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his is a true story unlike the others It doesn't have an ending because we broke up shortly after.
I first met her at the public library. I was there checking my email when she came in and got on the computer next to me. I looked her over then went back to what I was doing. After all she was a lot younger than me. I later found out that is eighteen years to be specific.
She said hello to me and smiled we started chit chatting like I do to everyone. I finished checking my messages and got ready to leave. As I got up I glanced at her ass after all I am a normal male and will look. I received a very nice view of a plumbers crack since she was wearing hip hugger jeans. I figured that she must have been wearing a skimpy little thong. I thought to myself nice ass.
I told her to have a good one, like I do every one around there and left.
I didn't see her again for a couple weeks. She said that her and her fiancee had just had a big fight and she needed someplace quiet to figure out what she wanted to do. I told her that if she wanted to talk about it I am a good listener and since she didn't know me that well she didn't have to go into any details if she didn't want. I listened as she unloaded her problems for a little while. After she finished she asked what I thought about things. I told her that I wasn't going to give her any advice because I didn't want to give her the wrong advice.
She told me thanks anyhow because it seemed to her that nobody cared enough to even listen. "You're very welcome. I'm just glad that I could help." I said. I honestly meant that because I have always been considered a good listener especially when it comes to people's problems.
The next time I saw her there I asked if she had gotten through the problem. She told me that she did and felt much better. She didn't go into any specifics and I didn't ask after all it was none of my business. I just wanted to be a nice guy and a decent friend.
She sat down on the computer next to me even though the others were available. Instead of checking her messages that day she was looking at a sight that sells clothes. She was looking at dresses and skirts.
She said to me "Even though you won't give me any advice on personal matters will you give me your honest opinion on different outfits. Sure I said but let me warn you I am just a dirty old man.You aren't that old She replied. I told her that I was probably old enough to be her father. She said no I wasn't because her father was in his sixties.
Thats when I learned that her father is quite a bit older than her mother is. There is nearly twenty years difference in their ages. Personally I figure that is why they didn't stay married. Most May, September relationships don't succeed, but I hope that we will be the exception rather than the rule.
She started asking me my opinion about different outfits and I figured that she must have patched things up with her fiancee and she wanted to find something special for him.
I jokingly pointed to the shortest mini skirt that I seen and told her I liked that one. I laughed at that remark so she would know I was kidding even though I really thought that she would look damn hot in something like that. I also pointed out a more conservative but still pretty dress and said that I was sure her fiancee would like to see her in either one.
"The engagement is off." She said. I left it at that, if she wanted me to know more she would tell me in her own good time.
It was about two weeks until I seen her there again and boy did I get a surprise. Damned if she wasn't wearing the mini skirt that I was joking about. I did a proverbial double take. After cranking my eyes and tongue back in I told her hello. She said that I was right the skirt does look good on her.
I told her I thought it did too but that I was only joking when I chose that one. She said that was alright but she liked it anyway, plus she could never wear anything like that around her ex because he was so jealous if any one so much as looked at her. I told her that he should be glad he had someone who looked good enough to get looked at after all he has you not them. Had me. We broke up, remember. She reminded me.
O.K. I said, point taken.

When she sat down I noticed that her skirt rose up allowing me a view of a cute ass. I figured again that she must have been wearing a tiny thong. She turned to ask me a question and when she did I learned that no she wasn't wearing a thong, she was naked under that skirt. She was also as bare as a baby's bottom down there. I tried my best to keep my composure but my voice was shaky I was so exited .She asked me if I thought that her skirt was sexy, was that why I kept looking at it. She opened her legs a little more and I realized that the show was for my benefit. She looked me in the eye and asked if I seen any thing that I liked. Hell yes. I said. I definitely like what I see but that is a very dangerous thing to do going out in a skirt that short with no drawers. She said that she had to get my attention somehow. I told her that she got my attention the first time I saw her but figured that she was just a teenager or young adult so while I could look I didn't have a chance.
She told me that she only wears panties when she is on her period. I said that's nice to know but all I would do is look because she was just coming out of a bad relationship and I didn't want her to rush into anything that she might later regret. She said I was such a gentleman for feeling that way, but was I sure I didn't want any. Maybe in the future but not right now. Not until I am sure that is what you really want and are less vulnerable. As for me being a gentleman I said you just don't know me that well yet.
We kept talking for a couple more hours me just steadily checking out her pussy, unfortunately I had to leave. When I got up to go she looked at the front of my shorts and said, I see you do like what you see. I turned red and said nothing except that I would see her around.
The next time I saw her at the library she said that she was glad to see me and asked if we could talk outside. We went outside to the bench out front where she told me that she was sorry for coming on so strong but she really liked me and didn't know how to show it. I never did anything so brazen before and am ashamed of myself. Its just that I wanted t be let you know that I like you and didn't know any other way to let you know that I am interested. That's O.K. I told her. Besides I am flattered that someone as young and attractive as you would like me in that way. I also pointed out that trying to get someone's attention like that was a good way to get raped and maybe worse.
She told me that after the way that I listened to her without trying to give her any advice told her that I am a decent guy whether I want to admit it or not.
I just laughed and said all right you have me there just don't spread that information around because I have a reputation to maintain.Don't worry your secret is safe with me. She said. We both laughed at that.
I told her that I really did enjoy the view but that I still wouldn't do anything about it until I was sure she was ready.
The next time we ran into each other she told me that she needed to tell me something but she was scared to tell me. We went out front and sat on the bench where I often sit and smoke.
What is so bad.
I asked she told me that she just found out that she was about three months pregnant by her ex. Is that all?
For a minute I thought you were going to tell me that you were sleeping with someone else. She said that I took it a lot better than she figured I would she thought that I would get mad and not want anything to do with her anymore. I told her that I had no right to get mad about what happened before we ever started seeing each other. That was a big relief to her.
She would continue to flash her pussy at me and she enjoyed watching the front of my shorts for my response. I didn't mind as I was really enjoying the show.
This went on for a little while and I figured that just to aggravate her I would not respond to her flashing, it wasn't easy to not get hard looking at her cunt but I kept thinking of other things to counter the view. Things guaranteed to kill any sexual thoughts.
She got tired of being ignored when she did that so one day she told me that she was going to make me respond to the show again so she spread her legs and reached down and started fingering herself. I nearly shot in my shorts right there. She looked at my crotch and said that she knew that would work. Boy does it. I said.
After that day her masturbation became a regular thing. After she gets done fingering herself she asked me if I wanted a taste and held her fingers in front of my face. I told her that she smelled heavenly. I then sucked her juices off her fingers and then licked my lips. I told her that she tasted like a slice of heaven.
We started seeing each other there fairly often then we started going places in Gallatin together. We would go out to eat or just hang out.
Eventually she got tired of just flashing and fingering herself. That was when she decided that she would start fondling my dick instead of just looking at it. She would reach down and start rubbing me through my shorts, then when I got good and hard she would slide her hand up the leg band and start stroking and fondling me. That always drives me totally insane and she knows it.
After that we started getting even closer as she now trusted me fully. I figured that she was as sure as she would ever be about her feelings toward me so I told her that I was ready anytime that she was.
The only problem that we had was trying to find someplace that was private enough for us to truly enjoy each other. We couldn't go to her place because of her roommates and we couldn't go to my place because there is not enough privacy. She eventually found a good location for us .We went to her sisters house in Gallatin to enjoy our first time together. She was insatiable. We had plenty of time to fully explore each other. I soon learned She likes things that were new to me at the time. She is into rough stuff. She also likes for me to cum in her mouth.
After that first time we couldn't keep our hands off each other. She also gets a thrill out of doing things in a relatively public place .She says that the risk of getting caught makes it real fun. She also doesn't seem to care who sees us playing with each other.
It is something that really excites me but I still worry that it will eventually get back to her roommates, but I think that she is getting to the point that that no longer worries her. I hope so because I want to acknowledge my feelings for her in public other than just sexually.
It seems that she really likes getting me in a fairly empty section of the library or in the back room of one of the local stores and running her hand up the leg of my shorts to make me real hard. The first time that she done that I thought that she was just going to tease me like she used to do. But after getting me good and aroused she slid it out through the leg band of my shorts and gave me a hell of a blowjob right in the library.
We never carry on like that if there is a chance for small kids to see us. We aren't that perverse. We both love the risk but are too decent to do that.
It seems that her being pregnant makes he hornier than ever. She has gotten really wild lately she does things like leave claw marks on my back. She is real wild, I have never been with anyone as uninhibited as her before.
She really enjoys when she is in a row of books if I walk behind her and rub myself up against her ass. This usually turns us both on so I have to pull her skirt up or the back of her pants or shorts down and take her from behind right there.
If there are any kids around or we think that there might be soon we usually try to find a secluded spot in town to go.
We have found several interesting places here in town; usually they are off the main roads where we can get as wild and as loud as we want to. She is a screamer when we do this. She also gets wild physically often leaving scratches on my back or stomach. When we go someplace private it gives us more time to get real wild and have more fun.
One time we ran into each other I asked her how she was doing she said that she was super horny and wanted us to go somewhere. O.K. by me, do you have anywhere in mind. I asked. She said that since there was no one at her place and they would be gone all-day we could go there. I told her that was good only if she was absolutely sure that no one would be home anytime soon. It turned out that they had all went to six flags so they would be gone all day. She didn't want to go because most of the rides she likes she couldn't ride because of the baby. That's O.K. I told her:That means that we get to enjoy a wild ride around here. Aren't I mischievous. I said.
We went back to her place and were finally able to enjoy each other in the comfort of a bed. We were also able to help her live out a fantasy of being tied up to the bed and blindfolded. She had always had a fantasy of being dominated and practically raped. I was happy to help her fulfill it. I pointed out though that it was no where near like a real rape because for one thing she knew what was going on and who it was for another thing she knew that she wasn't in any real danger since she knows that I won't hurt her.
I had her tied and blindfolded. She looked so helpless so I teased her by saying that I could do anything that I wanted to her and there wasn't a damn thing that her or anyone else could do to stop me. You realize that with you in this position I could call a few friends and we could take turns with you if I want too I could get your housemates camcorder and have my own personal record of this.
She said that might be fun, the recording not the friends. That is just what we did. I had her tied and blindfolded so I was able to try some wild things like spanking her butt. It turned her on so much that she soaked the sheets. After I finished having my way with her we watched the tape and that got us both so turned on again that we had to go at it again right there in the middle of the living room.
Unfortunately we had to erase the tape later to keep any one else from seeing it I wish I had a good place to hide tapes like that but right now I don't. If I did I could keep them for us to watch some other time. I don't know anyone that I can trust to hold on to them and not watch them or I would. A storage unit costs too much and you risk losing the contents to a total stranger and then they might just end up on the Internet, so for now we just have to erase them after each time watching them. We will both be glad when we don't have to do that anymore.
We also want for one of us to get our own camcorder so we can tape some of our outings. She wants to get one under the excuse that she doesn't want to miss anything of the baby, that is true but she also has our other reason.
She recently told me that the real reason that she refuses to get back with her ex is because he used to degrade her. He also used to get physically violent with her
She finally decided that she had enough after she had to go to the E.R and have a broken nose set. That explained the real reason that she had a splint on her nose one time when I seen her at the library. I felt bad for her because we were talking, but not seriously at the time. I still feel that her talking to me at the library may have been what triggered that attack. She says for me not to worry about that because if it weren't that setting him off it would have been something else the next time he got messed up.
Her housemates tried telling her that it was just the weed doing that he wasn't really that way.
I pointed out to her that while weed; like alcohol impairs the judgement and lowers inhibitions it is not the reason that someone becomes violent. They already have that in them and just use that as justification for their behaviors. This isn't just my opinion. I said: There have been several studies that show that to be true.
She had to agree with me because alcohol or weed doesn't make her violent it just relaxes her and makes her very horny. After she told me this I joked and offered to buy her a joint. I don't need anything to make me horny when I'm around you. She said. It makes me feel real good to know that I can have that affect on someone as young and as hot as she is.
We have been getting it on for about five months now and she never ceases to surprise me with some of the things she does, such as the time when she wanted me to stick it up her ass in the grocery store.
She was working there at the time and I came in to do some shopping. She said that she wanted my opinion about something in the stock room. There was no manager there at that time so I told her I would be happy to help her in any way that I could. We went into the back room, since there was only one other person working at the time we both knew that we would not likely be disturbed unless a customer had to go to the bathroom. When we got back there she asked me to tell her something. I told her O.K. she pulled down her pants and asked me if her ass looked fat. Looks fine to me. I told her. She told me that it was lonely and tired of being empty. She wanted to know if I would fill it for her.
She had a tube of lubricant in her purse so I smeared a good amount of it on her asshole and some on my dick and had her bend over a pallet of cokes and then stuck my dick in her ass. She said that felt so good.
After that day we started incorporating anal sex into part of our routine. I never realized that it feels so good. It is something that I only knew one other woman who liked but she was so loose that I didn't really enjoy it with her. Now it is different this one is nice and tight back there it feels like fucking a super tight pussy but only if it is well lubricated. If it is dry then it is painful for both of us and that's no fun.
It is a good thing that we both enjoy anal as much as we do. With her being pregnant it will soon get to the point that all we will be able to do is butt bang and oral because I dont want to risk harming the baby or her. I would never be able to forgive myself if I did.

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