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09-01-2008, 07:03 PM
Here's the latest installment with Jason, Jennifer, and Wendy. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Part 3

With Wendy leading the way again, the two girls started working on Jason's cock, intent on getting it to perform at least once more. Jason was still on his back on the bed. Wendy started licking and sucking him, then, when Jennifer joined in, Wendy moved farther down and began sucking on his balls. Jason was in heaven, his cock in his sister's mouth while his girlfriend licked and sucked his balls. Jennifer could feel her brother's cock hardening as lenthening as she sucked it. She wondered if she'd be able to get more of into her mouth this time once it was fully erect.

Wendy decided to leave the brother and sister to themselves and see what would develop. After giving Jason's balls a final good licking, she moved off the bed and onto a chair that sat next to it. She had a fine view of what was happening on the bed as she began some self-exploration. Wendy put her feet up on the seat of the chair, pulling her knees up toward her shoulders, spreading her thighs apart. She laid one hand along the opening of her pussy and began rubbing up and down, sliding her fingers and palm over her crotch. After a few strokes, as she moved her hand down toward the seat of the chair, the tip of her middle finger slid between her ass cheeks and bumped against the ring of her anus. Wendy let out a small gasp as a thrill ran through her body. She moved her hand back up, and when it went down again she applied slightly more pressure to her anus with her finger, this time stopping just short of allowing the finger to penetrate her. As she played with herself, she noticed that things were getting more interesting on the bed.

Jason's cock was now fully erect, Jennifer was taking more of it into her mouth than she had before. At one point she let it move far enough into her mouth that she could feel the head bump against the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, and her throat closed around the tip of Jason's cock, causing him to grunt.

When he felt Jenny's throat squeeze the head of his cock, Jason knew he had to have more. He pulled his sister's head away from his cock and rolled up onto his knees on the bed. Jason grabbed Jennifer by her shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed, on her back, and knelt above her. Jason took his cock in his hand, guided it between his sister's legs, and wedged the head in between the lips of her pussy... and stopped, frozen by guilt, suddenly realizing what it was he was about to do.

Jenny felt a thrill of combined fear and excitement race through her when Jason threw her down on the bed. She was shaking with anticipation when she felt the head of his cock move between the lips of her cunt. It was so much thicker than anything else she'd ever felt there! But then he stopped. Jenny looked up at him and saw the hesitation on his face. She had to do something to get him to continue.

"Jason, do it to me! I want you to... to fuck me!" It was the first time she'd ever used that word out loud. And that was all it took. Jason bucked his hips forward and drove his cock into his sister's pussy, not stopping until he bottomed out as the tip of his cock hit her cervix.

Jennifer whimpered as she felt Jason's cock sink into her. It was not only thicker, but much longer than anything else that penetrated her that night, reaching much deeper inside her. She felt intense pressure inside her belly as the walls of her pussy were pushed apart. A stab of pain made her wince and mewl, but it wasn't nearly as bad as she expected, and lasted only seconds. Then she didn't think about it at all, as Jason's cock opened her up all the way inside. She moaned as she felt his dick bump up against her cervix, completely filling her.

"God, Jason, it feels so good! Fuck me, please!"

Wendy got hotter and hotter as she watched the two incestuous teenagers. She spread her legs farther apart on the chair, and dipped two fingers of her right hand into her dripping pussy. She slid them in as deep as she could, pulled them back out and lifted them to her mouth, then sucked her juices off. As her right hand drifted back to her pussy, she moved her left hand under her ass, so she was sitting on it, then curled her middle finger up between her ass cheeks and began playing with the opening of her anus again. This time, though, just pressing her finger against her anal ring wasn't enough. As her right hand fucked her cunt, she shoved up hard with the middle finger of her left hand, pushing it inside her ass. She gasped as she felt her butt being violated for the first time. She inserted her finger as far inside as it would go, then began to experiment with it. She wiggled it around inside her ass, then curled it up, and tested the way different motions made her feel, the entire time pumping the fingers of her other hand in and out of her pussy. Wendy found that the sensations she received by having a finger in her ass were different from anything she felt from having her pussy penetrated, and having her ass filled made the experience more intense. She was soon finger-fucking both holes furiously.

When Jason heard his sister begging him to fuck her, he lost all restraint. He was now ramming her as hard as he ever had Wendy, using short, hard strokes. His pelvis was slamming against Jenny's clit and his balls slapped against her ass with every stroke. If he hadn't come once already he'd probably have blow his load as soon as he stuck his cock into his sister. but with one already behind him, he was able to keep going for a while.

Jennifer couldn't believe how it felt to have her pussy filled up and stretched. Having her brother be the one fucking her just made it that much more exciting. The walls of her cunt squeezed together as Jason pulled back, then split apart again as he plowed into her. She thrust her pelvis up at him with each stroke, moaning as he banged against her clit. She had no control left over her body. She leaned her head back, breathing heavily through her mouth, and closed her eyes, giving way to the shivers running through her as her brother ravished her. As her breathing grew more ragged, she could feel the climax approaching.

"Oh god, Jason! Oh fuck! Unh, yes, AAAAHHHH!" Jennifer's back arched up off the bed, then slammed back down. She wrapped her arms around Jason and clawed at his back, her nails leaving marks. Jenny locked her legs around Jason's hips, pulling him tighter against her. Her body vibrated, and her chest heaved with the force of her breathing.

Jason had been thinking that he should pull out of Jennifer before he shot his load inside her, since he was pretty sure she wasn't on the pill, but when Jenny's orgasm hit that was no longer an option. The pain of his sister's fingernails digging into his back drove him on, then her legs trapped him inside her. Feeling her pussy squeeze his cock as she came was the last straw. As he forced himself as deep inside Jennifer as possible, his cum boiled up out of his balls and through his cock, and he started squirting it inside his sister's pussy.

Jennifer felt her brother's cum stream out of him and into her, squeezing around his cock to coat the walls of her pussy, seeping through her cervix into her womb. She lay back, completely satisfied, with Jason sprawled on top of her. Jenny felt Jason's cock shrink and begin to slip out of her, and could feel his semen leaking out of her pussy onto the bed.

Wendy had brought herself to the edge of another massive orgasm with her two-hole masturbation, then slowed down. She didn't want to miss anything that was happening on the bed because she was too busy cumming herself. Now, as she watched her boyfriend and his sister finish their incestuous coupling, it was time. Wendy pumped the two fingers of her right hand furiously in and out of her pussy, while rubbing her thumb against her clit. At the same time she finger-fucked her ass hard and fast with her other hand.

"Unnnnhhhhh! Aaaahhhh!" She let out an explosive breath, and her body shook so hard she nearly slid off the chair. "Oh, fuck, yes!" She slumped back against the chair, catching her breath, and already thinking about what the next step would be tonight.

09-01-2008, 08:06 PM
You are on a roll. Keep it going.

09-01-2008, 08:58 PM
More! Cant leave it as that!

09-01-2008, 09:18 PM
There will be at least one more installment in this story, although I can't guarantee how soon.

09-02-2008, 03:08 AM
Looking forward to it.

Brigit Astar
09-02-2008, 01:13 PM
Great description...I could actually see, hear and feel everything going on in the story--it put me right there.

09-03-2008, 02:23 AM
Thanks, Brigit, that's what I'm aiming for. More to come when I find a little extra time.