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A blackmaled cuckold pt 3.

It was now six weeks to John’s enforced wedding and this week Melanie insisted that she was the first to be kitted out for her big day. She chose a £600 wedding dress in satin ivory with pearl beading. However she and Jean decided on matching underwear and wouldn’t you just know it, they decided to take John and Wayne along for the fitting.

Outside the ladies department of a well known department store, they paused window shopping. Frequently they would embarrass John by asking his opinion on a particular Basque or sexy French knickers, but always ended their question with, “well would you like to wear those, Wimp?”

Finally entering the store they chose a matronly sales woman and Wayne and Jean took her to one side and spoke to her. John knew that he was the subject of their discussion as the sales woman kept glancing in his direction. It was not this so much as her expressions that humiliated him so. Soon Jean returned and said, “Agatha, the saleswoman has agreed to sort us out and is just arranging a private fitting room for us to try the things out!” then looking straight through John she added, “she is curious to see if she has something special for one of our group!”

Instantly John knew that the someone was going to be him. Agatha now approached and guided the four of them through to a large stock room come fitting lounge. No sooner had the door closed Wayne grabbed John by his coat collar and demanded he be a good little cuckold and do as he was told. John nodded. “Right then cuckold, strip! Right now!” demanded Wayne.

So in full view of Agatha, Melanie, Jean and Wayne John began to remove his clothes; with Melanie telling which item to remove next. She started with his jacket, shoes and trousers. At this point she made him raise his shirt tails and give a twirl, showing his black lacy frilly panties and white sheer stockings and suspenders off to all present. Agatha giggled as she said, “Oh how very last year! We have much better almost sheer transparently black frilly ones now!”

Next off came his shirt to reveal the red satin Basque with black bows around the bra cups and hems. Finally a totally humiliated John was told to explain why he was dressed as he was. “My mistress, Melanie and her boyfriend, Wayne as well as my prospective mother in law, Jean have agreed that as I am not very well endowed as a male should be I must be half female and therefore must dress as a half female, until at home when I must were my uniform!” John muttered,

Agatha enquired as to what uniform that was and Wayne produced a picture from his inside pocket and shoved it into John’s hand telling to show it to Agatha. Reluctantly John stepped forward and passed the picture to Agatha, who looked at the picture of John dressed as the French maid. She commented, “that if it was up to her she would change that uniform for one of the new lines of Sheer gossamer negligee’s which would show off the under wear all the time!”
Wayne smiled and added it’s certainly worth a thought or two. As John stepped back from Agatha, he suddenly bumped into Jean; instead of the expected torrent of abuse he expected instead he simply felt her hands slide around his waist and in a sudden movement his frilly panties were around his ankles and Agatha burst out laughing. “I see why you say he is not as a male should be!” she reached forward and cradled his tiny prick in her hand declaring, “why! I bet my clit is bigger than that cock!”

Wayne challenged her to prove it. Taken some what aback, Agatha soon recovered and hoisted her skirt up round her waist and pulled her panties to one side using her other hand to spread her cunt lips and revealing her clit. It was not larger than John’s weedy cock but was close. Agatha then took details of the type of underwear they wished to look at and was intrigued when Wayne demanded three duplicate sets of white stockings, bright red suspender belts and black Basque with red hearts on them to finish off he wanted black lacy panties.

Agatha thought it a picture perfect idea for the bride, her mother and the cuckold to be identically dressed, but suspected that the reason was because of the prenuptual plans Wayne obviously had. She disappeared and while she was gone Wayne told Melanie and Jean to undress. Both demanded that John, be blindfolded as to not to see what he was not man enough to sample. However Wayne refused, saying, “I want John to see what he is not man enough to get, further more I want him to realise that his bride is my slut and therefore mine to command.

Slowly both Melanie and Jean undressed, Melanie’s 38D tits already sporting erect nipples and her shaved cunt lips were pouting open showing her excitement. Jean’s massive tits sagging slightly as something so large was apt to do, also with their erect nipples and her jet black hair covered cunt still glistened with her arousal. Wayne warned Jean that by the wedding day he wanted her cunt shaved to match her daughter’s. Jean meekly nodded and john winced when Wayne hinted that he too would have his genital area shaved but this time by a waxing process. John knew how painful that process would be.

Just then Agatha re entered the room and was surprised to see the three naked bodies, although she feasted her eyes on the tits and cunts on display. Wayne then undid his trousers and dropped them and his pants to the floor. He glared at John, who had dared to look at his prize man hood, all ten and a half inches of it. Wayne snapped at john to get the fuck over here and on your knees. Instantly John obeyed and was face to face with Wayne’s black mamba of a cock. A single word had John opening his mouth and as Agatha stepped up real close, she watched John accept the thick black cock slide into John’s mouth. Meanwhile with a nod and a wink from Melanie and Jean, they moved along side Agatha, one each side and almost simultaneously grabbed her tits through her clothes. A short session of fumbling took place as both sought to expose Agatha’s 44DD tits.

Then Melanie sank her lips around her right nipple, whilst Jean latched on to her left nipple. Then between them their hands disappeared up her skirt and from Agatha’s squeals of delight they were obviously playing with her cunt. By now Wayne’s cock was rock hard and as Melanie and Jean exposed Agatha’s cunt to Wayne, he slowly sank his cock into her tight soaking wet cunt. For fifteen minutes Wayne fucked her like an express train before spraying her cunt walls with his thick baby making seed. Then John was thrust to the forefront to lick her cunt clean and he had to show his white spunk coated tongue several times to prove he was doing a good job.

Eventually they dressed, and John paid the underwear bill and as Agatha thanked Wayne, Melanie and Jean she snarled at John that his tongue had been no better than average. With John carrying all the bags they left the shop after Agatha invited them back at any time and they would always be assured of her personal service.

All the way home, John was chided for not pleasing Agatha to the required standard and was warned that if his skills did not improve he would have his cock caged.

The following week Wayne was unable to accompany the women as they went to purchase John’s wedding tuxedo. So they headed to a well known bespoke tailor’s and this time it was Melanie who spoke quietly to the gay looking blonde salesman. Again they were ushered into a fitting room; where Jean ordered John to undress and show Adrian, the salesman, what he had on beneath his clothing. Once more John was wearing his black Basque, stockings and suspender belt and once more Jean and Melanie embarrassed John, this time by making him slowly reveal his cock from the frilly panties. However Adrian manouvered himself to a position to see John’s arse as she slipped his panties off; then John was ordered to give a slow twirl and Adrian smiled as he saw John’s poor excuse for a cock. The sight before him must have appealed to Adrian though for Jean suddenly pushed out her hand and stroked the hardening shape in Adrian’s trousers.

Adrian excused himself while he fetched the tape measure. Kneeling just inches from John’s weedy cock, he began taking the inside leg measurement, using any excuse to slide his hand over John’s cock. John was helpless to prevent his cock reacting and his four inch cock sprang to attention, which earned him a hard slap on his arse by Melanie, however the actual spank caused John to lurch his hips forward and at the exact moment Adrian had moved his face closer and opened his mouth and caught john’s cock in his mouth.

John gasped as he shot instantly his load into the eager mouth of Adrian, the woman laughed out loud declaring his fuck session lasted less than thirty seconds. Melanie than came up with quit pro quo and ordered John to suck Adrian’s cock. John was once again on his knees taking a cock down his throat while his bride to be and mother in law to be mocked his skills as a cock sucker.

Eventually having swallowed a load of spunk and been thoroughly humiliated by Melanie and Jean he was leaving the shop with his tuxedo. As punishment for his action of daring to shoot his worthless spunk from his pitiful cock, Jean announced that John would not be able to play with his cock anymore without their permission as she produced a rubber tube which had holes on the base and she slipped it over John’s weedy cock and tied shoe laces through the holes trapping John’s balls tight to the rubber tube. This prevented John being able to slide it off his cock and with it in place he could not even touch his cock let alone have the ability to play with it. More importantly though as Jean pointed out, just watch when John needed to go pee; for he would have to force his cock level thus restricting his pee flow and causing some deft pain in his balls.

When Wayne finally arrived and viewed this contraption in place he laughed and then ordered Jean to fetch three litres of water and John was made to drink all this in one go. Then they all sat around until a hopping John asked for permission to go to the loo. Wayne instructed John he was allowed to go to the bathroom but he had to stand in the bath and wait without peeing. After what seemed like hours, Wayne, Melanie and Jean crowded in around the bath and John was told he could now pee. John’s first reaction was to try to point his cock down towards the plughole, but excruciating pain made him release his cock and as it spring upright, he suddenly sprayed his pee like a fountain, some hitting him in the face much to his audience’s amusement.

He was eventually allowed to shower and re dress but still keeping his cock keeper in place.


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Part 3 is good also

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