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A blackmaled cuckold part 2

So it was that Melanie handed John a leaflet which showed a five bed roomed house, he was not asked his opinion of this house but simply told to buy it. John knew he had to stand up to them but the threat of exposure as a cross dressing small pricked wimp was too much, so he merely agreed and phoned his bank to arrange the purchase of the house.

That night, Melanie and her Mum, Jean stayed over at John’s house. They enjoyed a three course meal prepared of course by John dressed in a French maid’s uniform. Beneath which he had to wear a bra padded out with the grapefruit, suspender set and black fish net stockings. As the two women ate, he had to stand in the corner facing them with his skirt held up and his poor little cock on display. Suddenly Jean produced from her handbag a small cocktail sausage and began simulating oral sex on it after declaring it to be larger than John’s. Melanie giggled as she took the cocktail sausage and pushed it up her cunt before ordering John to come over and suck her cock.

This was a test for John only he was not yet aware of the implication of his next actions, for he dutifully knelt between Melanie’s legs and began to eat the sausage until he was reminded that he should be sucking it not eating it. Suddenly he felt a large stinging sensation on his arse as Jean spanked him at her daughter’s chastisement of his efforts.

When the meal was over, John was sent to the kitchen to wash up and grab a sandwich for his tea. He was reminded sternly that he had better do as he was told or else. When he was finally summoned to the living room, he found both Melanie and Jean stark naked. Melanie’s 36D tits dwarfed by her mother’s 48GG, Secretly John noted that his future mother in law’s nipples stood proud and erect by almost three quarters of an inch, whilst Melanie’s nipples stood half inch proud of her tit flesh. Again John was ordered to display his poor excuse for a prick by removing his uniform.

Just as Melanie and Jean caressed each other the doorbell rang and John was sent without hesitation to answer it. He half opened the door standing behind it to avoid the visitor seeing his state of undress; though he need not have worried for it was Wayne, who simply barged his way in knocking john flying. He never apologised but instead cursed John for being so stupid as to stand behind the door.

A rather dazed John followed Wayne into the living room; Wayne was busy shedding his clothes. Melanie and Jean must have been expecting him for they never batted an eye, as they continued sucking each others impressive tits. When Wayne was naked, he really did put john to shame as his six inch cock dwarfed John’s stiff four inches and Wayne’s was not even semi hard yet. As it hardened it lengthened to ten and a half inches of rigid black steel. Both Jean and Melanie were soon drooling over its length and thickness, whilst pointing at John’s small equivalent cock. There was a fair amount of sniggering and whispering as they humiliated John to the point he almost left the room, but knew if he did he would be in serious trouble. Then Wayne pulled away and John was told to come closer to him; then he was ordered by Melanie to kneel and suck Wayne’s cock preparing it for her soaking cunt.

Reluctantly John knelt and felt himself go bright red as he was now staring this monster cock straight in the eye. Wayne demanded that he open his mouth and accept a superior cock. As he did so he was unaware of the camera clicks as Jean and Melanie took pictures of his submission to black cock. Soon John had his first taste of another man’s cock, a black man’s cock at that; it was no way near as bad as he had supposed and he soon got into the swing of sucking it albeit to a chorus of what a cock sucking wimp! A faggot for black cocks!

So Wayne began to control John’s mouth and thrusts his cock into John’s throat; then his big black hands gripped the back of John’s head and a quick combination of a powerful cock thrust and a yank of his hands forcing his monster cock into his throat and holding his head tight to his pubic bone. John began panicking as he fought for air until his natural reactions took over and he managed to gasp air through his nose. All this was to the amusement of Melanie and Jean. It still felt alarming to him to have his mouth and part of his throat stuffed full of baby making cock.

For fifteen minutes John endured this thick black cock powerfully plunging into his throat, powerless to resist, scared to object to being used and abused. Melanie delighted in calling John a cock sucking slut, whilst Jean urged John to prepare the cock properly for their pleasures, making it plain to John, he was sucking it before it fucked both of these women and she even told John he would be sucking their cunts clean of Wayne’s spunk.

John was then made to watch, as Wayne’s thick ebony cock parted Melanie’s cunt lips. With Jean’s vocal support Wayne fucked Melanie hard and fast; Wayne also told Jean she was next to be speared by his woman pleasing stick; then he turned and sneered at John, you white piece of shit, your going to be busy lapping my spunk out of their cunts.

Then Jean leaned in to whisper to Wayne, who immediately laughed out loud and stared at John, before he told John to turn round and show him his boy pussy. As John nervously turned round and at Wayne’s snarled command he pulled his arse cheeks wide apart, displaying his anal ring. Melanie squealed a cackled laugh as she declared, “See he knows his place already, as a spare boy pussy to be fucked when we can’t satisfy Wayne!”

This filled John with a sense of dread but blatant excitement at the same time, John now questioned his own masculinity as he wondered if deep down inside he was at least bi sexual. For him to long to feel that thick black baby making cock ravaging his virgin arse was new sensations he would never had believed he would want to try let alone contemplate it.

Suddenly Melanie screamed out her orgasm as Wayne thrust and held his prick deep inside her cunt, its head pressing against her cervix. Wayne’s cock spurted forth its powerful seed deep inside Melanie who wailed her way through several orgasms. Jean furiously rubbed her thick hairy cunt lips as she anticipated her turn on this fuck machine of a cock. When Wayne pulled out of Melanie’s well stretched cunt, his white baby making seed began to dribble out. Wayne then made John suck his cock clean before he pushed John’s head down between Melanie’s legs. Soon John’s mouth was mashed against her cunt lips and his own lips were smeared with Wayne’s cum. Hesitantly, he stuck his tongue into Melanie’s cunt; the bitter salty taste invaded his senses as he lapped madly at her cunt. Soon he was carried away licking clean his future wife’s cunt, clean of her lover’s cream.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jean bouncing up and down on Wayne’s rock hard ten inches of pure lust making stick, how he wished he had even two thirds as much cock as Wayne. For not only was Wayne fucking john’s future wife, he was right now fucking John’s future mother in law in full view of John and to boot he was threatening that John’s arse was not exempt from feeling the power of Wayne’s prick.

A silly thought ran through John’s mind right at that split second, was spunk fattening; mentally he laughed for he knew it was fattening in one way when it made a woman pregnant but what about when it was orally swallowed. How would he be able to calculate its calories….

Suddenly Melanie slapped his face hard, “Wake up, you cunt! Keep licking me out you worthless piece of shit!” she snapped. Instantly John redoubled his efforts in lapping at her cunt and swallowing the thick white cream that is Wayne’s spunk!

Suddenly Jean began wailing for Wayne to use his thick black cock to fuck her soundly as she bounced faster and faster on the cock splitting her cunt in half. Wayne suddenly gasped he was cumming as he filled the second cunt of the night with his potent spunk. John was then dragged over and forced to suck his mother in law’s cunt clean as Wayne, without wiping his cock began to probe his anal ring. John thought his arse was being tore wide open as Wayne’s cock filled his shit chute. The pain was indescribable but soon it began to fade and was replaced with an untold feeling of complete satisfaction. John tried to concentrate on his sucking duties but was often jeered on by his mother in law.

Melanie was soon floating round taking snaps of Wayne’s cock ravaging John’s arse. More blackmail evidence to control John with. Soon Wayne deposited his third load of the night up John’s arse, Wayne’s cock massaged John’s pituary gland and actually caused John to shoot his load without his cock being touched. Melanie went absolutely mad at John and made him lick his own spunk from the floor whilst his arse was still being ravaged by this thick black cock.

When Wayne pulled out of John’s arse, Melanie delighted in making John lick Wayne’s shit covered cock clean, while she took even more photographs. Later they retired to bed, Wayne, Melanie and Jean in John’s master bed and poor John tied by his ankle to the bed head and his hands tied behind his back.

John got very little sleep for it seemed no sooner had Melanie finished fucking Wayne’s cock then he was required to lick it out whilst jean tried all her skilful tricks to raise another erection from Wayne, so he could fuck her. In all John swallowed six loads of Wayne’s spunk since he arrived. John’s arse was so sore he dare not go to the toilet for anything other than a piss, not that he could as he was bound to the bed.

Next morning around the kitchen table, the discussion was all about the wedding, whilst John was made to serve them all breakfast dressed in a little short skirt and low cut top. Wayne even suggested that John should buy a Auburn haired wig and learn to put on make up to become totally sissy in appearance.

It was decided that the wedding be a fairly big affair as Wayne wanted to invite his ten black mates who would obviously want to fuck the bride and groom. Jean suddenly demanded to know if she would be included in all this fucking. Wayne laughed out loud as he said who could leave out the matron de honour.



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