheeks, her other hand bracing herself. The wet sounds
of Mike's cock stabbing into her cunt intensified her pleasure. She
could feel his lower stomach beating against the spreading cheeks of her
ass, and she widened her knees, straining her cunt to him. Each time
Mike drove his cock into her cunt, she let it force her mouth down onto
Ted's hard cock. Sometimes she could feel the hot head of Ted's cock
almost move into her throat, but that was impossible. Ted's cock wasn't
as long as his brother's. Her youngest son's cock was a perfect fit for
her mouth, leaving her room to use her tongue.

"Fuck her, Mike!" she heard Ted groan. "Fuck her good! Are you gonna
come in her cunt, Mike? I can see Mother wiggling her ass! Oooooh,
Mother, suck me...suck my cock hard!"

Donna bobbed her mouth up and down hungrily, twisting her lips around
his cock, clutching his tight ass hard. She gave up trying to ram back
to her oldest son's cock, and let him ram as hard and fast as he wanted.
She gobbled at her youngest son's cock greedily, her mind reeling with
the erotic thing that was happening to her. Tasting her youngest son's
cock in her mouth, feeling her oldest son's cock stretching and stabbing
at her hairy, greedy cunt, was the best thing that ever happened to her.
Her nerves were singing, burning.

"Mmmm!" she moaned around Ted's cock, her tongue flicking. He was
dripping slippery juices, coating her tongue, making her hungrier for
his come-juice. She pulled her hand from his ass and clutched at his hot
balls, squeezing them with excitement. Ted cried out, but not in pain.
He arched his hips up, shoving his cock into his mother's mouth as she
came down, fucking at her as Mike fucked her in the cunt.

"Mmmmmmm! Oooohhhmmm!"

She gave Ted's hot balls another squeeze, then pulled her hand away and
shoved it between her thighs, grasping Mike's swinging balls. She pulled
them, making him moan, his cock throbbing harder inside the tightness of
her scalding pussy.

Donna's cunt began gripping Mike's cock with wet waves of approaching
orgasm. She pushed her ass against him hard, wanting his cock deep, as
deep as she could take it. Grinding her naked ass against her oldest
son, she sucked powerfully on the hardness of Ted's cock.

"Ohhh, Mother!" Ted gasped. It felt as if his mother was about to suck
his cock from his body. "Oooooh, that's so good, Mother!"

"Mom, your cunt..." Mike groaned from behind her. "Oh, Mom! Your cunt is
so tight! It's doing something, Mom! Your cunt is...I don't know, but
it's...ahhh, I can't take it anymore!"

Mike was straining his cock into her tight cunt his head lifted and face
contorted with the sweet agony. Ted, underneath her face, was pressing
his cock hard into her mouth, but Donna refused to take it into her
throat. She bobbled her face up and down greedily as her pussy began to
burn with pulsating quivers. Her lips tingled and her tongue flicked.
Her tits seemed to swell into hardness, her nipples ready to burst. With
a muffled scream, she came.

The hairy lips of her cunt, clamped around her oldest son's cock,
pulling on the base. Her satiny cunt-walls seemed to grip like a wet
fist, and then it was sucking at his prick. Mike groaned loudly, his
fingers digging brutally into his mother's hips, pulling her ass tight
against his lower stomach. Donna had released Mike's balls and now
cupped her youngest son's ass-cheeks with both, her fingers clutching as
she tried hungrily to bring his gushing come-juice out of his young
balls, demanding to have the sweet, hot, thick juice in her mouth.

"I'm going to let it go, Mom!" Mike growled from behind her. "I'm going
to come! I have to come now, Mom!"

Donna couldn't answer him.

Ted's cock was spewing hotly into her mouth, the come-juice splashing
across her tongue. She gulped wetly, swallowing almost frantically. Her
cunt squeezed at her oldest son's cock, very tightly, and then she felt
that boiling juice of his balls flooding her pussy with rapid squirts.

Donna's mind soared.

She had a cock in her cunt, spurting hotly, and one in her mouth that
gushed creamy come-juice. She shivered, her ass shaking with intense
ecstasy. She sucked very hard on Ted's cock, letting his come-juice
spatter across her tongue, getting the full taste of it. Her pussy
clenched and pulled at Mike's prick, as if it, too, was a hungry mouth.
She was taking two spewing cocks at the same time, one in her cunt and
one in her mouth, and her pussy was coming apart with those fantastic,
outrageously, ecstatic spasms.

She could hear, but as if they were far away from her, the grunts and
moans of her two sons. Ted was thrashing wildly beneath her face, his
cock sending a never-ending stream of his sweet, hot, come-juice down
her throat. Mike was still stabbing his cock into her cunt, the
throbbings stretching her contracting pussy in a way she had never felt
before. The orgasm increased until Donna wondered if she could stand any

She was hardly aware when Ted's ass slumped to the floor, pinning her
hands beneath it. She was aware, in a dreamy sort of way, when Mike
pulled his cock from her cunt. She felt the wetness dripping out of her
pussy and along her inner thighs, and pulled her mouth off Ted's
deflating cock, and slumped on her side, her flesh still burning. She
whimpered and sobbed as the rapture continued to flood her flesh.

Rolling onto her back, she lay with arms and legs spread wide, her naked
tits heaving up and down as she brought her breathing under control. Her
lovely face glowed, her lips moist and puffy. Her eyes were open, but
unseeing with a misty, dreamy expression in them. Every part of her
tingled deliciously, even the bottoms of her feet.

Chapter 7

Donna knew it was bound to happen.

She was becoming a playtoy for her two sons.

She discovered Mike seemed fascinated with her ass.

His hands were forever on it, cupping, feeling, squeezing. Ted seemed to
have a preference for her cunt, enjoying the softness of it, the curling
hair, the wetness. It excited Donna when they sucked her tits, but she
much preferred to have them at her cunt. She found out that her inner
thighs were highly sensitive, and when she told the boys that, they
would stroke and kiss, lick them, for a long time. They especially loved
to have her in a pair of skimpy panties when they licked at her thighs,
and each time they kissed at her moist crotch, Donna would find herself
very near orgasm.

Wearing a pair of bikini panties, pale green in color, with even paler
green lace, and a very tight T-shirt, she pranced about the house doing
her dusting and vacuuming. The boys watched her with eyes that grew
hotter by the minute. She teased them with wiggles of her tightly
pantied ass, or a jiggle of her tits. She was a one-woman show, an
erotic show, for her sons, and she loved being the center of attention.
She was doing, getting, almost everything she and her husband had
discussed so long ago.

As she ran the vacuum about the carpet, she drew the handle between her
thighs, and with smoldering eyes turned to the boys, ran her pantied
cunt along it, sliding her hand up and down as if she were caressing a
hard cock. The two boys watched, both of them excited, squirming on the
couch, their eyes following the sliding motions of her hand and cunt.
She was very happy that her youngest son showed such enthusiasm for her
body. He was as eager as his older brother, which made all three of them
equals when it came to erotic desires

"Mmmm, this feels very good," Donna whispered as she rubbed the crotch
of her panties with the handle of the vacuum. "I'll bet I can make
myself come. You guys want to see Mother come this way?"

Although their young eyes gleamed, they shook their heads.

"We'd rather make you come other ways, Mom," Mike said, his voice low.

"Yeah," Ted agreed.

"Maybe I'd like to make you two come, she mewled softly and lifted the
handle of the vacuum cleaner, running her tongue about it highly
suggestively. "Like sucking cock. I wonder what it would be like to suck
both cocks...taste two hard, sweet cocks in my mouth."

"At the same time, Mother?" Ted asked.

"I can't do that, baby," Donna replied. "But I can suck both of them.
One after the other, take turns on them."

Both Mike and Ted, grinning from ear to ear, shoved their jeans off and
stepped from them. They both wore T-shirts, and left them on. Seeing her
sons this way seemed more exciting to Donna. Both had stiff cocks from
watching her lewd antics, and she looked from one to the other. Each, in
their own way, excited her tremendously. Mike had more hair at the base
of his cock than his younger brother, but even that wasn't much. Those
two, pairs of balls were beautiful, loaded for her.

"Oh, so pretty," she whispered hotly, stepping close to them as she
dropped the handle of the vacuum cleaner. She grasped both cocks in her
hot hands, squeezing them, jacking back and forth. She pulled the
rounded, dripping cock-heads against her creamy thighs, smearing the
juices on her flesh, shivering with the slippery sensation. "God, you
two are so fucking hard! If there's anything in this world I love better
than these two hard cocks, it's having them in me!"

She dropped to her knees, the boys on each side of her. She placed the
hard cocks on her shoulders, her hands on top of them. Both Mike and Ted
ran their cocks back and forth, sliding them against their mother's
flesh. She felt their smooth cock-heads touch her neck, leaving wetness
there. She purred like a kitten, turning her head to kiss first one,
then the other. She pressed both against her cheeks, mewling softly as
she felt the hard meat of them. Turning her face toward Mike's cock, she
kissed his cock- head, licking away the seeping juices. Then she turned
to Ted's, doing the same thing.

"God, you two taste so fucking good!" she breathed. "I could lick you
both all day, I bet."

As she knelt, Mike and Ted pushed their cocks against each side of her
face, squeezing her head between them. Donna closed her eyes and let
them rub up and down her cheeks, not minding at all that they were
dripping into her hair. The hot throbbing of their pricks sent a wild
tremor through her cunt, and she wrapped her arms about each, gripping
them by the ass and urging them to press tighter. "Oh, this makes my
cunt so hot!" she moaned softly. "So hot and wet!"

They rubbed, moving their fiery cock-shafts up and down. She felt their
hot balls brush her shoulders, and she gripped an ass in each hand, her
hips swaying as she pressed her inner thighs tightly against her
pulsating cunt. Mike brushed his cock along her lips, and Donna parted
them, feeling the sweetness of his hard cock sliding along as she moved
her tongue out to taste. Then she twisted her head and did the same
thing to Ted. The boys trembled, and she knew they were anxious.

Opening her mouth, her head turned to Ted's cock, she let him move it
past her lips and teeth, while Mike kept rubbing along her cheek and
ear. She sucked at Ted's cock a while, then turned to take Mike's cock
deeply. Mike moaned and pushed hard, and she held his ass while he
fucked her face, her lips wet and tight.

With her body on fire, Donna wantonly twisted her mouth from cock to
cock. She kept hold of their tight asses as they fucked her mouth, each
one driving deeply, those precious balls swinging against her chin. She
worked her fingers into the cracks of their two young asses, and began
to rub at their hot, tight assholes. Ted and Mike both yelped with this
added stimulation, and since they didn't stop her, or move her hands,
Donna knew they loved being touched on the those puckered assholes.

One of the boys lifted her T-shirt, exposing her swollen tits and stiff
nipples. The boys managed to grasp a tit each, and they squeezed and
fondled as she turned her mouth from cock to cock. Her cunt bubbled
wetly inside her tight panties, and she felt as if she would come when
they did.

Going from cock to cock, she allowed them to fuck her mouth without
sucking. Either way, she had the full taste of them. She kept her lips
tight, her tongue pressing their cocks to the roof of her mouth. When
one swollen cock-head brushed the back of her throat, she moaned with
delight. The boys pressed at her head between them, and while one fucked
her mouth, the other rubbed his cock against her cheek and ear and into
her hair. She pressed her fingers against both hot, tight assholes,
listening to their grunts of pleasure.

"Oooooh, I'm fucking your mouth, Mother!" Ted gasped, watching with big,
hot eyes. "I'm fucking your cock-sucking mouth...just like it was your

"Mmmmm," Donna mewled a reply, and pulled from his cock to take Mike's
into her mouth.

As Mike fucked her hot, wet mouth, she felt Ted's balls brushing her
neck as he rubbed at her face. The feel created a lewd shiver that ran
up and down her creamy flesh.

Pulling from Mike's cock, she said in a low, husky, passion- filled
voice: "Rub my tits. Rub your cocks on mother's tits!"

Mike and Ted moved in front of her. Donna lifted her shoulders, making
her satiny tits stand up and out, her nipples rigid with desire. She
looked down, tucking her chin into her neck, watching them press and rub
the dripping heads of their cocks against her tits, her nipples. She
cooed and held her tits underneath. When a cock came close to her lips,
she kissed it or ran her tongue over it.

"Come on my tits!" Donna hissed suddenly. "I want to feel you come all
over my tits! I've never felt a cock squirt on my tits before!"

She ran her hands between their thighs, working her middle finger of
each hand into the cracks of their asses again. She rubbed and probed
the crinkles of the tight assholes, and Mike and Ted grasped the shafts
of their cocks and began jacking off, pushing their wet piss-holes
against her nipples. Donna gasped in delight, and pushed her fingers
hard. Neither Mike nor Ted protested, and she stabbed her finger into
the tight heat of each asshole, making the boys moan and jerk faster on
their cocks.

"Ooooh, I'm going to finger-fuck you guys up the hot ass!" Donna
murmured in a thick voice. "Mother is going to finger-fuck both of you
in the hot asshole...the way I finger-fuck my cunt! Ohhh, jack off on my
tits! Come all over Mother's fucking tits...spray my tits with hot

"Oh, Mother!" Ted gasped, his hips pumping as he jacked his fist almost
violently. "You're pushing your finger awfully deep!"

"I feel it," Donna hissed. "I love the tight heat of your asshole, both
your assholes!"

Mike pumped his fist fast, the head of his cock pressing at her nipple,
grunting as his mother thrust her finger up his asshole swiftly. His
balls swung back and forth. Ted was gasping hotly, pounding on his cock,
his cock-head rubbing all over her firm tit. Both her nipples glistened
with the seeping juices, and Donna's cunt sucked inward, clenching with
erotic ecstasy. She felt their assholes tighten around her stabbing

"Oooh, come on my tits!" she urged hotly. "Spurt that hot come-juice all
over Mother's fucking tits! Come on me oh, please, come on my fucking

"I think I'm about to come!" Mike yelped.

"Oh, do it! Do it!" Donna groaned.

But it was Ted who came first.

With a grunt, he squeezed his cock and sprayed hot come-juice over his
mothers tit, her nipple. Donna felt his tight asshole clutch her finger,
and she pumped it swiftly back and forth, stabbing deeply. She felt the
ring of his young asshole grabbing her finger as he squirted creamy
come-juice over her tit.

But then Mike spurted like a geyser, his come-juice splashing against
her nipple, running down the creamy curve below... Donna's eyes closed
as she moaned, her cunt contracting with a tight orgasm inside her
skimpy panties. She plunged her fingers deeply into both assholes,
feeling them grab tightly as they came on her tits.

Both boys moaned as they came, no longer jerking their fists, but
pressing at her tits, spewing that creamy sweetness out of their balls,
smearing her tits until they gleamed wetly, some of it running down over
her quivering stomach. She kept her fingers deep inside both assholes
until the rings stopped gripping. Then she pulled her fingers out and
sat on her heels, her face radiant with delight. Come-juice dripped from
her tits, and she ran her hands through it, smearing it about her flesh
like it was an expensive cream, which to her it was. She felt come-juice
drip down her stomach to the elastic of her panties.

Mike and Ted, their legs weak, sat on the couch and looked at her.

Donna opened her knees on the floor, smearing come-juice into the crotch
of her panties, feeling the puffy lips of her hairy cunt through the
wetness. Her tits kept dripping with come-juice. Her eyes blazed with
passion as she ran her fingers through the come- juice, over her tits,
and then licked them clean.

"God, it tastes good this way, too," she mewled softly.

She shoved her fingers into her mouth, sucking them clean, and then
pushed her other fingers past her lips. Donna paused, her eyes widening,
and she slowly pulled her fingers out of her mouth.

"Oh, I forgot where these fingers were!" Mike and Ted laughed, slightly
wicked. "Yeah," Mike said. "You had them up our ass, that's where you
had them, Mom."

"I guess I got carried away, huh?" she grinned lewdly. "Oh, well, since
I've already sucked them...

She pushed her fingers back into her mouth.

"You don't have to taste my asshole that way, Mom," Mike said, his eyes
taking on a mischievous gleam.

"Mine, either," Ted said, knowing what his brother had in mind.

"Oh, is that right?" Donna asked, her voice low as she looked at them,
her eyes taking on a hazy glow. "I guess you have something else in
mind? I don't know what it could be. You two have done just about
everything to me two horny little assholes can do to a woman, or else
made me do to you."

"Not yet, Mom," Mike grinned, pulling his knees up to his chest, his
naked ass lifted.

Donna stared at him. She saw his balls dangling, but most of all she saw
the spread of his young ass, his puckered asshole like a beacon to her
smoldering eyes.

Then Ted pulled his knees up, and Donna found herself gazing at the
assholes of her sons. She moaned softly, running her tongue over her
lips, feeling a quiver between her thighs again. She had no doubt what
her two sons wanted of her, wanted her to do for them.

Donna scooted forward, her hands caressing the offered asses. She
fondled their spreading ass-cheeks, caressing her palms along the backs
of their thighs, feeling their balls, and soft cocks. She probed lightly
at the tight pucker of each asshole, watching them pucker inward,
hearing the gasps of delight from her sons.

"Do you mean to say you're asking me to kiss those things? " Donna
asked, her voice very throaty. "You want me, your mother, to kiss you on
the asshole?"

"Why not, Mom?" Mike said.

Donna had only asked to tease. She knew she would kiss them any place
they wanted. Seeing them with their knees up, their ass- cheeks parted,
Donna shivered and knew she wanted to put her mouth on them, badly. It
was new, something different, something perverse and intensely exciting.

Chapter 8

She sat on her knees, gazing at them for some time.

He pussy was inflamed again, and the crotch of her skimpy panties was
drenched, both by her own juices and the come-juice she had rubbed into
the crotch. Her clit swelled outward, pushing against the nylon, and her
own ass tightened.

"You know I'll do it," she whisper. "I have thought about doing it
sooner or later, you know."

"We know, Mother," Ted said, his voice cracking.

Donna ran the edge of her hands into the crack of each ass, feeling the
heat of the tight assholes. She rubbed the edge of her hand up and down,
watching them twist with anticipation. Her eyes smoldered as she moved
her face closer. She dropped her hands, placing them both between her
thighs, her fingers digging into the inner flesh near her cunt.

She felt the exciting heat of Ted's ass as her face came close. She
kissed the cheek of his ass, then lapped her tongue against it. Ted
wiggled and tried to position his asshole to her lips, but Donna pulled
away and turned to Mike's lifted ass. Her tongue came from her mouth and
she took a long, wet swipe along his ass-cheek. She scraped the tip of
her tongue against his balls, and went back to Ted. She flicked his
balls with the tip of her tongue, bouncing them gently, her eyes
steaming with a strange, delicious hunger.

With a squeal, she pulled Ted's balls into her mouth, sucking them. As
she sucked his balls, she stroked Mike's ass, and fingered his tight
asshole. Releasing Ted's balls, she took a quick lick up and down his
ass, right in the crack. Ted groaned as her wet tongue slid over his
asshole, and he wiggled. Donna laughed huskily, and slipped her face to
Mike's ass, and without playing around, she pressed her mouth onto the
tightness, kissing with a sucking motion at his asshole. Mike groaned
with pleasure.

Just as he was pushing his ass tighter into her mouth, Donna pulled
away, and quickly buried her mouth into Ted's asshole. This time,
instead of just kissing it, she rammed her tongue out hard and fast. Ted
yelped as her tongue penetrated his asshole. Donna made a gurgling sound
and thrust her tongue back and forth, fucking Ted in his asshole with
it. When she tasted his asshole, felt it grip her tongue, her fingers
squeezed the insides of her thighs as a mild orgasm exploded in her
cunt. It didn't surprise her. What she was doing was so deliciously
wicked, it had to happen, she felt.

"Ooooh, Mother!" Ted groaned, grasping his cock in a tight fist and
squeezing it. "That...ohhh, wow! That sure does feel good! Ohhh, shove
your tongue up my asshole!"

Donna stabbed her tongue into her youngest son's asshole a few times,
then pulled it out. Quickly, she rammed her face into Mike's spreading
ass, kissing eagerly at his puckered asshole. Then she rammed her tongue
easily into it. The heat burned her tongue as she flicked it in and out,
her lips sucking without thinking about it. She watched his cock, lift
and swell. Her eyes burned as her tongue fucked at his tight asshole.
She seemed fascinated to watch his cock turn hard from this angle, and
her tongue plunging in and out of his asshole. Unlike Ted, Mike didn't
grab for his cock, but shoved his hands to the cheeks of his ass and
pulled them, trying to spread them wider for her face, her mouth.

Donna tongue-fucked Mike for a while, then turned her face to Ted. Ted
was jerking on his cock as he watched while she licked his older
brother's asshole. When his mother lapped up and down the crack of his
ass, her hot wet tongue sliding across his asshole and licking his balls
again, he lifted high, squeezing his cock as hard as he could, his eyes
watching between his lifted knees.

Donna rammed her tongue up her youngest son's asshole and stabbed in and
out swiftly, then sucked at the ring as hard as she could. Her cunt was
on fire again, her mind spinning. What she was doing seemed so
deliciously wicked, so fantastically exciting, she wouldn't have cared
if they farted into her mouth.

Hungrily, Donna shifted her mouth from one asshole to the other, her
tongue darting, flicking, penetrating. She had no idea sucking an
asshole could be so exciting.

By now she was cupping her pantied cunt, pressing her hand against it,
feeling her hairy cunt-lips throb. She moved her mouth from one asshole
to the next, sometimes pushing her tongue deeply, at other times just
licking up and down.

"Suck my ass, Mom!" Mike groaned. "Suck my fucking ass!"

"Stick your tongue in my asshole, Mother! Ted grunted.

Both cocks were throbbing with hardness, and Donna couldn't resist
taking a few licks at them, too. She lifted her head far enough to
gobble Mike's hard cock into her mouth, sucking it greedily, then
scooting her tongue down his cock-shaft, pausing to taste his hot balls,
and then ramming it into his asshole for a few stabs. Her tits were
still wet with come-juice, but she knew from the taste of those balls,
they were loaded for her again.

She sucked at Ted's cock a little, just as she had with Mike, and fucked
him in his asshole a few times. From the tight clutching of those
excited assholes, and the way the two young cocks throbbed, Donna knew
she could make them both come just by tongue- fucking them in the ass.

She pulled back, breathing deeply, her eyes gazing at both, seeing the
puckered winks of their assholes. She licked her lips, mewling softly as
she pressed the crotch of her soaked panties into her cunt. She was so
hot, so very excited.

"God, this could make me come, too!" she whimpered. "You two taste so
good! I think I could eat your assholes for an hour!"

"Eat my asshole, then, Mom! " Mike grunted. "You can make me come by
sticking your tongue up my asshole!"

"Suck my ass, Mother!" Ted pleaded, pounding on his cock, his balls
jumping up and down.

"I can't suck both at the same time," Donna protested, wishing she
could. "But if I keep it up, I'm sure going to come! This makes my cunt
so fucking hot!"

Donna pulled her hot panties out of her pussy and jerked the crotch to
one side, stabbing two fingers into it. She fucked herself a moment,
then brought her pussy-wet fingers to her mouth and licked them. Again
she plunged her fingers into her cunt, and this time when she withdrew
them, she wiped the juices about Ted's asshole, and repeated it with
Mike's. She giggled.

"Now I can taste cunt, too."

She pushed her mouth back into Ted's ass, her tongue lapping at the
juicy crinkle, tasting her cunt. Feverishly, she rammed her tongue up
his tight ass, and stabbed in and out, his hot balls bouncing on her
nose. Ted pumped his cock frantically, squirming his ass into his
mother's face. He was going to come, and his asshole tightening about
Donna's tongue told her that. She drove her tongue deep into Ted's
asshole, and brought her hand to Mike's crotch. She twisted at his balls
and then gripped his prick, squeezing and pumping. She sucked at Ted's
asshole in a feverish hunger, her eyes half closed.

"Mother!" Ted groaned.
Swiftly, Donna pulled her tongue out of his asshole, lifting her face
above his cock. "In my face, Ted!" she urged. "Squirt it in Mother's
face...all over my fucking face!"

His hot come-juice spurted, splashing about Donna's face. It landed on
her nose, her cheeks, even her forehead. She opened her mouth to catch
the hot juice on her tongue, and held herself this way while Ted jacked
himself off. When he was finished, her face dripped with come-juice. She
caught some of it with the tip her tongue, rolling it about inside her
mouth before she swallowed.

"Mmmm, so sweet," she moaned. "Now it's your turn, Mike."

But Mike wasn't jerking his cock. Donna had a tight grip on it, and she
pounded with her fist as she rammed her tongue into his asshole again.
She tongue-fucked Mike in his ass fast, her fist pumping, his balls
bouncing against her nose. She plunged her tongue deeply, sobbing as she
tasted his asshole, her face smeared with the come-juice of Ted. When
she heard Mike grunt, she pulled her tongue out of his ass and, just as
she had with Ted, held her face only an inch above his piss-hole. She
took the full force of his gushing come-juice into her face, feeling it
burn her flesh.

This time, she came, too.

Later, in the shower, Donna ran a soapy hand along her ass, and when she
touched her asshole, it was as if an electric charge whipped through
her. She touched her asshole lightly, and gasped with the most pleasing
sensation. She worked the tip of her finger into her asshole, and since
she felt no pain, pushed it deeper.

Her knees trembled, and she slowly squatted, the shower raining down
over her head. She moved her finger in and out of her asshole gently at
first, and when she found it didn't hurt, faster. The more she fucked
herself in the asshole, the better it felt. The friction different than
in her cunt, more exciting in a way.

She pulled her finger out of her ass.

Turning the shower off, she climbed out, dripping wet. With her eyes
glowing, she skipped from the bathroom, trailing water down the hall and
into the living room.

"Hey, guys!" she said, her voice showing excitement. "I just found out

Mike and Ted had already showered, and they lounged on the floor, both
naked. They looked up at her.

"Mom, you're dripping all over the floor, Mike said.

"I don't care," Donna answered eagerly. "I did something in the shower
and guess what?"

"You made yourself come?" Ted asked, grinning.

"No, silly," she laughed. "I have you two for that. Want to do something
for me, you guys?"

"Anything you want," Mike said, getting to his knees.

Donna looked from one to the other, her face glowing with eagerness. She
cupped the wet cheeks of her ass and turned, presenting it to them. She
leaned over a little, and pulled her ass open. The two boys watched
their mother's ass, seeing her crinkled asshole.

"Want to fuck that ass?" Donna asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Hey, I would, Mother!" Ted giggled.

Donna twisted her naked ass, keeping her creamy, shapely ass- cheeks
wide open. "I touched myself there in the shower and almost came. I want
to get fucked in the ass... I want a hard cock up my hot asshole!"

Both boys were responding to this wanton request. Donna turned to face
them again, watching their cocks swell. She giggled, a lewd sound

"Does that mean you guys want to fuck my ass?" she asked, her voice a
whispery purr.

Both nodded.

Donna trembled, her hips twisting. She dropped to her knees, then
sprawled out on her back. She drew her knees up and to her tits, her
cunt and asshole exposed and vulnerable. She caressed the tips of her
fingers along the hairy lips of her cunt, then tickled herself at the

"Who's first?" she asked, her voice tight with eagerness. "I don't care
who's first, because you both have to fuck me in the ass!"

It was Ted who moved fastest. His cock was jutting out with beautiful
hardness, and Donna wiggled her uplifted ass. She pulled at the cheeks
of her ass when he came toward her. Her knees were almost resting along
her face as she held her head up, trying to watch.

Mike came, close, his eyes burning as he watched his younger brother
push the head of his cock upon the crinkle of their mother's asshole.
Donna gurgled as she felt it, and wondered, briefly, if this would hurt.
Either of those cocks were certainly larger than her finger, but she was
excited to try this, she didn't care if it did hurt.

She lifted her ass as high as she could when she felt Ted's prick
pushing against the hot pucker of her asshole. The more pressure he
exerted the better it felt. She squirmed her ass up, and her eyes
widened when she felt the smooth head of his cock slide past the tight
ring of her asshole. She gasped, surprised at how good this felt. Her
asshole seemed to stretch open for her son's cock.

"Oh, baby, yes!" she sobbed. "Shove that cock up my ass!"

Ted, never thinking this might hurt his mother, rammed quickly, driving
his cock all the way into her stretching asshole. The lower part of his
stomach smacked in a wet sound against the swollen lips of her hairy
cunt. Donna cried out, but it was a cry of ecstasy, not pain. Her son's
cock felt enormous inside her asshole, long and thick, but it felt

"Ohhhhh, fuck me, Ted!" she moaned, gripping the cheeks of her ass to
spread them as wide as she could for him. "Oh, God, your cock is up my
ass...in my asshole! Fuck Mother in the ass, baby! Fuck Mother up the
ass! Ohhhh, fuck Mother's hot asshole!"

Ted, gritting his teeth, thrust his cock back and forth. Donna sobbed
with the hot friction of his cock sliding in and out of her asshole. She
could feel the hot ridges, and it seemed as if his cock went all the way
to her throat. She held her ass high, feeling his lower stomach smack
against her cunt with each inward lunge.

Mike was grasping her tight tits, watching her hairy cunt Arch against
Ted's stomach.

"Fuck her ass, Ted!" he urged. "Fuck her in that hot ass!"

"Ohhhh, God" Donna moaned, twisting her head side to side on the floor.
"He is! My God, he is fucking my ass! Ooooh, Ted, ram it hard and deep!
Ohhhh, my ass feels so full! Fuck it, baby, fuck it!"

Ted grunted as he lunged his cock in and out.

He pressed at his mother's thighs, his hands under her knees, holding
them alongside her head. Donna still managed to arch and twist and
wiggle with him. The shaft of his hard cock seared the ring of her
asshole, the heat adding to her perverse pleasure. He was using her
asshole like he used her cunt and mouth, and Donna was about to go out
of her mind with this strange, sweet feeling. Ted stabbed into her ass
very hard, scooting her back on the floor, making his mother grunt.
Donna didn't care if her back was scraped raw. She wanted him to pound
his cock into her burning asshole as hard and fast as he wanted.

"Ahhhhh, give it to me, Ted!" she cried out. "Fuck that hot ass, baby!
Give mother's hot asshole some hard cock! Ohhhhh, it's so fucking good,
so hot and long and hard and I love it! Fuck my ass...fuck Mother up the

Since Ted was pushing her knees back, she pulled one hand off her
ass-cheeks and feverishly grabbed for Mike's cock. It was hard inside
her fist as she began to squeeze and jack him, unable to stop herself.
She used her other hand to grasp her youngest son by his hot, bouncing
balls. She shoved her ass as high as she could, his cock driving back
and forth against the squeezing heat of her asshole.

Mike pressed his cock into his mother's fist, groaning as he dipped his
face down, seeing mother's hairy cunt dripping, the way her asshole
stretched about his brother's cock.

"Don't come in my hand!" Donna screamed at her oldest son. "Don't come
in my hand, Mike! You're next! You have to fuck me in the asshole when
Ted is done!"

"Oooooh, Mother!" Ted cried out.

"God, baby!" she sobbed.

"I'm gonna really come, Mother!" Ted grunted. "I'm gonna really fill
your hot asshole!"

"Do it, Ted!" she squealed. "Come in my asshole! I want to feel your
cock squirt that hot come-juice so fucking deep! Ahhhh, my cunt... I
think I'm going to come, too!"

Mike watched, his eyes glazed, his cock jerking inside his mother's
fist. His balls were hard and tight, and struggled to hold back the
threat of coming in her hand. He gripped one of her tits hard, his lips
brushing the upper line of her soft cunt-hair.

"Now, Ted!" Donna screamed. "Ohhhh, baby, come in my asshole now! My
cunt...my cunt is...ohhhh, God, it's strong!"

Ted made a strangling sound, pushing his hard cock as deep as he could
into his mother's asshole. Her orgasm, with her cunt convulsing, created
a wild, searing gripping of her asshole, squeezing his cock in a way her
cunt and mouth never could.

As Donna felt the scalding spurt of her youngest son's come- juice spew
along the velvety walls of her asshole, her cunt seemed about to rip
apart. Her orgasm was stronger than she had ever felt, and she screamed,
a long, loud, drawn-out scream. She came and came, her cunt drawing
tightly, causing her asshole to pull hard on Ted's cock. Every throbbing
spurt was felt by her, and her asshole kept throbbing even as Ted's cock
slowly went soft inside her ass...

Chapter 9

Donna lay on her back, her legs open.

Ted sat on his heels, gasping, his cock limp.

Mike, sitting on the floor at his mother's side, had a cock that raged
with hardness. He wanted to plunge his cock into his mother right now,
and he didn't care if it was her asshole, cunt or mouth. But he waited
as she fought to calm down.

She was still wet from the shower, droplets of water beading her flesh.
Donna shivered deliciously, and turned her head toward her two sons,
smiling hugely, her eyes sparkling.

"I think it's your turn, right, Mike?" she asked, her eyes seeing the
power of his stiff cock.

Her eyes were, moist, and her asshole tingled, feeling as if it were
still stretched. She felt her ass-ring throbbing, and writhed her ass on
the floor. She had not felt pain once, and was now eager to feel her
oldest son's cock plunging into her asshole. Her hand moved outward, and
she slowly stroked Mike's throbbing cock. She gazed at his rounded
cock-head, knowing it was bigger than Ted's.

She squeezed his cock hard, watching his cock-head bulge and his
piss-hole open. Slipping her head between his legs, she ran her tongue
about his cock, circling his smooth cock-head, feeling the heat. She
licked up the dripping juices, mewling softly.

"I want it now, baby," she said, her voice husky. "My asshole is still
very hot, and I want to feel this cock sliding into me."

Mike lifted to his knees, and Donna closed her lips about the head of
his cock for a moment, sucking it. She pulled slippery juice from his
prick and rolled it about inside her mouth. Turning onto her stomach,
she lifted her ass into the air. Resting her head and shoulders on the
floor, she wiggled her ass. When her ass- cheeks parted to expose the
crinkle of her asshole, she felt a cooling breeze waft across it.

"Oh, baby, get back there and fuck Mother!" she urged, her naked ass

Mike knelt behind his mother's waving ass. Ted lifted to his knees and
stood at her side, looking down between the spread of her ass-cheeks,
watching her asshole pulsate. Mike ran his tongue over his lips as he
grasped the base of his cock, lifting his swollen cock-head into
position. He brushed it over her hot ass-ring, making Donna gasp.

"Ohhhhh, rub it on me for a minute, darling," she moaned softly. "Rub
your cock on Mother's asshole for a minute! Let me feel how smooth and
hot it is!"

She lifted her ass higher, feeling deliciously lewd. Mike pressed the
head of his cock upon her asshole, rubbing it up and down. Donna purred
with the contact, and felt her clit turn into a hard knob once again.
She felt breathless as she anxiously waited for her son to move his cock
into her asshole. She moved her hands above her head, her fingers
clawing slowly at the carpet.

Ted, watching his brother's cock pushing against their mother's asshole,
placed his hands on the two ass-cheeks. He pulled them wide. Donna cried
out. "Ohhhh, help him, Ted! Hold Mother's ass real wide! Open up my ass
for Mike, baby!"

Mike pushed the head of his cock firmly upon his mother's asshole. Donna
felt the pressure, shivering slightly. When Mike didn't push the head of
his cock into her asshole, Donna held her breath and shoved her ass
back. The head of his cock plunged past the tight ring of her asshole,
and Donna cried out with the stretching sensation.

"Shove your ass back, Mom!" Mike growled. "I'll hold still and let you
push your ass on my cock!"

Donna pushed back slowly, feeling her asshole widen, feeling the hard
throb of his cock against her ass-ring. Ted's young hands held her
ass-cheeks, and she could feel his hot breath at the base of her spine
as he leaned over to watch. Donna paused with half of Mike's cock inside
her asshole. Her ass-ring clenched tightly, making Mike groan. Donna's
asshole clamped around his cock, a purring sound of passion bubbling
from her throat. Then, she once again pushed her ass back, feeling the
wonderful stuffing as Mike's cock went deep. When her asshole was at the
base, it worked on his cock, squeezing as Donna wiggled her naked ass,
whimpering with sensation. She searched for Ted's cock and found it,
closing her hands around it. It was half hard again, and she fondled it,
feeling it grow.

"Now Mike!" Donna urged. "Fuck me now! Fuck my asshole, baby! Oooooh,
it's wonderful Fuck Mother up the ass, Mike! Oh, God, ram that hard son
of a bitch up Mother's hot asshole!"

His balls pressed against her cunt, tightly, adding to the exquisite
pleasure. She clung to Ted's cock, now very hard, as her oldest son
pulled his cock back. Donna sobbed as she felt it pull back, closing her
asshole instinctively. Mike pulled until only the head of his cock was
inside her fiery asshole, then lunged forward.

"Oooooh, that's it, baby!" Donna gasped. "Fuck me hard and fast! Ram my
ass...fuck my ass!"

Mike closed his fingers against his mother's hips, and jerked her ass
back as he lunged his cock forward. His balls smacked the lips of her
hairy, juicy cunt. Donna squealed in a tight sound, wiggling her ass
wantonly as Mike began to fuck deeply. She clawed at Ted's hard cock,
jacking it, rushing her hand to his hairless balls and back to his cock
in a feverish attempt to feel and touch everything. Each time Mike
stabbed his cock into her ass, his balls swinging against her wet cunt,
Donna cried out with ecstasy.

Resting her weight on her shoulders and head, she pushed her other hand
between her parted knees, grasping Mike's swinging balls. She pulled and
twisted them as he rammed it in and out of her asshole. When he pushed
his cock deeply, she pressed his balls upon her steamy cunt, almost
pushing them past her slippery hot cunt-lips. She crushed them against
her inflamed clit and gasped with delight. The friction of Mike's cock
sliding along the ring of her asshole was only slightly different than
Ted's. She could feel the difference in the size of their cocks, but it
wasn't that much.

"It's so tight, Mom!" Mike gasped "So tight and hot!"

"Oh, yes, yes!" Donna cried with pleasure. "Tight and hot for those two
cocks! Ohhhh, baby, fuck me! Fuck me in my tight, hot asshole! Give it
to me, Mike! Give Mother's asshole that wonderful, sweet, hard cock!"

Ted was still holding the cheeks of her ass, watching his brother's cock
sliding in and out, seeing their mother's asshole gripping tightly.

He moved his hips, fucking at her fist. He pressed his lips to her back
at the swell of her creamy ass, kissing the shivering flesh. Donna
clawed at Ted's cock, gurgling deep in her throat. The feel of Mike's
cock sliding in and out of her asshole so soon after Ted had fucked it
made her feel so lewd, so wicked, so wanton. It was a fantastic feeling,
and she wanted to be even more lewd. She wanted to be as lewd as she
possibly could, to keep the excitement of her son's high. She wanted
them to want her body all the time, any part of her body.

"Harder, Mike!" she urged. "Harder and faster! Fuck my ass good!"

Each thrust of his cock caused the cheeks of her rounded ass to ripple
excitingly. The burning of her asshole sent wild ecstasy roaring through
her, making her toes curl. The ring of her asshole gripped tightly, but
Mike had no problem sliding his cock in and out. He was gritting his
teeth, feeling the wild sensation of tightness and heat. His balls were
smeared with the juices of his mother's cunt, and Donna kept trying to
stuff them into her pussy with each lunging movement of his cock.

The carpet was harsh on her knees and tits, but she didn't feel the raw
scraping. Mike was fucking into her asshole so hard and fast, she was
slowly scooted on the floor, and she had to bring her knees forward
almost each time he rammed into her asshole. Her nipples were turning
raw from the carpet but even that felt good right now. She clutched
Ted's cock with a tight fist, Mike's balls sliding along her palm. She
sobbed out with the almost mindless rapture. Her cunt was literally
dripping creamy juices as Mike bored faster and deeper into her asshole
with his deliciously hard prick. Her clit was painfully distended,
knotted very tightly.

"I can see his cock in your asshole, Mother!" Ted gasped after being
quite so long. "I can see Mike's cock going in and out of your asshole!"

"Oooooh, is it nice? Do you like to see it, Ted? Donna moaned. "Do you
like to watch your brother fuck me up the ass?"

"Yeah!" Ted grunted, his cock throbbing inside his mother's tight fist.
"I can see your asshole stretch really big!"

"Ohhhh, watch him fuck me, darling! Watch your brother ram his hard cock
up Mother's asshole! Oooooh, ram it, Mike! Fuck the shit out of my
asshole! Fuck me...fuck me in that hot ass!"

Mike was grunting with his powerful thrusts.

Ted was gasping in voyeuristic pleasure.

Donna was thrilled mindlessly.

The, friction around her asshole felt fantastic, burning, and tingling
and stretching. But as great as it felt to her, she wanted more,
something else, at the same time.

"Wait, Mike!" she hissed, "Just a minute."

Mike stopped fucking her.

Donna pulled her ass off his cock slowly, holding her breath as she felt
him pull free.

"Mom, damn' it..." Mike complained.

"You're going to put it back in, "Donna said quickly, turning over and
standing on her knees. "Lay back. Lay flat on your back, Mike."

Mike lay back, his cock jerking in hardness. Donna glanced at it, and
with a soft mewl, lowered her face. She opened her lips and sucked his
cock deeply into her mouth. She bobbed up and down his cock a few times,
sucking him with pleasure. Then she lifted her head and swung one knee
over his thighs. She was grinning, her eyes sparkling with lewdness. She
squatted above Mike's cock, her knees wide. Both boys stared at her
hairy cunt as Donna shifted her ass forward until she had the head of
Mike's cock positioned against her asshole.

"I'm gonna fuck you this way," she squealed softly. "I'm gonna take your
cock up my ass like this, so I can play with my cunt at the same time.
Watch me!"

Donna pressed downward, her eyes glassy as she took his cock again into
her asshole. She settled at the base, her asshole squeezing, and began
to rub and stroke her swollen clit. Her tits seemed to jiggle in a tight
way as she gurgled. Still working on her clit, Donna lifted her ass, and
began to bounce up and down, fucking herself up the ass, squatting on
Mike's cock. She made soft sounds of ecstasy, riding his cock with her
knees spread wide. She caught hold of Ted's cock once more, and jacked
on it as she wantonly pounded her asshole up and down Mike's cock.

"Ohhhh, this is very good!" she hissed. "Oh, I can fuck the piss out of
you this way, Mike! Oooooh, your cock is so fucking big and hard! I can
take it real deep up my asshole! Feel it, see it! Watch me fuck your
cock with my ass, both of you!"

Mike attempted to lunge up, but his mother was ramming down so hard and
fast, he gave it up. He gripped her thighs, watching her ass going up
and down on his cock, her wet cunt leaving wetness on the flesh of his
stomach. Donna shoved down hard, grinding her asshole on him, squealing
with a tight, hot sound. She reached behind her ass and grasped his
balls, twisting them, making Mike groan with a painful rapture. She
pounded her fist on Ted's cock her eyes glazed as she stared at the
round head. Pushing her fist hard at the base, she made Ted's cock bulge
deliciously, his piss- hole wide and wet.

Ted was standing beside her, but still able to see her hairy cunt.

Releasing Mike's balls, Donna shoved her hand down below her cunt and
began to finger-fuck herself as she rode his cock with her ass. She
squealed wickedly and pulled Ted's cock toward her mouth. She ran her
tongue over his smooth cock-head, licking up the juices on his
piss-hole. She opened her mouth and pulled the head of his cock past her
lips. She tasted something a little different before she remembered he
had just fucked her in the ass, too. But instead of pulling her mouth
off, Donna shoved her lips onto his cock, sliding her hand between Ted's
thighs and holding his young ass. She tried to suck his cock as she
fucked her asshole up and down on Mike's cock, but couldn't find the
right coordination.

"Fuck my mouth, Ted!" she cried out as she pulled off his cock. "Fuck me
in my mouth, baby! Oooooh, I want to be fucked in my asshole and mouth
at the same time! Come on, Ted, fuck Mother's hot mouth!"

Ted shoved his cock past his mother's teeth, holding her head, and began
to fuck her lips. Donna sucked hard as he ran his cock back and forth,
his hairless balls bouncing off her chin. Again she was finger-fucking
herself in the cunt as she slammed her ass up and-down on Mike's cock.

Mike, looking up and seeing Ted fucking their mother in her hungry
mouth, squeezed her thighs hard. Donna mewled about Ted's cock and swung
her naked ass about with wild gyrations, lifting and plunging all the

"Fuck her mouth, Ted!" Donna heard Mike yelp. "Fuck that cock- sucking
mouth! Come on, Mom...fuck my cock! You got us both now, Mom! Eat Ted's
cock! Eat his cock and fuck my cock!"

Donna trembled with the fantastic sensations rumbling through her naked
body. The taste of Ted's young cock inside her mouth, even with that
strange taste of her asshole lingering on it, and Mike's cock up her
asshole, she was about to come in hard, shattering waves of orgasms that
almost frightened her.

What she was feeling with the two cocks in her body was unbelievable.
The ecstasy was unknown to her only a few days ago. She felt her pulse
beating through her veins. She rammed her ass up and down on Mike's cock
as fast as she could move, her fingers flying in and out of her juicy
cunt, and Ted thrust his cock in and out of her gripping mouth. She
squealed deep inside her throat, her eyes closed because of her ecstasy.

Her hairy cunt was flexing on her fingers, and her clit became achingly
tight. She felt herself shaking with threatened orgasm, and rammed her
ass down as hard and tight as she could onto Mike's cock. She pushed her
asshole at the base, and sat there, her asshole pulling and squeezing
his cock hard. She closed her lips as tight as she could around Ted's
prick, the sliding friction making her mind reel. She rammed her fingers
as far into her pussy as she could, smashing her hand onto Mike's lower
stomach. Her body shook almost violently.

Ted pulled his mother's mouth onto his prick, her lips smashed at the
base, his balls tight on her chin. Donna couldn't breathe, but not
because Ted had his cock so deep. She couldn't breathe because her cunt
and asshole and mouth all felt as if they were about to convulse with a
shattering orgasm. Everything seemed about to come...cunt, asshole,
mouth. It was impossible, she knew, but that was the way it felt.

A wild grunt came from her throat as she came.

The contractions rippled deeply inside her wet cunt, radiating out to
include her asshole. Mike gasped with the tight squeezing of his
mother's asshole at the base of his cock, and Ted was groaning because
it felt as if his mother was trying to swallow his cock into her throat.

Donna's mind went dark, and all she felt was the tremendous orgasm.

Her asshole sucked and squeezed at Mike's cock, and he couldn't resist.
With a cry, he spurted hot come-juice into her asshole, his body shaking
beneath her. Donna, despite the wild power of her orgasms, felt the
scalding spurts of his come-juice boiling into her asshole, and it
increased the mindless ecstasy she was feeling. Then Ted yelled, and her
mouth became flooded with creamy, thick come-juice. It spattered at her
throat, almost choking her. The hot gush across her tongue and the rapid
spurts up her asshole almost drove Donna insane.

If Ted had not been holding her head, bracing her, she would have fallen
from Mike's cock. It seemed as if she was being drenched with the
precious juices of their young balls, in her asshole and down her greedy
throat. Feeling them both come almost together was creating a storm of
unbearable ecstasy in her body and hot come-juice dripped from the
corners of her mouth, come-juice that she couldn't swallow fast enough.
It dripped off her chin and onto her nipple, where it stayed. It seemed
as if the boys came for hours, spurting that hot come-juice up her
asshole and down her throat.

As Ted finished, he pulled his prick from her mouth and Donna couldn't
keep her balance on top of Mike. She fell from him, his cock leaving her
asshole with a wet sucking sound, but she didn't hear it. She flopped
onto her side, drawing her knees to her tits, come-juice dripping from
her mouth as she struggled to breathe. Her mouth burned with come-juice,
and her asshole puckered as come- juice was squeezed from it.

Donna wasn't unconscious, but so relaxed she couldn't believe it. She
could hear the boys breathing close by.

"God, that was... I don't know, but it was fantastic," she murmured
softly. "I got both at the same time, didn't I?"

Ted and Mike laughed, pleased with their performance.

"Do we make you happy, Mom?" Mike asked.

"Oh, God...you two make me deliciously happy!" she replied, her
breathing calming.

She rolled onto her back and stretched, arching her tits, arms above her
head. "I'm full of come-juice," she giggled. "And I want to stay full of

Chapter 10

Donna was in her bath.

She could hear them down the hall, talking. She tried to listen to what
they were saying, hoping they were talking about her, about how wanton
she was. The idea of her boys discussing her body, of fucking her,
exciting themselves that way, delighted her.

If only she had one more son, she thought wickedly as she dried herself,
then she could have one for her cunt, one for her asshole, and one for
her mouth all together, at the same time. The idea of taking three cocks
at the same time made her shiver deliciously. But she didn't want just
any cock available. There was something inside Donna that told her
another young cock wouldn't do, It would be fun, but she knew it
wouldn't give her the pleasure she really wanted.

But she only had two sons, and there were no nephews around.

She would have to be satisfied with Mike and Ted, but she didn't mind
that at all.

Wrapping the bath towel around her naked body, she left her room and
walked down the hall.

And stopped suddenly.

There was a boy with her sons, a boy she had not seen before.

For a moment Donna froze, long enough so the strange boy could see the
nipple of one tit showing, and the fuzzy hair of her cunt where the
towel didn't cover.

Mike and Ted giggled, and Donna turned and rushed away, the towel
flapping to expose her naked ass. She ran into her room and closed the
door, feeling her face warm with embarrassment. She sat on her bed,
wondering what that young friend of theirs would think, seeing her
prance out with everything showing.

After a while she heard the front door open and close, and then Mike and
Ted were entering her room.

"I didn't know someone was with you," Donna said softly. "You should
have warned me."

"Aw, Mom, Bob is okay," Mike said. "He won't tell anyone."

"How well do you know him?"

"Real well, Mom," Mike said, pulling the towel from her body. "And he
has the cutest little sister you ever saw."

Ted was undressing as Mike talked to her, and Donna's eyes went to his
cock immediately. She glanced at the front of Mike's pants, and saw his
cock was pressing outward. She looked at Mike's face, then at Ted's.

"Something is going on, I think," she said.

Mike and Ted glanced at each other, and Donna noticed a little guilt on
both faces. She sat nakedly on her bed, looking from one to the other.
Ted was naked now, his cock arching in hardness. Donna gazed at it. Mike
dropped his pants, and she glanced at his cock.

"Don't you want to tell me what's going on?" she asked.

"Well, I..." Ted said, sitting at her side. He fondled her tits, looking
at his older brother. "We might as well tell you, Mom," Mike said,
moving to stand before her. "Bob, the guy you saw, has this real cute
sister, and he said she was hot, real hot."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"He's fucking her, Mom," Ted said. "Bob is fucking his sister and he
said she likes me and Mike and she wants to fuck us, too."

Donna felt a lurch of perverse pleasure between her thighs. The boy had
seen her tit and the hair of her cunt, and now she recalled he had given
her a nervous smile just before she turned and ran off. She placed one
hand on Ted's cock, holding it tightly, and gripped Mike's cock with her
other hand. She pumped both of them, her mind thinking swiftly, images
burning in her mind.

"What about me?" she asked in a whispery voice.

"What do you mean, Mother?" Ted asked.

"I mean, this little girl wants to fuck you guys," she said. "What
happens to me?"

"We can bring her here, Mom," Mike said. "You can watch us fuck her.
You'd enjoy that, I bet."

"I would," Donna answered honestly. "But what about this boy, Bob? If
his sister comes here, will he be here, too?"

"Ahhh, now I understand, Mike laughed. "Sure, Bob will come, too. If you
want him here, he'll be here."

"You wanna fuck Bob, Mother?" Ted asked.

Donna lifted her eyes, looking from one to the other. She grinned,
letting it spread wide.

"Why not?" she said. "If you two fuck his sister, I want some cock, too.
Sure, I'll fuck his balls off!"

With laughter, Mike and Ted wrestled Donna to the bed, her legs flashing
open and closed, and she giggled, thrashing about with delight.

"I'll fuck his cock!" she squealed as she was pulled over on top of
Mike. "I'll fuck his cock and suck his cock and...oooh, is that a
hard-on I feel pressing at my pussy?"

Mike giggled, lurching his hips upward, the tip of his cock sliding into
his mother's cunt.

"Oh, it is a hard cock!" she squealed with pretended fear. "I don't know
what I'm going to do with it!"

Ted was on his knees, watching her long legs spread around those of
Mike. He leaned over and saw her hairy cunt spread for his brother's
cock, and began to caress his mother's rounded ass. He pulled her
ass-cheeks open and peered at the tightness of her asshole.

"Ohhh, I think I'm going to get fucked!" Donna giggled, working her cunt
down onto Mike's cock. "It feels like my cunt is taking a lovely hard
cock! Am I going to get fucked, you guys?"

Mike lunged his hips up, driving his cock deep into his mother's cunt.

Donna gasped, gurgling with pleasure, shaking her ass in Ted's hands.

"Will you really fuck him, Mother?" Ted asked, watching her twist her
creamy ass up and down, the hairy lips of her pussy fucking on Mike's
cock. "I know he'd bring his sister here if you would."

"What do you two want me to do?" she asked.

"Fuck him, Mom!" Mike gasped.

"Yeah, give him some of your hot cunt, Mother!"

Donna shivered as she pumped her ass up and down, riding Mike's cock.
She gasped a few times with pleasure. Ted watched, his face low, seeing
her wet, hairy pussy pumping on his brother's cock.

"I'll tell you guys what," she said, almost breathless, and not just
from humping her ass onto Mike's prick, either. "If you two guys will
fuck me right now, one in my cunt and one in my asshole, I'll think
about it. How's that?"

"Aw, come on, Mother!" Ted asked. "I wanna fuck her! I wanna see her
naked and taste her cunt and stick my cock in it!"

"Me, too, Mom," Mike said, lifting his hips to push his cock into her
cunt deep. But Donna lifted her hips, preventing him from stabbing any
more than his swollen cock-head.

"I ask for something," she teased. "I asked you two to fuck me together.
I'm waiting for an answer."

"Yes, damn it!" Ted shouted, climbing over his mother's thighs and
pushing the head of his cock into the crack of her ass. "We'll fuck you
that way, Mother! Say yes! Say we can fuck her!"

Donna lifted her ass, but not so high that Mike's cock came from her
cunt. She held her breath as Ted worked his cock into her asshole, then
drew her knees up Mike's hips. Ted's cock entered her asshole deeper
this way and Mike could plunge his cock into her cunt from below.

"We're doing it, Mother!" Ted groaned above her, sliding his cock in and
out of her asshole. "We're fucking you, just the way you said! Can she
come here, Mother?"

Mike peeled the cheeks of her ass wide apart for his brother, stabbing
his cock into her cunt

as Ted rammed her asshole. Donna grunted as she was fucked between them.
She was crushed, sandwiched between her two sons, and they were fucking
her asshole and cunt together.

"Yes!" she squealed. "Oh, yes, yes!"

She felt as if she had been torn apart from her cunt to her asshole, but
not with pain. The ecstasy of feeling those two throbbing cocks driving
into her ass and cunt together made her squeal wantonly. She tried to
wiggle her ass, to move with them, but she couldn't. She had to hold
herself there, and let them fuck into her all they wanted.

She found herself, even through the ecstasy of being fucked this way,
thinking about the boy, Bob, and what his cock would feel like in her
mouth right now. She would suck it, suck it very hard, and make all
three come off in her body at the same time. She saw, in her mind, Mike
and Ted fucking this little sister of the boy, taking turns with her
tight little cunt, her mouth, even her asshole. She would watch them as
she took Bob on, doing everything to the boy he had only dreamed about.

It would almost be like having a third son, she thought. She saw the boy
fucking his sister as her sons fucked her, all of them grouped together.
She saw herself pushing her face into the hot, hot wetness of the girl's
cunt, sucking it, licking it.

Her mind went blank then.

Donna screamed, smashed between the two boys, her cunt and asshole
contracting powerfully. She came and came, wave after wave of scalding
orgasms. As she came, Mike and Ted kept ramming hard into her body,
stretching her gripping asshole, filling her hot, hungry cunt. The
orgasm seemed to last forever, but as it faded, both boys were still
pounding into her, gasp

ing as their hard cocks reamed her pussy and asshole.

"Ohhhhh, God, I don't know if I can take much more of this!" Donna
groaned, burning, her flesh rippling. "But it's so good! Ohhh, keep
fucking me! Never stop fucking Mother! Give me cock...give me hard cock
in the ass and cunt and mouth! Oooooh, make me come again!"

Mike rammed his cock up from below, and Ted rammed from above. She was
surprised that she was able to feel them both. Somehow it seemed as if
they should feel as one. When Mike rammed into her cunt, Ted was lifting
up, and as Ted speared his cock into her gripping tight asshole, Mike
pulled his downward. Then they were penetrating her at the same time
again, both of them driving those hard cocks deeply together. The
vigorous strokes drove the breath from her lungs, and Donna didn't think
anything could ever feel so good.

"Fuck her asshole, Ted!

" Mike called out.

"You fuck her hairy cunt, Mike!" Ted groaned from his mother's back.

"God, fuck me, both of you!" Donna cried. "Ohhh, fuck Mother's ass and
cunt! Oooooh, my cunt and asshole are so fucking hot! Make me come
again! I want to come and keep coming!"

The friction along her asshole and cunt was driving her crazy, and she
tried again to wiggle with them, and still couldn't move her ass. She
had to lean over Mike's chest, her knees drawn up, ass in the air, and
let them fuck her, strong and powerful and deep.

She was going to do what they wanted, of that she had no doubts. The
desire to watch them fuck a hairless, sweet cunt was strong, and taking
a third cock into her at the same time was even stronger. She found her
tongue licking at her lips, thinking of sucking the boy's cock as her
two boys fucked her the way they were now, and then of the little girl
sliding her hot little cunt into her face. She thought of sucking the
pretty pussy with the taste of her brother's come-juice in her mouth,
and her naked ass suddenly shook with violence.

"Oooooh, yes!" she screamed. "I'm coming again!

As the rippling, crazy orgasms took control of her naked body, Donna
screamed loudly, her cunt and asshole sucking tightly at the two cocks
fucking her. She heard them both grunt from a distance, and the hot
spewing of come-juice splashed into her hungry cunt and asshole at the
same time. Donna kept screaming, her ecstasy beyond imagination.

When she became aware again, she was smashed on top of Mike, with Ted's
weight on her back. She felt her asshole and cunt clench, but both cocks
were out. She wiggled, and Ted rolled from her back. Donna twisted from
Mike, and sprawled out lewdly across her bed, one leg over Ted's cock.
She shivered as if chilled, and hugged herself, mewling in a throaty

"You promised, Mother," Ted said, his voice soft and low.

"I know," she replied.

"When, Mom?" Mike asked.

For a moment Donna didn't answer, then she shrugged. "How about

Ted pouted. "Awww, I was thinking tonight."

"Aren't you about fucked out by now?" Donna asked. "After today, I'm
surprised you can still get a hard-on. I know my asshole is raw and my
jaws hurt a little, but my cunt can handle a few more cocks, I think."

"Come on, Mom," Mike urged. "She's the cutest little cunt you ever saw."

"Oh, all right," she said, grinning at them.

Ted grabbed the phone at her bedside so fast, he knocked it to the

"Fucking telephone" he said, jerking it back to the bed.

Donna laughed, watching their eagerness as Ted dialed. She rolled onto
her back, spreading her legs, wondering how far it would go...when it
would stop, and deciding she didn't want it to stop.

The End

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