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You definitely want to read Part 1 first, to know what's going on.
Part 2

It had taken longer than expected for Freddy to take care of his dope deal, and by the time Jason got back to the party it was getting a little late. The time hadn't been all wasted, though. While Jason was waiting for Freddy to take care of business, his cell phone had rung. It was his father, with bad news, or, from Jason's viewpoint, good news. Jason and Jennifer's parents were also at a party, about an hour's drive north. They'd been drinking, and the weather in that area had turned really nasty, so their hosts had invited them to spend the night. They'd accepted in the interest of safety.

"So you and Jenny will have to be home alone tonight, son. Think you'll be all right?"

"Yeah, we'll manage somehow, dad. Don't worry about us." God, his father was such a dork! Jason wondered if he'd been that way as a teenager, too, or if you just got more stupid about things like that as you got older.

When Jason and Freddy got back to the party, everyone who was still there was paired up and making out, except for Wendy and Jennifer, who were sitting on the couch talking. Freddy thought it might be his lucky day, since Jenny wasn't busy with anyone.

"Hey, why don't we all go get high!"

"Sorry, dude," Jason said. I got a call from my dad while you were finishing up your deal. Something came up, and we've got to go now."

As they headed out to the car, Jennifer, worried, asked, "What happened? Why do we have to leave?"

"What happened is that mom and dad aren't coming home tonight, and we've got the house all to ourselves." Turning to Wendy, Jason added, "How late can you stay out, baby?"

"Late enough," she answered with a grin.

"What am I supposed to do while you two are doing... whatever it is you do?" asked a very perturbed Jennifer after they had piled into Jason's pickup.

"Hell, I don't know, you'll think of something." Jason just wanted a piece of Wendy's ass and really didn't care much about what happened to his sister. "You can watch for all I care?"

Jason had said it to shut Jennifer up, so her was startled when she said, "Really? You'd let me do that?"

Startled didn't even cover when his girlfriend added, "Cool Jason, that would be so hot! I'm getting wet just thinking about it!"

Shit, Jason thought to himself, guess I put my foot in that one. As the thought percolated through his mind, though , he found that it was starting to make him feel hornier, too. Damn, what kind of sick pervert are you?

When they got back to the house, all three of them headed to Jason's bedroom This would be a treat for Wendy. They didn't get to be on a bed very often; they had to settle for whatever they could get. In the car. In the hot tub when nobody was watching. A couple of times even at school. Wendy wanted to be able to do it like normal people once in a while. Jason, on the other hand, didn't much care.

In the bedroom, Jason pulled Wendy to him. "Come here, baby, I'm ready for some action!" He began kissing her, hard. They hadn't kissed each other all night, and Jason was ready for his girlfriend's tongue instead of his sister's, or that little redhead Shannon's. Wendy took his tongue deep into her mouth, and her hands immediately went to his jeans and began unbuttoning and unzipping them. Jason thought Wendy was unusually horny tonight, even for a girl who normally had a pretty strong sex drive. Maybe the game at the party had turned her on.

They broke off the kiss and pulled off each other's tops. Jason pressed his mouth back against Wendy's, this time sucking Wendy's tongue into his mouth, and reached around her to unfasten her bra. Jason grunted as Wendy finished freeing his dick from his pants and began to stroke it with fingers. She reached under to cup his balls, then slid her hand up, wrapping her fingers around his cock and stroking all the way to the head.

Jason wormed his hand down into Wendy's jeans. She wasn't wearing panties, which didn't surprise him much. What did surprise him was how wet she already was. She must have enjoyed Spin the Bottle more than she wanted to admit. He curled his finger up inside her and started stroking.

Jenny was following along with what her brother and his girlfriend were doing. When Jason and Wendy had taken off each other's tops, Jenny whipped her tank top off over her head and dropped it on the floor, where it was quickly joined by her bra. She moved her hands to her breasts, and started massaging, feeling a thrill shoot through her as she did. Now she had her jeans open, and was doing to herself with her fingers what she and Wendy had done to each other earlier. She couldn't believe she was doing this, and getting to look at a cock besides. Yeah, it was her brother's, but it was still a dick, the first she'd ever seen. And, brother or not, it looked pretty good to her. She was watching everything Wendy did, looking for pointers. Who knows, maybe someday she'd be able to do something like that with a boy.

Wendy dropped Jason's cock, leaving it pointing at her, backed away from him slightly, and started taking off her jeans. When she was done, she dropped to her knees in front of Jason and pulled down his jeans and underwear, dropping them in a pile on the floor when she was done. She glanced over and saw that Jennifer, still watching them, was stripping off her jeans and panties as well, leaving all three naked.

Wendy took Jason's dick in her hand again, and moved her face close.

Jason moaned, "Yeah, honey, suck my cock!" He always wanted her to put it in her mouth, but she wouldn't do it very often.

Wendy hesitated, then looked over at Jenny with a wicked grin on her face. "Wanna help?"

Jenny was shocked. The thought of putting a guy's dick in her mouth was weird enough, but this was her brother. She wasn't sure what to say.

If his sister was shocked, Jason was devastated. "Are you crazy?" he practically shouted at Wendy. "That's my sister. She can't do that."

"You want your cock sucked, or not?" was all Wendy replied.

Jason groaned. He was trapped.

Wendy reached up, grabbed Jennifer by the wrist and pulled her down onto the floor next to her. Now both girls were kneeling in front of Jason's stiff prick.

"Just watch what I do, and then you'll get a chance to do it too," Wendy instructed Jennifer. Wendy was a great cocksucker, and she actually enjoyed doing it, but she wouldn't give it to Jason any time he wanted it. That way, she could hold it over him when she wanted to - like now.

Jenny watched, her mouth hanging open, as Wendy held Jason's cock straight up in the air, leaned her face against it, and stuck her tongue out against the base just above his balls. Wendy licked up along the shaft, all the way up until she grazed her tongue over the pee-hole in the tip of Jason's cock. Then she wrapped her lips around just the head of his cock and sucked lightly on it before pulling her head back.

"Your turn," she said to Jennifer. "Hold it with your hand like this."

Jenny reached her hand over and took hold of her brother's cock. She held it up, and leaned in, mimicking Wendy's movements. When her tongue touched the base of Jason's cock, she felt him twitch. She licked up his cock as Wendy had done. He tasted salty and gamy, not at all like her finger after it had been in Wendy's pussy. Jason twitched again when Jenny's tongue reached the bottom of his cockhead, and groaned when the tip of her tongue opened his pee-hole. Jenny opened her mouth and took the head of her brother's cock in. It was just for a second before she let it go, but she got the full taste of him in her mouth, and thought about what it would be like to have his cock fill up her mouth; or fill her up somewhere else.

Jason was just about going wild. As his little sister handled his cock he was torn between incredible guilt and the most intense sexual arousal he'd ever felt. Before today he'd never thought of Jennifer in a sexual way. Now he might never be able to think about her any other way.

Wendy took Jason's cock back from Jenny, smiling as she said, "OK, next lesson! Watch close!"

Wendy licked up the length of Jason's cock again, but this time when she reached the top, she opened her mouth and took a couple of inches of his dick in, then bobbed her head up and down on it a few times, taking a little more into her mouth with each stroke. After half-a-dozen or so strokes, Wendy let Jason's cock pop out of her mouth, and turned to Jennifer again.

"Don't forget to lick it with your tongue while you suck," Wendy advised Jenny as she handed Jason's dick back to her.

Jennifer again did as Wendy had showed her. As she began to take more than just the head of his cock into her mouth, Jenny found she had to open her jaw as far as she could. She'd never tried putting anything that big into her mouth before. As Jason's cock slid past her lips, the curled her tongue around the bottom of it. She felt her teeth scraping along his skin, and the head of his cock bumped against the roof of her mouth. It felt hard a smooth, and she was incredibly turned on. How much of her excitement was because it was her brother she was sucking, she wasn't sure. She took in as much as she could without gagging, maybe a couple of inches, then pulled her head back, started down again.

Jason's mind had pretty much stopped functioning by now. He new it was his little sister sucking his cock, but he didn't care anymore. All he cared about now was that he had two hot girls paying sexual attention to him, and he was having the time of his life.

Wendy watched Jennifer's head move up and down on Jason's cock a few times, then reached in and pulled Jenny back.

"Keep that up and he's going to cum in somebody's mouth instead of where I want it," Wendy said. "Come on, Jenny, time to get you up on the bed."

Jennifer wasn't sure what Wendy was talking about, but she found out soon enough, as Wendy half picked Jenny up, stretched her out on Jason's bed, then scooted her up so her shoulders were propped against the headboard. Wendy pushed Jenny's legs apart, knelt in front of her, and lowered her face in between the younger girl's legs. This is what Wendy had wanted since she'd kissed Jennifer during the game, and she wasn't going to wait any more. Wendy spread Jenny's pussy lips apart, and pressed her mouth against the opening, shoving her tongue out so that pushed inside Jenny. Jenny's taste and smell made Wendy practically go wild. She purred as she started lapping at the girls' cunt.

Jennifer moaned when Wendy's tongue entered her. It was a different feeling than having a finger there. The tongue was wet and moved around more against her pussy lips Jenny's pelvis jerked and her back arched up off the bed when the tongue hit her clit.

Jason had simply stared, open-mouthed, when his girlfriend went down on his sister. It was like every teenage boy's dream come true. After a minute or so of watching, listening to his sister moan and looking at Wendy's ass sticking up in the air, it was time to join in. Jason hopped up onto the bed behind Wendy, and rammed his cock into to the hilt in one motion. Jason groaned, knowing he was finally going to be able to finish something. Wendy gasped as he pushed into her, and the force of his thrust shoved her face away from Jenny's pussy and up onto her belly. Jenny squealed, as Wendy's teeth scraped over the fourteen-year-old's clit as she was forced up.

Jason couldn't hold anything back now. He simply started hammering into Wendy's pussy as hard and fast as he could. Wendy was breathing heavily now, and Jason's thrusts made it impossible to keep her mouth on Jenny's pussy. Instead, Wendy slid her middle finger into Jenny, then quickly added her index finger. Wendy gasped, "Shit, Jason, fuck me harder!" and amazingly, he managed to do just that.

Jennifer's hips thrashed against Wendy's hand, Wendy's two fingers opening her farther, and reaching deeper into her, than anything she'd felt yet. Then she felt Wendy's thumb rub against her clit, and she lost it completely. Jenny's back arched up off the bed, then she fell back and jerked her shoulders up. She dug her hands into the bed as she felt spasms run through her pussy, then spread in waves through the rest of her body.

"Aaaahhhh! Wendy, I'm cumming again! So...good..." Jennifer collapsed back on the bed, her breathing heavy.

Wendy pushed herself up on her hands and looked down at Jenny as Jason kept fucking her. She could feel her own orgasm getting close.

"Oh...god...Jason...yeah I love being fucked hard! Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum! Unh...Unh...Unh... AAAAHHHH YESSSSS!" The sixteen-year-old dissolved in the most shattering orgasm of her young life. Her entire body vibrated and her breath left her in a wild explosion. She fell forward on top of Jennifer, unable to move.

When Wendy fell forward, Jason's body followed hers, his cock still inside her. He'd held off as long as he could, but now, after watching his sister and girlfriend both cum, there was nothing more he could do. As he flopped onto Wendy's back, his load forced it way through his cock and out into Wendy's dripping pussy. As he finished spurting, and his cock began to shrink and soften, he rolled off the girls onto his back on the bed.

All three lay still for a few minutes. Then Wendy said, "Come on Jenny, we've got work to do. No way is he going to get away with just once tonight!"


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