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08-27-2008, 10:37 AM
To be or not to be, a cuckolded question pt 3

The Epilogue.

Since writing this story, I have had several feedback emails suggesting I may have become disillusioned and bored with the story and ended it in the manner I did. However this is not the case, I attempted to show a moral side to following your dreams and turning your fantasises into reality is not always sweetness and light.

The old adage of what you never had, you never miss is perfectly true and in my story Stella went from dreaming of large hard cocks to becoming regularly used by them, thus when they were taken away for what ever reason, she had a unquenchable feeling in her cunt which would not go away. So she took to seeking out those large cocks anywhere she could find them. The aching was eased by alcohol but as ever you need more and more to keep the ache away.

Once you become alcohol dependant it is usually the case where your appearance begins to become dishevelled and to put it bluntly a mess, this leads to people not wanting to get involved with you and causes more aching. Stronger and stronger alcohols are then needed until you’re prepared to drink anything which eases the pain even if it is life threatening in its own right.

Your reasoning goes out the window as in Stella’s case for she had a loving family of two grown up boys, a husband and alright a girl who reminded her of what she was now becoming desperate to relive. So it often happens with drink related disorders that you turn away from those who care the most and lose yourself amongst society’s down and outs, here you do not need to pretend, put on airs and graces, or even explain yourself away. Shunning your own family until the drink finally takes its ultimate toll and your life.

I England there are over 1,000 such deaths each and every year. All of which at some point had a loving family around them and yet died alone and uncared for. So you see my friends be careful of what you wish for; for it may just lead you down the slippery road to ruin….

Thanks for all the feedback and taking the time to read my work.