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Fuck Buddy: with Stacy Keibler
with Stacy Keibler
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This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING!
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"Wow, who the hell is that!?" I asked one of my best friends.

We were both attending a friend's Birthday party, which we had only agreed to attend after hearing it would be held at an exclusive bar in town where there would be free alcohol served. I know, it wasn't exactly the most noble of reasons to go, but as it turned out I didn't much care for the Birthday girl or her bitchy little sister who I had briefly dated a few summers earlier. Now standing by the bar and chatting with two friends, it was then I happened to glance across the way and spied a stunning statuesque blonde who immediately caught my eye.

With a bit of prodding from another female friend, we soon made our way over in her direction and I was promptly introduced and delighted to discover that her name was Stacy, Stacy Keibler to be exact. Unbeknown to me she was apparently some kind of celebrity wrestler, which naturally surprised me considering her sweet and pretty she seemed.

Nevertheless, my lack of knowledge on the subject only seemed to fascinate and delight her as she was apparently sick of people constantly asking for her signature and bringing up her wrestling past, now that she was evidently concentrating on her acting career.

Chatting up a storm, we seemed to get along really well – despite her being 5 years my senior. Still, our difference in age didn't seem to bother her in the least and I couldn't help but notice how she openly laughed and flirted with me throughout the evening. Unfortunately for me, a few hours later Stacy prepared to leave with her other girlfriends but to my surprise then insisted I give her my number.

With that she then treated me to a friendly peck on the cheek and left the birthday party as a handful of my friends came over and congratulated me – declaring me the luckiest bastard ever!

A few days later I found I couldn't stop thinking about Stacy and the great time we shared that evening, but I had to face facts that despite the terrific time we had together I was most probably never going to hear much less see her again. Thankfully, it was later that evening that I received a call in the middle of the night and was elated to hear her voice. Her first official call came just after midnight, and she apparently couldn't sleep.

Apologizing for the late hour of the call, we then chatted away all night and ended up talking till the early morning hours, and I was quickly reminded about our great chemistry. Kick starting a great friendship together, over the next few days Stacy and I exchanged numerous calls almost every night during the week, choosing 9pm as the official time for us to phone.

But as initially excited as I was, I was soon bitterly disappointed when I learned that she in fact had a boyfriend – who fortunately for me resided on the other side of the country. It seemed they shared a long distance relationship. Still, I wasn't going to discard such a gorgeous woman and new found friend like her because of it, and hence we continued to chat on a daily basis and grow closer and closer with each new day.

A few weeks into our "phone friendship", it had been decided that we would finally go out for lunch or something and spend the day together. Unfortunately for me Stacy chose to arrive to my place the morning after I had celebrated a big bucks night with the guys. Still drunk and very much hung over, Stacy rocked up to my door and had to practically pull me out of bed, insisting that I get up and accompany her to the local markets for some shopping.

To my chagrin it seemed that her boyfriend Geoff was flying into town for the weekend, and with my help, she wanted to get him something special. Dressed casually but looking devastatingly sexily, Ms. Keibler arrived clad in a tight little singlet top, a short denim skirt, and high heels. Standing at over six foot tall, she was flashing a considerable about of skin and more importantly legs, and looked like some kind of Amazonian goddess.

It was then that I immediately noticed that she didn't seem to be wearing a bra either, as I could just make out her bare nipples underneath her tight tee. This was more than a little incentive for me to push any health or hang over concerns I might of had to the back of my mind and join her for a day out on the town. So, despite my miserable state, I happily agreed to tag along and while she wandered around my small studio apartment to look around I hurriedly dressed.

"You've got a great place here, Scott." She announced from the sofa.

"Yeah right, this place is probably a dump compared to your place. It's just a shitty little studio apartment I rent. It's cheap but I don't mind, I'm hardly ever home."

Finally getting dressed, we soon left my humble abode and climbed into her cute little sports car outside. Right away I couldn't help but squirm anxiously in my seat as her already short denim skirt hiked up significantly – completely flashing me the entire length of her long, lean, shiny legs. At this point, it seemed as though she wasn't even wearing anything below the waist, and I could clearly see the color of her underwear. To my delight Stacy seemed to be wearing a pair of red lace panties, and catching me stare, she proceeded to slip off her heels as she prepared to drive.

"You must think I'm so weird, but I like to drive barefoot." She giggled.

Arriving to the markets a few minutes later, as expected everywhere we went heads immediately turned and stared at her as she easily stood out and usually towered over everyone. Standing at over 6-foot-tall and wearing the most ridiculously short skirt, Stacy was all legs and seemed to love the attention it afforded her, while I rolled my eyes and played along. Seeing my annoyed look, it was then she playfully placed her hand through my arm and continued to strut her stuff.

"Hey, cheer up sweetie! What, don't tell me you don't love this?" She grinned, "Every guy here wishes they were in your place."

"Yeah well dressed like that, I guess I can't blame them." I joked, "You look absolutely incredible today."

"Yes well, as long as my boyfriend or one of his friends doesn't see us here then I'm happy. Who would frown upon this little outfit."

Spending the entire morning together, I was actually shocked at how many people recognized her. Over the course of a few hours I stood back and watched as she signed numerous autographs, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. I also noticed that while a lot of guys immediately recognized and openly gawked at her, almost all of them were way too afraid and intimidated to approach her.

Sharing a quick bite to eat together, we finally settled on a gift for her boyfriend before we headed back to my apartment around midday. By this time I was completely exhausted from the night before and had a splitting headache. Inside, I quickly treated myself to an aspirin or two and took a lie down on my bed while ducked into the bathroom. Re-emerging a few minutes later, Stacy found me on the bed and mocked me.

"Oh come on! We didn't do that much shopping today. Just wait till I take you out next week."

Realizing just how wasted and hung over I was, Stacy seemed to finally take pity on me and came over to the bed to comment.

"Wow, you weren't kidding, you really are exhausted." She pouted, "Do you still have a headache?"

"Yep, and it's getting worse by the minute. Just give me a moment, Stace." I told her, "I just need a few minutes to relax and let this headache fade away."

Feeling guilty, Stacy then sat on the edge of the bed and put her handbag on the floor.

"That's fine, I understand,"

She then added, "Wow, this bed really is nice. I can see why you wouldn't want to get up."

To my surprise she then raised her feet up onto the mattress and proceeded to lie down beside me.

"Thanks again for coming out with me today, I really appreciate it" she said sweetly, "Geoff is going to love his present!"

"Don't mention it, that's what I'm here for I guess." I mumbled.

Leaning over Stacy then surprised me with a sweet friendly peck on the cheek. To her amusement, I almost jumped with surprise as she giggled.

"There, feel better?"

"Unfortunately not." I sulked.

Lying there in relative silence for a moment, I then felt her reach over and grab the remote control beside the bed.

"Oh God Stace, not now. I'm not in the mood for any TV at the moment."

"No silly, I was going to put on some good tunes to help you relax."

While I groaned, she then giggled as she switched on the radio and loudly searched out the right station. It was then she finally settled on a soft Jazz station.

"Mmm, this sounds good. What do you think?"

"Yeah it's nice. Leave it there, I like Jazz."

"Me too," she admitted, "I absolutely love it. I usually listen to it when I'm in the tub... it so gets me in the mood."

Hearing her own comment, she giggled, "Oh god that sounds so bad."

Lying there in silence for a moment again, I then felt the bed move once more and asked her what she was doing.

"Stacy, what are you doing back there? Can't you stay still?"

"I'm just taking my shoes off." She explained, "God my feet are killing me. I hate these shoes, but I love the way they look."

It seemed Stacy was suddenly in the mood to follow my lead and get comfortable on the bed and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere for a few minutes. Hearing her complain about her feet I didn't waste the opportunity to chastise her.

"See, I knew we walked a lot today." I quipped.

Kidding around, Stacy then nudged me in the ribs and we then proceeded to play fight for a few moments – briefly grappling with each other's arms and hands. I had to admit, I could see why she was hand picked for the WWE. Despite her sweet personality and femininity she sure was strong.

Catching our breath, Stacy suddenly disclosed, "You know I always love lying around in bed and cuddling. But Geoff hates it."

"He hates it?!"

"Yep, and it's a shame too, cause I absolutely love it... and am really good at it if I do say so myself."

Hearing this I joked, "Really? Okay, okay, I can take a hint, we can cuddle! Just as long as you shut up for a minute!"

Faking anger, Stacy then pouted and playfully hit me again, "Well shit, don't do me any favors."

"Don't forget who you're talking to young man," she then said lightheartedly, "I'll kick your ass into next week."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." I chuckled.

With that, I then reached over and placed my arm around her shoulders and neck and gave her a friendly snuggle as I closed my eyes and attempted to catch some shut eye and relax, trying my best not to think about the position I was suddenly in – now lying in bed with Stacy Keibler!

I had to remind myself that this incredibly leggy blonde bombshell and celebrity was the same woman I had picked up a few weeks earlier and befriended over the phone, and had now come to call a close friend. It really was a bizarre situation, her mind and body seemed like two seperate people. It was only now that while laying right beside her so closely that I took in her perfumed scent, which excited me to no end. she smelt absolutely divine – a combination of vanilla and strawberries.

Just then, Stacy suddenly fidgeted and got up from the bed.

"Wait." She exclaimed, before she reached over for her hand bang and switched off her blackberry phone.

"Okay, now we can relax. No interruptions."

To my amusement I then watched as this seemingly gorgeous sex symbol wiggled back into bed with me and proceeded to wriggle her way back into the old position – with my arms around her. The whole thing was surreal and hilarious as I watched her squirm and angrily fidget about. Playing coy, I faked sleep and had to stifle a laugh as I deliberately made it hard for her to reassume the previous position, and caused her to groan and forcefully grab my arm and place it around her.

"You bastard," She whined as attempted to make me spoon her, "Come on, put your arms around me!"

I finally had to burst out laughing.

It was then as we finally got comfortable once again that I felt her shift her long slender legs around the mattress and rub them up against my own. Feeling her shiny smooth limbs brush against my body, despite myself, I found I couldn't help but grow tremendously hard. Lying there in silence again it was then I heard a soft giggle from her side of the bed, and glancing over, I immediately noticed what it was she was staring at – my tenting pants!

"Oops," she flushed, "Is that because of me?"

Blushing brightly I immediately turned my hips away and attempted to slap it down with my hand – making her laugh.

"Oh god, look out! It's got a mind of its own," She chuckled, "Hey, don't do that, that's terrible. You're going to hurt yourself."

"Oh god this is embarrassing." I groaned.

Turning my body away from her view she then pulled on my arm, "Wait, stop, you don't have to do that. I don't care."

"Well, I don't want to offend you."

"No, you're not!" she replied quickly, "It's fine, I promise."

"Yeah, I guess you're used to that, hey? Having guys 'tense up' around you?"

"Actually, it's not as common as you might think."

Pausing for a moment she then explained, "A lot of guys seem to find me intimidating."

"Yeah I noticed that today. Must be frustrating?"

"You have no idea. The guys who like me I don't want, and the ones that I like are too afraid to approach to me."

She then went on, "I just can't seem to catch a break when is comes to my love life."

Pausing for a moment she then added, "...I think I've personally killed like two vibrators in the last 2 months alone."

As expected, this confession instantly caught my attention and made my cock twitch to life.

"Wait, what are you talking about? What about Geoff, your boyfriend?"

"Yeah right, he isn't interested in sex. He never is. He's either too tired or not in the mood. I think he just enjoys parading me around town and showing me off to his friends."

"Really? Wow, I'm sorry sweetie. So how..." I trailed off.

"What? Say it."

"Well, so how do you get off?"

"I told you, I use toys all the time."

"Really, like what, when? How many times?"

"Well, at least twice a day," she confessed, "Once or twice in the morning when I wake up and then again at night before I fall asleep."

Stacy then explained, "Sad to say its kind of become my daily routine. Every night I usually stay up and chat to you till the morning... you chatterbox... then after we hang up, before I drift off to sleep I pull out my toy and fuck myself senseless before I finally pass out."


"Yep, it's the only way I can truly get a full nights rest."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I said while trying to relate, "I can't go to bed unless I shoot one off at the end of a hard days work as well."

Thinking for a moment it was then Stacy giggled, "Maybe that's what's wrong here?"


"Maybe you just need to take care of business?"

Looking over at her up close for the first time, I couldn't help but marvel at how sweet and incredible beautiful she looked lying beside me – her big green/brown eyes and playful little grin.

"Yeah right," I replied, "You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Hey, it wouldn't offend me. Really."

Looking at her again I could see from the look in her eyes that despite the grin she was dead serious. It was then to my surprise that Stacy proceeded to taunt me.

"Go on,"


Laughing she continued, "You know? Give yourself some much needed relief."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing as she continued to playfully ridicule me. Again, although I knew that she was joking with me for the most part, there was something in her voice that told me she was half serious.

"Come on, I dare you." She said one final time.

"Oh you dare me do you?" I laughed, "Who falls for that?"

Realizing that she wasn't going to let it go, I finally conceded and prepared to get up and go to the bathroom to jerk off when she suddenly stopped me.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"I'm going to the bathroom... to get off."

"No, I mean here. Do it right here, in bed."

Just the suggestion alone got me standing at fully attention, and watching her eyes drop to my pants I could see she noticed.

"Well come on," she added, "Now I really want to see."

Entertaining her proposal, I then reached down and firmly grabbed at my tenting pants ti give it a quick squeeze.

"There, happy?"

"No seriously, don't let me stop you. I insist."

It was clear from her insistance that she had never seen a guy masturabte before, and I have to admit the thought of amusing her was quite inviting. With that, I then gave it a few short strokes with my fingers before I quickly lost my inhibitions and proceeded to openly stroke my cock wholeheartedly. Putting on a little show for her, I then proceeded to gently glide my hand up and down the full length of my shaft through my pants.

"Now you've done it," I said softly, "Now I can't stop even if I wanted to."

To my amusement, Stacy didn't respond and instead seemed to be transfixed. Watching me intently, I could almost feel her staring at me and felt her legs proceed to shift and rub against my leg, causing me to groan with delight. It seemed the impromptu show was exciting her.

"Oh you tease, don't do that," I smirked, "What are you trying to do to me?"

Of course Stacy simply grinned and continued to tease me by gently rubbing her long smooth legs harder against my hip. Picking up the pace, I could see her eyes widen as I started to noticeably grow. Feeling incredibly confident and bold, I then pulled her a little closer to me with my arm and could feel her breath against my face and neck. It was then I noticed that her breathing was a little shallow, and with nothing to lose I spoke my mind.

"Arrghh, Stacy, do something?" I breathed, "Give me something to work with, to stroke to."

"Like what?" she replied timidly, before I then watched in wonder as she slowly reached down and proceeded to hike up her short little skirt and expose her lace underwear to me.

At that point I almost stopped breathing and thought I was going to pass out as I glanced down to admire her red lace boy shorts which clung tightly to her flawless hips and crotch.

"Oh god that looks good, so pretty."

Stacy could only smile shyly with pride as I continued to stroke my growing member over my pants.

It was then I watched in wonder as she proceeded to tease me by gently running her fingers over the front of her panties, letting her long fingernails explore the material and the outline the shape of her vagina.

"Do you really like them?" she purred seductively, "They feel really nice too."

With my arm resting underneath her head, I then took a deep breath as I attempted to make a very bold move. Without warning, I let the hand that was underneath her head float across her shoulder and arm and come to rest on the side of her breast. As if reading my mind, Stacy responded by leaning her shoulders back as if consenting and presenting her small but very pert and natural chest to me.

I wasted little time and placed my hand directly over one of her breasts, and it was only then that I noticed just how hard her nipples had become – they were now straining noticeably through her tight singlet shirt.

Using my fingertips, I lightly brushed them over the tiny pebble like bumps, causing her to coo and tremble. By now we were both breathing heavy as both of our hands were very busy. Feeling bold, I then decided to turn it up a notch and stopped what I was doing to slide my hand inside my pants and tug at my penis directly. Clutching it in my hand, I then considered pulling it out for her to see but stopped short. Seeing this, Stacy gasped and I then made a bold suggestion.

"Take off your skirt."

"Okay." Stacy instinctively replied, and she quickly proceeded to wiggle her hips and lift her butt off the mattress to jerk her denim mini skirt down and off her legs.

Stacy was now left to lie beside me in just some sexy lace boy shorts and a singlet shirt – her nipples protruding noticeably from beneath. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen, but if I thought she was done impressing me I was gravely mistake. Spreading her tremendous legs wide by the knee, Stacy then nodded and signaled with her head for me to finally reveal my cock – as one of her bent knees parted and rested directly against my crotch and hand.

"Go on, take it out." She demanded softly, as I noticed her hand casually snake over the front of her sexy underwear again.

With that, I pulled out my cock and continued to stroke it to life, watching as her eyes never left my exposed tool. At first I was unsure what her reaction would be, but then was pleasantly surprised to see her smirk slyly and lick her lips. It was then Stacy exhaled deeply beside my face, and the cool sensation of her breath on against my skin caused me to tremble with excitement.

"Mmm, do that again."

"What?" she almost whispered.

"Your breath, I like that."

Smiling sweetly, Stacy then proceeded to lightly blow her breath over my face and neck, stimulating me. Getting incredibly keyed up; I then threw caution to the wind and decided to turn it up another notch once more.

"Show me..." I breathed while my hand moved swiftly over my cock, "Show me how you like to play, Stacy."

To my delight Stacy didn't hesitate for a moment and as if on autopilot, she shut her eyes and began to wiggle her hips a little harder into the bed as she proceeded to rub herself more deliberately, running her fingers directly over her slit and around her clit. Spreading her legs even further, she let out a soft moan as I took the opportunity to subtly reach under her tight tee and made full and unrestricted contact with her sensitive nipple. This unexpected action seemed to really surprise and electrify her, and caused her to moan and arch her back slightly.

"Oh fuck," I let out as I eagerly massaged her incredibly stiff yet delicate nipple, "I'm so fucking hard right now... your nipples are so hard."

Not wasting the opportunity, Stacy opened her eyes and took a look over at my prock for herself – grinning smugly to herself, knowing full well she was entirely responsible.

"Breath on my neck... please, kiss it," I suggested breathlessly, "Kiss my neck, I like that."

Stacy responded immediately with my wishes and despite the forewarning I was totally unprepared for how remarkable her lips felt on my skin. I let out a long moan as she proceeded to gently nuzzle and nibble at my neck and ear, and manipulating her taut nipple in response to each kiss and lick, I couldn't believe how incredible hard and thick it became between my two digits. Meanwhile Stacy continued to suckle at my neck, and now began to give me an impromptu love bite – sucking hungrily and eagerly on the side of my throat.

With that we both gave out a series of long groans as I glanced down to see her hand had hastily disappeared inside the waist band of her panties and were moving inside at a frantic pace. Judging from the way her hips twitched and her parted legs trembled, she was clearly rubbing herself fervently and getting off. Breaking her lip lock from around my neck, I then glanced over and looked her in the eye when without thinking took the opportunity to kiss her on the lips.

At first Stacy didn't seem to respond and just lay there immobile as I pressed my lips to hers, but giving her nipple that extra tweak and twist, she gasped and finally submitted – parting her luscious lips and greeting my kiss with an accidental flick of her tongue. Kissing me back tentatively, it seemed that despite all the things we were doing, kissing was somehow forbidden and crossing a line between friends. It apparently made her feel very awkward and uncomfortable... but I dare not stop.

Changing tact, I then ignored this dismissal and instead took it upon myself to kiss my way across her face, over her chin, and licked my way to her ear and neck which seemed to really exhilarate her again. Moaning sweetly into my ear, it was then Stacy reached up with her hand and placed it against my face – politely informing me to stop teasing her.

But fortunately for her it was then I suddenly realized that the hand which was now pressed against my face was the same which had been buried inside her panties moment earlier, and grinning slyly I then turned my face abruptly and without warning sucked on her slick digits eagerly – literally taking her breath away.

"Ohhhh..." Stacy gasped audibly as she watched me eagerly lick and relish the juiced from her pussy off her fingers.

Genuinely startling her, I whispered, "God you taste good. Lick your finger baby, taste it. You taste so good."

Stacy lay expressionless as she brought her own glistening fingers up to her mouth and tasted herself for the very first time. I then took her hand by the wrist and directed her to play with herself once again and directed her to reenact the entire process. Shoving her hand inside her sexy panties, Stacy eagerly plunged one, then two of her well manicured fingers knuckle deep inside herself before she brought them up to her lips and sampled her essence.

Repeating this process several times, we both soon got caught up in the moment and proceeded to take turns licking the succulence from her fingers before we realize that in all the commotion I had stopped jacking myself. Noting this, Stacy then smiled seductively and motioned towards my cock once again – insisting I pick up where I left off, and not wanting to disappoint I quickly went right back to tugging my chain. In all honesty it wasn't very difficult considering the show I was witnessing right beside me.

Stacy Keibler now moaned more audibly, and we both breathed heavily for several more moments when something in her eyes told me she was growing increasingly anxious and frustrated. She seemed to be contemplating something when she finally smirked to herself and spoke.

"I know something that would really get you off..." she breathed, and without warning, Stacy then literally took my breath away as she scooted up a little on the bed and leaning over, abruptly took my throbbing cock straight into her searing mouth!

I almost came right there, as I felt the warmth of her succulent mouth. Kicking my legs apart, I then groaned involuntarily as I reached down to grab a handful of her blonde mane and watched in amazement as she eagerly blew me. Swallowing me whole in one swift motion, Stacy then proceeded to tease and nibble at the end of my prick for a moment before returning to a more deliberate bobbing action.

Bobbing promptly up and down for almost an entire minute, Stacy soon switched up her technique from a sucking to a licking, and generously lathered her wet tongue up and down the sides of my shaft – slowly traveling all the way from the bottom to the tip, and then back down again. I could only lay there moaning unintelligibly as she keenly serviced me. It seemed after all the tease and build up Stacy had finally dropped any pretence to what we were doing and was now just going for it!

Stacy now shifted and altered her position on the bed to a kneeling one beside me on the bed, and gripped my tool firmly with her hand she stroked me keenly as she continued to liberally spear out her tongue and flick the tip of it across the tiny eye of my penis. My eyes quickly rolled into the back of my head as she did this, though I desperately wanted to keep my eyes open to admire the glorious view of her butt – which erotically jiggled right beside my face. Just then, Stacy slid her long wet tongue all the way down the length of my shaft and took one of my balls into her mouth.

"Mmm better?" she mumbled softly while I could barely believe this sudden turn of events.

Returning back to the bulbous head, she then seemed to pick up the pace considerably and proceeded to suck and swallow the head of my cock urgently – so much so that she was now making lewd and loud slurping and sucking sounds, apparelty desperate to see me cum. Twisting and pivoting her head vigorously from side to side, to accommodate her skillful technique, I could only grip the bed sheets tightly with both hands and groan noisily as I rapidly approached my impending orgasm. God she was a great cock sucker!

Suddenly I started to grunt and buck my hips wildly, as she abruptly took her sweet mouth away and watched in wonder as I erupted violently all over myself.

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